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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - December 11, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Variety answer to previous Puzzle across far Fri Structure of powerless Plant 9 perverted 12 Exchange Premium 13 scope a Cauchy 15 four letter word 17 pedal digit 18 appears 19 made vigilant 21 Stone Iscol 23 English River 24 bullfight cheer 27 within prefix i 29 fraternity Scolli 32 go Back 34 Dally 36 reluctant 37 appellations 38 italian Coin 39 regretted 41 affirmative reply 42 depot lab i 44 allowance for waste 46 verse form 49 grates 53 River up 54 be Abed after time 56 charged atom 57 roman potentate 58 alleviate 59 pints a 60 gaelic 61 not fast Down 1 nocturnal flyers 2 awry dial 3 ceremony 4 patterns 5 Tuff in cloth id do hah 6 Mission 7 genuine stilled 9 diurnal insect 10 tropical plan 11 accomplish ment 16 fall Flowers 20 Supply again 22 penetrate 24 verbal 25 Jacobs son bib i 26 ectropion a medi 28 Musseline mammal 30 nautical term 31 Harry heroine 33 Muse of poetry 35 horsemen 40 says 43 matchless 45 stories 46 journey 47 tumult 48 Al All times 50 Marine aquatic 51 mexican Coin 52vornil 55 caviar newspaper Enterprise Assn i 1 to your Good health he says the dentists dont know by George c Thosteson my dear or Thosteson my husband had to have his Wisdom Teeth pulled and the dentist prayed and found his other Teeth full of pus and told him he should have them All out soon As he had Pyo Rhea the dentist pulled the Wisdom Teeth and the four next to them eight in All my husband is 55 and never would go to a dentist this was the first time he has had a lot of sinus trouble and headaches and is still having them we cant Tell him his Teeth May be causing it he keeps saying the dentist Doest know what he is talking about that his Teeth Are Fine and he never had any decay can you write about Pyo Rhea is there any treatment to save his Teeth mrs c b in not a dentist but can give you at least a Little information about Pyo Rhea it is a disease of the Gums and is distinctly difficult to treat unless treatment is started Early statistics indicate that More Teeth Are lost because of gum diseases than from tooth decay and it is perfectly possible for entirely sound Teeth to be lost because of diseased Gums and infection As in your husbands Case when he says he never has had any decay that Dandy but it has nothing to do with whether his Teeth Are going to have to come out since rays show pockets of infection pus around his Teeth or at the roots it is entirely possible in fact Likely that this is contributing to his headaches and other problems i can offer your husband no advice except to Stop arguing that the dentist Doest know what he is talking about the sooner he starts following the dentists advice the better off he will be dear or Thosteson a Good Friend recently Learned that she has rheumatoid arthritis she is Only 30 and has a two year old daughter she is very depressed i would like to help her but How can i do you have any information available on rheumatoid arthritis mrs r e you cant deny that rheumatoid arthritis is a serious problem and it is a Type of arthritis that can afflict the Young As Well As the old but the younger patients respond to treatment better than older ones do and before too much permanent damage has been done by the disease usually Best suggestion i can make is that you learn about the nature of this disease Send 35 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope for my Booklet How you can control then encourage your Friend to stick with her treatment program because that is what prevents crippling in such cases giving up however is an invitation to crippling dear or Thosteson sometimes i eat breakfast with a Niece she usually eats one egg sausage with buttered Toast and Coffee with milk after she is through she drinks a Small can pm unsweetened Grapefruit juice she says this kills the calories she just ate i say this int so what do you say mrs b h i say that the breakfast s funds like a wholesome one but As to the calories you Are Correct theres nothing that alters the calories in the food once ingested dear or Thosteson Why is a cerebral thrombosis different from any other kind of stroke mrs r v it int its merely the technical term for the most frequent cause of stroke blockage of a blood vessel in the brain what causes balance trouble what can be done to Correct or overcome it or Thosteson Booklet dizzy spells discusses loss of balance vertigo and nausea Menderes disease and labyrinth itis woman charged with larceny i Enterprise tuesday december 11 u73 5c new Eagle scouts two members of scout troop 19 sponsored by Archdale United methodist Church were presented their Eagle scout badges sunday in ceremonies at the Church Tony Luther son of or and mrs Ralph Luther of Trinity is a Junior at Trinity senior High school he is 19 years old Tim Coggins 14 is a freshman at Allen Jay High school he is the son of or and mrs Ralph Coggins of route 3 Bill White is troop scoutmaster ask Andy to a question Andy postal cards not to ask Andy of Tow High Point Enterprise to in Al Stu your name at Namo of your parents and address valuable prizes Are Given to those whose questions Are selected for the column Andy sends a Complete 20 volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to John David Anderson age 13 of Franklin Park new Jersey for his question does the King cobra really build a nest the King cobra is a venomous Snake with a fearsome reputation when poised to strike with Hood extended without a doubt he appears to be a most fearsome aggressor however naturalists suspect that he is a rather peaceable character who would rather keep out of sight in any Case both the male and female King cobras Are excellent parents their precious eggs indeed Are incubated in a warm nest and both parents stand guard until the newly hatched youngsters Are ready to go the various cobras Large and Small Are warm climate snakes of India and Southeast Asia parts of China the Middle East and All but the handiest stretches of Africa the King cobra is the largest of All poisonous snakes and May reach a length of 18 feet by nature he is said to be a slow rather Lazy character who prefers to dream away his Days in the Shade of a dense tropical Forest As far As his Snake relatives Are concerned he is a deadly menace for the King cobra is a Snake eater and since snakes Are not All that smart sometimes he regards even a smaller King cobra As a suitable item on his menu he is a Cannibal though possibly by Accident surely you would think no Cannibal can be trusted near the children but nature As we know is full of surprises it so happens that the King and his mate Are the Best parents of the entire cobra clan after an elaborate courtship she selects a suitable nesting site perhaps Between the exposed roots of a giant Jungle tree then she loops her snaky body to drag in piles of leaves and other debris and believe it or not the nest becomes a two Story affair she lays her eggs in the lower chamber which is completely sealed from the upper chamber where she stays coiled during most of discover armchair shopping pick present gift guide just the thing gift suggestions in today want and pages eivsj3 the incubation period there Are 18 to 20 Large Brown eggs speckled All Over with Darker Brown incubation take about two months during much of this time when the hungry irritable female stays coiled above the eggs the nervous male stays on guard in the nearby shrubbery this is the time when the mighty King cobras really earn their fearsome reputations suppose a person accidentally walks near that precious nest if the male is on guard duty he prepares to strike but not without warning with a lot of loud hissing he rears the front one third of his body straight up from the ground umbrella Type ribs open outward to extend the flaps of skin that form his horrifying Hood if the intruder comes within six feet he flings himself Forward and strikes his deadly bite the Dutiful parents can depart As soon As the eggs Hatch their 20 Inch youngsters Are Well Able to take care of themselves adult King cobras Wear drab olives and Browns the youngsters often arrive wearing fancy bars and chevrons in Black and White yellow or Buff already they have their cobra venom and know How to use it in fact the Peppy Young King cobras Are said to be far More aggressive than their parents Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Chris Keeling age 7 of Monroe Connecticut for his question what is an Eye tooth in a few years from now you should have two Eyeteeth in your top jaw in the very front of the jaw there Are four Nice Little roundish Teeth they Are meant for biting off smallish pieces of food and they Are called the incisors on each Side of the incisors there is a slightly longer More tapered tooth these two Are the canine Teeth and if a persons canine Teeth were very Long they would look somewhat like fangs there Are two canines in a persons first set of Teeth when you get to be about 11 or 12 you lose your first canines and get a second pair the second canines sometimes Are called the Eyeteeth nobody knows Why they have this name but some people think that by the time you Cut your Eyeteeth you should be smart enough to see whats going on in the world but of course a lot of Young persons Are this smart Long before they Cut their Eyeteeth music Camp auditions set Boone auditions for music students interested in attending the 1974 Cannon music Camp at appalachian state University next summer will be held saturday at 10 am at Kirkman Park elementary school on n Centennial Avenue the auditions for Camp scholarships will be conducted by Barry Ruth and Are open to students age 13 through High school the Camp is designed to give High school students a month of exposure to life in a univer Sites music department it will be held july 13aug 9 under the direction of Clinton Parker Asu professor of music and assistant Dean of the College of ots and sciences a charge of larceny has been entered by police against Jean Loretta Crotts Pierce 34 of it 1 Sophia who is accused of the theft of a television set a stereo set and the property according to the warrant belonged to Troy Washington Mcgee of Wheeler Avenue a Bond of was set for the Sophia resident and she is slated for trial on Jan 4 a 16yearold Clara Cox apts resident has been charged with shoplifting and Auto larceny the Auto theft charge dates Back to nov 20 when Robert Bailey was accused of taking a 1967 vehicle belonging to Claudene White the shoplifting charge alleged a ladies fur jacket valued at was taken from roses dept store a Bond of was set for Bailey and trial is scheduled for dec 17 police monday served 11 warrants charging issuing of worthless checks on John Wayne Houck of it 1 Boone Houck is a former resident of High Point other arrests monday included one for drunk driving against Ronald Edward Teague of Grent Street and charges of carrying a concealed weapon and Possession of marijuana were entered against Norman Lee outlaw 21 of West Chester drive police monday investigated the reported theft of guns jewelry and other valuables from the Briarcliff Road residence of David Michael Vail the missing items were taken sometime Between dec 5 and monday police were told other reports of vandalism received on monday or Early today included the theft of a bicycle belonging to Carley Elbert Johner of Scott Avenue and the theft of foodstuffs valued at from John Spears n Centennial Street room the operator of jacks Grill on Courtesy Road told police that 17 Cartons of cigarettes were missing from the Grill after someone had broken out a Roar window and both Theodore Medley of Brentwood and Walter Junior Dunlap of Leonard Avenue reported the theft of accessories from their automobiles two residences were reported broken into however nothing was reported missing or Scott of William Mary apts said that someone had kicked his door in doing an estimated damages and Carlos t Auman of Forrest Street said that someone had broken out a pane of Glass in his Back door git read the want ads Legal notice notice North Carolina Guilford county the undersigned having the executrix of the i Lett of Mary Marlette Lindley deceased of Gull Ford North Caroline Shlitt to notify ill persons firms and corporations having claims against the Tad duct Donl to present them to the undersigned at 310 South main Street High Point n c on or before the 24th of May or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery All persons firms and Corpora Tion indebted to said estate Wilt pause make immediate payment to the under signed this the Day of november Alenem Braxton executrix of the estate of James Mattocks attorney 1120 27 124 1 announcements 1 announcements Stop line know a drug Pusher for action to help eliminate this problem Call Stop line at Day or night Henn Penny outlet 1240 n main new shipment weekly of name brands overruns closeouts sportswear for All ladles sea Margaret h ankle for discount prices Michelle sportswear outlet 2000 e Green St open 10 to b p m daily phone 8s89051 Reward offered for Correct address o Clifford and Alice Nobles write Box d6 co Enterprise lost found lost Black male poodle answers to name of Pepper Reward pm m9 8172 lost Beagle Puppy approx 2 was ago on Lane or Trinity about 10 months Oid answers to Homer Wear ing beige Collar Childs pet Reward offered pm 4317580 lost Friday dec 7 Large male Collie near tar Heel driven Reward 4316489 emergency measures considered Raleigh i dont want to sound like the Prophet of doom and gloom i think we can meet this crisis a worried gov Jim Holshouser said of the worsening Energy situation but in All it does appear that things will be downhill for tar heels and the governor is already at work on a whole list of Steps which might be required i intend to ask the general Assembly for a variety of emergency Steps for authority to implement emergency Steps should the situation continue or Worsen Holshouser said use of Low Grade fuels including Coal will certainly be one of those measures North Carolina was the first state in the nation to move ahead with clean air regulations approved by the us environmental Protection Agency the Federal deadline for states to adopt standards is july 1975 putting this state More than a full year ahead some Relief on those stringent regulations across the state is an expected measure perhaps establishing an interim period in which lower Grade fuels can be burned for a period of time this would permit schools Power plants hospitals Many textile Mills to turn to lower grades of fuel Oil some of which Are available or a higher Sulphur Content Coal but nowhere in his recommendations Holshouser said will he Call for any Steps which might endanger the health of our citizens his two principals concerns the governor said Are to protect jobs and the health of the people he added that there Are no signs at present of any major work stoppages impending in this state due to the fuel situation last week the governor announced a three Day Extension of Christmas holidays for All state employees except those in critical jobs of Law enforcement or health areas state machinery will come to a halt for a Long vacation of 11 Days extending from the close of business dec 21 through new years Day reopening Jan 2 i wish i were Santa Caius and Able to just give our employees these extra Days but i dont feel that i can do that with the taxpayers Money Holshouser said state employees will be required to take the three Days beyond Normal Holiday schedule As vacation time the shutdown applies to statewide governmental operations As Well As those offices in Raleigh and to the University system it would be Nice to simply give our employees three More vacation Days but we recognize that All of us Are simply trustees for the by Bill Noblitt association of afternoon dailies High Point Enterprise classified advertising rates 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we need give Chi arty and find out were enl Oytra life slowly better loin us and buy our furniture old boy Jake Harris lose weight with new shape Tablet and Hydrew water pills Arthurs pharmacy Hoffman drug pharmacy taxpayers Holshouser said another measure still under advisement by Holshouser is further reduction of Speed limits across the state already by executive order he has reduced the maximum Speed to 55 Miles per hour president Nixon appears headed toward a nationwide 50 Milea hour limit action by the general Assembly would be required before North Carolina speeds could be taken below the present 55mileanhour level trucking Industry spokesmen and Drivers across the state have reacted against the lowering of speeds arguing that the big trucks simply do not operate As efficiently at slower speeds and the fuel savings is not great Holshouser said he has been told that below 55 the big trucks have to use a lower gear wiping out any fuel savings indications Are both nationally and in this state that trucks might be allowed to travel above the 50mile limit for cars be perhaps five Milesa hour sources close to the trucking Industry say that not Only will truckers fight the lower speeds but will Likely renew a push for double tandem trailers in this state for years truckers have tried to get the Law changed to permit one tractor to pull two trailers in a Row As they do in some Western states North Carolina and most Eastern states have resisted that move at one Point the trucking Industry sought a Compromise which would allow use of the double rigs on interstate highways for Long hauls breaking them Down into single rigs when the trucks needed to travel on any highways or City streets other than those meeting interstate Standard with the Energy crisis in full swing sources said the argument will be renewed with emphasis on the fuel savings of moving two truckloads with one tractor the Messiah performance set the Andrews High school music department will present handels the Messiah Sun Day at 8 pm at Northeast Junior High the chorus will be accompanied by the orchestra Organ and piano special guest soloists will perform counts As 3 lines this is 18 it techno medium classified ads counts As 4 lines this is 24 of techno medium want ads counts As 5 lines 5 instructions this is 36 it techno medium classic counts As 6 lines this is 48 it techno medium Clas veterans u full time educational benefits Only 3 nights per week your Opportunity for Success Ashmore business College 4766145 8821888 Tville High Point private guitar lessons phone bra5393 after i m 7 travel opportunities drive our car travel almost free Philadelphia los Angeles Palm Springs Kansas City Boston Raleign i san Diego new York St Louis Cleveland san Antonio and Many other cities 8837532 Auto driveway 1414 Westchester i counts As 7 lines need a car chech the classified pages Index 1 articlesmiscellaneous62 antiques45 appliances43 apts House furnished 26 apts House unfurnished 27 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