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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - December 11, 1973, High Point, North Carolina For Sta Eucla confrontation Duffy daughterly is closing out his first year with Abc television As the postseason football programs run out although hell be part of the Liberty bowl Crew you remember Duffy Hes the Guy who said of one of his Michigan state football teams were Small but were slow he will be remembered almost As much for his humor and Down Home stories As he will for the Fine spartan Ball clubs he coached the Only thing is he Hast had a real Good Opportunity to let the Public in on his wealth of material because he has had to share the microphone with a couple of other chaps in the broadcasting Booth maybe Abc will give Duff a Little More room to Man Euver next year and take a Little More time from the play play Man Hes so bad his name int Worth mentioning saturday afternoon football could be made much More interesting by giving Daughtery a part similar to Don Meredith on Howard co Sells on the monday night professional game of the week College football Sells itself officials say and they dont think they need a gimmick but it is still entertainment and if a few Good stories will keep the audience coming Back for More the idea should be explored unless you have a particular interest in the games now its hard to stay awake listening to Duffy two sidekicks with their soft tones and noticeable Lack of excitement about whats happening on the Field it be a better game if Daughtery could slip in this Zinger which he assembled in Light of the High Cost of food nowadays when phase in was announced he said a housewife in Lansing went to the supermarket she picked up a head of lettuce and went up to the checkout clerk and said How much is this he said 89 cents she said 89 cents How would you like to take this 89cent head of lettuce and shove it up your giggy the clerk replied id be Happy to do that but Ive already got a 49cent Cucumber there that one would have to get a wow from the Playboy play Man and then Bud Wilkinson could Analyse it from another coach standpoint Duffy also expressed As Only he can an idea for enlarging seating capacities in stadiums without having to go in debt for remodelling or rebuilding most of the stadiums in the country could increase their seating capacity by 25 per cent without hardly any extra Cost All they have to do is take the seats Between the 40yard lines and narrow them make them a lot smaller and they could put All their alumni in there Duffy can say that sort of thing now you see because he Doest have to depend on those alumni to keep him in recruiting Money for next years team despite his seeming Flaky approach to football Daughtery has also come up with some ideas concerning a National playoff for the sport to match that of basketball and the other collegiate sports the question comes up each year Over who is really the number one team in the country and no doubt it will again after this seasons bowl games Are history there Are possibly a Hal dozen teams which could qualify for the number one Honor on the Field at least one of them Michigan wont because it Doest have a bowl to play in and cant prove that it belongs at the top bowls offer a partial answer to the question people begin asking Back in september but it Doest go the full distance Daughterty thoughts on a National championship playoff have been tossed about before but have been misunderstood by Many fans in Light of the proliferation of sports College football would do Well to take a serious look at postseason changes which would add playoff games and still not Knock out the big bowl games Duffy plan would be to make the opening of the College season two weeks earlier he noted that As a Concession to television the season already started this year on sept 8 with Nebraska and Urcla with the season ending earlier there would be room to spare before the bowls Daughtery would take the top eight teams based on conference champions powerful independents but eliminating any team with two or More losses half the eligible teams would be eliminated the first week and so on until one survived the whole thing would be Over and a National Champion crowned from what took place on the Field instead of what some writer broadcaster coach or president thought about one team or another its an idea whose time is now but May never be implemented the True test of a Champion is to go on and be Able to withstand the attrition of injuries and go on and win week after week Daugherty has said then at the end of your eleventh game youd go right into your National championship play now this is so practical and feasible it will never come into being i dont blame people for having personal selfish motives for being against something but i think its time we Are guided by what is Good for College football panthers Host Mars Hill squad sports editor High Point College closes its pre Holiday basketball schedule tonight in alumni gym with a Carolinas conference game with Mars Hill game time is 8 Oclock it will be the panthers last Chance to get into the win column in the standings until Jan 12 they had an excellent Chance on saturday night but let an eight Point Lead slip away against Elon and lost by two Points pc and Mars Hill have already met once with Mars Hill winning 6360 that game was in a tournament and Doest count in the league High Point is 02 in the Stan dings and 17 Overall this will be the third game of the season for the panthers at Home and if panthers on 4c coaches Cool As excitement builds associate sports editor Raleigh somehow the timing seems All wrong this should be about the Middle of March and n c state coach Norman Sloan and Urcla coach John wooden should be talking about their upcoming Confron tation in the Mcaa basketball tournament but Here it is Only the Middle of december and neither knows at this moment that his team will even be in the final four although you could make a fairly Safe bet they will still the air of an impending struggle for National supremacy in the collegiate sport is swirling around this state to a visible extent and one must figure that Urcla Hast reached the Point it is so used to winning that it is immune to the publicity and fan interest generated for this saturdays game in St Louis Between two of the Best teams on either coast of the country pregame Media interest peaked monday afternoon at a press conference with Sloan and wooden the Urcla coach taking part in a Telephone Hookup usually reserved for Only the most important events if there is any particular strategy the coaches Are plan Ning for each other they Are naturally keeping it to themselves and really what is the secret that either could have both saw Maryland come within a whisker of beating Urcla the other week and basketball Doest take detailed scouting reports to prepare for the other team in fact Sloan admitted that he had turned Down offers from scouts on How to beat Urcla some were offered for Money some for free but like wooden Sloan said that he planned to go with his strength and let the game take its course everybody has offered me scouting reports but i turned them Down Sloan said we dont need them we know what we need to know we saw ibb High Point sports tuesday december 111973 Page 3c Maryland weve seen Urcla in the National finals and i just dont do that much detailed planning if you plan for one thing and it Doest work out everybody says you blew the game were not going to work that Way in not concerned with anything specific there Are no keys to the game a lot of people say that it will be a Tommy Burleson Bill Walton matchup Well it will be but that not the game the Only Factor i want Burleson to be is to stay in the game 35 minutes we need him on both ends of the floor i dont want him just trying to Stop his Man and wind up fouling out Ive been criticized because i say free Lance playing is Good but its the Type of game the players learn in the playground and they play it All year i dont think you should change that wooden said he haunt worked with his team on matchup and until they got together for practice today the Bruins had monday off and have not met with their coach on the state game partly because of exams and partly because Urcla played a game on saturday we will try to play our game and Hope that the other team will have to make the changes wooden said certainly we will play Walton against the other men in the Pivot but if the other Post Man goes outside we will put another Man on him we want to keep Walton inside As Sloan tried to Point out he Doest put All that much emphasis on the Urcla game to him it will not make or break the season he also said it didst bother him that state had not played a Tough schedule before Urcla athletes in action Vermont and East Carolina make state 30 going into the game Duclas claim to Strong com petition in three games was in the form of Maryland wooden also downplayed the game from that standpoint i know if i were coaching in the Atlantic coast conference i worry about the conference or other games he said i would worry Only about the tournament and get Ting in the playoffs we like to play the toughest Competition because it has to help improve your team sometimes though you cant get it tar heels win Over Kentucky times we played Well by Carol Wilson Enterprise sports writer Greensboro with his tar heels having sewn up a big 10184 win Over Kentucky Mon Day night North Carolina coach Dean Smith took some time to worry about the Little things in obviously pleased to win Smith admitted we played stretches of Good basketball but were definitely going to have to improve the Little things to be a contender in the acc one of those Good stretches of basketball came Early in the contest with Carolina taking a Quick 169 Lead but drawing More attention that the unc fast Start was the foul situation As the opening minutes proved almost As physical As a lot of acc foot Ball games with 25 fouls being charged in the first ten minutes As the whistles ceased to Echo through the rafters of Greensboro coliseum the tar heels had moved out to a 3118 Edge but at that Point Ken wingless Apps make Blue devils work by Paul Shinn associate sports editor Durham if you go by the score Duke really poured it on appalachian state monday night dont go by the score which was 8353 in favor of the Blue devils appalachian which haunt a game in its three tries against Southern conference Competition played better than its record and it was Duke which had to catch up from being Down 60 to take the Lead Only after the first 10 minutes of the inter conference contest had been played and even after that appalachian played Well enough or Duke bad enough for the visitors to come within striking distance in the second half the Duke students and fans possibly anticipating a rout did their bit to conserve Energy by not showing up in Large numbers and those who did attend had to wait for a flurry in the second half for their heroes to put it away there were a couple of highlights to an otherwise so so game Bob Fleischer scored 20 Points and got 18 rebounds for Duke Sophomore Dave Oconnell coming off a knee injury sparked the Blue devils in the second half with some nifty play making and appalachians Al Gentry Drew three technical fouls and a disqualification for his conduct on the court the Best thing Duke got out of it was its third win in four tries and a Long Layoff before taking part in a tournament after Christmas were still very sporty Duke coach Neill Mcgeachy said weve got to have improvement in concentration and execution to handle the Competition that coming the fact that we were Able to set the Tempo and get our break going a Little was encouraging to me but now we have a 15day Layoff before we play in the Florida tournament its the time element that concerns me we need a Short break but the extra Days bother me Mcgeachy did find some Good things about his teams play one was Oconnell who contributed 10 Points and three assists he seemed to play better than his statistics appalachian played a More deliberate game than Duke wanted and it helped keep coach press Maravich club in the game much longer than expected we had to go after the Ball with our guards Mcgeachy admitted appalachian was playing a spread offence and did a Good Job with it Maravich who has been in Atlantic coast conference Competition when he coached several years at no state before moving on to Louisiana state said he did the Only thing he could against the taller and deeper Blue devils this is the first time Ive Ever tried to control the Ball i Felt they were too deep for us plus we played As Many As six freshmen that was Good for us though playing against the crowd and the noise was Good experience the Apps lost a key Man in the first half when play maker Charlie Barnes left the floor with a badly bruised shoulder at that time Duke led by just four Points the Blue devils increased that to 10 Points at the half and ran the score to 44 25 before the mountaineers made a Basket with five minutes gone in the second half Duke pushed the Lead Over the 20point Mark when appalachian made another move to Cut it to 11 with left then the Duke big men really went to work to put it out of reach Sharp eyes and hands on defense caused numerous turnovers by appalachian and when that happened it took any Chance of winning away from the mounties Oconnell came off the Bench to give us the spurt we needed Mcgeachy said and i thought Kevin Biller Man played Well at guard Fleischer continued to play Well off the boards Duke missed a lot of its shots Early in the first half and control the defensive boards giving appalachian the opportunities to stay ahead it was Billerman Bank shot with to go that finally tied the game at 16 the Blue devils played everybody on the Bench which was 15 players and nobody stayed in Long enough to get a Good idea of How effective he might have been against a stronger team so the jury is still deliberating about the Blue devils but As the coach said they will have to show considerable improvement before they get into the meat of their conference schedule before they can be taken seriously As a threat to finish in the Middle of the standings when the season is Over Duke 83 Fig Treb Ftp fleischer1014 00 18 1 20 Redding t4 h 3 4 2 Kramer 35 00 3 3 6 56 2 3 17 0001 8 0011 4 00 0 1 00 4 3 10 billerman611 Burch 47 Hodge 2 8 armstrong36 oconnell59 suk001321 1 burdette03 00010 foxi00 00010 cook00 00 1 0 0 Crow 22 00014 Chillme 103 chinault11 00012 totals 38717103925 83 appalachian s3 Fig Treb Ftp Tucky coach Joe Hall sent his troops into a 23 zone and the wildcats began to make a comeback closing the Gap to 3735 before a Carolina surge gave the tar heels a 4338 half time Edge to help Cool the Kentucky comeback Smith used a Page of tar Heel history sending in his Blue team a second group of five players to try and preserve what was at that Point a slender unc Lead i thought our second group of five did an excellent Job the Carolina coach commented at that Point i was trying to change the Momen Tum and they came in and outscored Kentucky 40 there was no need for the second squad in the final period however until the game was Well out of reach led by the inside play of Bobby Jones and Mitch Kupchak the tar heels moved Back out to a 5950 Lead with just under fifteen minutes remaining and were never threatened from there on out despite some hot outside shooting by Kentucky Jimmy Dan Conners Jones paced the unc scoring Effort with 21 Points although he was followed closely by five other tar heels in double figures including Elston with 16 and Ray Harrison with 14 Kevin Grevey the wildcats pre season Al America pick led the losers with 23 while Ken Tucky guard Mike Flynn posted 18 Points and Conner finished with 16 id probably single out Ray Harrison right off the Bat As playing an outstanding game Fig Treb it to Conner a14 00 2 4 16 grever921 55 4 4 23 guyete11 34 lyons0200 flynn818 23 lachmueller46 11 millero0 01 Halloo 00 wood02 12 smith23 00 edelmanl2 drewitr00 Warford 12 green00 00 Smith commented Jones also did a Good Job on Grevey i thought although As Bobby said after the game Grevey is Tough Smith didst seem too worried about the tar heels offensive inefficiency against the Wildcat zone in the first half we played better against Houston zone he said and we Haven seen one since then Kentucky zone is very effective there a very Active team which makes it work and they made their shots during that stretch As Well in not really worried about the offence though we will score i know continuing to please Smith with his Progress was freshman Walter Davis who played just Over half of the and scored 15 Points see Smith on 4c wooden said the Urcla depth had been a problem in the Early going two starters from last years National championship team Are gone and wooden is currently working in the replacements he likes to go with seven or eight players who will be factors in winning or losing the game i have been lagging at this Point about which seven or eight will play and that has slowed our Progress he added but by playoff time we will know Sloan noted that the Wolf pack had been erratic so far doing some things Well others Good and others mediocre with about equal time among the three from that stand Point he admitted that having a big game before Urcla might be a Factor but he added that with the experience the Wolf pack has Back this season playing Urcla affect his teams play he also discounted any advantage Urcla might have from playing last year in the St Louis Arena Home court is an advantage but playing on a Neutral court like this wont be a fac Tor he said we play in so Many different types of coliseum anyway the floor is the same perhaps it is the experience of coaching in Many big games that leaves Sloan and wooden a Little behind the rest of the people coaching in the acc provides a big game about 12 times a season riot counting the tournament Urcla faces the same problem because it is the team that everybody is trying to Knock off both did agree however that saturdays game should be approached with enthusiasm and excitement Maryland narrow loss wont take anything away from the see coaches on 4c steaks game 2 5 3 o 6 4 of o 44 0 0 0000 0 0 veterans now in High Point Ashmore College High Point Tville 8821888 4766145 eligible vets for educational benefits can obtain up to plus per month by attending 3 evenings Only in our business administration course designed Only for Wise veterans single 1 Dep 2 dept use it or lose it Day and evening classes now forming anywhere p the d your hostess and Host Linda and Wylie Moore Tel 8693614 High Point my Abc permits Al 33 vufcasovich26 campbell412 cook49 davis719 barnes35 Taylor 00 gentry13 desnica14 booneo0 24 11 4 6 4i 10 2 12 22 24 10 00 2 3 14 00 1 0 6 00 22 0 13 00 3 00012 00000 totals22599163216 53 Duke 35 4383 appalachian 25 att5120 and capper totals 347116202624 Carolina 101 Fig Ftp Jones 912 34 12 3 21 ooonnell46 35 5 2 11 Stahl 13 224 2 4 harrison610 22 3 4 14 Elston 712 22 4 3 16 kupchak610 13 b 3 13 davis712 11 4 2 15 hoffman03 00 0 1 0 Chambers 12 12 0 0 3 Ruesler of 1 1 2 Hite of 00 1 1 0 bell00 00 00 0 Waddell 1 l of 0 1 2 totals 43721523 42 23 101 kentucky33 carolina43 att10823 or stereo Bug i How Long has your equipment been in a repair shop or broken we repair solid state transistor Type equip ment in two weeks or less such items As afm radio stereo amplifiers stereo speakers stereo tape players portable televisions three weeks Call today for free pickup any Brand repaired tons electronics 5l High Point 8695425jr free with Purchase of any new Plymouth fury Chrysler or Imperial Al 723 unless this Emblem is of your car you probably paid too much service beyond the contract fifty two years of experience with reliable sound companies enables us to offer to our insured fast 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