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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - December 11, 1973, High Point, North Carolina When youre cold youre cold while most people May be concerned whether they will have enough fuel to keep their Homes warm this Winter City sanitation department worker Roscoe Smith this morning want worried about any such shortages he finished Cost is drawback his trash collection rounds on w Ray Street Early so while waiting for the City truck to pick him up he decided to combat the 25degree weather with some of the fuel trash that was Handy staff photo by Sonny Hedgecock Airport Purchase by cities viewed by yen Carver Enterprise staff writer Thomasville Midway Airport near Here most interested parties agree would be ideally suited to serve the cities of Thomasville High Point and Archdale As a general aviation noncommercial Airstrip in fact it is currently functioning in just that capacity but its future As a privately operated Public Airstrip is in jeopardy tentative interest has been expressed by the City of Thomasville and More recently by the chairman of the Davidson Board of com missioners in the possibility of outright Public acquisition of the property so that it can continue serving pilots flying into the High Point area the principal stumbling Block however appears to be the Cost of such a venture mrs John w Spencer a Trinity businesswoman who owns the property is asking for the 75acre tract on which the strip is situated since the property is in the heart of a Section already developed for Industry it is probably Worth at least that much whether it is Worth that sum As a joint municipal county or some similar arrangement Airport is another question Davidson commission chair Man Joe Berrier who originally voiced some support for the principle of Public acquisition last week reiterated monday that the present site is an Ideal location he pointed out that the facility is readily accessible to densely populated areas and that it could serve businessmen pilots who regularly Fly into this Section particularly during the Semi annual furniture markets several problems would have to be overcome however before any acquisition could seriously be considered most forbidding he feels is the matter of the Price tag which he seems to believe is prohibitive moreover additional Money would probably have to be spent before the Airstrip could be utilized As a genuine Public facility the Airport would have to be expanded and made Safe Berrier noted because the strip nearly abuts 185 it has been said that pilots sometimes have to make two approaches the first to Check traffic conditions on the superhighway mrs Spencer has foreseen the necessity for expansion of the strip the property on which the air facility is located was originally 67 acres since the tract has been placed on the Market she has acquired an additional Syz acres to accommodate a projected 800 foot runway Extension she says that the present paved strip which is 2600 feet Long could take care of some Jet aircraft if the projected Extension were constructed the most serious consideration of Public acquisition has originated from the City of Thomasville before he retired this month mayor Carl Wilson authorized the City manager and the director of planning to Check into sources of outside funds for Public airports planning director Paul key found that some Federal and state monies Are available for such purposes since no formal application has been made however it is not presently known whether the City in see Airport on 2c decision in Road controversy May i shift to county by Forrest Gates Enterprise staff writer the Burden of decision in the contested Extension of Shadow Valley Road in fashionable Emerywood estates into an apartment project apparently has shifted the Davidson county Board of commissioners appears to have the responsibility now rather than the High Point City Council it is a Safe conjecture that the commissioners dont really want the responsibility the Tugo War Over Shadow Valley Road has been in Progress for Over a year it started in december 1972 when developers of Londonderry estates a major apartment project on High Points Border submitted sub division plans including an Extension of Shadow Valley Road through the project Shadow Valley is the main Road into the affluent Emerywood estates which is located in Davidson county just outside the City limits in the absence of objections the High Point City Council approved the preliminary sub division with the Shadow Valley link the developers were thus free to obtain building permits and Start construction which they did later Shadow Valley Road residents began protesting they first appeared before the Council objecting to Shadow Valley being used by heavy trucks during the construction of the apartments the developers wrote a letter promising not to open the Road into the project until construction of apartments was completed still later Shadow Valley Road residents appeared again before the Council this time with an attorney they pressed the Council to deny Londonderry the connection with Shadow Valley in april moving in face of a possible Law suit the Council voted unanimously against approving a final subdivision plat for Londonderry if it still included a link with Shadow Valley councilmen took the action after being advised by Legal counsel that they were committed to approval of the final plat by their action on the preliminary plat the apartment developers brought suit against the City seeking to Force the Council to stand by its approval of the preliminary plat both sides have filed motions but the Case has not come to trial in Light of developments which occurred in the Spring it is possible that the court will not have to Rule in the Case on june 1 the City of High Point voluntarily relinquished its authority to zone land in Davidson county to the David son county Board of com missioners the City had been main see decision on 2c High Point Enterprise tuesday afternoon december 111973 Section City Lake Pool repairs planned Astor dowdy proposed for Day care Center by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Greensboro space in Astor dowdy towers in High Point could be used on a temporary basis As a Day care Center for elderly persons under a suggestion put Forward monday by county com missioner Percy Sears the suggestion came As Sears discussed briefly plan Ning toward construction of a major nursing Home boarding Home and Day care for the elderly Here to replace the present facilities used by the evergreens inc on leased county property earlier Sears had said that Long Range planning Calls for construction of a Day care Center for the elderly in High Point As a part of a million Bond program officials May place before the voters next Spring Sears said monday there is space at the Astor dowdy towers which could be placed into use now As a temporary location for a Day care Center for the elderly he said there is no similar space in Greensboro although the estimated 6000 Square feet available at the Astor dowdy towers is not enough for a permanent Loca Tion the program could work from that Sears suggested he emphasized that availability of the space would make it possible for the Day care service offered to elderly persons could Start right away the program would provide a place for elderly persons to stay while other family members were at work and those who Are Able to pay would while arrangements would be made for those who could not the program would include provision for food during the Day As Well As for a variety of activities future development could bring construction of a separate facility which Sears suggested could be located on the same tract of land As a human resources Center now being considered by com missioners for High Point officials have pointed to the need for additional space for the social service dept and to the need for better facilities for the health department and have suggested these could be relocated in a Central facility in a Central High Point Loca Tion the possibility that the county could Purchase a sizeable tract of land in High Point to serve both the Day care unit for the elderly and the human resource departments was suggested by Sears he said the Day care unit would be the first to be placed on the property which he urged should be very accessible county officials thus far have picked no exact site but they have begun providing some Money for Purchase of land the future commissioner Richard Max Well and county manager John Witherspoon have suggested the possibility that in the future the Southern furniture exposition building May seek to Purchase the county property where the Cit county building now stands they said this could bring about relocation of county facilities to a new site in a Central area by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer engineers Are planning repairs for the swimming Pool at City Lake Park so that it can be opened for the 1974 summer season according to information Given members of the Parks and recreation com Mission monday Marvin Keith Parks and recreation director said the repairs now being planned for the Pool at City Lake Park Are part of a three stage project to upgrade both the Pool there and the Pool at Washington Terrace Park to meet health department standards he told Parks and recreation commissioners attending their december meeting that existing conditions at the Washington Terrace Park Pool will not prevent that unit from being opened in 1974 but that some work will be necessary under the second and third stages of the program Keith said the Parks and recreation department Hopes to be Able to accomplished the necessary work in stages during the seasons when the pools Are closed so that the units can be open for the swim Ming seasons the problems at the Pool at City Lake Park involve bringing the scum gutters up to the same level All around the Pool Keith said repairs Are also necessary to Correct the condition of the old Concrete on the Bottom of the Pool expectation Are that the proposed repairs will be offered to bidders in Early january he said in other activities Keith reported that a preliminary inspection has been conducted at the new maintenance building at Oak hollow Park and that workers have begun to use the facility located off Oakview Road near the Golf course Entrance he also said that sidewalks Are being placed Down at the new Golf club House the parking lot there is nearly Complete and inside work is underway expectations Are that this facility will be ready for use in the Spring Keith said workmen Are digging footings for the new Oakview recreation Center and that bases have been poured for the unit at Leonard Street City officials Are studying the possibility of an overhead crossover above e College drive to this unit he said James Morgan assistant director told the Parks and recreation commission the department is continuing to seek Federal action on an Extension for work time re Quested six to nine months ago see City on 2c in cheer fund giving steady Pace continues fort five More contributions to the Christmas cheer fund added More than to the total today As the amount received thus far neared the with Christmas Only two weeks away however the steady flow of contributions reached last weekend will have to be maintained if the minimum goal of is to be reached this year today total of is the largest total received in a single Day to Date and undoubtedly contains numerous contributions mailed Over the weekend contributions May be mailed directly to the Enterprise to Box 1009 or to the cheer fund to Box 5467 ail contributions will be acknowledged in the enter prise Here is the latest list of contributors mrs Helen d Epting 300 Merton Oil co 2500 bicycle toy 8 Hobby sales 1000 Southern furniture inc 2500 Millicent s Mars ten 1000 High Point boiler 8 tank co inc 2000 or mrs d h Locke 500 mrs Mary Williams 1000 or mrs Howard r Pancoast 2500 the plywood stores 2500 furniture supplies inc 2000 Anonymous 500 High Point face veneer co inc 2500 Junior woman club 2500 mrs graces Younts 500 r son inc 2000 Dorset printing lithographic corp 1000 Bob Cameron 1000 Christy Walsh 1000 Marsh kitchens 1000 in memory of William m Burris by Colton and Jim Baker 1000 Dean and Jody Harrell 2500 or 8mrs s Hauser 1500 anonymous10000 Trie Lilly co 2500 mrs j Edward Millis 2500 Anonymous 5000 Charles c Edwards or 5000 2500 Alpha Phi chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa 2000 Jim Paige Debbie Ioco or mrs w b Delk 1000 Robert h Tate 2000 8 mrs Eugene a Parlier 2000 or 8 mrs cd Slack 1000 Lee Nooe 500 in memory of Tubby Joe and dutch from Irene b Hanson 1000 or mrs Paul a Rundo 500 mrs Bruce h Carraway 1000 Samuel c Campbell 1500 or mrs hoi i Mcpherson 1000 Pat Gaynor 500 or a Hatcher or 1000 or mrs Louis Wilkinson 1000 Over the teacups club 1000 previous totals257910 today totals 834 00 total to date5341310 the Snow is gone but cold to stay if you thought temperatures Early today were on the frigid Side look out for tomorrow its going to be even colder forecasters said that temperatures tonight will drop to near the 20 degree Mark following a High today in the Low 40s statistics for monday show a High of 46 and a Low of 25 at the Airport the Outlook for wednesday includes Clear skies and a High temperature somewhere in the mid Topper 40s locally filter Plant employees said that monday nights Snow was carried on their records As a Trace since there was not enough to measure also last nights Low temperature there 26 was nearly the coldest night of the season the coldest temperature recorded for this period occurred on nov 11 when the Mercury dipped to 24 Yule tree con bring Joy or tragedy High Point firemen urge precautions in handling live Trees by Howard Hayes Enterprise staff writer Christmas can be one of the most enjoyable Holiday seasons of the year but it can also be the most tragic season warns High Point fire Preven Tion chief t g Shelton the season centers around the Christmas tree and the traditions of picking out of the tree and decorating it seems to draw families together acting As catalyst for other Holiday activities Shelton stressed that of All types of Holiday decorations the tree probably possesses the most potential danger according to Shelton there Are certain simple precautions that can be taken to make the tree safer he said for example to buy a fresh tree a Short time before Christmas so that it will not become dried out to slow Down the drying out process he suggests that the tree be placed in a Container that can be filled periodically with water to further make it More resistant to fire he suggested having the tree sprayed with a fire retardant chemical he warned that the tree should not be placed near a Heater fireplace or door the reason for not placing it at the first two locations is obvious a location near a door would be unwise because if the tree caught fire it would Block escape from the room or House Only electric lights carrying the underwriters laboratories us approval should be used said Shelton make sure All cords Are in Good condition and never overload circuits he added Shelton said he feared per sons wishing to comply with Energy saving suggestions and by not using lights might decorate Trees with burning candles he said that under no circumstances should open flames be placed on or near the tree he also pointed out that electrical toys should not be placed near Trees because of the danger of a spark another suggestion for making Trees safer is to use flame proofed or noncombustible materials for decorations Shelton said that untreated cot ton paper and decorations ignite easily and Burn fast he suggested that if untreated materials Are purchased a person could buy a can of flame roofing Spray from a hardware store and treat the decorations himself Shelton said that Christmas Trees Burn with such great Speed they explode he warned not to let anyone Burn the tree following the holidays Shelton said that the fire department along with the Public works dept and fire prevention committee of the chamber of Commerce will again this year sponsor operation Christmas tree disposal on dec 28 and 29 Trees brought to the department will be ground up Cedar chips from the Trees will be available for use around shrubbery and for dog Beds Shelton said that children bringing in Trees will receive a toy and that parents accompanying them will be invited to tour the fire station Shelton also had a warning about gift wrappings and trash he said that these paper items Burn quickly and should not placed in open fireplaces or Heaters because of danger from Sparks thrown out on floors or out chimneys he said that paper should be taken outside quickly and placed in covered Metal containers not boxes he also suggested that parents be cautious of electrical or heat operated toys that might Burn children playing with them or present a fire Hazard Shelton said that children should not be allowed to play with sparklers or Cap pistols in the House a Holiday tradition choosing tale tree staff photo by Sonny Hedgecock

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