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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 11, 1925, High Point, North Carolina Usu Points population j. 8 go Ernert census. M 2 a 22,279 High Point Enterprise High Point. The arc ing Industrial City of North Carolina has a total of 125 manufacturing plants weather forecast Cloudy tonight saturday generally fair somewhat warmer tonight shifting winds vol. 34�?no. 67 full associated press. High Point n. C Friday evening december ii 1925 14 pages today Price five Cento victim of attack editions for fifty three dead Ercy in behalf of that termed the jail at Asheville esd asks Nhean governor receives message but declines to comment on his action Asheville dec. Ill a. A commutation of Alvin Anselm a death sentence to life prison ment has been request of governor a. W. Mclean an Appeal signed by the worn whom the negro was con cited of having attacked. The woman who lives near Sheville today told a represented of the Asheville times of ving signed a letter written by mrs. Townsend of Asheville cd Mother of Luther town and. Luther Townsend is serv a a sentence for having been member of the which Ormed the Buncombe county ii while Mansel was a prison there. Mansells victim indicated that e principal motive which caused r action was a Deslyn to gain the lease it of the members of the r whom the letter to governor Cloan requested pardons. The woman is especially inter Ted in the three men who were ten Long terms in the state Peni Nti Ary and she said that mrs. Jet Send had prevailed upon her sign the Appeal which was for red to governor Mclean. A i think the wrong thing was be when they sent three boys to Ison and others to the roads a clawed the woman. A mrs. Towns a has been a Friend of mine for ars and it is not right for her to deprived of her boy. A she made a pitiful Appeal to the frail Little woman that she and i signed a letter that she two million dollars to be spent by Cannon for Kannapolis factory Concord dec. apr officials announced today that fhe Cannon manufacturing rom Patty will erect a new Mill at Kannapolis that will House 50,-000 spindles. Cost and plans were not Given but a conservative estimate was said to place tile expenditure at 542,000,000. The Mill will be built North of the present Plant number six. On the Concord Salisbury Highway and will employ Al out 1,000 persons the statement declared. It is understood also that formative plans Are before the company contemplating an electric Power Plant for the entire group of Mills at Kannapolis. The new Mill will be in Carra bus county and will be a part of the present Plant of the company which is tile largest Towel Mill in the world. Plans Are also being made to expand the school system at Kannapolis to care for the additional children of families working in the new Plant. The new Plant will increase Kannapolis spindle total to 180,-ooo, making it one of the largest in Tho South. Of final efforts being made to remove three reinning bodies 43 negroes Are found Community turns to the burial of the victims of Birmingham explosion advertisers asked to get their copy to the paper Early owing to the Large volume of advertising which Tho Enterprise must handle during the pre Christmas Stason All advertisers Are requested to have their copy in the Enterprise office on the Day preceding publication. This request is made for the Mutual Benefit of the advertisers and Tho readers of the paper. By getting the copy Early the paper will be published on time each Day during the Christmas Rush. Dead were family men Only two of those killed outright were unmarried according to friends of the dead foreigners Nold exclusive rights in South America civic clubs hold state tries hard from Hostler for cossacks this Man rises to be the Shah of Persia soon to ascend the throne Start movement to liquidate City s indebtedness to High Point College Sale next week of m Ore than usual importance to North Carolina new pledges taken irate is the thing about $30,000 in unpaid pledges due College by High Point ten million of the 20 million has been carried on Short term notes directors Are chosen Birmingham. Ala., dec. secure concessions for de a with a death list of �3 i a elopement in the air definitely determined Rescue work c _ Era were today making final efforts j says Strong to remove three bodies remaining at court martial in Overton mine number two which was partly wrecked by an explosion of Gas yesterday morning. The bodies Are those of two White men Deport of the facts has been and one negro Miner. The bodies k of churches will decide jts course question conies up is to further investigation of prohibition problem very advantageously chamber of Commerce Board is concerned now is involved in new York dec. a. P a from Hostler in the stable j of the cossacks to Shah of per i Sia has been the Rise of Reza Khan Peh Levi. From tender of the horses Reza entered the cossacks and i in 1921 led the revolt which culminated in the overthrow of the government the deposition of the Shah and his Assumption of role of dictator. And now advices from Teheran capital of Persia that on december i a Reza will ascend the throne meanwhile Ahmed a amp a amp a the 4 2-year-old deposed Monarch. Elected for year Many enthusiastic speeches made at quarterly banquet making the Sale at a Price that will be in line with usual Bates Detroit dec. La map a the executive committee of the Federal Council of churches today planned. Is in France moving frequently a perhaps the in St enthusiastic meeting Ever held by the civic clubs re High Point was that in the ballroom of the Sheraton hotel last night when the rotary civitan it cd Al to to Steim is Raleigh. Dec. 11.�?state officials Are putting on to determine what attitude it will i take toward further investigation i of the prohibition problem. A sub committee was prepared to make some recommendation concerning a paper submitted yester everything Day by or. Charles Stelzle of new robbed today by t forced cashier into vault and escaped with $2,500 in Cash Efland dec. apr three robbers held up the Bank of Efland Here about to of clock this morning forced the cashier Robert Riley into the vault and escaped with $2,500. Riley was the Only person in the another woman had prepared. I Bank when the men entered. Each Annot recall the exact words of levelled a pistol at him and he was message but it was to the of ordered into the vault which was t that the negro be placed in then locked. It Wras More than half Penitentiary for ufos and those j an hour before he was freed from b men be turned out a of course death in the electric in is an awful thing and i Baw sympathy for the negro but it is opinion that if he is placed in son for life he will worry me no re and he will be prevented from suiting other White women. I of if he returned to Asheville a e Man my husband would shoot i could shoot him myself if it b necessary. There can be in by in my mind that Mansel is guilty Man. I knew him before assaulted me and i recognized t Small spot on his nose. He or did prove How he got blood his Trou a a of is not a Case of taken identity. Received letter Aleith dec. apr error Mclean when informed j that the woman attacked by Mansel negro had made pub her Appeal to the executive to the negroes life would not distils probable action in the Case. He letter has been received by executive and or. Mclean said Case when it came before him he proper time a would be conred on its the execu-expres8ed the belief the negro appealed to the supreme court indicated if such was the Case would await decision of that j before taking any action autary 13 has been set As the for Mansells electrocution. Aives immunity As he gives testimony Hite Plains n. Y., dec. To. Apr or. J. Bennett Eye palist of Yonkers today signed River of immunity before aug in his defense before the t Chester grand jury investing alleged attempts to tamper the Rhinelander jury. Toe or was accepted by District Arney Rowland. R. Bennett was one of three Citi of Yonkers who. Frederick g. Ord a juror told Justice user yesterday had talked with about the Rhinelander Case e its trial was in Progress. The ome of the grand jury sieves tion is not expected to have effect on the verdict which favourable to Leonard Kip elander�?T8 mulatto wife. Hearing or. Bennett and Ord the grand jury adjourned next tuesday when other esses probably will be heard. Near Chicago ans As City. Dec. a e proposed heavyweight Cham ship bout Between Jack Demp and Harry wills negro a a will la likelihood be held near Chi some time in july Ray can attorney for Dempsey told Oci ated press Here today. The vault. He said the men drove up to the Bank in a Small closed car and described them As wearing Long overcoats and Caps. One of the men he said was a blonde while the other two were dark of complexion. The eldest of the three was slightly stoop shouldered and appeared about 33 years of age while the other two looked to be about thirty. Parties who saw the closed car leaving town said it proceeded in a Westerly direction. Funeral service is held for w. A. Price funeral services were conducted at Southside Baptist Church yester Ter Day afternoon at 2 of clock for w. A. Price who died wednesday morning. The services were conducted by Rev. E. W. Jones assisted by Rev. W. P. Page. Active pallbearers were l. M. Young l. L. Grant w. G. Freeman Oscar Dennis t. M. Walker and g. R. Ward. The honorary pallbearers were h. F. Hun sucker j. W. Kaneer r. L. Proctor and j. Kaneer. The Floral offerings were carried by Ruth Young and Inez Varner. U. T. To hold a meeting on saturday High Point Council no. 639, United commercial travellers will hold a meeting in the old masonic Lodge Hall on East Washington Street saturday night at 6 30 of clock. Barbecue will be served. This will be followed by initiation of members. The initiation will be put on by the Greensboro Council using the same team which worked at the state Council at Raleigh sometime ago. All members of the u. T. Are invited to attend the meeting. Filed suit fort Smith ark., dec. apr five Coal companies today filed suit in Federal court against District 21, United mine workers of America its officers executive Board individual members and locals in Western Arkansas counties alleging conspiracy to restrain Commerce in Coal and praying judgment for $1,080,000 As triple damages under the Sherman anti Trust Law. Keep p. O. Rates Washington dec. apr congressional action was completed today on a Resolution to authorize continuance of existing postal rates until the next session of cons Resa convenes next december. Of the White men Are pinned beneath a Boulder. Of those already removed 43 Are negro and seven we Hite. With the work of Rescue Pratti j Mitchell s Cally completed the sorrowing Community turned its thought to burial of its dead and the help it might give the bereaved. A log Row of coffins rested at the Mouth of the pit to receive the bodies. Of the fifty three men killed outright Only two were unmarried and most of them were parents of Large families. Among the victims was Rev. A. Collins pastor of the White Hill Baptist Church negro. Haggard and worn Charles Debardelaben. President of the Alabama fuel and Iron company which owns the property stopped for a Short rest at noon after having led work of Rescue for Twenty hours. He spent the entire night at the front lending encouragement and advice when the spirits of the parties lagged. A the White and most of the negro workers had been identified. Wearied watchers kept Vigil about the pits Mouth through a night of sorrow for the Little mining Community. The color line was obliterated. White and negro were United in a common grief and each tried to assuage the others loss. Rain began falling at Daybreak but women hoping against Hope to find their loved ones yet alive never budged from their stand at the guard lines. As the morning wore on the Sun came peeping through the Clouds but it brought no Ray of Hope to the silent throng of watchers. The Stretcher bearers told the Story As they emerged now and then. One Little woman who heard the blast yesterday while she was about her household duties and knew its meaning had never for a moment left the body of the pit. She hugged her baby to her bosom through the night to protect it from the cold. Surrounding mines had ceased operations to give what Relief they might. It was a Community of mourning. The Coroner announced that the bodies would be removed from the temporary morgue in a company bathing House to Birmingham during the Day. One negro Miner owes his escape to his mule. From somewhere in the pit when the Gas was worst and conditions appeared darkest for the opening came the ears and then the balance of a big fat mule. Clinging hard to the mules Tail was a negro worker who had become blinded temporarily by the blast and took this Means of saving himself. He said he knew the mule would a get out of there was any getting the mine is the property of the Alabama fuel and Iron company and is considered by Federal and state mine officials one of the Best equipped in the Alabama mine Field. The blast did not wreck the Alabama machinery and this aided the Rescue parties in the work of exploration. The cause of the blast had not been officially determined. Some of the mine workers believe it was caused either by a Miner striking a match which was forbidden or by a Windy shot. It was believed that Many bodies a recovered were those of negro workers. Relatives of the victims were not allowed to View the bodies. Identification was carried out with greatest difficulty. Some of the bodies May never be positively identified. As fast As the bodies were identified tags were placed about the necks of the victims and they were turned Over to an under taker in the improvised morgue. Made to War department save Reid witness undertaking to sustain state merits colonel Mitchell made about Tho american air service that they have for the Bond Sale Here next week because it is High and kiwanis clubs and the Cham-1important to North Carolina that Washington dec. apr foreign interests have secured exclusive concessions for air operation in South America the Mitchell court martial was informed today by maj. George v. Strong of the army general staff. A in Central America a a major Strong testified a there have been concessions granted but they have not been in Colombia he said a Concession was negotiated by German capitalists with the colombian government. Guatemala had Given a Concession to a French concern but major Strong said it was not an exclusive arrangement representative Frank r. Reid chief counsel for colonel Mitchell told the court these concessions had been reported to the War department by major Raycroft Walsh of the army air service who held them to be a serious menace to j the defense of the Panama canal. Major Strong said major Walsh a report had been used As the basis of a War department recommendation to the state department for the establishment of a United states air mail service in Central America but that negotiations Between the two departments and with representatives of the Post office and Commerce departments still Are in Progress. The court then turned to colonel Mitchell s charge that the National guard has been flying without parachutes for several years. Capt. R. W. Mackie of Houston Texas National guard air officer and commercial flier testified for toe prosecution that the air Squadron of which he was a member was supplied with parachutes a year ago and no Pilot was allowed to take the air without a Parachute. All the planes the Squadron had he said could be operated by pilots wearing parachutes. German documents obtained from Berlin War office files Afler the War were produced by Lieuten ant colonel Christian Bach historical officer of the army War College. They made the claim that from january i 1917, to August 1918 a total of 6,025 Allied aircraft and balloons were brought Down by German aviators antiaircraft fire and by other methods colonel Bach said the documents showed that 15 per cent of the total had been shot Down by German anti aircraft guns the general said a bombing air plane flying at 12,000 feet and at a Speed of too Miles an hour will be hit 24 times by a Battery of 12 three Inch guns of fire was opened when the plane came within Range he counted As a a hits All bursts near enough to seriously end Ango the planes. Must not up Sotton in display windows says the fire chief Ber of Commerce gathered in quarterly joint session. The outstanding feature of the banquet was a discussion of this City s indebtedness to High Point College and the subsequent raising of a Little More than $10,000 towards a fund to liquidate that indebtedness. Carter Dalton president of the chamber of Commerce acted As toastmaster and at his suggestion i the club members arose and with bowed Heads paid tribute to the memory of Arthur Lyons. Or Dalton described Arthur Lyon As one of the most faithful directors the chamber Ever had. Tribute to or. Lyon s memory also was paid later by Fred n. Tate. A Resolution was adopted unanimously to invite John w. Mcquigg National commander of the american legion to hold a meeting of Post commanders in High Point next february. The Resolution was introduced by Fred n. Tate chairman of the convention and pub the proposed Bonds bring the very Best rate of interest. This is what the financiers work for. They would have no difficulty at All in Selling All the Bonds that they can Assembly by pacing a High rate of interest but North Carolina has too Many Bonds out to beat their value Down with a High rate of interest. The monday Sale therefore is one of the most important in the history of the state. Of course the state is Well protected against a High rate. It has been Able to use the Short term paper to great advantage getting a lower Short time rate than anybody else has been Able to do in Long term Bonds. The fight now is to hold what the state has. And in the governor and the treasurer the officials believe they have As Good fighters As the state has. The state has carried $10,000,-000 of this Issue of $20,125,000 nearly three years with Short term i notes. That device has worked re i Mark Abl Well in keeping Bonds off licit committee of the chamber of i. , ,.� d issues . A a West directors a nominating committee was appointed by president Dalton to retire to an adjoining room and nominate directors of the chamber of Commerce. Joseph d. Cox was named chairman of the committee. The following names were submitted As members of the Board of directors and they were elected unanimously Carter Dalton c. Garrett e. A Ridlebaugh Joseph d. Cox. Or. A. Stanton w. E. Snow. Idol a. E. Tate Fred n. Tate j. Elwood Cox Horace Haworth j. T. Ryan r. K. Stewart a. Sherrod c. E. Hayworth or. J. T. Burrus r. O. Lindsay t. Gilliam a. S. Caldwell w. Jones t. Wingate Andrews d. Ralph Parker w. B. Mcewen j. E. Millis and we a. Ring. This City a indebtedness to High Point College elicited much discussion. Enthusiastic speeches brought splendid response and in Short order Over $10,000 was subscribed. The indebtedness was explained by Fred n. Tate who stated that the City owes about $30,000 to the College this amount being in unpaid pledges. Or. Tate said he had been a citizen of High Point for Many years but he had never known of any greater or More worthwhile undertaking the establishment of the College and what it Means to the City. Failed to pay up or. Tat j thought it appalling and almost a disgrace that High Point has failed to meet this financial obligation. He urged those who had already subscribed and paid their subscriptions to subscribe again so that the indebtedness might t liquidated. He read a Telegram from Frank Wineski in which he said he would duplicate his subscription in order to pay off the amount High Point owes the College. Or. J. T. Burrus told of the movement that resulted in establishment of High Point College Here. Or. Burns Wras head of the committee which extended the invitation. He said he was instruct do not come Here with their minds made up to maintain the $4.60 rate of interest it is not at All certain that the state will Trade. There is no trouble at All with the state s paper. The Perl Docal talk of repudiation has not come. The state is merely asking for its Good name and All the signs Are that it will retain that. New action in Wake courts against the capital ice company and a further attempt to get to the supreme court the Legal question involved in its organization through Stock taken by the manufacturers will be undertaken by attorney general Brummitt. Or. Brummitt is a dismayed by a verdict of not guilty in the criminal courts of August and he is equally determined not to lose heart in the deadlock of thursday when the jury was dismissed on failure to agree after 26 hours. The jury was heavily against finding wrong against the manufacturers and that was a Surprise to the attorney general. But of the members had found the capital company blameless altogether the attorney general could have gone to the supreme York who urged a thorough study of prohibition. Or. Stelzle. Known to the ministers assembled As a National social worker who has been Active in the prohibition movement for a number of years asserted that education and not legislation was the main need of the Purohi Otoin situation today. Prohibition like christianity is not a failure a he said a because it has never been really but prohibition like christianity can not be made operative merely through Law enforcement. It must depend principally upon Law Observance and Law Observance requires education of conscience. It can not be forced upon or. Stelzle told his audience that a person was not necessarily against prohibition because he wanted to know All the facts about the a possibility of enforcement and Observance or because he wanted an honest consideration of what constitutes intoxicating liquor. Although condemning the Saloon i or. Stelzle said that it served a a useful purpose in the social and economic life of the poor people of the cities a and that nothing had were being absorbed. If the buyers in e Rovi Didasa Toie-5curcmfw Hen provided As a substitute. Standard Oil suit was dismissed today Jefferson City mo., dec. La map a attorney general Gentry today dismissed the anti Trust ouster suit against the Standard Oil company of Indiana filed in the Missouri supreme court september 12, 1924 by former attorney general Barrett. Gentry filed a new suit with the alternative of a Fine instead of Ous Ter from doing business in the state if the company were found guilty of restraint of Trade As alleged. The company was charged with operating a monopoly on gasoline and products through certain restrictive clauses in contracts with other companies covering use of a crude Oil cracking process. Recalls state tragedy Charlotte dec. apr the Birmingham ala., mine disaster which is reported to have caused the death of 61 miners recalls the Coal Glenn n. C., tragedy on _ _. _ May 27, of this year which claim continued on Page 8, second Sec. De a toll of 53 lives. A a the explosion in the mine of the Evfim sets up Camp j Carolina Coal company at Coal Glen was held to have resulted under circumstances similar to those reported from Birmingham Gas having been held responsible. Most of the bodies were found around the 2,000 foot level of the mine. In a new terrain English Spanish Morocco dec. apr Abdel Krim Ruffian chief and his entourage Are encamped at Ait Gemara in the Beni Urr Aguel country about 15 Miles from a Dir his former capital. Which he abandoned before the Advance of Spanish forces. He is reported to have reproached some factions of the Beni Urr Aguel and Beni Ocoya tribes for having facilitated the Landing of the spaniards at Al Deemas. Red is better Pittsburgh. Dec. 11. Map tween Paris and Riviera and de Citrin a at he still remains the ruler of his erstwhile realm. It am and i remain the legit mat and constitutional Sovereign of Persia a a declared Ahmed Kajar and i await the hour to return to my country to continue to serve my the dashing Reza despite his Humble origin he is the son of a persian is possessed of both strategy and statecraft. As soon As he became Premier and minister of War in other words dictator he began the re organization of the country. At first he desired a Republic but be was thwarted in his efforts to establish one by the opposition of the priests. Then when the National Assembly late in october proclaimed the deposition of the Kajar dynasty Reza is said to have immediately set his heart on ascending the throne. He brought about unification of the unruly tribes in a single entity and raised an army of 40,000 men. He saw that they were paid fed and clothed thus insuring to himself their loyalty when needed. Personal courage is said to have aided him materially in holding his troops in hand. When in 1921 the Khorasan tribe rebelled Reza is declared to have gone personally into the rebel Camp killed the Leader and put Down the rebellion. Other recalcitrant chieftains and their tribes also obtained Short shift at the hands of Reza and his men who Are equipped like any other modern army having Tahka air planes and wireless stations. The persian parliament known As the National conservative Assembly has been retained by Resa to carry out his will in the manner of a constitutions regime. Recent dispatches have indicated that the government was Busy drafting regulations for convening the Assembly and that it was virtually certain that Reza would be elected Shah. The new ruler of persians had Little Chance during his childhood to obtain even an elementary education and it has been rumoured that As far As writing is concerned he is Only Able to sign his name. Post office robbers Given Long terms Greensboro dec. apr sentence of ten years each la the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta was imposed this afternoon by judge e. Yates Webb of Shelby in United states District court of West Carolina upon Jerry Farlow Thomas Doyle and William e. Walker after having been found guilty by a jury on three counts charging robbery of the Post office at. Pilot Mountain. The three prisoners Are already under sentence of five years each la the Virginia Penitentiary on charges of possessing burglary tools but when their attorneys withdrew notice of Appeal judge Webb said he would move to have this state sentence mitigated. Takes first step Washington dec. a the new Congress took its first refreshed by a nights rest liar-1 actual step today toward carrying old red Grange who was in into effect the recommendations of Jared in yesterdays football game i president Coolidge a air Board Here was a feeling Fine today and j the Bill by senator Bingham refill accompany the Chicago bears publican Connecticut for enc our when they leave for Detroit at gement of civil aviation was Fern Mere meanwhile political advances de Njo on it George Halas manager of i ported by the Senate co signed to bring about the sur rend i e Evirs said this morning. Committee or and subsequent disarmament of All tribesmen Are being made by citizens of High Point to j Borj the f,re.?c4h find Spanish Aubain promises to the com ?ritie8�?T and it is Saldz with Ncreas-1 Saint Stephens to hear presiding elder the Rev. T. J. Houston d. D., newly appointed presiding elder of the Greensboro District will hold his first quarterly meeting at the Saint Stephens a. M. E. Zion Church on Price Street this evening at the a. B. Homey chief of fire department warns High Point merchants not to use Cotton in decorating their windows for Christmas. A i Hope the people will cooperate with us a said chief Homey. A we done to want to be hard on them. We done to want to have to order the merchants to take the Cotton from their the fire chief pointed out that the Law prohibits Cotton being placed in windows for decorations and he intimated that the Law will be necessary for him or the building inspector to be hard on anybody. De by the make Certa Mittee from the Church the prom ise being a donation of $100,000 and a site for the institution. Or. Burrus made a Strong Appeal Fop Tho people to liquidate this indebtedness at once. Charles f. Tomlinson chairman of the City school Board expressed the belief tha High Point citizens i because he played again would a Andle the situation Satis Eago bears and red g my Success. Fired from team St. Louis dec. apr Reese Jones of Vincennes ind., 19 year old Star of the Washington University football the barred from the sch Enterprise fund for City s ten neediest cases amounts to $300 a i enclose herewith Check for a nurse was secured for a patient Coe elected Ames Iowa dec. apr a i aft a Roland Bud Coe end has been _ _ regular Church hour and sunday i elected Captain of next years Iowa i fact that the universities because december 13. The Public is invited 1 state football team r Facto Rily. Good As a Bond a i Wasny to present when these promises were made hut i Arn sure that they Are As Good As any Bond the City might Issue a said or. Tomlinson. T. Wingate Andrews superintendent of City schools made an enthusiastic speech in behalf of the College. He thought the City should congratulate itself on having secured Here such an institution of higher learning. He said the boys and girls of High Point who Are expecting to go away to a University should spend a year two three or four years in the College Here just the same. The atmosphere would be different he said. The school superintendent deplored the Days ago it became known today de. William assistant freshman football coach and an All Western selection when he played for Wisconsin a few years ago has been discharged because he As a player in the Grange game had knowledge of Jones participation in the contest and failed to notify the head coach or director of athletics. Range ten j each year by the Enterprise Fine thing and i wish to commend you for this Good or. Parker s Check is one of three received by the paper for the ten neediest cases today. The total amount contributed to the fund is a 00. Checks Art coming in slowly. The welfare Board through which the Money is being distributed by a the paper today gave information bandits repelled j concerning How the fund was sex Beirut Syria dec. i appended for the ten neediest cases a news came today that bandits last year. Had been repelled in two invasions i two fallen girls were Given i of Damascus. A Foice of 200 after uan rial assistance until they be entering the City yesterday was j cured employment. A widow with driven out by policemen with 1 several Small children was in debt Tori Zed machine guns and the use i the debts were paid through tills of artillery. Seven bandits were fund. He is a Junior to hear him. Veterinary medical student. Continued on Page 6 killed. Later in the Day another party of 20 men entered the City via a cemetery but was speedily put to route. One Young woman Back from a House of correction was supplied with clothing Given help for two Mouths Aud furnished employment. County roads. In another Case the father deserted the family leaving a wife Aud several Small children. That entire family was supplied with clothing. The foregoing Are Only a few of the ten neediest cases of 1924. The conditions this year Are More serious and the Enterprise is endeavouring to raise by voluntary contributions sufficient Money to take care of the situation. Checks made pity Able to the ten neediest cases May be Mallei direct to the Enterprise and will be acknowledged through the columns of the paper. Following is the list of contributions received today previously reported. $279. H let. Ralph Parker. 10.00 Thomas i. Gilliam. 10.00 Wade r. Smith. total $900.00

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