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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 9, 1973, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday december 9,1973 3d Lemons inc. Campaigns for reliable automobiles one of Nixon s tax deductions president Nixon wrote off As a tax deduction the entire Cost of maintaining one of two houses he owns in key Biscayne Flathe White House revealed saturday. According to White House officials this House which he bought from sen. George Smathers is used As an Otyce and on that basis Nixon deducts All costs of utilities maintenance gardening fire insurance and an annual depreciation allowance on the property. ,reph0,0 by Roger Winters Northc am thru Irwi papa Auvart St Paul one Fine Day last Spring. William Mahlum. A St. Paul attorney had just picked up a new car he had ordered and was happily heading Down a City freeway toward his Home when a quite unexpected thing occurred the new car s driveshaft fell out and hit the pavement luckily the astonished Driver was close to the Fence and traffic was Light for he had lost All Means of steering the vehicle. But somehow he got it onto the shoulder and stopped hitching a ride to the nearest phone Booth he called the car Agency he had just left. A your car has come apart on the freeway and you better come get it a he told them. The dealer retrieved the car repaired it and returned it to the owner but there was one catch. Mahlum would Only accept a full 24-month. 24,000 mile warranty for the car dated from the time after the repairs. The dealer did t see it that Way and they were at an impasse. I inflation fighting St %115 Blue Ridge diamonds ,4k Gold a j350 a a a Quot i in prices amp Quality Are guaranteed. Do not be misled by false ust prices. 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Main St. Open nightly till 9 00 sat. Till 6 00 Bank credit cards Welcome but Mahlum happens to be an attorney which the dealer knew and to forestall possible court action the dealer finally agreed to the unusual terms. Besides being an attorney Mahlum is also executive vice president of greater metropolitan federation an umbrella organization of More than too twin City civic and religious groups involved with social action Here was a clause that needed action he was sure when he investigated and Learned that flawed cars Are often the no. I consumer complaint to consumer affairs departments. Shortly a new group was organized appropriately called Quot Lemons a speakers Bureau was formed new stories were prepared brochures were printed and a a Lemons was in business. For five dollars a year car owners were asked to join filling out Lemon coloured membership forms. Within a week Iso people had responded today there Are about 500 members and an anticipated major membership drive is Only now getting underway. For their fee. Members get information bulletins group Auto insurance classes about the automobile and monthly meetings. But the advocacy service is perhaps the most important part of the Deal. Lemons inc., has a Volunteer group of to advocates five of whom Are attorneys to handle members complaints and negotiate with the Auto Industry on behalf of the consumer members who have already tried and failed to get satisfaction from their Auto dealer or repairman May submit the problem to the advocacy service after the complaint is checked for Validity one of the advocates begins direct negotiations with the dealer or repair service the Industry has been polite and responsive to these contacts a Lemons spokesman says. Among other services Lemons. Inches examined new car or curation sheets used by various Auto dealers some Are quite a inadequate a they report for example it was found that one Sheet lists Only 28 general inspection checks compared to another dealer s list which has 8b specific items to be covered so Lemons inc., has developed its own comprehensive inspection list for new car preparation members can take the form when buying their new car and have the dealer Check off the inspection Points and sign it. Members May be expected to pay a slight fee for having the More comprehensive inspection they Are warned the chatty bulletins to members give Frank advice on Many other automotive problems. For instance a recent one suggested the following approach when buying a new car. A when the new car salesperson who is trained to use Trade ins As a confusing bargaining gambit asked you about the car you re driving now a this is usually one of his first questions a be evasive. Say you re thinking of Selling it to a Friend. Tell the salesperson you know what the Cost is on the car you want Daemons. Incan provide this and ask for a Price quotation without a Trade in. A after you have this figure ask about the kind of Deal you can get on your old car if your Friend does no to want it. Lemons. Incan give you this figure too a now. The salesperson is up against the Wall he is going to have to give you a realistic figure on your old car the important thing is to keep the two figures separate when you do. You will be in a better position to make comparisons. Of you have questions ideas. Ect., on new car buying Call the Lemons inc., office or write to us at n-340, 1821 University ave., St Paul. the group is also strongly interested in new consumer legislation to protect car buyers and owners the membership flyer says. A by joining Lemons. In you will have the Opportunity to participate on one of the task forces working for changes in the Auto Industry and to help other Consumers who have problems with the Industry a a. I ask Andy a approximate total weight Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Mark Eveslage age la of Burlingame California for his question which is the biggest animal in the world this is a sad Story for the world s largest animal May soon become extinct. The to aged is even sadder because he is such a gentle giant in his whole lie. He never Hurt any creature larger than a shrimp he did nothing to foul up his environment. He did nothing at All to harm Mankind. Yet Man the Hunter is responsible for bringing the largest of All natures children to the Brink of extinction. Imagine a new born infant that weighs four tons and measures 24 feet Long he is a baby Blue whale born at the surface of some tropical Ocean for the next 14 years or so. He will patrol the seas from pole to pole tilling his Tummy on floating Plankton a and growing of he survives this Long he will be too feet Long measure 45 feet around his bulging Waistline and weigh about 120 tons. He has reached his Lull size and with a lot of Luck he can expect to live to celebrate his 50th birthday. The adult Blue whale is the largest animal in the world and also the largest animal that Ever lived upon the planet Earth in the Remote past his ancestors left the ancient seas and adapted to life on the land then the global climate became a global drought that lasted ten milion years or More. Many of the land animals deserted the parched arid continents for life in shallow Waters by the seas. Among them were the ancestors of the whales who ventured into deeper Waters. Eventually their descendants adapted to Lite in the Ocean. Limbs became flippers and flukes and their swimming improved. They gulped great gobs of air to last through Long plunges below. They added masses of blubber fat to keep out the cold while they chased their food into Polar seas. Eventually the whales became so enormous that they needed deep water to support their Bulky bodies the largest species became the Blue whale named for the slate Blue color of his gleaming Back. Usually his paler underside is coated with tiny yellow diatoms which is Why some people Call him the Sulphur Bottom whale. The giant of giants is a Baleen whale a name that refers to his unusual dental arrangement. Instead of Teeth he has Long narrow strips of Baleen somewhat like Tough pliable plastic. Hundreds of Baleen strips hang in a curtain from the roof of his cavernous 1 Mould. His food is Plankton which he gulps with great mouthfuls of sea water. His Tongue which weighs two and a half tons is used to push the water Back out through the Baleen screen this sifts out the tiny morsels of food for swallowing his Tummy holds a ton of Plankton food and he expects to fill it every Day the giant of giants has 50 tons of Muscles and 25 tons of fat. Plus a 20-ton Skeleton to support his massive bulk his heart weighs 800 pounds and his liver weighs half a ton he travels near the surface often As fast As 14 Miles per hour. Usually helices about 500 feet and stays a below five or ten minutes when he comes up for air he spends almost an hour emptying and refilling his Roomy lungs. Ands sends a seven volume set of the c chronicles of Narma to Emily Denham age to of c ape Elizabeth. Maine for her question Why do earthquakes Only happen in certain places the experts Tell us that earthquakes can happen anywhere in the world. It is True that some places Don t have one very often. In fact most places in the world have not had an earthquake for hundreds of years then there Are those other places where earthquakes happen quite olten. This we Are told is because there Are weak spots in the Earth s crust this Rocky crust is about 40 Miles thick and you would expect it to fit around the Globe in a neat Shell. But actually it is cracked into several Large sections called plates. The weak spots Are along some of the cracks where two huge crustal plates rub together. Earthquakes happen when the two plates push in opposite directions. For example one May be inching North and its neighbor May be inching South these movements create the shakes. Scientists Are looking Tor signs that Tell when quakes Are Likely to happen perhaps soon they will be Able to give warning so that people in the danger zone have plenty of time to escape before a big earthquake strikes. Andy sends a Complete 29-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Max Micklin age 12, of Philadelphia Pennsylvania for his question Are guillemots really penguins the penguins populate the South Polar regions none Are native to the Northern hemisphere a except for perhaps a few living on the Galapagos islands which Stradle the Equator the guillemots Are at Home in the Northern seas. They Wear Black and White Penguin Type uniforms and stand erect on their wide webbed feet. Sometimes it is easy to mistake them for Small penguins but the two Bird groups Are not related life among the Northern guillemots is a Rowdy rabble of moaning and groaning punctuated with dashing lights and splashing plunges into the sea life among the Southern penguins is somewhat More debate and no Penguin Ever takes to the air the guillemots Are classed in the Alcidie Bird family a term coined from an older scandinavian name for the Auk penguins Are classed in the family Pheni Scidane a term which refers to their wedge shaped flightless wings. Hence it is quite Safe to say that the guillemots Are not penguins. However they look a lot like Small penguins and in the Northern hemisphere Thev occupy a Niche similar to that occupied by the Penguin South of the Equator. Both families Are expert Marine fishermen and catch their food by using their wings to swim underwater. The common Guillemot wears Penguin Black and White and stands 16 inches tall on big Blue Black feet. The so called Black Guillemot stands 13 inches tall on big Bright red Lect instead of a w Hite Vest he wears White patches on and under his sturdy wings. Though guillemots belong to the Arctic and sub Arctic in Winter they Migrate to seas and shores As tar South As Spain and san Francisco. Small flocks patrol the Waves. Flying follow the Leader and plunging Down in splashy dives the fast w Ings that keep them in the air serve equally Well As sturdy paddles when they swim under water the guillemots Gorge mostly on butterfish and Sand eels though shrimp and prawns and even occasional crabs Are Welcome. In Early Spring the flocks Migrate northward for the crowded Rowdy nesting season the common guillemots preferred Breeding site is a High Rocky Shore w Here Small ledges step up the sides of a Steep Cliff. Kittiwakes shags and smaller cousins of the Auk clan occupy the lower ledges. The Penthouse apartments of this Cliff dwelling Community is crowded with guillemots a shoulder to shoulder. Guillemot courtship is a noisy Community ritual with elaborate games and dances in and on the water. Observers suspect that these Birds need the Rowdy excitement of a Large flock in order to Breed the common Guillemot lays Only one Large speckled egg shaped like a Pear. It is less Likely to roil away than a round egg

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