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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - December 9, 1973, High Point, North Carolina 2d High Point Enterprise sunday december 9.1173 Rhodes fears president there is something kor everyone in the physical education program status of p. E. Improves from Page to something physical education is a necessary part of those experiences Quot As with All courses in school some students Don t like to take physical education. A students at this age Quot Frye says Quot Are trying to come out from under the Wing of their parents and be like adults. They come to school and find that even in physical education there Are still rules to follow. Quot some people just Don t like rules especially someone else s rules. Quot they get punished for breaking rules by having to run the track or run up and Down Steps. It does t take Long to run around the track and How can it be punishment when the running helps to build up your legs and wind a Quot Frye says. Quot some students May feel they can t play As Well As some others because of size or something similar. The program Here is so varied that everybody can find their Niche students at this age need to learn to compensate. Quot the coaches teach the skills hoping that with some Effort the student will pick some of them up. We be found that when a person begins to pick up some skills he begins to like the activity More. And physical education is certainly an outlet for pent up energies Quot physical education classes Are devoted mostly to teaching skills but this is also a time when students learn about personal Hygiene. Quot students learn to take care of their bridles and to be aware of their personal appearance among Frye says. Quot physical education is just like math and English you have to learn the rules of the game to know How to compete. A test in math is like a skills test a both Are measures of Effort and improvement Quot he continued Quot the importance of physical education is that it is essential to a Good educational Rome Lens it is four months since Paul Getty disappeared from his mothers Home and now that a Rome newspaper has published a picture of him with a severed ear italian Public opinion has reacted to what looks like a genuine kidnapping As perhaps Only Italy could letters from schoolchildren have showered into newspapers offering their savings to buy Paul s Freedom. Someone has discovered a Story published in italian 30 years ago in which a boy is kidnapped in almost identical circumstances. Comparisons Are freely made with the Groslier sort of Folk stories in which children fall into the hands of evil Powers. This is one Side of it the More disturbing but equally italian reaction is that no one seems to feel any special anger towards Paul Getty a kidnappers. In Italy Coke heiress wins six year Trust fight i Atonia a apr coca cola heiress Frances Woodruff has won a six year fight to retain control of her $11 million Trust fund Fulton civil court judge Thomas l. Camp ruled Friday that mrs. Woodruff 50 and the daughter of major coca cola stockholder George Woodruff is competent to handle her own property accepting the recommendation of a three Man commission which examined her privately. The ruling Means that mrs. Woodruff has full Legal rights to the Trust fund which has been managed by the Trust company of Georgia since 1967 when she was declared in competent. Mrs. Woodruff spent four years in a mental Hospital. A Fulton county Superior court jury ruled in september that mrs. Woodruff was competent to manage her own personal affairs but said that she was incompetent to control her property Nobel winners say crisis can be solved Stockholm a two scientists Here to receive the Nobel prize for chemistry both said saturday the Energy crisis can be solved just How was not detailed by Geoffrey Wilkinson of great Britain and Ernst Ott Fischer of Germany. Fischer said he thought Coal would play an increasingly important role. Kidnappers Are sometimes seen As representatives of the forces of evil sometimes As Robin hoods serving social Justice either Way nobody thinks that there is much to be done about them even the famous sicilian Bandit Eastland Back in old Post takes pay Cut Washington a sen. James 0 Eastland has taken a pay Cut. With the swearing in of rep. Gerald r Ford As vice president Eastland s salary dropped thursday from $62,500 a year to $47,500 Eastland As president pro tempore of the Senate assumed the duties and prerogatives a and the salary a of the vice president after the resignation of Spiro t. Agnew on oct. To. Although Eastland no longer will be collecting the $62,500 paid the vice president the Mississippi Democrat still will be the third highest paid senator. As president pro tempore he gets $47,500 instead of the regular Senate salary of $42,500 a year. Giuliano who ended by massacring a crowd of harmless peasants is still something of a popular hero. The anger is concentrated instead upon Paul Getty s Grandfather and his apparent refusal to Ransom the boy. Since the old Man happens to be the richest Man in the world Many Utah ans would rejoice to see him forced to pay. The argument that by paying the kidnappers he would be jeopardizing the safety of his other grandchildren has been described As kidnappings Are. Alas nothing exceptional in Italy. Earlier this year a san Marino doctor and his daughter were held for Ransom in Central Italy and a child was kidnapped in Bologna two other people have been kidnapped since Paul disappeared and Are still in the hands of their captors. One is the son of the vermouth manufacturer count Rossi i Mont Clera of Turin. The other is a sardinian doctor. Sardinia is the True Home of the kidnapping profession. Kidnappings on the Island Are so frequent that they hardly make news. Every two or three months someone is held for Ransom. Invariably the Ransom is paid and the victim is released after a few weeks. Invariably no one is brought to Justice. Kidnapping is to Sardinia what mafia is to Sicily and since the sardinian technique has been extended to the Mainland the police have tended to look for a sardinian connection. But this May not always be a reliable approach. The fact is that kidnappings on the Mainland Are just getting More and More frequent. One reason May be that Italy is suffering from the worst of two worlds. Prosperity came too fast and too precariously after the Long centuries of dire poverty and hunger. There is still real hunger in Italy s Large patches of economic backwardness. But the consumer philosophy which swept the country like an Avalanche in the 1950s and 1960s washed away the dikes of tradition. The Impact has been too much for the weaker part of italian youth. Italy apes the Richer countries with its Bank robberies and hold ups and its killings and it has its own special tradition in kidnapping but these things occur in a climate of relative indifference because so Many italians seem to see such robberies As Quot getting Back something from the Oakwood memorial mausoleum 312 Mon lieu ave. Tel. 888-4245 let us prove to you that above ground entombment can be less expensive than ground burial when bought at pre construction prices. Built for the Ages constructed of time defying natural Stone Granite Marble steel and reinforced Concrete. Entombment above ground in clean dry ventilated Chambers. Accepted by All religious faiths. Coupon Oakwood memorial Park 312 Mon lieu ave. High Point n. C. Please furnish free information about your now mausoleum we understand Thore is no obligation. Name. Address. Phone no. Coupon May be Solo act by 74 italian people supporting payment of Ransom for Getty offer Money by Peggy Simpson associated press writer Washington a rep. John j. Rhodes r-ariz., new cop House Leader says some Republican congressmen May feel for purposes of reelection next year that they should disassociate themselves from president Nixon. Rhodes said he Hopes the defections will be minimal. In an interview shortly before he succeeded vice president Gerald r. Ford As minority Leader Rhodes said he expects to have a Quot Businesslike Quot rather than personal relationship with Nixon. Here Are questions and answers from the interview q Ford and Nixon know each other very Well on a personal level. How Well do you know Nixon personally and How will your relationship with him be different from Fords ? a. Well it will be quite a bit different because of course Jerry served in the House with Nixon and i never did i really have no what you would Call personal relationship with him. Q so How do you anticipate your relationship being a. Of. Businesslike. Q Ford was perceived As the ultimate Nixon loyalist and defender. How do you see yourself a. My constituency is the 1st District of Arizona first and the Republican members of the House second. Q How do you describe the status of the gop right now some polls Are saying that the a emerging Republican majority Quot is Likely to go Back to the democratic party. Do you think this is an accurate picture of what is happening a. At this very moment i think it is accurate. I think the Republican party is suffering from an image Fiat in my opinion it does t deserve and As time goes by i would certainly Hope we could project the image of a United party at least on the congressional level which knows where it is going and knows How to get there. Q some republicans in Congress say that because of the continuing watergate bombshells they should think of themselves first and the president second. Of building their own distinctive record rather than automatically supporting the Nixon views. Do you see this As being pressure on you a. Well that a the Way in be always thought about it. In be always been a member of the congressional party More than the presidential party. It seems to me that the Republican party and i think the democratic party too. Needs to take Stock of the Congress again. There Are three co equal branches and the importance of this Branch should t be overlooked. J do you see a pulling away of republicans in Congress from Nixon a. I think the republicans in Congress Are going to try harder than Ever and we have always tried to develop their own image As an entity a i Don t separate from each other or separate from anybody else but As their own entity. I would imagine there would he Republican members who will look at their own situations and feel that for purposes of re election they May have to steer an Independent course. I would certainly Hope that would be at a minimum because i can t help feel Well do better As a party if we present a United picture to the nation rather than a fragmented one. Q do you believe that if the election were held today that you would lose substantially a. I Don t really feel qualified to answer that. I be read the polls like everyone else has and i have a certain amount of Faith in polls As a reflection of Public opinion As it is at the time a poll is taken but in be seen the feelings change so rapidly and so dramatically that i just done to think there is any profit in conjecture along those lines. Q what difference will it make with Ford in the White House a. It will help a lot. Q in what ways will it have an Impact a. If i m Able to do what i want to do and get the feelings of the House republicans into the legislative equation earlier than it now is Jerry Ford will have had quite a bit to do with helping that occur. You need some support to get people to look at this sort of a thing in the Check list that has to he prepared before legislation is put in final form q. So you envision a tandem teamwork since you and Ford have been such Good friends Here and you expect to keep More or less the same kind of relationship with him a. We Haven t really put it in those kind of words but that s the Way i feel about it and i m sure he does. Too. Q what particular issues to you have in mind for gop input in legislation ? a. Well you can always he sure something is going to be done on legislation and manpower legislation is another element. I think we have on the Republican Side of the education and labor committee some of the Best minds in the whole country on this. Or take Energy. We have some members of the joint atomic committee and the Interior committee who Are knowledgeable along these lines and to me it would be unthinkable for Energy Bills to be prepared without running them past these people a and yet if something in t done about it that s exactly what will happen. Q. How effective do you think operation Candor has been a a. Well. I thought it was going to be a in fact. I think it was very effective. I think the erasure of the tape slowed it Down somewhat. And the presidents cessation of Public appearances Cut the momentum. The release of the president s personal finances May give it More momentum. The initial stories were. I think sceptical is the nicest word i can use about them. But i believe when they look into exhibits we shall be giving them and if indeed they do provide Pas to actually compare them with the actual income tax returns. I believe see that these records Are quite impeccable. And i thought a at least a cursory examination showed no signs of evidence of any wrongdoing you can doubt judgment but i think there was no w wrongdoing. Q do you think Nixon will survive watergate-1 do you think the Corner has been turned a i say you know if i could be sure the last shoe had been dropped Well then i could probably project a Little bit but not know ing. I think it s just better not to a not that i look into the Crystal Ball and no picture appears. 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