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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - December 5, 1973, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise wednesday december 51173 so undertakers May take Issue with letter from Reader dear Ann can i be you for a few minutes i have an uncontrollable urge to answer outspoken dear outspoken you say you resent homosexuals and that the male fashion Industry is crawling with them wheres your proof have you Ever met the designers of those fruity horrors As you put it according to you a Man who wears a Floral shirt tight pants and a fur coat must be a Homo by the same reasoning All women who Wear Low heeled shoes Slacks and shirts must be lesbians if a Man wore today what was considered fashionable 300 years ago he would be considered a fag beyond a question of a doubt remember George Washington and Alexander Hamilton in their White powdered wigs silk stockings and lace handkerchiefs in their sleeves your resentment of homosexuals must lie deeper than not being Able to find Square clothing for your Young sons ill bet you have a brother or an Uncle who is a homosexual and i Shim you hate if you wan your children to Ann Landers says look like a Bunch of under takers be my guest but most people find the new styles exciting Youthful and alive Well dressed and straight dear w d and s thanks for your letter now what am i going to do about the mail in sure to get from the under takers dear Ann i am 16 a High school Junior and worried about myself i am such a perfectionist that it takes me twice As Long to do everything unless a paper is perfect i wont hand it in i have rewritten things four and five times because when i make an error i refuse to erase it if Iam unsure of the spelling of a word i Loo kit up after a i find myself looking up words i am 99 per cent sure of this can take hours it be so bad if i were a perfectionist Only about myself but i also expect perfection from my friends if someone says you and i i cant stand it i have to Correct him right then and there anyone who says i could care less gets told immediately that the expression is i care less i got into quite an argument Over that one last week i realize my inability to tolerate these Little mistakes int Normal but How Kooky is it really am i in trouble persnickety Penny dear Penny everybody has some Odd habits no matter How Well concealed but yours Are bad because they Rob you of valuable time that could be better spent the satisfaction you derive from these oddball demands on yourself Are compensating for satisfactions you should be get Ting in other areas talk this Over with your school guidance Counselor you need help dear Ann my son has a paper route he clears a week and spends every cent on comic books and Candy i have asked him to put at least part of his earnings in the Bank and save toward College but he ignores me what can i do about it the boys father and i Are divorced and i dont have a Man around who can help out talked Mother dear Mother theres More involved Here than a week your son is either out of control or he soon will be i urge you to seek some outside counselling for yourself the problem lies with you even if drinking is the in thing in your crowd it crowd you out learn the facts from Ann Landerss Booklet booze and you for teen agers Only Send 35 in Coin and a Long self addressed stamped envelope to Ann Landers p 0 Box 3346 Chicago 111 60654 dear Ann in a 17yearold girl with a 40yearold problem my Mother she picks to pieces every Guy who walks into this House this one is too Short and that one is too fat or his hair is too Long or his Mother is a tramp or his pants Are too tight in front three times last month she arranged dates for me with the sons of business friends of dads and they were All so Creepy i nearly threw up what Burns me is that mom Doest even ask if i have plans for a certain evening she goes right ahead and arranges things and then i have to even if it Means cancelling something i really want to do i Trust your judgment Ann am i an ungrateful brat or a dumb kid what Are my rights please give me the word human sacrifice dear human an Overly ambitious Mother like yours can ruin the chances of some very Nice Guys by trying to cram them Down a daughters Throat your Mother is being unfair to you and to the Young men she fixes you up with you hate them before they show up Tell mom Ann says to Cool it Barbara Stevens honoured Terri Mccormich and mrs Norman Nelson entertained at a Coke party for Barbara Stevens Bride elect on sunday afternoon at 5001 Macon or miss Mccormick will Register guests at the wedding upon her arrival the honoree was presented with a White Carnation Corsage and a can opener from the hostess the approximately 20 guests were served refreshments from a table covered with a White cutwork cloth and entered with a White tree with Silver Bells and a miniature bridal couple special guests were mrs John Stevens Mother of the Bride elect mrs to Stevens and mrs w p Williams grandmothers of miss Stevens miss Stevens will wed Gregg Jarrett on Friday in a pm ceremony at Archdale methodist Church Ward Rgrubb entertained at event in Hiatt Home Williams Flowers serving me greater High Point and Thomasville area from 301j English re Call 61 Wurtzer 224 North Elm Greensboro Olio Raleigh oui Ham phone 8855323 now open in High Point the showplace of prime meats Quantity rights reserved 1525 n main High Point no phone 8832117 open Mon tues wed and sat thurs and Fri italian sausage la there is absolutely no repackaging at the Meating place All meats Are trimmed so As to re Tain the natural juices when prepared us a prime meats Are aged on the premises of the Meating place to the exact degree and texture prescribed to attain the ultimate in tenderness and flavor meat loaf oven ready 3lb tin 2 1 London Broil 85 la see our Delicatessen Section featuring roast beef Large selection of cheese foreign and Domestic wines gourmet food Section speciality bread Section prices Good thru saturday porterhouse Steak 99 la Wanda Grubb was honoured at a miscellaneous floating Shower at the Home of mrs Maxine Hiatt sister of the bridegroom 911 e Dayton ave hostesses were mrs Hiatt and Suzanne Conetoe event was held Between the hours of pm upon her arrival miss Grubb was presented with a White Carnation Corsage later the hostesses added a set of Silver to the Shower of gifts special guests were mothers of the Bride elect and bridegroom elect mrs h l Davis and mrs James Waldon refreshments were served by the hostesses from a table covered with a bridal cloth the color scheme was in the bridal colors of red and White miss Grubb will wed Tommy Ray Waldon at Woodlawn Baptist Church on feb 14 at 7 pm the Christmas stores 00 will hold any instrument Christmas eve delivery Bank rate financing everything coming up Flowers gift ideas by Leonard creations bring nature inside this Christmas with gifts of dried Flowers under Glass terrariums and lifelike silk Flowers by Leonard creations sketched from our 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