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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina I us High Point Enterprise thursday aug. 31, 19/2 ask Andy Andy sends $10 to John Post a ego 9, of Fenton Missouri for his question is buckwheat related to wheat wheat and buckwheat belongs to different families. We Call their seeds a a grains and eat them As cereals. But the two Are not even cousins. Wheat belongs to the famous Cereal family that gives us Corn and Rice. Buckwheat is related to the tall docks that grow by the weedy Wayside. And. Of All things one of its cousins is the rhubarb Plant. We All know How wheat looks growing tall and straight in the Fields. But we done to often see the Busy buckwheat Plant with its neat leaves shaped like hearts. When clusters of Dainty Flowers Are in Bloom the bees Busy around to sip their Sweet nectar. Later the Flowers fade and leave clusters of growing seeds. The Ripe seeds Are Brownish grains with three smooth sides. They taste like nuts and give lots of muscle building protein. People who know about Good foods say eating lots of buckwheat Cereal buckwheat cakes and buckwheat pancakes makes a person feel Pepper. Andy Sands $10 to Randy Arpia Aga 12, of san Diego California for his question what makes a Cut Stop bleeding this remarkable happen to ask a question of Andy address postal cards a not letters a to ask Andy care of the High Point enter prise. Be sure to include your name age name of your parents and address. Valuable Prises Are Given to those Whoso questions Ara selected for the column. Ing is one of the body a Many talents for Healing itself. The Healing of a Cut often seems like a Long slow process but the Cleverest medical scientist cannot explain the miraculous stages in detail. The first step naturally is to Stop the bleeding. The circulating bloodstream carries special chemicals in readiness to meet this emergency. When the flesh is wounded by a Cut these factors Spring into action. Some of them Are carried in the liquid plasma others in floating blood cells called platelets. When exposed to the air special chemicals in the plasma and the platelets react together to form fibrous material called fibrin. This clogs and thickens the blood and slows Down the flow from the severed vessels. As the spongy wad thickens it forms a clot that plugs up the open Cut and stops the bleeding. The clot i can sell your Home fast if you Plant something in your front Yard. Birr a this Reg. C99 per j Gal. Valu hardware closeouts we re expanding our Craft lines and we need the room. To name a few soft. Garden Hose 50 7 piece beverage sets 1.99 expandable window screens 69� and Many More 1312 s. Main St. Telephone 882-8915 becomes a Scab to protect the wound during the patient repair work that rebuilds the damaged tissues below the surface. Andy sends $10.00 to Tammy Stanfill age to of Enid Oklahoma for her question Why do balloons float up through Tho air this operation is related to a Cork Bobbing on the Waves. We know it floats because Cork is made of lighter material than water. Actually it is Light because its empty pockets Are filled with air. And the air itself floats above the Earth because it is lighter than the solid land and the watery seas. This Peculiar Quality is called buoyancy. It also applies to what goes on in the air because air is a mixture of gases and some gases Are heavier or denser than others. Carbon dioxide is vhf times denser than Ordinary air. A balloon filled with this Gas cannot float in still air because it is too heavy. The Light weight gases Are helium and Hydrogen. They Are buoyant enough to float up through the air. Hydrogen makes the Best lifting Gas but we done to use it because it tends to burst into flames. Helium is almost As buoyant and we can Trust it not to Burn. A television log the Nielsen family save ass on your new furniture got your Eye on a piece of furniture for your living room bedroom or dining room. But think the Price is too High let us Price it for you we can save you Money on new furniture for your Home if we dont have it in Stock you can order it and you still save Money a 90 Days same As Cash on approved credit a use your Bank am Ricard or master charge terms available we can also save you Money on Evans Black i carpet by Armstrong Northwood furniture warehouse 2122 North Centennial ave High Point phone 885 6510 approx i ? Milo North of College Village on right of Eastchester open tuesday saturday 9 30 5 30 monday 9 30 8 00 save s150 25 color to s and enjoy the new fall programs More in color �?~25&Quot picture measured diagonally 315 so. In. Picture a Philco i Brite magic Calor Pic Tara tuba a new hideaway control panel with decorator French doors e com Tempo Ary finished to match Walnut furniture Model c9450 via we service what we sell / lip at in regular $659�� now Only 95 with Trade it we can t help the Street problem but we can make it Worth the slight inconvenience you May have by saving you up to $150 on Philco 25&Quot color to s As advertised Here Toke Richardson St. From n. Main across Centennial ave. To fourth St. Turn right go one Block turn right to reach our store. Model c7360 via credit terms available Sale on All Philco products see Ralph Saunders for Best deals on Philco Ralph a television amp appliance 506 East Washington phone 88 2-3422 by Valliant c. Corley associated Frost writer Des Moines Iowa apr if Dinah shores morning television program had a jump in its Nielsen rating a few weeks ago she May have my five year old daughter to thank. For one week thursday through wednesday we were one of the 1,200 families coast to coast keeping track of the television programs we were watching so the Nielsen people could Tell television executives How Many million people were watching their shows. It All started with a Telephone Call a week or two before our important week. The caller identified himself As a Nielsen representative and then asked if i owned a television set. I looked up at the 12-Inch portable my wife and i had splurged $100 on shortly after we were married eight years ago and said he asked if we were willing to be a Nielsen family for a week and faithfully keep track of All television programs anyone in the family watched and report them without fail. I vowed we would on our sacred Honor. Our Nielsen diary came in the mail a week later. The family gathered around As i opened it and discovered two quarters attached to a card with a note this was a a a Token payment for our work. With the diary were instructions saying a your diary is another Section that told How we were a computer selected from a list of households in our Community made us feel Only a Little less important. The Nielsen people wanted a written record 8 00 via satellite summer olympic games Munich Germany of television viewing in our Home by All members of the family. For most families that might not be a problem. But Many of us associated press newsmen do not work the most regular hours. And most of that week i was assigned on an evening shift not arriving Home until shortly after 10 30 . When i work late my wife Carol usually adjusts her schedule to mine going to bed late and sleeping late in the morning. However Suzanne our five year old stays on a regular Day schedule. She gets up wakes someone up to fix her breakfast and once breakfast is done and the parents Are Back in bed. She either takes out a toy and plays or watches television. When Carol and i arose one of us would immediately grab a television listing and go through it with Suzanne to find out what she had watched. A time or two she denied watching any television. But usually she watched family affair bewitched maybe a game show and Dinah Shore. During the week we were a Nielsen family i hurried Home each night in time to watch Dick Cavett. I had heard of the Appeal by Jack Parr to let the Nielsen know there was an audience out there. And Here i was in a position to be counted. And one night when my daughter woke up and came downstairs while the program was on i let her watch for a half hour. Who knows a half hour of watching by a five year old being counted by Nielsen might be the Little extra needed to keep the program on the air. Ugh pts j a my Greensboro a we to Charlotte 9 Wunch University station of a Gap High Point a soc Charlotte 55 Wols Roanoke 02 Wujs Winsttn Salem 4 00 . 2 Channel 2 news q news o a what a new j Abc news j eyewitness news 5$ 6 of clock news 4 30 . Sci news a to Tell the truth �55 32 arc new 7 00 a Andy Griffith cd news a evening edition a 55 truth or consequences of to Tell the truth 52 news 7 30 . A High Speed living c3 theater three ? images ii things a Mayberry red f Arthur Smith 15 to Tell the truth 52 Green acres 8 00 . 3 nil football ? Jean Shepherd f olympics 3 imagination ski adventure theater 1 30 . A . People 9 00 . A Hollywood to theater �5�52 Ironside 10 00 . A world press a is Bobby Darin 10 30 . A 30 minutes with. 11 00 . D 3 news a news a news final Janews h news sports and weather 11 30 . 2x3 late movie a Dick Cavett 3 5532 Johnny Carson Wujs ii 8 00 adventure theatre Quot four Kings Quot starring Peter Falk Susan Seasberg 4 00 . 2 summer semester 4 30 . 2 Good morning show do on the farm 7 00 am. 3 lbs news of University of Michigan Ash today 7 30 am 3d lbs news 3 morning scene 3 romper room 8 00 . 2 Good morning show 3 Captain Kangaroo a Southern exposure 9 30 . 3d old rebel 9 00 . 2 Captain Kangaroo 3 Green acres if dealing for dollars movie a Mike Douglas 555 Daniel Boone h today at Home 9 30 . 3 Hazel a physical science 32 Mchaley a Navy 10 00 am 2x3 Lucy show a sesame Street 55� Dinah a place 10 30 . I 2m Beverly Hillbillies 3 5$h concentration 11 00 . 2 a family affair a Mist Erogers a password a 1032 Sale of the Century 11 30 am 2 a love of life a electric co. A bewitched a to 32 Hollywood squares 12 00 noon 3 where the heart is a scene at noon a news a news 5�32 jeopardy 12 30 pm a a search for tomorrow a split second 55 news �32 who what where game 1 00 . Cd today a woman Judy Walker a Betty Feezor a Ripples a All my children a jeopardy 55 52 Somerset 1 30 . 2 a As the world turns a physical science a lets make a Deal �55 52 three on a match 2 00 . 2 a love is a Many Splendore thing a newlywed game �55 32 Days of our lives 2 30 . 2xs guiding Light a dating game �55 52 the doctors 3 00 . 3d3q secret storm a general Hospital �55 52 another work 3 10 . 3x2 Edge of night a images and things a one life to live a the Flintstones 55 52 return to Peyton pm. 4 00 . 2 a my three sons a sesame St. A love american style a Gilligan a Island 55 Merv Griffin 52 get smart 4 30 . 2 Hazel a Daniel Boone a afternoon movie a Petticoat Junction 52 Star trek s 00 . A Daniel Boone a Mist Erogers a Andy Griffith 5 30 . A truth or consequences a electric co. A news a p Van Dyke 55 v its my line 52 High Chaparral capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 . 2 fall fashions a show filmed at the fall fashion Market i new York with Pat Lee interviewing models designers and manufacturers. 8 Mayberry red Emmett is very proud and excited when a Large Industrial firm writes and wants to buy his Patent for an old forgotten invention. Special delivery letter addressed to someone in the Douglas family excites the Cooterville Community. I . Nil football a preseason game Between the Washington redskins and the Miami dolphins. 12 a four Kings a with Peter Falk in a drama about a daring secret Mission by four convicts during world War ii. Ironside chief Ironside Calls on Insp. Reese for help in cracking Down on a band of credit card thieves. A olympics a coverage of to . A Sumner 01-Vmplcs from 12 Bobby Darin guests Munich Germany. Are Henderson and 12 Green acres a 12 adventure theater Pat Paulsen. A

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