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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 31, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy Mora data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 294 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., thursday afternoon August 31, 1972 s2 pages Call us circulation. 82-1719 classified ads. 185-2177 All other departments 885-2181 daily 10c, sunday 25c Consumers remain sceptical break in meat prices promised for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every of alcoholism q. I had rather not use my name at this time but i would like to know since my husband is an alcoholic and will not admit it to himself or anyone else is there any Way a wig can get help for her husband without him agreeing to it please answer this question soon so the children won t suffer much longer because of this problem. Thank you. A. The director of the alcohol education Center it Jamestown. Ben f. Garner suggests you first come out to the Center for As Many sessions As Are needed for you to learn More about the nature of alcoholism. Second you should use this knowledge to establish some guidelines that will encourage your husband to agree to come out to find out How and Why excessive alcohol consumption is very destructive to All aspects of the individuals life a physical mental social and spiritual. Denial that alcohol is a problem is a Normal reaction from a person who is in deep trouble with alcohol. The services of the Center Are confidential and without charge. The Telephone is 454-2794 or 454-3212. We believe you will find particularly helpful a Booklet written by Garner called a conflicting Points of View on plastic zing q. Could you toll to whore Cord ouch of social Security con to put in plastic in Thomasville or High Point preferably in Thomasville thank you. A. You can try instant copies in High Point or Shore business College in Tours q. I Hoard on Tho nows whore Tho Jaycees wore Best to the out of town Jaycees this weekend and a they Are getting a tour of Tho furniture exposition building. I have lived in High Point Over since i was 17 and now i am 58. I have worked As an employee of a manufacturing company and have never had the Opportunity to tour the exposition building and would like very much to tour it. I can t see Why the out of state or out of town people get the Opportunity to tour the building when people in High Point that work hero and help make Tho furniture have never had an Opportunity to go through the building. Thank you. A. The tour program is open to local people. Ernest of Banion who is in charge of the arrangements for the chamber of Commerce program says the furniture Plaza building is open monday through saturday from to to 12 and 2 to 4 and on sundays from 2 to 4 . Also Tomlinson and George t. Wood i Are open monday through fridays. Group Tours can also be arranged for viewing some showrooms at the Southern furniture exposition building but notice ahead of time is requested. If you and a group of fellow workers would like to see your Handiwork in Beautiful settings far from the furore and fumes of factories where you crafted them Call of Banion the Holiday innkeeper and hell arrange a Cooke a tour for those who a in our opinion a deserve it most. A fiddling fiesta q. Con you toll to when Tho fiddler Grovo composition will to hold mrs. W. A. The third annual a autumn Square up Festiv-a1�?� will be held at Union Grove on sept. 22 and 23. Friday night saturday afternoon and final Competition saturday night. According to Harper Van a Hoy who runs it. This event is one of the most colourful of the entire season offering fun and entertainment for All age groups. In keeping with their planned program of events at fiddler s Grove to provide wholesome family entertainment. Groups will compete in the traditional Mountain clog and Square dances and the precision clog a a modern derivative of the traditional clog tempered he says with a sprinkling of the precision of the radio City rockette. On Friday night and saturday afternoon there will be workshops to teach clog and Square dancing to the College set and those Young at heart and musical groups to play for the dancers and special entertainment. For a brochure with More information you May Contact Harper Van Hoy Box la Union Grove . 28689.where s care q. Could you put Tho address of Caro in Tho paper c. S. A. Care inc., 660 first Avenue new York. N.y., 10016. Re action a message was received from or. Gordon Klint Worth from Durham who said he is directing a chess tournament for the . Championship at the Durham hotel and Motel on september 2, 3. And 4. Registration is from 9-12 with first round at i ., another at 7 on saturday. Sundays rounds will be 9 30 a m. And 3 30 . Mondays round is at 9 30 a m. Or. Klintworth gave his Telephone 489-8960. By Don Kendall a farm writer Washington of cattlemen Are angry and Consumers sceptical but government and meat Industry officials say housewives soon will get a Price break at the meat counter. The department of agriculture said wednesday prices for cattle at Market dipped in August for the first time in four democrats charge nitpicking Quot Washington a Republican charges of a devious cover have drawn democratic claims of a a nitpicking a in the latest round of accusations Over presidential Campaign Money handling under a new Law. While democratic president i a i nominee George s. Mcgovern s Campaign has a attempted to hold its candidate out to the Public As above reproach his organization has in fact resorted to devious coverups in various fund raising activities a gop National chairman Robert j. Dole said wednesday. Dole called for a probe by the general accounting office which the audit Agency said is already under Way. Quot i believe there is substantial evidence that the Mcgovern Campaign apparatus has committed at least seven serious violations of the new political finance Law. Dole said in a letter to Gao. A Gao official said a we plan to give this the same Typ a of treatment we gave the Frank Mankiewicz Mcgovern s National political director told reporters that Gao already had begun a a a routine audit of Mcgovern finances before Dole asked for it. For Dole a to accuse the Mcgovern Campaign of the kind of violations that Are talked about in this Mankiewicz said a is somewhat like a Man caught on the Street after a Bank robbery with the Cash in a sack calling in the police to arrest a Jaywalker he sees crossing the Street. I done to think anybody is fooled by Dole charged that the Mcgovern Campaign received at least $10,000 from a London based committee called a americans for Mcgovern abroad a which has not registered with the Federal elections office. Mankiewicz said there is such a group it did contribute $10,000. A and so far As i know it has not but Mankiewicz said there see democrats on 2-a i what s inside Amuso Menti. 11b Bridge. 12b classified ads. 3-1 id comics. Ii crossword. 11b editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries. 9c sports 1-8c television Ioc women s news. 1-7b weather. 3a months although there has been no official indication that retail prices have followed suit. The us a said cattle prices were Down $1.10 per one Hundred pounds on the Hoof from the record High of $34.60 in july. There also Are 18 per cent More cattle being fattened now than a year ago which Means a bigger Supply by fall it said. John a. Copeland chairman of the National livestock and meat Board in Chicago said the declining prices at the Market level should be passed on at supermarkets in the coming months. But Iowa cattleman Bert Easonjr. Said Here that cattlemen Are a irritated frustrated and upset Over the slump in meat prices. He told a news conference that the cattlemen Are the ones absorbing the Burden of the lower wholesale costs and that Consumers would now be paying 12.9 cents a Pound less for beef if the lower farm prices had been passed on. Farm prices Overall in August averaged one per cent higher than in july and were at an All time High the us a said. Wheat was at a six year High averaging $1.51 per Bushel nearly 20 cents above july and Nixon meets Tanaka Vietnam Heads Pacific Agenda Honolulu a president Nixon beginning a round of mid Pacific conferences today put Vietnam first on the Agenda then a bid for a billion Dollar economic transfusion from Japan. Before opening formal Summit talks with visiting japanese prime minister Kakuei Tanaka Nixon set aside the morning for a Vietnam review with Ellsworth Bunker . Ambassador to Saigon. The president and mrs. Nixon were on hand at Hickam air Force base a a major target of japans 1941 attack that brought toe United states into world War ii a to Welcome the Stocky Tanaka who was in relations Worsen stalled As prime minister Only last month. The president and his advisers Hope two Days of sessions with Tanaka will produce a formal agreement by Japan to place an extra billion dollars on orders for american goods ranging from Jet aircraft to feed Grain. Actually the . Government would like Japan to up the Ante to $2 billion but preliminary talks in Tokyo indicated the lesser amount was More Likely. Americans currently Are buying japanese goods Worth $3 8 billion More than they Are Selling to the japanese each year. This imbalance is one Factor behind the weakness of the Doh soviets May lose Egypt naval bases by Endre Marton associated press writer Washington api the soviet Union May soon be forced to give up its naval bases in Egypt some intelligence sources Here say. Relations Between the two countries have been rapidly deteriorating in recent months and president Anwar Sadat of the United Arab Republic already has told the russians to withdraw their air Force and army units. Sources report a growing belief in Washington a intelligence Community that the russian Navy May soon follow suit. There have been reports of a secret meeting in which Sadat told his subordinates the soviet Navy would leave Egypt. Officials Here say they know about the meeting but cannot confirm the reports they say they Are inclined to accept an earlier statement by Sadat that the russians could continue to use the naval facilities. But one official said it was a significant or at least interesting that Moscow has not commented on Sadat a statement. Sources say there has not yet been any change in russian use of their naval installations at Alexandria Mersa Madruh and the Gulf of sodium on the libyan Border. Loss of the naval facilities would not have the same Impact on the soviet Union As its earlier loss of air bases although it would be another psychological blow sources said. Loss of the air bases has shown up in the recent cessation of soviet reconnaissance flights Over the . Sixth Fleet the sources said. The loss of egyptian air bases also was serious for Broad soviet military planning officials Here say. Mig23s, using the bases covered the Southern half of Greece and Turkey two nato allies of the United states. They complemented the air coverage Over Northern Greece an j Turkey from mig23s baser in the soviet Union and Bulgaria. Since the soviet Union has no aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean. The egyptian bases seem irreplaceable officials say. But in the event of loss of egyptian naval installations the russians still could use two bases in Syria at Latakia and Tartus. Jar in International Money markets. Nixon and Tanaka will also talk about developing ties Between their two countries and China. While in Hawaii the president and mrs. Nixon Are scheduling some activities that presumably could Benefit the chief executives Campaign for a second term. Mrs. Nixon for example. Was to spend More than seven hours today on the Island of Hawaii visiting Good works projects and being feted at an evening Luau. The Nixon in what was regarded As at least a Semi political event spent an hour wednesday night shaking hands with about 6 10 Hawaii business political and civic leaders at the Oceanside estate of longtime Republican Clare Boothe Luce. Nixon a schedule for today was confined solely to official see Vietnam on Pogo 2a olympics bulletins Munich apr America s Model Hope in the olympic games men s 100-motor dash wore dimmed thursday Whan world record holders Eddie Hart of Pittsburgh calif., and Ray Robinson of Lakeland Fie. Ware forced out of Tho Competition. Robinson apparently injured a log muscle Asha hit the Stapa and had to a lifted from tha Quarter final Competition. Hart also was pulled out of tha race when he was let to the starting line. Munich a America s super swimmer Mark Spitz stroked to his fourth olympic Gold medal thursday night with his fourth world record in a time of 54.27 seconds in the too meter Butterfly. Munich a America s surprising California based water Polo team scored a major olympic upset thursday beating the defending Gold medal team Yugoslavia 5-3. James Ferguson a 23-year-old Urcla graduate from Santa Clara two goals to Load Tho undefeated americans into Tho final playoffs. California commission polices judges san Francisco a a California commission which recommended the firing of a los Angeles judge this week is the nations pioneering Agency in policing judicial competency and conduct. The California commission on judicial qualifications was created by a constitutional amendment approved by a 3-1 margin in the 1960 general election. Part of the California plan conceived by retired California chief Justice Phil s. Gibson to assure Confidence in judicial integrity it has become a Model adopted by 25 states. The nine member commission tons achieves substantial of recommended tuesday that the California supreme court remove los Angeles municipal court judge Leland w. Ceiler from office. It was Only the second time in the commissions 12-year history that it has made a removal recommendation which must be ratified by the state supreme court after briefing and hearing. The first was rejected by the supreme court eight years ago and that judge still is serving on the Bench. But the Mere fact that the commission exists and tune feet Justice Murray Draper of the state court of appeals Here believes. Draper the commissions chairman reported in a legislative hearing that seven judges had resigned or retired in the course of investigations during a two year period. The latest commission report accused Ceiler of prejudice and Bias against the Public defenders office. It charged that in one Case the judge jabbed an electric prod into a Public defenders buttocks to discourage the defenders efforts for his client. Ceiler also was accused by the commission of relieving eight Public defenders because they refused to plead their clients guilty As the judge desired. Draper said the bulk of complaints against judges have no Merit but when complaints develop substantial evidence of physical or mental incapacity senility or misconduct the commission investigates. The first look is made by Jack e. Frankel the comm a Sion a executive Secretary since its inception. If he finds the complaint has substance the commission requests investigators from the attorney generals staff. 23 cents More than a year ago. The wheat Market has been strained by the Sale of one fourth of the . Grain crop to the soviet Union. Government analysts stand by earlier predictions that grocery prices this year will be Only about 4 per cent higher than in 1971. That would be More than the 2.4 per cent increase last year but less than in some other recent years. Prices also were up in August for milk hogs lettuce and Grapefruit the us a said. Declines were noted in broiler chickens and eggs celery Sweet potatoes strawberries and oranges. The department said prices for pork the number two meat in the country were up in August and probably will continue rising. Hogs prices Are at record Levels. Amish youngsters made their Way up a Hill to a one room school wednesday in Leacock a. The children climbed the Hill barefooted carrying their lunches. Amish schools Start a week earlier than most other schools. A wire photo Benz pyrene is not Likely cancer cause by Brian Sullivan a science writer new York a two leading researchers reported today that Benz pyrene a chemical in cigarettes and Urban air suspected As a cause of lung cancer May not be guilty. The doctors said a study of 5,939 . Roofing workers who breathe great amounts of Benz pyrene from Coal tar pitch and Asphalt a the rough equivalent of the Benz pyrene in i5 packs or 705 cigarettes a Day a showed about the same incidence of lung cancer As the general population. The report came from or. Irving r. Sezikoff a specialist in environmental Medicine at it. Sinai school of Medicine in new York and or. E. Cuyler Hammond statistician for the american cancer society at the 164th National meeting of Justice Murray Draper the american chemical society. A Elf a High level of occupational exposure to Benz pyrene by Way of inhalation results in Little if any increase in the risk of lung cancer a they said a then it seems unlikely that the extremely Small amounts of Benz pyrene in cigarette smoking can account for the High degree of association Between cigarettes and lung a it also seems unlikely a he continued a that a Small Benz pyrene consent of air in Urban areas has an appreciable effect upon lung cancer death Benz pyrene is a known cause of skin cancer and because of this the suspicion built up that the chemical might also be a cause of lung cancer. That Benz pyrene does indeed cause skin cancer was demonstrated or. Sezikoff said at a meeting with officials of the roofers Union where nine of la Union vice presidents had had skin cancer on their arms and hands. The study included men who were members of the roofers Union on Jan. I 1960, and who had been members for at least nine years. One third had been in the Trade for 20 years or More. After tracing 96 per cent of the men the statistics for the six years of the study had not shown any significant lung cancer increase. There were 43 lung cancer deaths in the group and in a group that size 36 deaths normally could have been expected. The doctors did not consider the difference significant. The study is continuing with the researchers now tracing the roofing workers for another six trek to school

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