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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 28, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather mostly sunny cooler More data on Page 3-a 88th year a no. 291 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. Cd monday afternoon August 28, 1972 Harbor watched closely 20 pages Call us circulation. 112-1719 classified ads. Ms-2177 All other departments ms-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c chinese minesweeper slips into Haiphong for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Help is on the Way q. Would like to Quot sound off Quot about a landlord Here in Thomasville and want to know Why he does t put hot and cold water to his houses the House we live in you have to go on the Back porch to use the bathroom and inside the bathroom there is Only a commode and i bet if we were White he would do something about it. It has been like this Ever since i could remember and i have been living Here for about 20 years. I am afraid to give my name for if he found out about it we would probably be evicted. I would think that there would be something that the Board of health could do about this and would you please put in action line and Contact him As to Why he can t do something about it because he can take our Money and if we asked something about it we would have to pay for something to go in his own House of something is out of fix like the commode we have to pay for it out of our pocket to have it fixed and it is not even our House. I would like to know Why it is like this. Anon. A. You la be Happy to hear your landlord has started a remodelling project that will bring All of his houses up to the minimum Standard for habitation. In the last eight months he has brought around 12 units into compliance with the housing code. Due to the Large number of units he owns and the amount of work to be done it will require some time. The housing and electrical inspector says his department is working with the owner. Book Board Boss o. Could you Polaso toll to who Tho chairman of Tho Library Board is. R d. A. Chairman is mrs. Robert Cross treasurer or. Harold Conrad Secretary mrs. James Burnley. Other Board members Are mrs. Frederick Jones. Leo Heer Robert Marks c. M. Pegram w. E. Rogers. Moth eaten mailboxes o. I would like to complain about Tho condition of our mailboxes All Over town. It is a shame that our government would lot them got in this condition. I m sure it is expensive to paint every year or so however the school buses Are kept up and it seems they plan to paint the buses Only to change the color from Orange to yellow. Thank you. Anon. A. All collection boxes Are being repainted As rapidly As they can get to them says postmaster Ivan Crissman. All boxes that Are not painted according to the new specifications solid Blue Are being replaced. He says they Hope to have the work completed soon. He for the gop 0. I am Only 14-Ytars-old, but i have emphatically become engrossed in present and future politics especially the Republican party and in 197 i will be voting and i would like in the meantime to become an Active member of the Republican party and How would i go about it thank you. M. C. A. Headquarters will be open some time after labor Day. In the meantime those who wish to work for the republicans May Contact the High Point township chairman. Mrs. Dot Burnley at her Home phone 882-2772, or office. 886-5911. To the Reader who wanted a Nixon Button mrs. Burnley says they Hope to have them available when their Headquarters open but could not predict when. Sound off q i just read the article concerning Julia Harmon talking to Carson Stout concerning the Clara Cox apartments just wish you had a few More like her to get Busy Over Here at the Clara Cox apartments and clean it up and out. The people that have window panes broken and cardboard in them should replace them and pay for them make them take care of Thier own children and keep them in their own Yard and Stop littering. Everybody takes their hats off to Julia Harmon in the Clara Cox apartments and just wish we had a few More. I visit my Mother who lives in the Clara Cox apartment. Thank you. Anon. A a a correction the information provided by y. R. Wright the 10-a fire department chief in answer to a question on reduced insurance rates for that fire District will have to be scratched. Two insurance agents called to say the revisions it of ratings received through july i 1972, from the n c. Fire insurance rating Bureau do not include my change for the 10-a fire District. It is still Quot ated 9a. The Bureau told an agent that the most recent correspondence from them was dated 1962 my no change to 9aa rating is forthcoming until he fire department meets their requirements and standards covering equipment manpower raining proximity of water Supply Etc. By Fred Hoffman a military writer Washington a a communist chinese minesweeper has slipped into Haiphong Harbor for the first time since the . Navy sealed seven North vietnamese ports with mines last May. Intelligence sources suggested the action could be a forerunner to an Effort to reopen North Vietnam s most important port. Pentagon officials said the single minesweeper which reportedly has not yet attempted any Clearing operations would have Only limited effect by itself. But they Are watching for reinforcements. Officials stressed the United states intends to keep the ports closed and that fresh mines would be Laid to replace any that Are removed. And they left open the possibility that . Air and naval units might attack to Stop attempts to Clear the Channel into Haiphong. U s. Warplanes struck heavily in the Haiphong area Over the weekend but there was no indication the minesweeper was hit. Intelligence specialists identified the chinese built Craft As a Hanoi Haiphong heaviest air raids staged in 4 years by George Esper associated press writer Saigon api a american fighter bombers destroyed or damaged More than 170 buildings sunday at military Camps in the heaviest raids on the Hanoi Haiphong area in 4 a a years the . Command announced today. The command said that air Force and Navy jets attacked 20 different targets in the Hanoi Haiphong area including three army Barracks the Northeast rail line to China Railroad Yards Supply barges storage and fuel depots and antiaircraft missile and artillery batteries. It was the heaviest attack in the Hanoi Haiphong area since March 1968, . Officials said. North Vietnam claimed Ive Chain wrecks in dust storms fatal to seven Bakersfield Calif. I a in seven persons were killed and 96 injured some seriously As some 80 vehicles slammed into each other in dust storms that shrouded two separate locations in the Bakersfield area sunday. About 30 vehicles were involved in a pileup on interstate 5, 30 Miles Southwest of Here and about 50 vehicles in another pileup on . 99. 15 Miles to the South. The accidents tied up traffic at both locations for several hours. It. Max d. Smith of the California Highway patrol said the Zero visibility dust storms were caused by unexpected 20-25-mile-per-hour winds at about 5 . Sunday Over recently slowed Fields running along both highways. Some of the gusts were reported at 50 m.p.h., he added. Smith said three persons were killed and 16 injured in the . 99 collisions while four died and 80 were injured on interstate 5. The National weather service said the storm was one of Many ringing Southern California on the North and East As unstable winds moved in from the Northeast around a Low pressure system entered around Blythe american jets were shot Down and some pilots captured. The . Command made no mention of any plane losses. Among the raids sunday was the first attack of the War on the com Bai army Barracks 37 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. Pilots said their bombs destroyed 13 Barracks and to storage and support buildings and damaged another 46 buildings. The Xuan Mai military training Complex 17 Miles Southwest of Hanoi and Hai Dong Barracks West 23 Miles Northwest of Haiphong also were hit. The . Command confirmed a report from Washington that a chinese minesweeper had slipped into Haiphong Harbor despite the . Minefield Laid last May. The command said the sweeper has been in Haiphong about a week and is tied up next to a chinese freighter. It said it was Quot not aware that any mines have been swept a and the Navy said the minesweeper had not attempted any Clearing operations yet. The command said it had planted new mines Quot at various locations to cover areas not previously the Navy said that the chinese minesweeper was the Only ship that had slipped into Haiphong and none of the 27 ships there when the Harbor was mined had left. Woosung class minesweeper a 136-foot ship believed capable of Clearing acoustic and possibly magnetic mines. The minesweeper normally operates in the Shanghai area they said. Sources speculated the ship probably eluded . Observation in route by taking advantage of its shallow draft to hug the coast of China and North Vietnam. Some Pentagon officials said the minesweeper May have been transferred by the chinese to the North vietnamese Navy but they had no evidence of this. They said it is Likely the. Chinese sent the minesweeper to Haiphong partially to Embarrass their russian rivals. The soviets have a powerful Fleet in the Pacific including minesweepers but have avoided any naval moves to breach the . Blockade of North Vietnam. Communist chinese freighters however have been carrying supplies into North vietnamese Waters and transferring the cargo to Small North vietnamese Craft. The vietnamese Craft have been successful in ferrying some of the cargo to land despite . Air and naval patrols. Work Force Cut wow what a Bird Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan puts his hand to his face As he exclaims during Roll out of the Moon rocket this morning at Cape Kennedy. With him Are left or. Harrison ii Schmitt lunar module Pilot and command module Pilot Ronald Evans. Apollo 17, moved to the launch pad today blasts off for the Moon dec. 6. A wire photo 9-cent postage plan abandoned Washington a postmaster general e. T Ted Klassen announced monday that he had abandoned plans to seek a 1-cent increase in the Cost of first class mail Jan i. Klassen told a news conference that primarily through a 330.000-Man reduction in the postal Force he will not need the budgeted $450 million starting Jan i that would have required a boost from 8 cents to 9 cents. He said he also will not have to ask increases for other classes of mail As a result of the savings but said he could Small contributions cited by Gregg Herrington associated press writer Washington Jap democratic presidential candidate George Mcgovern said today Small contributors provide a the heart of the financing of his Campaign Iii Quot Stark and glaring contrast to the Effort to re elect president Nixon. The South Dakota senator told a news conference in his Campaign Headquarters that $1.8 million in mail contributions of $100 or less each have been received since Mcgovern received the democratic nomination in Early july. The w i d a scale Effort Mcgovern said demonstrates that americans Are a a concerned about restoring the control of government to the hands of the Mcgovern and Morris Dees the director of the candidates direct mail fund raising Effort made the Progress report this morning in a room filled with Young volunteers who were Busy opening letters from around the country with contributions to the Campaign most of the envelopes contained personal checks for $10 to $25. Most of the mail was in response to letters Dees had sent out since the convention asking for contributions to Mcgovern a Effort to beat president Nixon in the november election. The massive direct mail Effort to be bolstered by television newspaper and door to door appeals will hopefully bring in $25 million for Mcgovern Campaign War Chest. Dees said. But he added to be on the conservative Side he is estimating no More than $1 million to $14 million through direct mail. Dees who started in the direct mail business in 1956 Selling birthday cakes to University of Alabama students said sunday Quot we re already close to $2 million. That just leaves us $23 million to despite the Long Road ahead. Dees said he Mcgovern and the other Campaign planners Are very optimistic about the response so far to appeals for funds Quot we be been real pleased with our mail a Dees said. Quot its not even the first of september yet. There s kind of a religious movement going on in this Campaign people almost like they give tithing at Church. People really believe in this Dees said today 173.220 people-63,220 of Thorn since the democratic convention have already joined what the Campaign has dubbed the million member club by contributing to Mcgovern a Campaign this year. Mcgovern and his aides Hope to rely More on smaller contributions from millions of individual voters than on the Large see Small on Page 2a Morris Dees not immediately Supply details. The 33, too Man reduction from a 716,000-Force since april i when a hiring freeze was imposed has been achieved through retirement and other attrition of postal employees Klassen said. He said no employees were Laid off. But Klassen said he could not Promise that postal rates will not be increased sometime during 1973. New contracts with postal unions have to be negotiated by july when the present ones expire he said and he said labor leaders have been proposing a 10-cent first class stamp to pay for wage increases. Quot it would be Foolhardy to make Ghat statement a he said when asked of there would be no postal rate increase any time next year. Klassen said he could not predict How Long the postal Force freeze will continue and said there is no precise goal for the total number of postal employees. He said the Force size will depend on the workload but he said the freeze will be lifted in unspecified selected areas where More manpower is needed immediately. The postmaster general called the new set up under which the Federal postal employee unions bargain for wages much As do private unions a historic agreement and added Quot i would be less than candid if i did my admit that we have real stans asks audit of Mcgovern records Washington a saying the results could be a very revealing a president Nixon s finance committee has asked congressional investigators to audit sen. George Mcgovern a fund raising records As closely As they did the republicans. There must be no reluctance on the part of the general accounting office to pursue As vigorously with sen. Mcgovern a staff the kind of investigation it has with the finance committee a committee chairman Maurice stans said sunday. Quot we will anticipate a report equally extensive a he said. Adding that the cop has Quot reason to believe the democratic accounts will be very revealing a the former Commerce Secretary a four Page statement Dis Tribue by Nixon a official committee for the re election of the president charged that the Gao report was a Sloppy politically motivated Job. Quot it is apparent that the Strong and persistent pressures placed on the Gao by democratic members of the Congress Are responsible to a High degree for the inaccuracies in the report a stans said. John Connally former Treasury Secretary who a heading up the democrats for Nixon drive said on abcs issues and answers program that the Gao report is a a a nettle some thing Quot i done to think it is going to be a major Issue anything of that kind a the former Texas governor and Lyndon b. Johnson protege said Quot but i think it obviously does no to elsewhere president Nixon entertained 400 movie stars and directors at a poolside party at san Clemente. Calif. Today he was scheduled to get a Progress report from defense Secretary Melvin r. Laird on plans for an All Volunteer army by mid-1973, and counsel on the next announcement on Vietnam troop withdrawals. Vice president Spiro t. Agnew. Appearing on no cd a meet the press had harsh words for democratic opponents and newsmen who criticize us. Bombing of North Vietnam but make no mention of Hanoi s shelling of South vietnamese cities. Brushing aside questions about his political ambitions in 1976, Agnew said he has soft ened his rhetoric and dropped Quot Radical Liberal from his vocabulary but will continue to attack what he called Mcgovern s Quot unbelievable statements. Mcgovern fresh from a quiet weekend with his family in Washington scheduled a Light Day today in preparation for what has been billed As a major speech on employment and taxes in new York tuesday. His running mate Sargent Shriver spent the weekend relaxing sailing and consulting with advisers at the family scape cod. Mass., estate. He threw away this week s schedule except for a Detroit trip monday night and tuesday morning to return to Washington for intensive Campaign strategy talks. Irs probes disclosure of cases Raleigh apr the inter Mil Revenue service is investigating to determine whether one of its officials was involved in the disclosure that criminal prosecution has been recommended against 13 of gov Bob Scott a 1968 Campaign aides and contributors. The irs regional inspector in Atlanta. Delbert Janney said in a Telephone interview sunday that his office a is Only investigating whether or not irs people were involved in the he would not say whether the present investigation is in response to a request by gov. Scott that the . Justice department investigate the information leak Scott wrote to atty. Gen. Richard Kle Dienst Friday asking him to investigate the leak and stating that the action could have violated the Federal Law and the a civil and constitutional rights of the 13 men. Scott s office made the letter to Kle Dienst Public saturday. The director of Public information for the Justice department John w Hushen. Said in a Telephone interview from Washington saturday that the letter would probably not reach Kleindienst a desk before monday. Hushen also said that if an investigation of the leak were to be made it would probably be handled by the is. An irs inspector Charles e. Turner of Atlanta came to Raleigh saturday to begin the investigation. He met with news and observer officials monday to ask How reporter Pat Stith got the information. Quot we politely declined and that was it a said a news and observer spokesman. Janney said he had ordered Turner Friday to com to Raleigh but he declined to say see irs on Page 2-a what s inside amusements a 7b Bridge. 7b classified ads. Mib comics. 6b crossword 2b editorials. 4a financial 2a obituaries. A sports 3-4b television 2b women s news 4-7a weather. 3a

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