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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 27, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. A conservative s View Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4 a Friday August 27, 1976 thoughts for today do not quench the spirit do not despise prophesying but test everything hold fast what is Good abstain from every form of evil. A i thess. 5 19-22 a Ohp Muni be truthful and fair in the Ordinary affairs of life before we can be truthful and fair in patriotism and a Edgar Howe american journalist. Making Good Guys accountable observing that a any organization requesting Public support should disclose and account for All its activities and finances a a the better business Bureau sounded an alarm wednesday aimed at making Consumers More aware at How the millions of dollars contributed to Charity each year Are spent. The bbb issued a list of charitable and fraternal organizations that solicit funds from the Public which it Felt citizens should be wary of. That list included some surprising entries including both the Billy Graham and Oral Roberts evangelical associations the St. Jude a children a Hospital the veterans of foreign wars the National Rifle Assn. And the National Council on alcoholism. The noncompliance list was based on questionnaires sent out by the bbb to Over 400 charitable and fraternal organizations requesting information on operations finances administrative staff and fund raising procedures. In some cases the noncomplying organizations failed to respond to the questionnaire or refused to answer certain questions. In other cases the organization was listed As noncompliant because of its spending practices. In each Case the bbb furnished with to Pardon or not to Pardon in this presidential Campaign one Issue has been Laid squarely before the american people by the two candidates. It is the question of the Fate of those who avoided military service in Vietnam. Jimmy Carter is offering leniency while president Ford is staying with his program of clemency coupled with some form of alternate service. In Carters View it would be perhaps Overly generous to Grant Blanket a a amnesty which carries the interpretation that what was done a right or wrong a is now All a Pardon Means All is a a forgiven but included is the implicit understanding that a wrong was committed to be forgiven. A a Pardon Means that what you did a right or wrong a is forgiven. So Pardon a yes. Amnesty a no a Carter said. The occasion for his statement was the american legion convention in Seattle. Not unexpectedly the legionnaires were not pleased responding to the proposal with shouts of specifically excluded from the plan uld be those who. Once inducted lat deserted the armed forces. Their fates would be decided in the traditional manner on a Case by Case basis Ford has not personally defined his position but his running mate sen. Robert Dole answered the carte projecting the news proposal a Bare 24 hours later. Also before the legionnaires Dole said the president would favor a no Blanket Pardon no Blanket amnesty no Blanket last year the president wrinkled a lot of conservatives with his own clemency plan. Ironically it had Little Appeal among the 100,000 plus expat riots either a Bare one fifth of whom have availed themselves of the offer. The amnesty controversy has Long kept the lingering wounds of the Vietnam polarization from Healing. Opponents say it constitutes a repudiation of the suffering and sacrifices of those who did serve in the Southeast asian conflict. Those in favor contend the War was illegal and immoral and that there should be no punishment for avoiding a War that was wrong in the first place. The conflict was Long the divisions deep. The combatants suffered mightily but those who resisted also suffered. It is the suffering of years living in exile away from Home country and loved ones. After every War some form of repatriation was offered to those who a for whatever reasons a chose to avoid participation. For a War whose legitimacy is As questionable As this last should that term of exile drag on longer still splinter movements the Republican party has More than Jimmy Arter to worry about As it struggles to extend its eight year control of the White House president Ford s Campaign strategists Are concerned about the possibility that a splinter group of right Wing republicans will organize a third party and thereby virtually guarantee a Carter Victory in november a these people Are out to make the Republican party into the whigs a a Ford Campaign aide Harry Dent said referring to Ultra conservative republicans who might Welcome a splinter movement. Their aim is to create a conservative party for the future even if it Means destroying the Republican party in this election a a third parties Are. Of course a familiar fixture on the american political scene a select few have been Long lived and influential although not notably successful at the polls the leading example was the socialist party in its years under Eugene v. Debs and later. Norman Thomas but the typical american third party is not a Long distance runner it is organized hastily and disappears after an election or two either because it could not survive the departure of its original leaders or because the major parties had co opted its platform the populists and the progressives were two such movements third parties usually Are looked upon As spoilers but rarely have they influenced the outcome of a presidential election the most prominent exception was the progressive party organized in 1912 by Theodore Roosevelt after he had been denied the Republican presidential nomination Roosevelt s defection doomed cop nominee William Howard Taft to defeat at the hands of Democrat Woodrow Wilson. The most robust third party movement of recent times was organized by George c Wallace in 1968 As Standard bearer of the american Independent party Wallace polled 9 9 million popular votes a More than twice As Many As any other third party nominee had Ever received a and carried five states with 46 electoral votes some political observers speculated that Hubert h Humphrey might have won the 1968 election if Wallace a life Long Democrat had remained Loyal to the party but others argued that the bulk of the Wallace vote would have gone to Richard m Nixon whose Campaign was based on a Wallace like Southern a pair of third parties appeared certain to determine the outcome of the 1948 presidential election but such was not to be the Case the progressive party led by Henry a Wallace vigorously opposed the Truman administration s foreign policy the states rights party also was a democratic splinter group organized to protest Truman a commitment to a Strong civil rights program despite this erosion on both flanks of his party. Truman Defeated Republican nominee Thomas e Dewey in the greatest election upset in history. None of this is to suggest that Ford has nothing to fear from a breakaway movement within the Republican ranks the Gopas hold on the electorate already is being portrayed As so weak that the party May be in some danger of simply withering away right Wing group won t bring gop Down its list a Brief exportation of Why that particular organization was included. Careful study went into the compiling of questions and no Hasty judgements were made. According to the list released wednesday almost half the organizations queried did not measure up to bbb standards. We wholeheartedly applaud this bbb Effort in an area of consumer Protection that has been sorely neglected. Every year american citizens invest millions of dollars in worthy causes but rarely do they ask How their Money is spent. We would caution prospective donors not to withhold funds solely on the basis of the bbb a findings but rather to consider those findings As one Factor in a decision on which Charity Best deserves a citizens contribution. The bbb is not implying these charities Are fraudulent. In some cases further investigation by the consumer will reveal satisfactory explanations for the noncompliant ruling. We join with the bbb in calling for those organizations of whatever nature that solicit Public funds to be accountable to the Public in their spending. Hopefully the organizations currently listed As noncompliant with bbb standards Only because they failed to disclose financial arrangements will see the Light of this philosophy As Well. By Jas. J. Kilpatrick Washington Star Syndicate Kansas City on the morning of the last Day of the Republican convention Richard a. Viguerie held a press conference Here in Kansas City. His purpose was to announce his candidacy on the ticket of the american Independent party which even now is holding its own convention in Chicago. Let us think about these things. Even on the far out fringes of american conservatism. Viguerie is almost wholly unknown. He is a 42-year-old specialist in direct mail fund raising publisher of the conservative digest a successful businessman. He formerly was executive Secretary of Young americans for Freedom. He flickered into the National news last february when he financed a last Nii Nute Campaign to win write in votes for John Connally in new Hampshire. The Campaign flopped. But if Viguerie himself is Small political potatoes his inchoate movement conceivably could have a Large importance in november. He says the american Independent party will have ballot position for its ticket in 40 states. Maybe so maybe not so he expects his ticket to win a a at least five million he looks to 1978, when the party will have a �?~300 candidates for Congress and thousands of candidates for state he and his colleagues he says have divorced themselves from the Republican party. Their immediate purpose is a to give conservatives someone to vote for in this is Bubble headed stuff but even Bubble headed staff need not be dismissed out of hand. The forces of Ronald Reagan were bitterly disappointed by their loss to Gerald Ford their grief showed on their faces their resentment was made Manifest by the 338 abstentions or throwaway votes in the Rol Call on Dole thursday night. Embittered and aggrieved persons can do impetuous things divorce secession self destruction. If their mood of despair persists this hard Core faction of resentful rightists could wander off to Viguerie a Corral. In a close election Between Ford and Carter such defections a combined with whatever vote May be cast for the american party and the libertarian party a could make just enough difference to throw the prize to Carter. That Prospect deters Viguerie not at All. He would Welcome four years of one party government under Carter As the blow that would destroy the Republican party altogether. Out of the smoking ruins in his vision the american independents would arise. Well Hogwash. Rational conservatives a conservatives whose Heads Are screwed on straight a could not Hope to elect a ticket More conservative than Gerald Ford and Robert Dole they could not sell a More conservative platform than the platform adopted Here last week Viguerie a purpose is to give conservatives a someone to vote Well whom people do not vote for principles or for platforms or for ideologies they vote for f Lesh and blood human beings. Not a single political figure of National stature has volunteered to Lead this ragtag rebel horde not Ronald Reagan. Not Jim Buckley even congressman Bob Bauman of Maryland who is so far out in right Field that he leans against the Fence on the foul line has repudiated this Gauzy aggregation the dreamworld coalition now being tacked together in Chicago is a political joke it is bound up in hairpins scotch tape and baling wire Tho trouble with this party a Independent elements is that they Are obsessively Independent. The dissidents include gun nuts food nuts single taxes anti Fionda zionists and a Hundred passionate Fellows who write in capital letters with red typewriter ribbons. Some of the delegates would prohibit abortion some would wipe out pornography others would repeal the sixteenth amendment still others would dump the Public schools. Are these elements United by High conservative principle9 Bosh. These rebel platoons March under separate flags. They Are differently obsessed. They Are the diehards the in fielders the ones that cry a never a they Are puritans crusaders sawdust evangelists the fiery apostles of their own True religions. The country needs them. Our political life would be a dreary scene without them. I myself happen to sympathize with most of the Aims of my passionate friends. Down with fluoridation up with right to work the Republican party has been around for 120 years. It is in trouble now obviously it is in trouble now. But the gop holds a fourth of the governorships and a third of the seats in state Legislatures it remains a workable piece of machinery in state and local elections if offers a Saleable ticket for november it provides the Only comfortable political Home that conservatives have no leaderless band of rampant Bull Mooers is Likely to pull it Down Washington merry go round nicaraguan dictator repeats father s sins by Jack Anderson with Les Whitten Washington a year ago we named Anastasio Somoza the barrel bellied dictator of Nicaragua the world s greed est ruler. The sad truth is that the United states government has provided the ladder for his ascent to this dubious Pinnacle Somoza runs Nicaragua As if it were his private estate through his family and flunkies he owns or controls virtually even profitable Industry. Institution and service in the country he also owns most of the land they sit on his enormous wealth has been squeezed out of his impoverished subjects whose average pay is 30 cents an hour they lie in shacks and teeming slums and eke out a living As Best they can while the big banana stashes his millions in foreign Banks. The dictator maintains his Power by fostering the myth that he has the full support of the big boys in Washington. He leads his people to believe that any attempt to dislodge him would bring Back the . Marines who have already occupied the country twice in this Century. Not Only do american officials let him get away with this but they have subsidized the Somoza regime for 40 years with a steady flow of foreign Aid in the past 30 years the american taxpayers have donated Over a Quarter of a billion dollars to the tiny Central american Republic. The Money was pumped into Nicaragua even though the authorities knew All along they were dealing with devils from the moment the Somoza assumed Power in Nicaragua intelligence agencies and the state department have kept detail i Raffler lit a naught Stak Tep from scratched records of the family a rampant corruption. Classified documents which have Long been gathering dust in government vaults outline How the current dictator s father stuffed his personal coffers at the expense of his countrymen. The picture they paint reveals that the Man who occupies the throne today Anastasio Somoza debayle is a Carbon copy of his father Anastasio Somoza Garcia Here Are some highlights a in a a strictly confidential a Cable dated april la 1939, the . Ambassador to Nicaragua. Meredith Nicholson reported complaints of a a continuing Campaign of violence by the National guard in the suppression of persons critical of the his informants wrote Nicholson a placed the figure of political deaths at the unbelievable total of a thousand a month Quot if his sources were to be believed said Nicholson a the country As a whole is one great political prison a a according to his informants said Nicholson a the president makes free use of the Guardia and of government property in carrying on his extensive cattle and Dairy he had one report the ambassador wrote that Somoza was smuggling cattle across the Costa rican a a i have heard a Story a continued Nicholson a that Somoza receives a Cut from certain of the Gold mine concessionaires independently of the amounts paid into the Treasury and this is remitted through Costa Rica for Deposit in a Canadian a the people of Nicaragua. Nicholson warned were displaying a a spirit of resignation. Persons suspected of entertaining ideas hostile to the Somoza regime Are watched and the espionage is so strict that it is difficult for the dissenting groups to hold meetings even in their a in a memorandum dated december 19, 1939, Nicholson suggested that a president Somoza May be going a bit too far. It is apparently his ambition to receive a personal profit from every commercial activity in the a another a strictly confidential Cable dated the same month carried a report compiled by the charge do affaires Laverne Baldwin that listed a the numerous sins of this f government a among other hings Baldwin charged Somoza was ripping off Road building funds running an illegal sweepstakes operation maintaining a Protection Racket among miners and taking kickbacks on cattle exports the nicaraguan government. Baldwin wrote. Is a Ridden from top to Bottom with a die president was Short of farm labourers stated Baldwin thus a every Man who is unable to produce a statement of employment is being accused of Vagabond age and. In this year of our lord 1939, impressed into jail service. Or permitted to leave to Harvest coffees on Somoza s plantations a in May 1939, Somoza had made a state visit to Washington where he was royally received by president Franklin Roosevelt while on that trip. Wrote Baldwin Somoza received a a total of $145,000 from the coffers of the this. It must be remembered was during a time of world depression after his return from the United states cabled Baldwin Somoza a shamelessly exploited the prestige accruing from his reception there As representing assurances of direct support from the american government Quot a ambassador Nicholson found Somoza personally repugnant his cables reveal although Somoza was a Man of a pleasing personality a wrote the ambassador he is a without stability of opinion As to anything foreign to his selfish Aims. Culturally he is a cipher but he is Clever enough to hide his deficiencies. It May be said that he sees in democracy Only a device for the easy domination of his country with abundant opportunities for plunder to the strains of the National Anthem his anecdotal Range is limited to smutty comments. President Somoza s vanity is expressed in the rather Gaudy uniform he wears on All occasions even at private dinners it cannot be denied that his Warrior s harness is becoming a the Art Buchwald column nobody voted for Plotkin Kansas City a everybody thinks that the democratic and Republican conventions and the november election decide who is going to run the country. I hate to be the one to throw cold water on this idea but neither the president of the United states nor Congress can really do much to change anything the Guy who runs this country is Plotkin. He is neither elected by the american people nor does he have to answer to them Plotkin and the thousands like him. Are civil servants averaging somewhere around $20,000 a year they Are stashed away in Large Brick and Glass buildings All Over Washington. Maryland and Virginia and no matter what Congress or the president decide they Are the people in charge let us say that the president wants a pothole Reform Bill he sends it up to Congress where after two years it is passed the president signs it and everyone in the United states believes it is the Law of the land. Except Plotkin Plotkin gets the Bill and examines it the wording after the lobbyists get through with it is of course vague what kind of potholes does the Law cover How much Money should be spent to fill each pothole9 should the work be contracted to private Industry or to the army corps of engineers was it Congress intent to Deal with All potholes or just those on Federal property and finally what constitutes a pothole in the first place9 Plotkin who has been a civil servant for Twenty years knows if he takes any action on his own he could be criticized and he could blot his copy Book. So he Calls a meeting of All his department Heads and asks them to write him memoranda on the Best Way to administer the pothole Bill. He tells them it is a matter of urgency and he wants to hear from everybody in six months. Six months later the people under Plotkin All submit memoranda. A majority of them suggest that a study be made of potholes by a commission made up of engineering experts from companies universities and government that will report Back to the Bureau in a year Plotkin likes the idea and approves it but to play it Safe he also hires his own experts to Check out the report of the commission this Means larger office space and Plotkin decides to move the Bureau to a new building. The move requires tremendous logistics but also causes fierce Competition among All of plot my a subordinates As to where their offices will be located As Well As carpeting furniture and the location of the water cooler. There is so much controversy Over the new quarters that Plotkin has t had too much time to worry about the potholes. Finally the move is made new people Are hired and everyone settles Down to the task of administering the pothole Bill the outside commission has submitted its report which is circulated throughout the Bureau for comments the comments Are ail negative and it is decided to scrap the commissions report the fear of most of the people in plotkins office is that if they accept the recommendations of the commission they would have to put them into action if they turn them Down they la have to come up with their own which would mean expanding the Bureau thus guaranteeing everyone a promotion to the next civil service Grade by this time Congress and the president have forgotten they even passed a pothole Bill but one Day the president is driving on Highway 95 and he hits a pothole his head bumps the ceiling of the limousine and an a photographer gets a picture of it. This makes the president very mad and he says to his aide a whatever happened to the pothole Bill i signed a that night Plotkin gets a Call from the White House and the aide says a the president wants a Progress report on what you re doing about the potholes in this a a we re working on a report right now a Plotkin assures him. A but just because the president signs a Bill does no to mean he can expect results

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