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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Interpret food prices with Eye on political events High Point Enterprise sunday August 27, 1972 13b a easy to prepare glazed grilled Chicken is simple and Savory yet easy to prepare. Serve with potato salad balls an interesting version made with instant mashed potato granules and accented with chopped vegetables. Chicken and potato salad Are Ideal for labor Day staying Home and playing it Cool and comfortable this labor Day weekend a Good idea considering the crowds that Are sure to Jam the Parks and beaches. Relaxation is what labor Day is All about so Luxuriate by doing nothing a its the Best Way to shed tensions. Fussing Over food is out too a a simple Savory menu will fill the Bill nicely. And the r. T. French test kitchens in Rochester. Nly., have come up with with recipes for just such a meal. Glazed grilled Chicken could t be easier to fix. A three ingredient Baste a marmalade soy sauce and Garden questions Are answered 0. My Concord grapes did t Ripen last year and it looks like the same thing is going to happen this year. Is there anything i can do to cause them to Ripen j. R., Raleigh a. For some unknown reason concorde sometime fail to Ripen in Piedmont and Eastern North Carolina. Hot weather is probably the cause. Proper pruning and fertilization will help. Younger vines seem to do better than older vines. Fredonia and Alwood varieties also seem to Ripen better than other varieties. Joe Brooks Extension Horticulturist 0. A neighbor imported lady bugs from California and it looks As if some of them have moved into my Garden. Will they damage my snap Beans miss g. Chapel Hill a. No. You Are probably seeing mexican bean beetles on your snap Beans which Are in the same family As lady bugs. The beetles feed on foliage while the helpful lady bugs feed on aphids Plant lice and other Small insects. If you wish to protect your Beans from mexican bean beetles Spray or dust with Carbary Severn. He. Scott Extension entomologist 0. My Tomato plants Start wilting about the time they Start bearing. What can i do for this Wilt mrs. M. A Greensboro a. Nothing after Wilt strikes. There Are several Wilts of tomatoes but this sounds like either fun barium Wilt o r Southern bacterial Wilt. Fun barium Wilt can be controlled by growing a resistant variety such As Mana Al Floradel Homestead Marion. Better boy or luscious lady. Two new varieties Venus and Saturn Are resistant t o Southern bacterial Wilt As Well As fun barium Wilt and seed of these varieties should be available for planting in 1973 h e. Duncan Extension Plant pathologist 0. Yellow jackets wasps and other kinds of bees Are eating my grape. How can i get rid of them besides eating my grapes i am afraid of them m il., new Bern a. We generally think of bees As being helpful but As you have observed they can be a nuisance and a danger. Bees Are attracted by rotting fruit. So. My first suggestion is to follow a Good Spray program to avoid rotting fruit. But since you already have the problem a thorough dusting or spraying with Carbary Sevin is recommended. Sevin is Safe As Long As you wait one Day Between application and Harvest. Joe Brooks Extension Horticulturist. Zingy prepared yellow Mustard a gives the Chicken a Golden Glaze and piquant flavor. Complement the Chicken with potato salad balls a an interesting version of the popular salad that s made with instant mashed potato granules so there a no need for prior peeling or slicing. Add chopped vegetables for texture and shape into bite sized balls. Round out the meal with a crusty loaf of French bread Corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes and top off with fresh fruit Pound cake and a Pitcher of lemonade. This suggested Holiday menu is both easy and balanced to provide Servings rom each of the Basic four food groups needed daily to keep fit. Glazed grilled Chicken i frying Chicken Cut up 4 cup prepared yellow Mustard 1 a cup Orange marmalade 2 Tablespoons soy sauce Grill Chicken about 4-inches above hot coals for 20 minutes turning frequently. Stir together Mustard marmalade and soy sauce Brush Over Chicken. Continue to Grill a Xit 20 to 30 minutes longer turning frequently and brushing with Mustard mixture. 4 to 6 Servings. Potato salad balls 1 envelope 5-Servings i instant mashed potato granules 4 cup Mayonnaise 4 cup finely chopped Green Pepper 4 cup finely chopped celery 2 Tablespoons finely chopped onion i Tablespoon vinegar Parsley flakes prepare mashed potatoes following directions on package except reduce water to i 4 cups. Chill. Stir in Mayonnaise Green Pepper celery onion and vinegar. Shape into Small balls using about a rounded teaspoonful for each. Roll tops in Parsley flakes. Serve As Finger food for salad or hours do oeuvres. 5 to 6 generous Servings. End of month shoe savings extra Stock of famous Brand Spring and summer shoes values to s20.00 women s Canvas casuals keds ked ettes uniroyal Ose. In w by Gaynor Maddox now that summer is about Over lets look ahead to shifts in prices of our food. At the same time lets remind ourselves that the coming season will be the hottest period of the presidential Campaign. The administration will do everything possible to prevent prices going higher. Higher prices will Hurt president Nixon at the polls rightfully or wrongfully. His drive will be to keep them Down. The Price of beef continues to be our no. I priority. In general labor costs feed Bills and shipping rates Are going up. These Point to higher costs for steaks roasts and round Steak. Even so there Are some predictions from government sources that beef prices May drop slightly during the next few months. When your supermarket advertises meat Quot specials a look about the store and determine whether or not the prices on nonfood and other items have not been raised at the same time. This is a device Many stores have been forced to use under pressure from govern ment Price spokesmen. Another method re prices of meat is to confuse customers. By giving different cuts of meat fanciful names the customer is at a loss to know exactly what she is buying. Here Are some examples deckle and flanked sirloin from the round Semi Boneless Steak family Steak Petite Steak and Newport Broil. Haze Gale chief of the food consumption Section of the economic research service. Reports that beef prices May just drop a Little in the coming months. Quot but they will still be High and will go higher As time passes a he says a adding Quot pork prices probably will drop from present highs a Back nearly to the 1971 Levels. Pork has a much Shorter season than beef and a history of weakening prices along this time of the poultry prices May fluctuate a few cents one Way or another. Fish and seafood prices May definitely go higher. This despite the fact that some government people say they do not anticipate such rises. Many marketing experts genuinely do expect prices to continue upward. Bread prices have a history of steady gain Over the years. So you la pay a Little More now than in 1971. Dairy products which include milk in various forms ice Cream and Many cheeses will Advance about 2 per cent Over last year according to the economic research service. Cheese however May go even a Little higher. Apples Are the happiest news in the fruit picture. The crop will be plentiful and Good. So also will California nectarines and plums. Bad weather and the March freeze together have Cut the California grape crop. Add flooding and it of have a picture of what happened to the West coast Pear crop. Newspaper Enterprise Assn radiation from Page 10b altitudes and High latitudes Crews will receive about Milli rems annually in 500 hours of flying compared with 400 Milli rems in 600 hours flying in subsonic Jet aircraft. It comments that special consideration will base to be Given to stewardesses who might be or become pregnant but adds that this should not present an insuperable difficulty. The Bac spokesman in Sydney emphasised that the concorde planners were fitted below the seats in the prototype to measure solar radiation on a recent demonstration flight out to Australia. A warning Light alerted the Pilot when radiation Rose above Normal and another Light came on when radiation exceeded a further level. The Pilot was then obliged by official regulations to descend to a lower Altitude. Save the paper wrappers from butter and keep in a covered Container in the refrigerator. Use the wrappers for greasing cake pans cookie sheets and muffin pan cups. Hazel Williams decorator Mimm am Etc an i to Ai Sovich let others know you care Send Beautiful Flowers for any occasion. A Nils Mansi 4 7101 Tini t c More from Lester s it s not too Early to be thinking about Christmas we Are see these and Many other fashion rings now on display. Southgate Center 131 South main Call 885-2251 Cwm try shipping tat of he i of High put enhance August menu a dash of Lemon used with an abundance of diced unpeeled red apples add flavor to this Gelatin dessert which also contains dry Ginger ale. Ringed with a fluff of whipped Cream it is a tasty Way to end a meal on a warm summer Dav. Folded Apple dessert cools warm afternoons gingery slightly tart yet Sweet Cool with the flavor of Lemon made colourful with an abundance of diced unpeeled red apples and ringed with a fluff of whipped Cream. Folded Apple dessert is a Beautiful Way to end a meal on a warm August Day. You can make it in the morning or even the Day before and it it chill in the refrigerator until dessert time arrives. Then untold it Garnish and serve it with Pride. Folded Apple dessert 2 envelopes 3 of. Each Lemon flavor Gelatin 2 cups boiling water 2 cups dry Ginger ale 2 cups diced unpeeled red apples i cup broken walnuts 4 cup Lindy diced candied Ginger dissolve Gelatin in boiling water. Stir in Ginger ale. Chill until consistency of unbeaten egg Whites. Fold in remaining ingredients. Spoon into 6 or 7 cup Mold. Chill until firm. In j Mold on serving plate. If de fired Garnish with a frill of whipped Cream or whipped Topping additional diced Gin Ger and broken walnuts. Makes 8 toll Servings. Your clothes and you by n e Hicks do you make Mony of your own garments from woolens or silk fabrics bought by the Yard have you wondered on occasion Why they shrank slightly the first time you had them dry Flea ned7 the last step in Many kinds of fabric manufacture involves rolling the goods on bolts and results in stretch my it somewhat the mechanical action of dry clean my and tumbling simply relaxes this stretched condition. You can avoid this situation by taking the fabric before you Cut it to your cleaner and ask him to steam it this will accomplish the slight str Skoge before the material is Cut to the Pottern. Sharply pleated skirts Are Back in the picture the crispness of the pleats con be maintained by giving the garment o vigorous shaking Atter each wearing dear n e. How can i remove fresh blood stain from an upholstered sofa m k., High Point dear m you might Fry sponging it with a solution of i Tablespoon household ammonia to j pint water. Use a clean White cloth. Be. Your clothes and published a Public a Cleone War a a a Mil Jim every week at service by the garment Core centers in your Community. Questions or comments May be mailed to n e. Hicks a cleaner world Quot . Box 5328, High Point North Carolina 27262. Nit 747range Jet fast oven cleaning clean your oven the Jet age Way it takes just 30 seconds to set the controls then the self clean oven automatically cleans itself completely. A 3-ln-1 surface unit a oven timing clock a infinite heat surface unit controls a easy to clean Glass backslash customer care. Everywhere fast dependable service with Trade Upton Supply co. Lester Morgen Greensboro re. Phone 886-4937

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