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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 12b High Point Enterprise sunday August 27, 1972whats in the butter dish now its mostly Margarine fashions for Winter the House of ult Richter in West Berlin is one of the Pinnacles of fashion in Germany. For this fall and Winter Richter says Coats Are a line or tent shaped sports ensembles Are Lively and colourful and suits with Subtle color harmonies insure against conformity. Here Are several examples of his views of these fashions. Susan Milan honoured at floating Shower miss Susan Milan was entertained at a floating miscellaneous bridal Shower on wednesday evening by mrs. Ruth Barnes mrs. Florence Savage her aunts and mrs. C. V. Milan grandmother of the honoree upon her arrival t h e honoree received a Corsage of White daisies. Refreshments were served from a table covered with a White lace cloth Over a yellow Linen cloth. The table was entered with a bridal doll flanked with tapers i n candelabra. Special guests included mrs. Paul i. Rich Mother of the bridegroom elect and mrs. E. J. Rich grandmother of the bridegroom elect. Miss Milan and Randy Rich will be married on sept. To in a 3 . Ceremony in the Church of the living god. At left a pants suit has a Long jacket with double faced Wool pants. In the Center a Glen plaid suit has a Long jacket silk Blouse tied with a Bow and a pleated skirt. At right the coat is made of Cashmere plaid in beige White and Gray. Going on a trip take one of our free cameras personal custom photo finishing at discount prices Best Quality fastest service in town in by i 1 00 out by 5 00 be a Ioe a i amp let a Jolo finishers inc. 131 Johnson Street a Tel 885-7170 she has summer in her heart her smile lights up a room. Her laughter should be set to music. She s your girl a Diamond , sparkling and forever. How do you Tell her the Way you feel you bring her this Diamond of forever Light and Beauty set in its 14k Gold 6-prong Tiffany. 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Offer Good with Coupon Only Cut and save Money free storage open monday thru saturday 6 30 to 6 30 2351 English re. Beside Anderson drug 3 locations Fairfield Plaza 2406 n. Main St. Beside varsity drive in open monday thru saturday 6 30 to 6 30 by Dorothy Brown Philadelphia was for two thirds of All americans there s no butter in the butter dish according to the u. S. Department of agriculture. It s Margarine. And where once the Appeal was simply Price today it s also fear of heart disease. According to Howard Craig National products sales manager for Margarine with Kraft foods in Chicago the main reason for Margarine a popularity is still its Price a averaging 45 cents a Pound in local supermarkets about half As much As a the High priced spread Quot a and in the past five years the flavor has improved said Craig. A we be tried to put the flavor of butter into Margarine. You get Margarine on a piece of bread today and Many people can t Tell the but More recently Margarine sales have been boosted by the rising concern Over heart disease. And the new sales pitch for Margarine has become a cholesterol Margarine s current Success is astounding in the context of its history As one of the most persecuted foods Ever to reach the american table. During the first half of this Century Margarine was denounced by the Dairy Industry taxed by Federal and state governments and barred from being coloured yellow. Its natural color is an unappetizing White by the late 40s, Public pressure had brought an end to the most discriminatory Laws. In 1950. Butter sales still ranked two to one Over Margarine. Today the opposite is True according to the u. S. Department of agriculture. The new Factor in Margarine s popularity is what Harvard nutritionist or. Jean Mayer Calls a the explosion of coronary heart disease so sudden in terms of generations and so widespread that it can Only be called a a new a the statistics Are familiar. Coronary disease is now the number one american killer. More than half of All Ameri can men Over the age of 40 Are dying of heart attacks strokes and circulatory diseases. A co rosaries Are no longer a disease of old age. But of men in their 40s. Their 30s. Even their 20s,�?� writes or. Mayer in the current Issue of family health Magazine. A fall this has happened in the course of a few no one has yet pinpointed exactly Why Coron Aries have become so prevalent but statistically doctors have linked heart disease to such risk factors As a sedentary Lite. Cigarette smoking High blood pressure High Levels of cholesterol in the blood and family history a coronary disease is like a pie with wedges representing the different risks a said or. David Kritchevsky a member of the Wistar Institute Here and noted for his research in cholesterol. A the size of the wedges varies with each Margarine comes into the picture because of its relationship to cholesterol Levels in the blood. Here show it works cholesterol a fatty sub stance found in animal fats is a major component of the fatty plaque which collects on the inside of blood vessels much like Mineral deposits in household plumbing. By shutting Down the flow of blood cholesterol sets the stage for heart attacks and strokes. Doctors have found that certain fats can affect cholesterol Levels. A a saturated fats like butter and other animal fats tend to raise cholesterol Levels in the bloodstream. But a a polyunsaturated fats found in vegetable oils tend to lower cholesterol Levels. A a monounsaturated fats like Olive Oil have no effect on blood cholesterol so Margarine made primarily of liquid safflower Corn cottonseed sesame soybeans or Sunflower oils Are regarded As High in polyunsaturated fats and Are frequently recommended instead of butter for people with High cholesterol Levels. But switching from butter to Margarine is not the simple solution to heart disease that Many people regard it to be. A if the blood cholesterol drops it s still not a ticket to eternal life. You re just dropping one of the variables a said or. Kritchevsky. And or. Peter Kuo professor of Medicine and a heart specialist at the University of Pennsylvania medical school agrees that switching from butter to Margarine by itself does Little Good. A it s one Way to Cut Down on saturated fats. But if its the Only thing someone does he Isnit doing very much a said or. Kuo who believes that All sugars starches fats and oils saturated and polyunsaturated should be eaten in moderation. A my patients ask me about this or that Brand of Margarine As if i had some magic Brand to cure their disease a said or. Kuo. A and in be seen Many people eat the same amount of food As usual and then take a spoonful of Corn Oil As that a like the diabetic who carefully uses saccharin in his Coffee and then eats a Rich dessert. A a diet of milk Colas hot dogs and hamburgers is bound to Lead to problems a he added. Pointing to the fact that a genetic tendency to atherosclerosis cannot be determined at birth or. Kuo advises people to a take advantage of the fact that much is known about heart disease and can be prevented. Everyone should see a doctor to find if he a prone to the develop ment of heart disease instead of waiting until the symptoms the american heart Assn. Aha also recommends switching to Margarine in the context of reducing the total amount of fat in the diet. Fat currently accounts for about 40 percent of the average american s total calories and the aha recommends 30 to 35 percent. By Law Margarine is 80 percent fat and contains about too calories a Tablespoon. The same As butter j a a imitation Margarine contain less fat the aha also recommends reducing the total amount of calories and cholesterol containing foods. Foods High in cholesterol Are All animal products especially egg Yolks shellfish Organ meats. Dairy products lard ice Cream and cheese also contain cholesterol. Or Kritchevsky cautioned that not All Margarine Are the same. A just because a package says a Margarine does t make it that much better than butter. You have to know what a in it. For instance Coconut Oil is worse than Cream and hydrogenated oils May be almost As saturated As of course the Only Way to know what kind of Margarine you re buying is to read the Label. And mrs. Mary Winston nutritional consultant for the american heart association recommends bringing your Reading glasses to the supermarket. A look for those Margarine where the first item says a liquid Corn cottonseed Sunflower or safflower Oil a she said. If any of these is listed first the Margarine would be considered High in polyunsaturated. A but if the Label starts out a partially or a hardened a t h e Margarine would be More saturated than the aha recommends a hydrogenation is the Oil to make it firm at room temperature. The More an Oil is hydrogenated the More saturated it becomes. For this reason tub Margarine is generally less saturated than stick Margarine Good Topping dip Cupcake tops in Maple syrup and then in finely chopped walnuts. 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