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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Chanc of rain Mort data on Page 3d 88th year a no. 290 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning August 27, 1972 96 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c a so for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that Tho volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every pays rewards q. I would like to know just who pays the rewards a such As the $5,000 that was offered for the capture of the killers of the Durham family in Boone. The paper stated that governor Scott made the offer and wondered if he was going to pay this personally or out of the taxpayers Money. Why did he offer the Reward for these victims and not All the others in the state of North Carolina anon. A. Assistant attorney general James Blackburn provided a copy of the general statutes of . Which pertains to rewards which Are paid out of state funds not the governors pocket. Section 15-53.1 reads a when it shall appear to the governor upon satisfactory information furnished to him that a felony or other infamous crime has been committed within the state whether the name or names of the person or persons suspected of committing the said crime be known or unknown the governor May Issue his proclamation and therein offer an award not exceeding $10,000, according to the nature of the Case As in his opinion May be sufficient for the purpose to be paid to him who shall provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of such person or persons. The proclamation shall be upon such terms As the governor May deem proper but it shall identify the felony or felonies and the authority to whom the information is to be delivered and shall state such other terms As the governor May require under which the Reward is we thought you might be curious to know if the Reward Money was paid in this instance. The assistant attorney general checked and said at the present time he was unable to find any indication that any Money was in fact Ever paid. A about bottle clubs q. My husband and i dig and collect antique bottles. We would like for you to help us find out if there a any bottle clubs in the High Point area. Thank you. Or. And mrs. l.p. A. Two years ago a Reader expressed an interest in getting a Hobby bottle club started but we never heard of she got any response to her idea. Well give it another try if any others Are interested give us your name and address and Well pass it on to this couple. It h maternity leave q. Of a woman loaves a place of employment because of pregnancy what Are the Laws concerning re employment at the same place after a waiting period of six weeks does the company have to hire her Back anon. A. No unless subject to a contract. Harold l. Cox compliance officer of the . Department of labors wage hour division says the labor Laws he administers Are simply not Broad enough to cover this matter. It it having problems q. How does one go about getting a Road paved or scraped when the holes Are so deep and numerous it s ruining the cars that have to travel it daily Fritts drive one mile from Pilot school Thomasville is a Short Street with seven families. Baby land Nursery is on this Street and parents Are getting very perturbed trying to Dodge holes taking their children to the Nursery. Fritts drive was tarred and Gravelled by the lot owners about thirteen years ago and has never been patched since. We now Are having to go off the Road to Dodge the holes. Can you help us mrs. H. L., Fritts drive. A. K. Horton jr., ninth division Engineer for the Highway commission in Winston Salem says at his request the District Engineer checked the Road and found that it was not paved according to state Highway specifications nor under state supervision and does not have sufficient base material under it. There Are quite a few deep holes where the pavement has failed. Before the Road can be added to the secondary Road system it would have to be slowed up and top soil gravel or crushed Rock must be added to a depth of eight inches. If you and the other property owners need further information or advice you can get in touch with o. D. Rentz the District Engineer in Salisbury. A a a minor permits q. How would a 15-Yaar-old Parson got a working permit thank you. Girl. A. At the department of social services 258 s. Main St. They will also Issue an age certificate if the person will bring along a birth certificate. Some employers want proof of age. Each time employment is changed a new permit must be obtained by those 14 to 17 years old. Re action q. I think what the woman said is right about a Man having to miss two or three payments before they can get him and i think it ought to be Twenty four hours. . Politician and child democratic presidential nominee George Mcgovern gets some help from two Vear old grandson Timothy As he works on the Patio of his Washington Home saturday. Timothy is the son of Mcgovern a daughter Ann Mead Wilbur. Related Story is on Page 8-a. A wire photo 19th amendment anniversary women s lib demonstrators rally for Complete Equality by Louise Cook associated press writer demanding equal pay equal jobs and equal rights feminists rallied saturday for the third straight year in the name of women a liberation. But statistics showed their drive has met with Only mixed Success. The demonstrations stretched from Boston to Atlanta from san Francisco to Omaha neb., and included marches workshops and fairs that Drew crowds of feminists and a few male supporters ranging in size from several dozen to several thousand. In san Clemente calif., president Nixon proclaimed saturday As women a rights Day and said More must be done a to ensure women every Opportunity to make the fullest contribution to our Progress As a his proclamation was accompanied by a White House a fact Sheet listing Nixon administration Steps which it said have brought a More women in full time policy making positions in the Federal government than Ever before in our nations the number of women in top level jobs annually paying $28.-000 or More has increased from 36 to 118, the fact Sheet said while More than 1,000 women have been recruited for Middle level jobs paying Between $18,-000 and $25,000. Other officials who proclaimed either Friday or saturday As women a rights Day included gov. John Gilligan of Ohio and mayors Sam Massell of Atlanta. John v. Lindsay of new York and Joseph Alioto of san Francisco. The rallies marked the 52nd anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment that granted women the right to vote and the third anniversary of the first women a strike for Equality. Many of the feminists aimed their efforts this year at winning adoption of the proposed 27th or equal rights amendment already ratified by 20 states. A Cambridge mass., feminist fair was highlighted by voting for a the worst male chauvinist pig of the candidates were Singer Tom Jones producer David Suskind author Norman Mailer Boston Globe columnist George Frazier vice president Spiro t. Agnew and author c g. Payette. Georgia women marched from the downtown area to the state Capitol for speeches on the amendment the history of the feminist movement and topics like marriage and divorce. A coalition of 20 women a groups in Philadelphia sponsored a March from Independence Hall to Rittenhouse Square. Among the coalition list Tiff heading heart care a. Page id local school support. Page 2a Cates on bees. Page 2a 4a women a news. Section b sports. Section c television. Page ish entertainment. Pages 17-19b obituaries. Page 3i> classified. Pages 4-20d Nixon backers violated Law Gao reports members were such diverse groups As the Owca the National organization for women Black Panther women the Attica brigade and lesbian organizations. A we All have a stake in obtaining equal rights a said Linda Byron one of the organizers a since we Are All victims of some form of oppression because we were born . Sen. Edward Gurney r-fla., told too women at a rally in Coral Gables fla., that a this year marked a big year for women a rights with the passage of the equal rights amendment by he added however a much has yet to be done to assure equal economic the league of women voters predicted that the amendment barring discrimination because of sex would win approval by the required 38 states in May of 1973. Washington a president Nixon s Campaign organization a a apparently violated Federal Law in its handling of some $350,000 in Campaign funds according to a general accounting office report released saturday. The report was the latest development in a Case touched off by the arrests of five men june 17 in the offices of the democratic National committee allegedly carrying bugging equipment. Some of the a apparent violations of the 1971 Federal election Campaign act listed in the report entered around a $25, 000 contribution to Nixon s Campaign which wound up in the Bank account of Bernard l. Barker one of those arrested in the democratic office. The finance committee to re elect the president May have violated the act by failing to keep a detailed exact account of the $25,000 and its proceeds and failing to disclose details of the sum in a june to 1972, report the Gao said. The Gao report also listed As possible violations inadequate record keeping with respect to four mexican Bank checks totalling $89,000 a and the balance of the $350,000�?� that constituted a Bank Deposit made May 25, 1972, to the account of the Media committee to re elect the president. The Gao referred the matter to the Justice department for possible further investigation. That prompted House Bank 1 n g committee chairman Wright Patman and democratic Campaign chairman Lawrence of Brien to demand that a special prosecutor or prosecuting team lie appointed to investigate the matter a outside the political in referring it to the Justice department. Patman said a we Are asking Richard Kleindienst a strongly partisan attorney general to prosecute wrongdoing of the Politi-2 Germanis agree to seek u. N. Status Munich Germany apr Chancellor Willy Brandt of West Germany and . Secretary general Kurt Waldheim met saturday and agreed that East and West Germany should join the United nations a spokesman for Brandt announced. Bonn government spokesman Conrad Ahlers said Waldheim viewed the dual German . Membership with a great interest and the . Secretary general is known to be under pressure from soviet bloc countries to push German membership As quickly As possible but the Brandt government wants to Complete the general treaty with communist East Germany first. Brandt has speculated that . Membership for the Germanis would not come before 1973 at the earliest. Cal party which boosted him to such High places in said o Brien a i continue to be pessimistic about the likelihood of a fair thorough and speedy investigation of the Gao allegations. For on atty. Gen. Kleindienst a Calendar it appears that nothing shall be permitted to happen before election a statement by the finance committee to re elect the president termed the Gao report inaccurate and incomplete. A it omits mentioning important information Given to the Gao by the finance committee bearing on the transactions a the statement said. A it also Dis writes Kleindienst regards the fact that some of the actions of the finance committee were taken on Legal advice and Are Tea ported by Legal opinions furnished to the statement added a the committee welcomes the Opportunity to furnish information to the department of Justice which Gao has ignored and believes that the a apparent violations will be nothing More than minor and the $25. Ski contribution mentioned in the report came from Dwayne. Andreas a Minneapolis investment executive who also was a big contributor to Democrat Hubert h. Humphreys presidential Effort. Scott asks probe of leak by irs Raleigh a gov. Bob Scott has asked atty. Gen. Richard Kleindienst to investigate an internal Revenue service leak about recommendations to prosecute 13 Scott Campaign aides and supporters. Scott wrote the attorney general asking him to a investigate the leaking by an Anonymous Federal official to selected elements of North Carolinas news Media of the information. In the letter written Friday and made Public saturday by Scott a office the governor said he understood revealing such information is a violation of Federal Law a and in violation of the civil and constitutional rights of the parties a i am certain that you desire to see tile rights and privileges of All persons regardless of their political affiliation respected and observed by Federal officials and therefore a thorough investigation by you seems both merited and demanded in this instance a Scott wrote die governors letter came Only a Day after Scott had issued a statement saying the 13 men recommended for prosecution by the irs a Are being nailed to a political Cross. By a shadowy official of the Federal a this official wrapped in an Anonymous cloak and keeping an Eye on a Calendar with nov. 7 election Day circled in red is spoon feeding serious accusations and insinuations to certain selected elements of the North Carolina press a Scott said. The recommendation for the prosecution of the 13 men on charges of conspiring to violate the Federal income tax Laws was made by the internal Revenue services Reginal counsel in Atlanta in a report aug. 18 to the . Department of Justice. The irs recommendations grew out of an investigation of the 1%8 gubernatorial Campaign when Scott Defeated re publican Jim Gardner to win of governor s Oltie. The is regional counsel recommended prosecution of the 13 men on charges of conspiring to impede impair or defeat the purpose of Federal income tax Laws. It also recommended that la of them he prosecuted for conspiring to evade corporate income taxes. Scott said thursday he could not remain silent while watching a stain being brushed on a group of Fine North carolinians whose Only a crime seems to be their Choice of political Are freed by Escapee soviets May tap Gold reserves by John Bausman associated press writer Moscow apr is a poor Grain Harvest going to Force the Kremlin to sell off some of its Gold horde in the past month or so soviet buyers have gone to the world Market to pick up millions of tons of Grain apparently to make up a serious shortage in their own production. Western specialists Here figure the soviets have run up a Bill of around $1.4 billion in Grain deals with the United states Canada France and Australia. . Credit for $500 million in Grain purchases this year eases some of the immediate pres sure but that still leaves $900 million to be raised. This is a sizable sum for a country whose total Trade with developed Western countries last year amounted to $5.6 billion. Unless the soviets have a special Reserve fund that no one knows about there Are two main ways they can raise the Money a by cutting Back on planned Industrial investment and a better Deal for the soviet consumer or Selling Gold of which the soviet Union is one of the worlds major producers. Rumours of soviet Gold sales carried out or planned have been cropping up in London and Switzerland. The soviet uru on never publishes any accounting of its foreign currency holdings or Gold reserves. It counts in detail railway cars and washing machines but never discloses its annual Gold production. So far As specialists Here know the soviet Union has made no substantial Gold sales since the mid-1960s. In the years 1963-65, also a time of Harvest troubles soviet Gold sales Are believed to have run around $500 million a year. In 1966 they tapered off to insignificance. There is a possibility that the soviets Are quietly and regularly Selling off Small amounts of Gold. In earlier years the soviets tended to make big Gold deals. For special purposes and major payments they either sold or transferred Large amounts of Gold. But that was at a time when Gold sold at the fixed rate of $35 an ounce no matter How much was put on the Market. With a free Price now running nearly double the intergovernmental fixed Price of 38 an ounce the soviets face a different kind of Market. If they tried to sell Large quantities at one time they could depress the Market and lower the value of their Gold. Thus some observers Here do not look for any dramatically Large soviet Gold sales. They speculate that the soviets May have started Selling off Small amounts of Gold to avoid big deals that would weaken prices. This could account for unofficial reports Over the past few months that soviet Gold was being sold in Zurich Switzerland. The . Treasury confirmed last month that a relatively Small shipment of soviet Gold 31,327 ounces had been received from Switzerland by a licensed american buyer. Just How much Gold the soviets have in Reserve is closely guarded secret. Bartow. Fla. A a Shotgun Totag Florida Escapee and his Girlfriend saturday freed a diabetic Deputy Sherif and five members of a Miami Beach family who had been held hostage for a Day then fled into Hill country on the Edge of Tennessee a great Smokey mountains police said. Polk county fla., sheriff Monroe Brannen said the first to tie released by Willie Davison and Ellen Nealon was Polk county Deputy Bruce Browning no was found handcuffed to a tree along . 27 near Wartburg tenn., at about 3 30 . About four hours later police in Loudon tenn., 30 Miles Southeast of Wartburg found the Robert Prine family driving along a Back Road in their car apparently lost alter being freed by the fugitives. Prine 37, his wife Blanche 37 Howie 12 Jimmy la and Cecelia 9. Were unnamed Loudon county sheriffs deputies said. Police said they assumed Davison 26, decided to let the Prines keep their car because he and miss Nealon 27, planned to steal another. Browning a Stocky bespectacled Man said Davison was a treating everybody at a Hospital where he was Given an insulin shot for his diabetes and interviewed by Fri agents the Deputy said Davison told them no one would be Hurt As Long As his orders were obeyed. During the drive from Florida Browning said Davison stopped frequently to buy Candy and soft drinks for the Prine children As they drove through Georgia and into Tennessee. The Deputy said the Prines were a nervous scared a just the Way i Loudon county deputies said the area where the Prines were found was about 15 Miles South of Oak Ridge term., and 30 Miles from the North Carolina staid line

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