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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - August 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina2d High Point Enterprise thursday August 26, 1976 burglars break in vandalize Willow bar Terrace residence burglars added vandalism to their crime wednesday during a break in at the Home of mrs. Bunker Hill of Willow bar Terrace. Mrs. Hill told High Point police that the intruders took two watches one valued at and no value placed on the second and before they Eft unplugged a Freezer spoiling an estimated Worth of Frozen foods. Debra Bostick of Cedar Street said that a watch and set of stereo speakers value were stolen from her Home by burglars who entered through a window. Laurie Elizabeth Wilson of English Road also reported her Home entered through a window. She said the thieves then took an television Jet. Peggy Chapman of Cumberland place reported food items valued at about from her Home and burglars entered the Juanita Hills recreation Center and Hen poured soft drinks Over papers on a desk. Burglars were successful n forcing open an outer door at Columbia food Market on 6. Main Street but were stopped by a second heavier door. Also reporting an attempted break in was Larry Allen Nelson of Stonybrook drive. He said that the Glass was broken in the Back door of his Home facility planning expansion Greensboro the Guilford county juvenile detention Home will be enlarged soon to provide More bedroom space and More classroom space according to James Rickards assistant to the county manager for operations. J Rickards said planning now underway Calls for More bed space for both boys and girls. He said the additional j classroom space is needed to enlarge the present extremely Small classroom at the facility on Wendover Avenue near 1-40. Plans will also Call for renovation and some in crease in space for the Kitchen and for upgrading of the air conditioning system. In addition the program will provide some changes in the administrative area and in arrangements for process ing new persons. The program May provide for some changes in the outdoor play area As Well. Rickards said. Plans will be presented to j staff members Early in i september. Construction is expected to get underway possibly in 1977. Rickards said. Rickards said state officials have already indicated they like Early sketch plans for the improvement. He explained the facility is overcrowded at times and that the most critical need is that of classroom space. T. H. Cashwell receives award at convention Greensboro Guilford county finance director Thomas h. Cashwell has been named North Carolina s out standing finance officer of the year according to county manager John Witherspoon who said the award was presented at the annual county commissioners Assn. Convention in Pinehurst. Witherspoon said that under Cash Well s leadership Guilford county has developed the most modern financial reporting system to be found anywhere in the country and that the county has received National recognition for this achievement. In addition Witherspoon said Cashwell has More than exceeded our highest expectations with respect to investment of county officials making the presen tation to Cashwell particularly underlined the investment program which each year earns substantial sums for Guilford county from in Terest payments. A native of Asheboro Cashwell is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has been a Guilford county employee since november 1963, and he has been finance director since january. 1970. I i but that no entry was gained. Mick Lewis Linthicum of it. 2, Sophia said that someone removed a ?100 citizen s band radio from his vehicle parked at Carolina Container George Adams of Rockford Road said that his Billfold containing was taken from his car parked on Carrick Street and Hattie Wood of Clinton Street said that she fainted while shopping wednesday and dropped her purse. She said that when she got Home her Billfold was missing. A witness told police wednesday night that he was passing foreign car parts on w. Green drive when he saw the door on a car open. He said he circled the Block and saw an Interior Light on another car come on briefly. The witness said he then saw two men in the headlights of his car As they fled from the lot. A suspect was taken into custody nearby and was identified by the witness. Maj. Hartley from Page id walk and Noi drive because traffic confusion adds to the danger of an Accident. Twenty two school guards will be placed at strategic locations around the City to assist children. Colourful posters announcing the opening of school have been placed throughout the Community to make motorists conscious of the school pedestrian traffic. Hartley warned that those areas travelled by students will be watched closely by officers with emphasis on speeding and other traffic violations Tak ing place along school routes. Officers said that Anthony George Daughtridge 19, of Tate Street was charged with Auto breaking and entering. They said they found evidence that one of the men had attempted to remove a tape player from one of the cars on the lot. Gary Ollis of Esco Street said that one of his neighbors saw three men trying to remove a cd radio from his truck parked in a lot near his Home. He said the neighbor chased the men away. Thieves forced open two vending machines at Horn s red Dot on Ennis Street and removed an unknown amount of change. Bill Johnson said that someone broke a plate Glass window at his place of business Johnson piping welding co. On friends Avenue. He estimated damage at two other arrests were made by police wednesday in connection with a break in earlier this month at High Point hardware in which Over Worth of guns and ammunition were stolen. The latest arrests included James Michael Duncan 20, of e. Grimes Avenue break ing and entering and larceny and Michael John son 23, of Newlin Street receiving stolen goods. Other arrests wednesday included Kenneth Dewey Fletcher. 26, of s. Hamilton Street assault on an officer and resisting arrest Marie Bryant Hicks 53, of Lindsay Street Drunken driving and Earl Brown 34, of Park Street assault by pointing a gun. Guilford county sheriff s deputies wednesday charged Kim Stephen Morgan 19, and Keith Allen Sebastian 19, both of Lincoln Street in Asheboro with armed robbery. They Are accessed of the robbery aug. 5 at Baysinger store on Highway 220 South at Sutton Road. Deputies said that one Man armed with a pistol entered the store about . And escaped with Over in Cash. Other arrests included Christopher Lloyd Moose 18, of Greensboro three counts of forgery Willie Julius Par sons 40, of Bishop Road crime against nature and William Arthur Hunt and Mark Kent Fricke both 16 and both residents of Green Sboro with malicious damage of mail boxes in the Cedarwood area. Deputies said that someone took a television set from a room at the travel inn motor inn on Preddy Boulevard and Ronald w. Hilton of route 3 said that someone entered his Mobile Home by breaking the Glass in a door. Hilton said that the trailer was ran sacked but he was not cer Tain if anything was missing. Jerry from Page in Roger s Skull had been cracked like cracking an he said apparent cause of death was at least a dozen blows to the head and two Stab wounds. Gibbs testified he stabbed Rogers one time under threats from Beeson that he would kill him if he did t. After the state concluded its evidence shortly after 4 ., defense attorney Worth Coltrane offered no evidence on behalf of Beeson but did make a motion that the charge of first degree murder be reduced. He said the state had failed to prove first degree murder. He said he was not prepared to say what degree of murder had been proven or to what degree the charge should be reduced. Judge Wood said he Felt the fact the men drove to the spot on the Mendenhall Road where the murder took place was ample evidence of first degree murder. He said this in itself was evidence of premeditation and he denied the motion. Assistant defense attorney Archie Smith or. Made a motion to continue the Case on the grounds Beeson claimed the two men who could prove his Case for him had not been brought into court. Beeson said Smith was seeking his brother Allen Beeson and a Gary Bowman both of whom reportedly have left the state. Judge Wood quickly denied this motion and Smith then presented his final arguments to the jury. After Smith s argument judge Wood dismissed court for the Day. After final arguments Are presented judge Wood is slated to charge the jury. He is expected to say the jury can return a verdict of guilty of first degree murder second degree murder guilty of voluntary manslaughter or not guilty. Electrical fixture Asheboro attorney attacked by Man youth ruled cause of fire arrested in robbery Asheboro an Asheboro youth was arrested and in jail approximately two hours after the pantry shop on South Fayetteville Street was robbed wednesday night. The Randolph county sheriff s office reports Danny Ray Varner 18, was charged with armed robbery with a deadly weapon shortly after Midnight last night. Officers had set up a stake out at Varner s Home and were waiting when he arrived there about Midnight. The manager of the store managed to get the youth s License number. Deputies did not report How much Money was taken or How much was recovered if a fire caused by an electric Light placed too near combustible material summoned firefighters to the Williard Ellington residence on Sherman Road at . Thursday. Officials said there was both heat and smoke damages to the Home. Other alarms answered wednesday and Early thurs Day included one at . Wednesday to extinguish a trash fire at 1706 Gavin st., with no damages reported. At 7 . Firefighters investigated an odor of smoke at 1701 waver by st., but found no fire. A pot of food left unattended was listed As the reason for a Call to 242 n. Wrennst., the deluxe Sandwich shop at . Nothing reportedly was damaged except the food. And. At . Thursday the department went to the s. H. Kress store on s. Main Street where water had seeped into the base of an elevator Shaft. Asheboro Asheboro attorney Ottoway Burton was attacked while in the Ivey s changes its approach Charlotte in deference to its founder a devout methodist Ivey s department store in Charlotte keeps the curtains draws on its display windows on sundays. It also refuses to advertise on that Day. But its recent window Dis plays have included a Manne. Quin in in a sellout of Black lingerie. Display manager Tommy Farmer also has introduced other trendy Shock windows. They have included a Diamond Back Rattler coiled to strike mannequins in various stages of undress garbage cans stuffed wild animals and figures of women with blindfolds. One display had Beer and wine bottles strewn around although Iveys once would not sell Beer or wine glasses. Ther director of visual merchandising for Iveys . Gordon says window displays these Days have to be shocking to attract. Randolph clerk of court s civil offices wednesday afternoon and taken to ran Dolph Hospital for treatment. Witnesses said the Man who remains unidentified was not arrested even though deputies were on the scene within minutes of the attack. Randolph county sheriff Carl Moore said As far As he was concerned the Man who is known to him will not be arrested until some Legal paper is taken out by Bur the attack came before several secretaries and attorneys who were unable to do anything to prevent it because of its suddenness. Attorney Charlie Casper ran out of the clerk s office into a hallway and yelled through a window for help from the sheriff s office which is just below. He then followed the Man who allegedly attacked Burton and pointed him out to deputies. The heavy set Man was taken into custody and moved to the jail foyer but was not arrested. Burton s injuries were not believed to be serious. He suffered several blows to the Side of his head. Invites you to u speak out on come to Westchester mall in High Point thursday August 26 at pm hostess Sandra Hughes and a a my to production Crew will be on hand to film your answers on Community issues for playback on Sandra friends on tuesday August 31. Some editions of this newspaper carried an incorrect Price on coca cola and sprite in our and of August 25th. The Correct Price is As follows Zoz. Bottle coca cola or sprite television log i i blk v i i i saws saws i xxx female flier featured in new movie Pius Deposit by Jay Sharbutt a television writer los Angeles a when Abc airs Amelia Earhart next october the three hour to movie about the most famous of America s female fliers will have a fairly famous female flier of modern Vintage in the cast. She s actress Susan Oliver who a few years ago became a co Winner of the annual powder puff Derby race from coast to coast for female private pilots. She also has piloted a Small plane across the Atlantic Solo. Miss Oliver who until last june co starred in the soap opera Days of our lives and has appeared in a variety of dramatic roles on to does t have the Lead role in the Abc movie. Susan Clark does. But she is playing Neta Snook a female aviation Pioneer who taught Amelia Earhart to Fly and became a close Friend in the process. It s ironic that miss Oliver a Small soft spoken woman with blonde hair and a gentle humorous manner is playing a flight instructor. An instructor s rating is about the Only one she lacks As a Pilot. She says she has a glider Pilot s License a j commercial Pilot s License Multi engine and instrument ratings and is qualified t8 Fly co Pilot in twin engine Lear jets. She has 850 flight hours logged 80 in jets. Oddly enough the new Yor born actress half jokingly says she had to be led kicking the under Ricer and screaming to her first private plane ride although she had flown As a passenger in airliners of course. The year of the really big flight was 1964. A Boyfriend who had recently gotten his private Pilot s License kept saying ill take you up and show you the lights of los Angeles at she recalled. After about four months of this she said with a laugh she made out her will and went with her Beau to Santa Monica Airport. It was one of those extraordinary Clear she said. He kept saying in t it and i kept saying of my but then the concept the idea of flight got to me. It was miss Oliver who in addition to acting and flying also is Busy nowadays trying to Start other careers As a writer and director was asked How it feels to be zipping along flying her own plane. Well much of it is she said. In a Boeing 747, you Don t feel As if you re Zipp ing along. In a putt putt if you re High enough it s a Lovely kind of ambling across the government pressure and gradual if grudging acceptance of sexual Equality in jobs have made it possible for women now to at least get a shot at the previously males Only world of airline flying. 2 Lnla. Station 9 soc. Char Voltr 3 a Btu. Charlotte 8 Point 12 to Xii. Today s evening programs 2 Channel 2 news 3 scene tonight 4 zoom eyewitness news 12 news enter 12 2 lbs news 4 vision 8 Abc news Abc news 2 space 1999 3 lbs Newi 4 to be announced 8 Price is right 9 Cross wits 12 to Tell the truth 3 the Gallons 4 . News conference 8 alive and aware partners in communication 9 let s make a Deal 12 new candid camera 2 the Waltons 4 firing line 8 Welcome Back hotter 9 great american music Celebration 12 shark kill 3 Bobby Vint on show 8 what s happening the tenth level 4 men who made the movies 8 the streets of san Francisco 9 movie 12 the return of the world s greatest Detec Tive 4 club Date Fred die Hubbard 8 the oath 2 night beat 3 scene tonight eyewitness news 12 news enter 12 late movie 8 Mannix and the magi Cian tonight show tomorrow show 8 eyewitness news

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