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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1976, Page 71

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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - August 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina4c High Point Enterprise thursday August 26, 1976 Gary Bennett with eight Pound Bass Trinity Angler caught it on purple worm moves by commission Surprise sportsmen the usually predictable . Wildlife commission staged a couple of surprises for the state s sportsmen monday when it established water fowl Hunting regulations and agreed to reconsider revising a schedule it had already set for Bear and wild boar Hunts. Meeting in the Agency s Albemarle building head quarters in Raleigh the nine Man Board decided on a Duck and Goose Hunting setup that at first perplexed then generally pleased a big turnout of outdoors men who were present to voice their opinions. The commissioners voted to split both the Duck and Canada Goose seasons and discard at least for this fall and Winter the Point system bag limit that had been in effect for two years. The Duck season segments will be oct. 6 at noon through oct 11 and dec 8 at noon through Jan 20. Reason for the extremely Early Short first segment is to permit Hunters in the far Western portion of the state to Harvest ducks that Migrate through the Moun Tain area Well in Advance of the big migratory flights whose destination is Eastern . Basic bag limit on ducks will be five daily. 10 in Possession. Of these no More one Black Duck and two Wood ducks May be bagged in a single Day. The split season on Canada geese selected by the com Mission is to be nov. 24-27 and dec 6-Jan. 20 these dates were decided on when a majority of the sportsmen present at the session suggested that they would like to be Able to Hunt during the thanksgiving Holiday period. Goose Hunters May Harvest Only one Bird of the Canada variety per Day. However they May bag two Snow geese a Day during the season on this species which is dec. 22-Jan. 20. Again at the Behest of the Hunters in attendance the commissioners agreed to petition the . Fish and wildlife service which oversees migratory Bird operations and gives the state options on season dates for a special Hunting period on Scalp from Jan. 20 31. However a spokesman for the wildlife department said it was extremely doubtful the Federal officials would agree. Dates for the regular season Are oct. 6-Jan. 20. The commission s action in scheduling such unique split segments on ducks and Canada geese and in Dropp ing the Point system bag limit was totally unexpected. Far More conventional selections had been predicted it had also been anticipated that the Bear and boar Hunters would t get very far in asking that the commissioners reverse themselves and allow a longer season in the Western mountains than the nov. 1-20 and dec. 13-Jan 1 Hunts that had been set firmly from All indications but the Bear and wild boar enthusiasts got a hearing and there is a possibility their re quest for a season starting in mid october will be approved. State Law requires that a 20-Day waiting period be observed before the com missioners act on such a change. This is to allow additional comment on the proposal. A commission spokesman said after the meeting that detailed information on the Bear and boar alternatives will be made available to the Public within the next few Days. In other action the out doormen s Agency approved a proposal to restrict use of the Field trial facility on the san Hills game lands North of Rockingham to 16 Days per month four Days per week. The area will also be off limits for the training of Bird dogs. The commissioners agreed to cancel construction of the proposed Basin Creek hatchery in Wilkes county and to phase out operation of the fish hatchery at roaring Gap in other action concerning Trout the Inland fisheries division won approval to extend the stocking season two months through december. This will enable the hatcheries to raise two broods per year without holding one Over during the period from october to March an expensive opera Tion since the fish must be fed for four extra months. Zeroing on August fishing by Jim Dean some 10 or 15 years ago All but the most fanatical Bass fishermen Hung up their tackle during late july and August. Fishing was so consistently bad that it was t Worth the Effort. Old traditions die hard and you still run into Bass fishermen who wipe off the dog Day sweat and talk about waiting until but the new Breed of Bass fishermen knows better. They be Learned that late summer is one of the few times when Bass Are relatively predictable. In hot weather the Bass adopt a pattern which can make it easier to catch them if you know what you re do ing and you be got plenty of one expert told me recently. His theory is that the Bass will often gather at certain places around Structure in deep water. The fish Are looking for cover Comfort and food and they la usually find it anywhere from 15 to 30 feet deep along some drop off old Channel or underwater explained my Friend. I use a fish finder to Check out Likely looking spots and i la even run an oxygen and temperature Check. I be Learned that if i can catch one Bass i la usually catch quite a few More in the same he said. They seem to school up during hot weather when they find a place they like and the Fisherman who is smart enough or Lucky enough to find them can have some of the Best fishing of the that certainly jibes with my late summer Bass fishing experiences. It s a Boom or bust situation. There have been Many trips when i just could t find the fish but on other occasions my friends and i have loaded stringers with Bass. Almost in variably the fish were caught at one or two spots. We d find them then we d Anchor and fish with weighted plastic Worms or deep running plugs. You might fish the Bend in a sub merged Creek Channel for hours without moving quite frankly although this is an effective technique. 1 find it rather Boring 1 get tired of throwing the same bait to the same spot and dragging it Back across the same cover hour after hour. If you re catching an occasional Bass it helps but it s still not my favorite kind of fishing. Yeah. I my Friend old me but some of the Best strings of Bass during the whole year will be caught that Way not to mention some of the biggest fish. Besides it s a perfect Way to spend an August he said. You sit see zeroing on 5c All outdoors pesticide study under Way a study to determine the of the pesticide Methyl Parathion on wildlife populations in the farm environment is being under taken by the , wildlife resources commission and North Carolina state univer sity according to Sid Baynes. Assistant chief of the wildlife commission s division of game the purpose of the study is to determine the effects on wildlife of environmental pollutants such As pesticides and herbicides. Methyl Parathion was chosen for the study because it has received less study and because it is the pesticide most extensively used on North Carolina farmlands. Commission wildlife biologists and a graduate Stu Dent from n. C. State univer sity have begun collecting rabbits and Quail from farmlands in the coastal and Piedmont regions of the state where extensive use of the pesticide is made and where detailed records have been kept on the amounts used. Collections will also be made from control where no pesticides Are used. An analysis of the animals will be made to determine the degree of Uptake of the pesticide if any. And will be made to determine potential effects on wildlife populations. The red cockade Woodpecker is one of North Carolina s endangered wildlife species but wildlife resources commis Sion biologists Are working hard to insure that these rare Birds survive Harlan Hall supervisor of the commission s Central game lands reports that his Crews have located 278 More red cockade Woodpecker nest cavity Trees on the san Hills game land. This brings the total to 361 nest cavity Trees which have been located and marked. These nesting Sites will be carefully protected. If you d like to help fund the commission s efforts to save endangered and non game species of wildlife you can make a contribution through the Carolina Conser see pesticide on 5c just thinking mostly about various things by Benny Phillips associate sports editor i Don t know when it happens to you but i find my mind wonders Best just before i go to sleep and when i m Hunting or fishing alone. I m sure we All have those times when without continuity such things As personal Joys and sorrows Hunting and fishing trips world problems conservation and countless other topics Drift in and out of our thoughts. Like a dream of any kind Day dreams Are hard to remember but take this week for example. Sonny Hedgecock and i left High Point rather Early wednesday morning to do some Long Range groundhog shooting in the Hillsville va., area. We solved a lot of problems in the course of our talking on the Way there. Then we went to this farm with big rolling pastures where shooting at whistle pigs you can Strain your Rifle with shots up to 600 Yards. Anyway Sonny took one pasture and i took another. We hunted alone in the sense that we weren t Hunting steel shot zones Are clarified Phillips the . Fish and wildlife service has made final approval of the zones where steel shot will be required to Hunt waterfowl in Currituck county this fall. According to Federal officials steel shot ammunition Only will be permitted for waterfowl Hunting in Currituck county ., on All open Waters lakes Ponds marshes swamps Rivers and streams and within a 150 Yard zone of land adjacent to the margin of such Waters. Cropland drainage ditches in cultivated Fields and temporary Sheet water on cultivated Fields will be excluded from this provision actually the final Regula Tion is basically the same As before except that the 150 Yard zone has been added along with a clearer state ment of what constitutes allowable Hunting areas. Earlier this year the fish and wildlife service announced that the use of Lead shot would be banned for the first time in portions of nine states this fall. Currituck county was one of those nine places but the ban has been amended to permit the use of Lead shot in Fields for Goose and other waterfowl Hunting. Federal officials explain thai the nine areas were picked because they were traditional waterfowl Hunting areas where the Lead shot has been accumulating for years. It has been shown that waterfowl which accidentally pick up this Lead shot while ingesting Sand May die of Lead poisoning. Major ammunition companies have indicated that they foresee no shortage of steel shot ammunition for Hunters in these nine areas including Currituck. Steel shot will be distributed through retail outlets with a heavy emphasis on placing extra shells in the Currituck area. Steel shot ammunition will also be available elsewhere in North Carolina especially in retail sporting goods stores in the larger population areas. All of the major ammunition manufacturers have urged that sportsmen not use steel shot in their most valuable guns reserving its use for less expensive weapons. The reason is because steel shot can cause barrel damage to guns under certain conditions. The word renew probably does t mean a thing to you right now but it will if All goes Well with the plans be ing developed by the . Wildlife resources com Mission s division of game. Renew is an acronym which Means renewed emphasis now on an environment for wildlife. Although still in the formative stage one of the goals is to insure that suitable wildlife habitat particularly on farms and other privately owned lands is not destroyed. A second goal is to provide Access for Hunters to High Quality lands. Also it is expected that renew will Aid in research projects concerning the biology and management of wildlife species the Overall idea will be to work out a Way to provide an interchange of services Between Farmers or other landowners and sportsmen. Landowners who become a part of the program will be provided special services in Exchange for permitting Public Hunting under special restrictions. The services provided to landowners will most Likely include special wildlife habitat improvement planting materials surveys and guidance from biologists assistance in Protection against unauthorized trespass by Hunters As Well As Many other services. New studies will also be made on such subjects As Rabbit and Quail populations dynamics wildlife diseases and the effects of pollutants on Small game populations. As plans Are completed there will be More releases explaining the details of How renew will work. Keep a Lookout for them. Illegal Deer Hunters used Golf cart by Tom Higgins most golfers go to the course seeking birdies and eagles. Three South Carolina players however have been charged with Hunting Bucks and not the kind of golfer wins in bets with his buddies or for placing in a tournament. . Wildlife department Law enforcement agents cited Olin s. Winningham sr., his son Olin jr., and Glenn j. Shuler with Jack lighting Deer from a Golf cart a few Days ago at Berkeley county country club. The Wenningham Are from nearby monks Corner. Shuler resides in Shulerville. Arresting officers James Mill and Tony weeks said the elder Wenningham 76, and Shuler 20, were apprehended in the Golf cart. Wenningham jr., 29, was arrested standing nearby. All three were charged with night Hunting. Wildlife department sources said blood and hair samples taken from the cart were Analysed As that of Whitetail Deer. Officers Hill and weeks seized firearms Buckshot shells and the cart. Wager the alleged poachers could also be reprimanded for violating the rules of Golf As Well As game Law regulations. It s almost a certainty they did t shout before they fired. 1 when the . Wildlife commission met in Raleigh this week its chief business was the establishment of water fowl seasons and bag limits. However several other items of importance to pied Mont area sportsmen were on the Agenda. Included were proposals to regulate the use of the Field trial facility on the san Hills game lands to con Sider suggested changes on the Bear and wild boar seasons earlier established across the state to extend the Trout stocking season and cancel construction of the Basin Creek hatchery in Wilkes county. Inland fishery division personnel contend the Basin Creek hatchery is no longer needed and Are proposing to divert funds appropriated for its construction to implement repairs needed within the present hatchery system. Commissioners and the game division staff alike were mum on what s up in the controversial Bear and boar situation. Mike Robertson son of kure Beach fishing pier operator Bill Robertson says he now knows what it s like to be a mid wife. Young Robertson was on duty at the pier tackle shop last sunday when Charles free of Gastonia hooked into a mighty fish. When free s catch was finally pulled to the deck of the coastal Angling Structure it proved to be a 70-Pound Bat the second we got it on Board it was obvious something funny was recalled Mike. All of a sudden babies started flopping out and we stood there in Shock. No one on the pier had Ever seen anything like it before. Finally we came to our senses and started getting them Back into the water. Ten Little rays were born in All. When it appeared she was through giving birth the Mother was eased Back in when last seen swimming out to sea Mommy and baby bats appeared to be doing Well. Those alleged Par Hunting poachers from South Carolina Aren t the Only golfers making outdoor news. Pro tour Star Johnny Miller an avid outdoors Man has been named honorary chairman of National Hunting and fishing Day scheduled this year for sept. 25. Many people relax playing said Miller. I can t do that so i take it easy by Hunting waterfowl and fishing. I agree totally with what the Day is trying to do. I think it is important to show the conservation Side of Hunting and fishing. Outdoors men started the conserva Tion movement in this country and have provided billion for that purpose in the last 50 years. I think this is something the general Public which has been exposed to a lot of anti Hunting propaganda should know Miller succeeds North carolinian Jim Catfish Hunter As honorary chairman. Two meetings to determine Public suggestions for management Protection and development of Cape Lookout National seashore near Morehead City have been scheduled next month. A session has been scheduled sept. 14, at Mckimmon education Center on the Campus of n. C. State univer sity in Raleigh. It will be followed sept. 16 by a hearing at the Marine resources Center in Pine Knoll shores West of Atlantic Beach. Both begin at 7 . Near each other. It gives a lot of time for thinking. Mind to body Well Here i am groundhog shooting Rifle and All. But really what i m doing is trying to Sharpen my shooting Eye for Deer season. Wonder Why it is i cannot seem to get october and november and Deer Hunting off my mind. Those three i saw alongside the Highway the other night sure got me in the mood. Let s see. It s Only about six weeks until the season opens in some areas of the state and three months until the season opens in the Wharrie area. We re a funny Bunch of creatures the Way we Bounce things around in our society. I wonder if animals sometimes laugh and Tell jokes on humans. They could. I mean just Riding up Here this morning i was thinking Back to the gasoline shortage. It seemed like the end of the world then. Now it is forgotten and there Are lawmakers already trying to get the Speed limit raised. Really Why do we need to go any faster than we Are already moving seems like everybody wants to see How much they can get done before they die. Seems we be forgotten How to Pace ourselves and get some enjoyment out of life. Then again Why worry about Speed limits when nobody much observes them anyway. 1 suppose there s a Bright Side to that too. Look at the Bright Side. Perhaps a gun registration Law or other legislation con trolling the Law abiding citizen if passed will be observed like the 55 mile per hour Speed limit. Boy that will sure skyrocket the annual Fri crime report if they make criminals of All of us who won t give up our but then everybody has the right to opinion including the gun control and anti Hunting groups but it is difficult to understand people making decisions and making up their minds on issues before looking into and studying every Side of an Issue. Nevertheless we All do it. I suppose there is just something inside our Heads which make us this Way. Maybe god put it there to keep our Heads from falling off. And granted there Are Many who cannot unders tand the Hunters mind and those of us who Hunt find it difficult to put that experience in words. But a realistic look it seems would convince the non Hunter that propaganda of blood lust cannot hold water. Who has a More vested interest in wildlife than the Hunter hold it there s a whistle pig moving on that next Hill. Let s see now stretch out Flat on the ground Rifle across the Blanket get it in the Cross hairs of the scope slow your breathing and get your pulse Down slow now take a deep breath and let about half the air out. Now squeeze slowly bang How in the world did i miss time passes. Anytime Sonny. Sure i m ready to go. Heard you shooting Over there did you get Many no i did t do very Well either. Just could t hit one today but i really had an enjoyable afternoon. I m glad we i boating i i by Julius Cooper i finally found the boat that satisfied most though not All of my requirements. It s a 38-foot Chris Craft Connie double Cabin in excellent mint Bristol Condi Tion of the varnished surfaces. Everyone who has seen the boat or has stepped aboard stops to Admire the finish and the same question is asked How did you do i did to but i think i can Tell How it was done and i think Many of you will be interested. There has been a move on a dry warm Day. A ment afoot to Stop varnishing Day without wind if that s and to paint the surfaces. One of the reasons is the work involved in producing a Fine finish figure on taking anywhere from two to three times As Long to varnish any Given area As you would need to paint it. However varnishes have a tougher life afloat than paint one reason being the passage of ultraviolet rays through the surface where one coat of paint would do the Job at least two Coats of varnish Are required. If it s new work figure on at least four Coats the same for old work sanded to Bare Wood preparation is the keynote to Success remember there is no pig ment to cover imperfections in Many cases the old finish will have to be removed and you can bet there will be some dark spots remaining. You have to bleach the area. You can buy a bleach or you can make your own. I made some quite some time ago. Using one half cup of oxalic acid in a quart of hot water. This is a Poison and so Label it As such. I then made an acid neutralizer a cup of Borax in a quart of hot water. Use the oxalic acid on the dark spots leaving it on Long enough to lighten the spots to match the surrounding area. Stop the action of the bleach with the neutralizer Wash it off with fresh water and allow it to dry at least 12 hours. There Are times when a paste Wood filler is required to Seal the Grain of the open Wood. When using a sealer always work a Small area at a Lime. When it s Dull rub it off us ing a rough cloth. Don t Dis card the rub rag when it gets loaded the More filler it contains the better it is. Varnishing should be done possible. Consider using plastic sheets As a wind and dust shield All sorts of problems can plague a coat of varnish from varnish peeling to bubbles in the finish. Peeling generally is caused by poor sanding old varnish still on or insufficient sanding. Have a sufficient number of tack rags on hand. It s better to have More than to find yourself Short with dust to be removed and Only dirty dust Laden tack rags on hand. Don t save partially hardened varnish left Over from a Day s work. Dump it you la be a lot happier and you la have a finer Job. Bubbles can be a real problem and can spoil any finish. Just a few tips the Brush you use must be prepared by working out All the air in the bristles. Do this by laying the Brush Over some sort of Container then pouring varnish Over the Brush. Work the entrapped air out of the bristles at this time. Take care when pouring varnish from the can into the pail to keep out air bubbles and Don t forget the drip cup. First dip the Brush gently in the pail then using the drip cup Knock the drops off and flow the varnish on. Try not to go Back and Forth too much. Work Only about six feet at a time and take a nearly dry Brush and go Back Over any bubbles that have appeared. It should be easy to smooth and that should be the end of the bubbles. Varnishing or painting can be a real chore. Before starting out on this adventure and believe me that s exactly what it can be be sure you have planned Well. Plan your time As Well As material and tools and boating on 5c

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