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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 10b High Point Enterprise thursday August 26, 1976 attire across 1 jacket 5 Chapeau 8 Waistcoat 12 one time 13 Island of i 14 hebrew month 15 roman Road 16 cooking utensil t7 quote 18 Flowers to maxes a record it 72 exclamation of reproof 24 rodent ?5 vocations 29 persian fairy pm i 33 brazilian Macaw j4 Signet 36 native of Copenhagen 37 parts of the Mouth 39 bound 41 unused 42 ship s spars 44 milk producing farms 46 tear 48 Golf teacher icon i 49 income 53 Small Candle 57 Athena by male sheep 60 Rescue 61 Bridge term 62 greek letter 63 Woody Plant 64 chums 65 unusual gift a 66 dispatch Down 1 Coconut fib i 2 preposition 3 High cards 4 rounded ask Andy 5 a boots 6 boy s name 7 singing voice 8 emptied 9 redact 10 glut 11 very it 19 takes to court 21 faucet 23 allowance Tor waste 25 Serene 26 operatic Solo 27 knocks 28 spoke 30 hindu Queen 31 Arrow Poison 33 makes attire 35 jump 38 Rivers 40 filth 43 moral wrong 45 Cooks in oven 47 thick soup 49 grate 50 Girt s name 51 calf meat 52 takes food 54 Peel 55 not Odd 56 Organ part 59 cartography 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 to 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 a 20 21 22 23 l 25 26 27 28 a 29 l 30 31 32 33 a i 35 in 37 >38 a i 40 a 4, 42 43 a 44 45 46 47 a 48 49 50 51 52 a 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 i 62 63 64 i i i i 65 66 26 new Spafth knt Thrist Assn read the classified ads Andy sends the encyclopaedia Britannica a 1976 yearbook of science and the future to Jeff Sengbusch age la of South St. Paul minn., for his question what is the difference Between minerals and rocks when Andy was a very Young Pixie he used to play a game called a animal vegetable or nowadays we play this game quite so easily. In addition to the Plant and animal kingdoms we would have to include the Moneran and prot Stan kingdoms which contain the bacteria various algae and other wee beauties. Even the Mineral kingdom could be divided into minerals and rocks a because there is quite a bit of difference Between the two. There Are some 1,500 different kinds of minerals and All but about 150 Are rather rare. All minerals have a More or less definite chemical composition and for this reason Only elements and compounds Are included As honest to gosh minerals Sand would not qualify As a Mineral since samples of Sand from different places have different chemical makeups. Minerals Are substances that occur naturally in our world. They include diamonds Gold Copper and pyrite. Man made substances such As synthetic diamonds Bronze and steel Are not included because they must be manufactured. Also to qualify As a Mineral a substance must be composed of materials that have never been alive. This would exclude Coal since Coal is formed from the remains of plants and animals which once lived Long ago. When we put together All the things that a Mineral is we get a substance that has a definite chemical composition is found in our natural world and is made from material that has never lived strictly speaking these Are not the Only qualifiers that make a substance a Mineral and not something else but without getting too Ticky Tacky they will do. A Rock would seem to qualify As a Mineral in a number of ways. However if we started taking rocks apart we would soon find that most rocks Are made up of two or More different minerals for cd a Flowers Happy birthday anniversary Etc what a Beautiful Way to Greet that special person1 you will always be remembered. A a a \ Vav Hazel Williams decor to amp of i amp 4018 s. Main St. Tel. 431-2101 y example Granite is a Rock composed of the minerals feldspar Quartz and biotite. Shale another Rock is composed of Iolite Mica and Quartz. The minerals feldspar Garnet muscovite and Quartz can Combine to form the banded Pink and Gray Rock we know As gneiss. There Are Many different kinds of rocks and generally they Are classified by the Way in which they were formed. Igneous rocks Are formed in the fiery volcanoes of the Earth sedimentary rocks Are formed from particles of other rocks that have been cemented together usually by great pressure. A third class of rocks is the metamorphic rocks. These Are sedimentary or igneous rocks that have been changed by heat pressure or chemical action. Generally when we think of rocks we think of something hard and heavy. Pumice however is a Rock that is so Light that it can float on water it was once volcanic lava that was bubbled throughout with tiny pockets of Gas. As the gases escaped they left millions of tiny bubbles that make it floatable Andy sends a student Globe to Jeannette Naylor age 9, of Niagara Falls ont., Canada for her question what Are curds and whey everyone remembers the Nursery rhyme about Little miss Muffet who was frightened by a spider As she was eating a particular snack. This snack was curds and whey and perhaps was an Early name for a form of cottage cheese or a cheese of similar nature. In Modem cheese plants the fresh milk has special bacteria added to it to make it thicken. At just the right time when the milk is thick enough rennet extract is added to make the milk form curds. The curds Are the solid particles of the milk that have coagulated together. The liquid portion which remains is called the whey. The curd is separated from the whey and processed a number of times until it finally becomes cheese of one form or another. 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