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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday August 26, 1976 7bsnack foods Are easier to eat than pronounce by Joel Epstein when jewish immigrants came to Settle the new Israel they brought with them the habit of snacks. And one bus station stall that Sells Salty turkish pastries boasts it is a internationally Tel Aviv a when the children of Israel made their exodus from Egypt they had no time to make leavened bread so they lived in the desert on unleavened loaves and manna from heaven a snacks instead of meals unlike the French italians or chinese whose kitchens produce Multi course gourmet repast the israelis have built an entire National cuisine on hundreds of varieties of sandwiches puddings candies and titbits from All Over the world. Some bus station favourites Sharma a an iraqi dish of grilled Turkey meat marinated in a mixture of garlic peppers cumin and other spices. The arabs use Lamb instead of Turkey. The meat is stuffed in bread and seasoned with hot sauce pickles and a Sambar a a sour Mango sauce. Bourekas a Flaky turkish pastries filled with meat spinach or cheese Bourekas Are served with an egg boiled in water seasoned with onion flakes giving it a Brown color and a sweetish taste. Four thousand years later Many some of these nibbles Are As unpronounceable As they Are unpalatable to westerners a for example a a an Arab Sandwich of grilled sheep a teat which tastes like roasted rubber bands or a a Sweet turkish pudding with the consistency of second hand Bubble gum. From Page 6b such As Elizabeth Arden Kevlon Helena Rubinstein and Estee Lauder for example All say they routinely test new products for skin and Eye irritation sensitization the development of a sensitivity to a product after usage and lethal dosage How much of this must be ingested to kill. That s Fine for them what of the other smaller companies9 and what of this reaction from Edward Kavanaugh director of government relations of the cosmetic toiletry and fragrance association the Industry s lobby a there s nothing in that regulation about testing a a he says. A fall it requires is substantiation for safety and to us it Means that the manufacturer on the basis of All the knowledge available to him a which May or May not include testing a substantiates that the product is Safe to Market a the Fua itself does no to want the testing Burden says John Wenninger Deputy director of the Agency s division of cosmetic technology because of its limited resources a and its the manufacturers responsibility to determine product safety he says. A How Are we going to Monitor that9 i could t say. Of Adverse reactions come pouring in about a product we can request the company to submit its safety data but the company does no to have to Congress May eventually help the Senate currently is considering legislation calling for specific pre Market tests by cosmetic firms the submission of unscreened Adverse reaction reports to the Fua and criminal and civil penalties for any firm refusing an Fua request for safety data. No Cor responding Bill in the House has been introduced As of this writing so there you Are when the new labels Start appearing you la know approximately which chemicals you re smearing on your face but you la be buying them the Way you have been on experience a and Faith new wheels improving promptness Amsterdam was designer Johanna Buisson. 35. I in p r o v e d female employ yes promptness at the office by supplying them with bicycles to replace autos buses and what have you a a two wheelers get through traffic easier than four wheelers a she said mrs Huissen gets to work before All her employees with her own kind of transportation a i travel on roller skates the Best exercise of other snacks Are quite tasty. Especially popular with tourists and Western immigrants Are falafel piquant balls of ground chickpeas served in a hollow loaf of Arab a a Pitta bread and a who Lummous a which is chickpeas paste they have found such favor with the Western palate that some israeli emigrants make a living Selling them on the streets of Manhattan a a Creel a a some stands have charcoal Barbecue on which they a Greel Quot to order Sha Shlick a cubed Lamb a steaks and pork chops discreetly called a White Steak in the jewish state where pork is a violation of religious Law. The a a greeted meat is stuffed in bread with chopped lettuce hot sauce and pickles. Many israeli snacks Are reputed to have therapeutic benefits. Kil Afel claims one Vendor of the stuff a gives Strong arms and prevents the sour Ambar sauce a improves one of the Best places to savor the full smorgasbord of israeli snacks is the Tel Aviv Central bus station noisy and teeming the streets around the bus depot Are lined with a Nash Era a yiddish for snacks the Cooks at the bus station jealously guard the recipes of their products As Trade secrets a i studied for two years to learn my Trade a says Yossi the falafel maker nicknamed a Yossi the pious for the scraggly Beard he is raising what these stalls Lack in elegance they make up for in name. There is the a Center of the Orient falafel a regal ice Cream Palace a jumpsuits it the hottest news in fashion for fall �?~76 a wealth of new Silvery and Gold tone Boston link chains in graduated lengths what s everyone popping into this season the jumpsuit because it s at Home practically anywhere. And it has that Zippy lighthearted look you love. These new jumpsuits work with to shirts turtlenecks add a Scarf or several strands of chains. We be got so Many jumpsuits for you to try on we can t begin to show them a so Here s an example our comfortable 100% polyester jumpsuit. Elasticized at the Waist with Short sleeve styling slant pockets and Tab Button front for Missy sizes. 32.00. But see our entire collection of one piece dressing for Missy and Junior sizes that offers a delightful change of Pace from dresses and pants. Mere a the status chains that Shine like one Contd ions strand of spun Gold or sier it s Chic to year them singly or in multiples of 15", 18 ?4 my Al lengths Tor Subtle sophistication downtown and Westchester mall your it Ilion advisor h Point Down town and we St he Ste r Wall Salisbury a Winston Salem a Asheboro a Burlington a Statesville your fashion advisor High Point a downtown and Westchester mall Salisbury a Winston Salem a Asheboro a Burlington a Statesville re to

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