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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Ask Andy High Point Enterprise Friday August 25, 1972 7b Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit student encyclopedia to Douglas Cosom a9e la of Darlington South Carolina for his question How Large Are Newborn ants a Small Fly is not necessarily a member of the youth generation. A scurrying ant who seems smaller than she should be is not necessarily a Junior miss. These insects maybe merely smaller than the usual species in their family groups. They appeared in their fully grown adult forms and their sizes will remain unchanged through the rest of their lives. Insects of this sort develop through four phases and their first three forms do not resemble the adult stage at All. A Busy ant begins her life As a Pale egg. About the size of a pinprick. It is not one of the so called ant eggs they sell for fish and Turtle food. After a period of pampering by diligent nursemaid it hatches into the Grubby larva about the size of a Pinhead. It now resembles a miniature Bowling pin. With a Black string under to ask a question of Andy address postal cards a not letters a to ask Andy care of the High Point Enterprise. Be sure to include your name age name of your parents and address. Valuable Prises Are Given to those whose questions Are selected for the column. Routine fire Calls answered firemen answered four routine Calls earlier this week. Three tuesday and one wednesday. At 1 16 . Tuesday they were called to Tryon Street when a tar vat overheated without causing any damage. A grass fire at 5 40 . Tuesday at the rear of a vacant House on Triangle Lake Road was extinguished by neighbors before firemen arrived. There was n o damage. The probable cause was listed As children playing with matches. At 10 55 . Tuesday a malicious false alarm came in from the Box at e. Grimes and Mangum avenues. Wednesday at about 9 am a defective ballast in a Light caused an alarm at . Mutual insurance co. On e. Washington drive. There was no fire or damage Trinity reunion the Trinity High school class of 1967 will hold a reunion saturday at 6 . At City Lake shelter 3. Class members and former teachers should bring a picnic supper. Mac mums for pilots Ano Toom of Opie fit kit Atni 1 the a a a it it Tai 49wo 6iuf Tai Thrifty up of Jaq a Asis Naomi Trio g Tel or--1 a a a a a a la All agis admitt6d a a a a a a it o a a a Quot Ltd i if a a a it o Sot a motor Tot in a not to Quot la Tobl lore % pm strict id a Ltd a a it a vat Swifton Moom Omo i a it to of urn a a a Aff a b w a a a w a wow am m Mem mtg the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise songs cmhb3b restaurant 2872 n. Main Tai. 885-8862 open 7 Days week serving the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call 885-8862 the head at the narrow end. The pampered larva eats and grows to the size of a Grain of wheat. Then comes time for the sleeping pupa stage. In some species the pupae Are naked. In others they Are wrapped in Pale Silken cocoons. These Are the so called ant eggs sold to feed certain pets. As a Rule they Are almost As big As the adult ants who tend them with such Dutiful care. Though a pupa appears to be inactive biological processes Are remodelling the Grubby body inside the cocoon. This miraculous process of in e t Morphosis completely changes the helpless legless larva into a very adult ant. When she hatches she is As big As she will Ever be. The batches of ant eggs Are Laid by the Queen Mother. But they need the family Colony of diligent workers to help them through the first three helpless stages of life. Busy nursemaid Wash them and continuously carry them to places where warmth and moisture Are just right. During the Day. They Are toted to Chambers near the top of the nest. At night they Are moved to less Chilly Chambers below. Sometimes the Bulky cocoons Are taken outdoors for an airing in the Sun. The nursemaid duties Are Well organized from Start to finish. The batches of eggs Are treated in units of 20 or so. They cling together in their own Little Nursery of crumbly soil. The Sticky larvae also cling together. Their first meals Are partly digested by their Nuse maids and later they eat solid food. The smaller ones that Hatch later Are fed larger helpings and the Brood reaches the wheat Grain size at the same time. The sleeping cocoons Are shifted to larger nurseries. Somehow the nursemaid know when each pupa is ready to Hatch. They bite a Hole in the casing pull and tug to help the fully developed ant to emerge. However the newly arrived sister is Pale and very shaky. The nursemaid Wash her straighten her cramped legs and unlink her antennas. Then they drag her outside by the neck or legs. In a Short Short while the new arrival is ready to assume her adult duties. She May live ten Busy years but she will never grow any bigger. Andy sends $10.00 to Theresa Davolt age 13, of Wichita Kansas for Hor question do penguins live outside the Antarctic most people Are surprised to learn that one species of Penguin lives at the Equator. Only two species make their Homes on the land mass of Antarctica. One is the Adelie Penguin who trudges far Inland to nest on the Frozen ice Sheet. The other is the giant emperor Penguin who stands three feet tall on his Flat feet and tips the Scales at about 90 pounds. Another 14 species live on Antarctic islands and As far North As South America and South Africa. One of these is the smallest member of the family the Little Blue Penguin of Australia and new zealand. He stands no taller than 12 inches. The equatorial species is the Galapagos Penguin. His ancestors probably got to these islands by Accident. When Strong gales carried them on the Humboldt current that sweeps from Antarctic along the West coast of South America. Ivov if i i off 7 Cine emf at of j to v a. Shopping c it no a l la of by Al a St r or my his or of Elf parking a kiss my Mats Elk and a a thigh spy Uli continuous showing from 7 pm on weekdays 3 pm sat. And Sun. Center i 152 South main Stuit Bussi to s and stereos to rental inc. Rent to own serving High Point and Thomasville 882-8319 if 7 Zowi eee. It s another Mcdonald saturday morning movie party free with a ticket from Mcdonald s or 50. Bob Hope Phyllis Diller a Brand new seven m doing a on the blink Well fix it in a Wink bothered by fuzzy hazy to screens tired of Static prone radios want better stereo sound. We can help whenever you have electronic troubles Call us. Well Pix them in a Wink with the right parts you need. Charlies radi0-t.v. Sales and service 512 English Road phone 885-8916 seven ride if or str in i Stefanie Powers Michael Callan Pedro Armendariz. Or. Ever be skin Arthur rower a Calihan George Mccowan color to Martin twin ii Tot Verc Mem Toivi Ai nov United artists i held Over a second week i somebody warn the fest Nigger Charley Ain t running no More. Pointer a 1 Abii Nsoto to to limited engagement Quot undoubtedly the Best gangster film Ever made a masterful pm of storytelling. It merits becoming one of the most seen films of All a if �.,� to a to it <�?�.f m Quot the Best picture of the year one. Perhaps to eventually rank up there with gone with the wind. A stunning Brilliant perform Ance by Marlon Brando truly a Milestone film i fort lilith a a Quot a powerhouse film whose title should be written in letters of tire Brando gives an unforgettable to it to. of i Kay a in it hrs Pieta pm pm Mai a Larry g. Spangle production a the legend of Nigger Charley a tim of Williamson do Urville Martin Don Pedro Colley shows 2 00 3 50 5 40 7 30 pgi3jitjtilf ra9 20 0 Towne i theatre ind k Mart Eelk lug a ripping tearing blockbuster of a movie As charged with excitement As a hoodlum using a machine gun As shocking As the St. Valentine s Day to Quot a brutal yet moving film a gangster epic terribly brutal and technically a a a. M a.-, Quot one of those movies that makes you want to go outside and whoop with Joy when it s Over. Just because it s so Damn Good. Three glorious hours of movie Gong a a o Cho t it now at popular prices j sorry no passes this attraction open 8 00 show at dusk Quot godfather plays twice log the perils of a to Medico by Linda Deutsch associated press writer Hollywood a the scene was a festive Hollywood dinner party. Suddenly an elderly Man slumped in his chair and someone shouted a is there a doctor in the House a instinctively David Hartman and John Saxon both jumped up. Just then a real doctor rushed Forward and the to doctors settled Back. Hartman who stars with Saxon in televisions a the tells the Story to illustrate How deeply involved actors become in Lon term roles As doctors. With his show preparation a including medical research attendance at medical seminars and weeks As an observer at hospitals a Hartman concedes head be tempted to administer treatment in emergencies. A but there is an ethical he says. A what if i did something wrong it would be easier if i were a Layman with no connection to Medicine. In my Case people would say a of. He s an actor and or thinks he knows so much about a in the Case of a heart attack i could probably use common sense or simply first Aid like any other Layman. It would depend on the situation a Hartman the tall Rangy actor who portrays or. Hunter the cardiologist with a kindly bedside manner is entering his fourth season on the series which switches time slots this year from its a bold ones period every other sunday night to a weekly spot every tuesday night. Because of the Long running role strangers As Well As friends tend to treat Hartman As a Cdr. a people constantly Call me when they have a medical problem a he says. A my answer a Hartman says jokingly a is take two aspirins lots of liquids get bed rest and Call me a actually a he adds. A i refer them to a although he wont give prescriptions offscreen Hartman is beating out Many real doctors As the most sought after lecturer at medical societies and doctors and nurses conventions. In recent months he has travelled the country speaking to groups including the american medical association s convention of medical society presidents the american College of Chest physicians the association of operating room nurses and the los Angeles county medical society. He also dedicated a medical Center at Gallipolis Ohio and attended an acupuncture clinic at Stanford University. Hartman As lecturer usually tells his audiences that television can educate the Public about medical care and ease fears of illness. More and More lie tries to have a say Iii the kind of shows presented on a the doctors Quot pushing for informative topics. A my whole thrust has been to make sure we Are doing shows where we can make some kind of contribution a Hartman says. 7 30 Mayberry a 8 00 special olympic games preview 2 10 00 love american style is ugh pts 8 2 Wpm Greensboro of a Btu Charlotte 3 we no uni varsity station cd a Gap High paint is soc Charlotte a Wols Roanoke god Wujs Winsten Salem 4 00 . 2 news weather sports j news 4 what a new 8 Abc news 3 eyewitness news que 6 of clock news 4 30 . It lbs news a consultation d to Tell the truth Abc news 7 00 . D Andy Griffith 5 news 4 evening edition its to Tell the truth 8 l0i truth or consequences a news 7 30 . Cd beat the clock j let s make a Deal cd Mayberry Rud 4 Hodge podge Lodge do Hoe Haw to truth or consequences a Green acres 1 00 do o Hara. Ust 4 Washington week i olympics preview Jwj a the partners 1 30 . 4 Tiger by the Tail gds a Vietnam Hindsight f . Do nil game 9 30 . D Fine Art of goofing off 10 00 . 8 a give american style 10 30 . Of the partners id Rifleman a rolling on the River 11 00 d news 3 news h news it news weather sports 11 30 . Go news to Dick Cavett do Khz Johnny Carson Psi std 4 30 pm Star trek 5 30 pm High Chaparral 7 30 pm Green acres saturday 4 30 . To now 7 00 cd summer semester j Kirby in friends Popeye to insight n report 7 30 d Tom and Jerry 8 Ca pm Noah f make room for daddy to profile us cartoon carnival 1 00 . Do hugs Bunny do a or. Doolittle 8 real Jerry Lewis 1 30 . Do Scawby Doo 8 Road runner f 10 a Deputy Dawg 9 00 . Do Harlem globetrotters 8 Funky phantom f to it Woody Woodpecker 9 30 . Do the hair Bear Bunch of a a f101 Panther of Jackson five 10 00 do pebbles and bamm bamm cd olympics opening is a a the Jet sons 10 30 . Cd d Archie a to funnies do a Barrier reef 11 00 am. Do Sabrina teen age Witch do take a giant step Tatj children s theater 11 30 . Do Josie and the pussycats 12 noon do the monkeys 3 10/11 or wizard if j Johnny quest 12 30 do children a film 8 Lancelot link of happiness is. To a Buga Loos 1 00 of american bandstand rolling on the River to wrestling 12 i spy 1 30 . A sports Challenge 2 00 . J untamed world cd lets talk to 12 wild wild West Foj soul train 2 30 . J j Golf for swingers d Daniel Boone 3 00 . Cd Wally s workshop i Laurel amp Hardy a Mehales Navy 3 30 . D something else of j survival a conversation 4 . J roller Derby Foj wrestling a baseball 4 30 . F survival 5 00 . Do pro match play 8 wide world of sports 3 untamed world a Wilburn Brothers 5 30 . 3 Simon Locke m d a Arthur Smith capsule views of today s evening programs 7 . 2 Andy Griffith British comedian Bemar j Fox plays the peripatetic englishman who returns to Mayberry and upsets aunt Bee with his efficiency. 7 30 . 2 beat the clock Bort Convy is the guest. 8 Mayberry red Howard becomes the Host of a local television literary program which features poetry readings. He also becomes attached to an Anonymous fan. 12 Green acres an old Friend of Oliver and Lisa pays them a visit for a Little rest and r e i a nation of which he gets very Little i . J _ o Hara a o Hara poses As an arms dealer to get to the source of a machine gun Model in the hands of criminals. I olympics preview hosts Jim Mckay and Chris Schenkel give the history of the olympic games preview the sports to be played in Munich spotlight the outstanding teams in each sport look at the olympic venues and introduce a cast of commentators. 12 the partners Del Crooke nearly loses his life when he poses As a criminal. 1 30 . 12 Vietnam Hindsight an updated version of the neg White paper special originally presented dec. 21 and 22, focusing on the dramatic events and decisions of a 34 month period that led the . Into a deepening involvement in the War in Vietnam. 9 . 2 _ football nil preseason game pitting the Washington redskins against the Detroit Lions. 10 . I love american style a four a love and. Episodes Are to be presented

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