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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Relaxation ant Ortr to a frogs Punla across knowing foe clues play North d 25 a 105 v a63 a k4 a k.q85 4 West East a j73 a 94 2 Vuk 10 5 v j2 a j763 a a q 952 a103 2 a j 9 6 South a ak86 vq9874 a 108 a a 7 North South vulnerable West North West South i a pass i v pass i . Pass 2 a pass 3 pass 4 v pads pass pass opening Lead -�T�3 3 sport 5 frolic 9 pleasure 32 islands for 13 French girls name 34 the Gums Anat 35 Gibbons 16 traps 38 cylindrical 20 Mou la like opening Anat 21 foolish 23 kind of test 24 Wool source 26 building Sites 29 common contraction 30 Overly proper i like Gold 39 melees 41 and others latin 44 backless seat 46 ill bred fellow Scot 48 very decorated 51 entertaining 54 roman Road 55 Eskimo knife 56 Antitoxin 57 founder of stoicism 7 reply a 8 japanese coins 9 rage co a a. To moslem ssm"1 a Quot periods 60 superlative endings bowl arson fore prefix 35 East for 36 Down producing Duck 37 Dis encumber 38 French River 2 wings latin 3 happiest 4 jewish ascetic 5 dress feathers 6 masculine nickname la of the nose 17 greek fraternity 19 Telegraph hey a 22 avoids 24 female Saint a. 25 belonging to him to poem i 28 intense f or 3 1-tin Fin 32 opposite oblate 33 gradual slower music a 34 editors a 38 Spanish Jug 40 charge electrically 41 unbleached linens 42 chinese weights 43 debate 45 roman outer garments 47 otherwise 49 temporary shelter 50 greek love god 52 noun suffix 53 former government a gency a by Oswald i Jamas Jacoby South Loet no time losing the first two tricks that he could do anything about it. Dummy a King of diamonds was right in front of East s Ace and Queen. East shifted to a Spade and South let this ride around to Dummy. South had lost two tricks and had to get away with just the loss of one Trump if he wanted to make his contract. He reflected that it would have been so much nicer if he had just raised his partner to three no Trump the Normal Trump play would be to Cash Dummy Sace and Lead toward his Queen. That would work if East held the King of Trumps but South knew East pretty Well. East was one of those players who liked to bid. He appeared to be holding a five card Diamond suit. With an extra King he would surely have been in the bidding therefore. South led a Low Trump from Dummy Ami played his seven. West won with the to and led a second Spade South won and led his Queen of Trumps. West could cover Duck or go fishing but South had salvaged the game and rubber. That perennial dispute about virginity by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson i am about to be married. My Fiance and i had a serious argument. He reads your column and would believe you. He has been told that a Virgin has a very Tough skin that has to be Slit open by a doctor before her wedding night. I feel that because i won t go to a doctor for this reason he now thinks i m a Virgin. This May seem a serious problem to others but it is very serious Here. A . Your Fiance is misinformed but As much As is the Case with some bridegrooms who insist that their brides be virgins. Here Are the facts. The Entrance to the Vagina originally is covered with a membrane called the Hymen. Except in the rarest cases this membrane is perforated with one or several Small holes in it and varying greatly in size. The texture of the Hymen also varies from one extreme to the other a very thin and fragile to quite thick and Tough. An intact Hymen is proof of virginity a but the contrary is True. That is if the Hymen is intact it still is proof that a woman is a Virgin. Why because a fragile Hymen May be ruptured by some trivial occurrence even in Early childhood. Or the Hymen May be thin enough so that it merely stretches instead of rupturing and causing discernible bleed ing. If a girl has had the Hymen ruptured when she was a child or if she has a very thin Stretchy one that does bleed she has no Way of a a proving that she is a Virgin. This has caused All sorts of orientation Trinity a an orientation program for All sophomores and new students will be held in the theater of Trinity senior High school tuesday from 6 30 . To 7 30 . The program will include an Assembly and a tour of the school. It it to Cah Wash a Bobo Cak Wash a Hobo Cak Wash r August special 9 carwash / 50 Rybo car Wash Brand new equipment tor a Quality Wash Quot j Utt e no Lish amp War d s t a Quot Quot he the barn dinner the Atri with new York cast of the magic stack Neu Simon s Quot the Odd couple Quot comedy a lilt Fwy pm Nim von. Muh f wow Hobo car Wash pizza adult entertainment saturday night Only 11 30 . Angelica is $200 doors open 11 00 . I pizza Ted Tun or to Ergo new Dine in our old world atmosphere College Village shopping Center Pkt Cin 713 Achs of till aching monday-thursday11 00 am h of pm Friday-saturday11 00 am. 12 00 pm sunday. 4 00 pm to 00 pm fabulous pizza. Storting Al airy.45/ old country Hearth baked bread authentic italian Spaghetti and Ravioli giant poor boys loaded with Miat a out Awn Biagid 7 i flagrant kind. This Yaw la nth a Argal. It it a Nan to i Tan in a Pua Tura Yaw la it Mumbai Aravar outstanding Otho goods Chicken Ash shrimp saudi1 nowhere Ilse in Thi entire world but Al. Picari Aiko Oren Toavs tor carryout a each week or Dina in tonight a a a the Ali american a a a two Walt Disney hits one wonderful show so Arf comedy. Arf mystery. And All Doggone delightful j in a a Mem ap1 w j1 v i a i Mem 4jcmroo\ fun Ruff 0. Erne to cwtu8 Hawley i a Darsow aimannak1n technicolor a do rro4uct#i features daily itt Tonui if oui a Vista distribution co. Inc 1 72 Walt on to 3 30 amp 7 00 uproar and unhappiness in those cases in which the bridegroom was insistent on a proof of virginity yet did t know the facts. All she can do is Tell him she a a Virgin and expect him to take her word for it. And after All what proof does he have to offer except to expect her to accept his word at the other extreme occasionally a Hymen is so thick and Tough that the Only recourse is to have a doctor Cut through it a a very simple procedure by the Way. It can happen that Way but it is Seldom necessary. On that basis i dare say you can decide what to do. My suggestion is that you just let nature take its course As women have been doing All through history. A visit to the doctor is Wise for quite other reasons however to determine your general health perhaps get some reliable information on pregnancy or birth control if you want or need it. Or. Thosteson is interested in All his readers questions and whenever possible uses them in his column but because of the great number received daily he regrets that he cannot answer individual letters. Eun Mug it great a open 7 45 color cartoon at 8 30 feature at 8 37 a note feature runs 220 minutes and can be shown once Only however part will be repeated at 12 20 so those who arrive at theatre by 9 30 will see it Allva world premiere w Carolinas tribute to the Petty family �?o43-the Petty the Royal family of racing Ilaf Ino a this Rno of Lynn Manta Noah of nay i path Ltd a air fit q Iny s n<1 Ria of it pit cd Vav 4 i if Clad try Sodaro j Duso i m am a a. A Ano i a so i a uni vct0xy Lane pro Olaf. T on a o of class it Oslo proo e if pm a a Artur Xieo w produced by Bill Rowland Winner of 2 Academy Worth j no a Center i 50 3 40 5 30 7 20 9 to Cecil b Demiller the ten commandments a a Cmar to to we Mac it i am Mim Komi Heston Brynner Baxter Robinson Decarlo Paget Derek a in it a Quot a a. K Max re a i win Hui i a a Hardwicke Toch Scott Anderson prices. A a a a a i Ink Chok r j m on 3 of the Best Bond movies Ever filmed. All on one giant program. 44 the worlds most famous secret agent is Back in a pm on open a 7 45 . Show at 8 20 . Spend the night with James Bond feature no. 1�? oot the double "0�?� Means he has a License to kill when he chooses where he chooses whom he chooses the first James Bond film adventure i Ian Fleming s or. No a Pawai Iii Trattl s Miva a of to k a in by technicolor in Sean Connery a am Ursula Andress Joseph Wiseman Jack Loro a. It feature no. 2 James Bond is Back in action la at 10 05p.m. Ski Sein Connery. Oot Ian fuming s Goldfinger. £3 Fiche Icom Cert fr08e n Oast eur Honor Blackman. Pus it of shred a Ifni hmm i lit i Sci a. United artists feature no. 3 at 1245 . Oots Quot the a or Lily a masters of Hurter Tell out ill til stops to iss frn Moat 007 Harry Saltzman Quot Alber r Broccoli in nor a mum Lumi m of in Mem from Russia with of stamina Sean Motas Jaimes Bond a Luumi la Micci or i. A a Mem Atta i Airt la by Kaw m in a in Iota a a a few a i i

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