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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm More data on Page 3a 88th year a no. 288 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A Friday afternoon August 25, 1972 28 pages Call us circulation 882-171 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c letters uncovered in lawsuit contributions allegedly influenced milk prices for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one trails for bikers q. Are there any bicycle roads in High Point for people because i think they need them. Anon. Q. Where can i get some information on bicycling As i want to organize a bicycle club with youngsters 8 though adults in our neighbourhood. I would like some general information on Laws safety Etc. To organize a club. R. M. A. To answer the first question Bike and other trails were discussed at a meeting of Over too citizens last March. They organized into smaller committees according to their interest hiking and nature study trails trails for bikes horses canoes and another for promoting an environmental and nature Center. A chairman was elected for each with a City staff member volunteering to work with each committee. These groups have been developing plans and will submit them to the trails coordinating committee for review. From there they go to the technical review committee and City manager then to City Council for approval and implementation. City planner Duncan Mcintyre says Progress has lagged in some committees this summer but hopefully activity will step up this fall so trails will be available in the not too Distant future. Membership on these committees is open to All interested citizens who can Contact Bill Faver coordinator of the organizational meeting or Marvin Keith Parks director. Better yet. Plan to attend the trails meeting scheduled August 28 at 7 30 p m at the first presbyterian Church. In answer to the second question the bicycle Institute of America 122 East 42nd Street new York City 10017. Will Send you a leaflet entitled a a bikeway a plan for Community and material called a a a pedal Power the latter is a collection of ideas and courses of action used by bicycle commuters and enthusiasts in the country. It shows How they campaigned for Bike paths and lanes on major thoroughfares Racks and storage arcane for bikes in shopping and business districts and legalized sidewalk Riding to encourage More and safer cycling for health a with the beneficial Side effects of reducing traffic congestion and pollution. Hear what Lyndon Johnson had to say a i see an America where bicycle paths running through the hearts of our great cities provide wholesome healthy recreation for an entire and Paul Dudley White a i urge All cities to study and follow the Bike Way program. I see it As the perfect example of individual initiative leading to full scale action for Safe pleasurable and healthy recreation for the entire last september in response to a cycler s request for Quot promotional help in encouraging safer Bike Riding in the City we wrote the mayor asking his support establishing bikeway or Bike route signs for an extra measure of Protection. It can be a harrowing experience for those going Over the Hill wondering if you will fall victim to either a heart attack or a truck rumbling ominously behind you. We also asked if the Council could proclaim a a ride your Bike to work week to see what the response would be. The trails committee meeting gave proof that City planners traffic engineers and the recreation department will do their part if the pedal and puff buffs get behind them with the Road construction making it nearly impossible to get autos from Here to there this May be the perfect time to prove the Worth of bicycles. Now. About that proclamation. Your Honor. A a what s spot zoning o. What is spot zoning i understand there is no definition for spot zoning so with what fact is a spot zone Case proven in a court of Law the citizens of Archdale Are very interested in the answer. Anon. A. According to High Points director of planning Duncan Mcintyre a spot zoning a is not a Legal but a descriptive term which laymen use to describe what the courts often refer to As a arbitrary and capricious a Good discussion of this subject can be found in Mcquillin s a municipal 1965 revised volume 8. Sections 25.83 and 25 84. Says Mcintyre. The prime test of whether an action constitutes spot zoning is wether there was reasonable basis for the action. In other words he says one property owner should not be extended benefits by a zoning change which would be denied to another owner in similar circumstances and under similar conditions. While spot zoning is usually thought of in terms of single lots or Small areas the size of the area involved is not the primary consideration. The reasonableness of the action and its consistency with the plans of the City Are the keys. If someone wishes to pursue a question of spot zoning seriously Mcintyre recommends that he consult an attorney since a final answer can Only come from the courts. Washington a Large Campaign contributions by dairymen a organizations to president Nixon s re election Campaign helped influence a decision to raise 1971 Federal milk Price supports according to letters uncovered in a lawsuit and reported today by the Washington Post. Reports of the timing of the Campaign contributions with a decision to increase Federal milk Price supports from $4.66 to $4.93 per hundredweight on March 25, 1971, had been published previously. The decision reversed an earlier announcement on March 13 that Price supports would not be increased. But the Post said its information shows that officials of one Large dairymen s organization believe their contributions helped bring about the reversal on the Price supports which increased total support payments to the Industry by As much As $700 million. The Post said it obtained the information from letters in connection with a lawsuit brought by the National Farmers organization against major National Dairy cooperatives. It also said no attorney Ward Rowley has forwarded the letters to atty. Gen. Richard Kleindienst with the statement that a this material. Seems to raise the most serious questions of violation of Federal criminal a spokesman for the Justice department said the material is under study. A Senate judiciary subcommittee also has copies of the letters. One letter from William a. Powell president of mid America dairymen inc., which contributed $65,000 to Republican coffers said a the facts of life Are that the economic welfare of dairymen does depend a great Deal on political action. If dairymen Are to receive their fair share of the governmental financial pie that we All pay for. We must have friends in government. A we dairymen As a body can be a dominant group. On March 23. 1971, along with nine other Dairy Farmers i sat in the Cabinet room of the White House across the table from the president of the United states and heard him compliment the dairymen on their marvelous work in consolidating and unifying of our Industry and our involvement in politics. He said. A you people Are my friends and i appreciate a two Days later an order came from the . Department of agriculture increasing the support Price of milk to 85 per cent of parity which added from $500 to $700 million to Dairy Farmers milk checks. We dairymen cannot afford to Over look this kind of economic Benefit. Whether we like it or not. This is the Way the system the letter was sent by Powell to another member of the organization. The reported meeting of dairymen with president Nixon followed by one Day a contribution of $10,000 to four Republican fund raising committees by tape the political Arm of associated milk producers inc. Another dairymen s group. The Nixon administration the Post said previously denied charges by consumer advocates including Ralph Nader that the increased milk supports were a payoff for political contributions saying its reversal on the Issue resulted from a new analysis of the milk Market situation. A consumer group also has filed a lawsuit seeking a Rollback in the supports. Nixon spans continent 4 More years is theme by Frank Cormier associated press writer san Clemente. Calif. Api a predicting he will win the november election a twice As big Quot As in 1968, president Nixon says he wants four More White House years to pursue what he terms a a breakthrough for peace in dealings with peking and Moscow. Nixon spanned the continent thursday a just hours after accepting renomination by the Republican party at Miami Beach. It quickly became apparent that the convention chant of a four More years will be the official Litany if not the announced slogan of his drive to defeat his democratic opponent sen. George Mcgovern. Arriving at the Western White House Here after dark. Nixon told several thousand devoted Well wishers from Southern California communities where he has lived or studied a Why do we want four More years so we can continue to make this breakthrough for peace. I think i have Learned now to negotiate. I think i know what we want and what they want. I think i know what Steps can be taken. I know that we have to be Strong and yet i know that we have to before helicopter ing to his Seaside Villa he recalled to a jubilant throng in san Diego that after his nomination four years ago he had immediately gone to san Diego from Miami Beach. A this crowd is twice As Large As we had in 1968 and we re going to win twice As big in 1972.�?� he declared. The crowd began chanting. A four More years four More years a Nixon who had spoken earlier in Chicago and in a Detroit suburb lost no time in directly challenging Mcgovern on two key Campaign issues defense and busing policies. Before the american legion in Chicago he did no to mention Mcgovern by name but said if his opponent s defense economies were carried out the United states would be a second rate Power and peace would be imperilled in a statement issued upon arrival in Michigan he called anew for anti using legislation and accused the democratic controlled Congress of failing to act on the matter Mcgovern favors busing As one tool to achieve desegregation As do Many Federal courts. Nixon saw few demonstrators during his Cross country journey. Virtually every audience was gathered by invitation. But a few opponents of the Vietnam War did raise a chant outside the Dwight i. Eisenhower High school he dedicated in Utica Mich. The president wrapped up his Long and obviously arduous Day by Riding toward his Home Here in a Golf cart past scrambling Well-wishers.16 killed my 0 in Chain collisions Breda. Netherlands apr at least 16 persons perished in a fiery Chain of death after a Tanker truck collided with another truck exploded and sent an Impact through 36 other vehicles groping along a fog bound Highway near Rotterdam this morning. The Rush hour disaster was the worst traffic Accident the Netherlands has Ever had. Forty persons were Hurt seriously. The line of cars and trucks smashed and jolted or otherwise affected stretched for to Miles North from the Breda traffic Circle at Prinse Beek. Witnesses told of a seriously injured woman trying in vain to Rescue Ber child after a truck struck their car. They said a Man who tried to jump out of a truck to safety drowned in a stretch of water lining the four Lane Motorway. Twenty ambulances were rushed to the scene. The Rescue operation was hindered by fears that a refrigerated Tanker. Carrying a chemical liquid inflammable at a temperature of 39 degrees might explode. Two trucks took some of the demolished cars to a fire station to recover the charred bodies. Auto smashed by tons of steel beams that fell from overpass project Afaf in opt of of major labor chiefs cheer Mcgovern by h. L. Schwartz Iii associated press writer Washington a sen. George Mcgovern told a cheering group of major labor leaders today that president Nixon is conducting a sideshow of scare tactics and word twisting in an Effort to Duck the real issues of the Campaign and paint him As a Radical. A the administration is afraid to Deal with the real issues of increased unemployment doubled welfare Rolls and tax Reform. Mcgovern said to prolonged applause and whistles. The democratic presidential nominee spoke to some 150 representatives of 29 unions which have banded together Many in opposition to Al Cio president George Meany to form a committee for fund raising and other efforts on Mcgovern a behalf. The majority of the unions also belong to the Al Cio whose executive Board has followed Meany s wishes and reused to endorse a presidential candidate this year. The committee called the National labor committee for the election of Mcgovern Shriver. Announced before the meeting it had approved a $250,000 budget to prepare Campaign materials and a inform our members about the Nixon record and the Mcgovern the democratic presidential candidate in a statement issued after a four Day Cross country Campaign swing criticized the speech Nixon gave wednesday night when he accepted nomination to a second term. A emr. Nixon said wednesday night that since our economic Structure has some broken windows. We democrats want to tear it Down and Start again a Mcgovern said but he went on a a we re tired of Richard Nixon turning it into a Palace for the privileged few. Rather than tear anything Down we want to join Franklin Roosevelt Harry Truman John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and restore a that Temple to the Ancien truths a Mcgovern planned a working Day in his Senate office and a speech to the International Union ii presidents and state coordinators today before leaving for a quiet weekend with his family on Maryland a Eastern Shore. Die South Dakota senator gave two speeches thursday in Minneapolis St. Paul to the american federation of teach be major on Peg. 2a two critically Hurt As Bridge beams fall Sacramento Calif. Apr eleven persons were injured two critically when tons of steel beams suddenly fell on their vehicle at a Highway underpass being built East of Here. Two cars and a truck were crushed by the steel which fell late thursday onto four Lane . 50, the Highway patrol said. The victims were in vehicles which happened to be passing under the Bridge at the time a California division of highways spokesman said three workmen were on the site at the time. But the failing beams missed them. A they looked like they were falling like dominoes and i Cut to the said de William. 41, of Sacramento who was driving under the Structure a the time. A but i saw they were going to hit me. So i hit the seat and i prayed for the Williams car was crushed but he did t receive a scratch the beams were being used to hold up Concrete forms while the overpass Structure itself was being poured. Highway patrol inspector Louis Brown said the cause of the collapse was not known Bakers ask Council to Okay Price increase for bread by r. Gregory Nokes associated press writer Washington a american Bakers Are asking the Cost or living Council to approve Price increases for bread and other products to offset rising costs resulting from the .-soviet wheat Trade Deal at the same time a Bill has been introduced the Congress for a government backed program to promote Iemand for bread and other wheat products in the United states. Opponents say this could also result in higher prices. The american Bakers association which represents about 1.000 bakeries said thursday Hurricane Tornado half Breed storm dubbed neuter Cane Miami. Fla. A thanks to a Sharp eyed satellite Hurricane forecasters have identified a Breed of sea going storm. Half Hurricane and half tor Nado its been dubbed a the National Hurricane Center in Miami issued rhe first warning on the Mermaid of Marine storms thursday. It said neuter Cane Bravo was located Over the North Atlantic 600 Miles Northeast of Bermuda. Packing winds of Only 40 Miles a it or hour and moving along at to m.p.h., Bravo seemed an unlikely candidate for landfall however. A there is no potential for rapid development a said forecaster Joe Pellissier. A there is a Chance however that it could evolve into a Hurricane or tropical before the Advent of weather satellites neuter canes were lumped in with cyclones and tropical storms. The ats3 satellite changed All that when weathermen got a Chance to see detailed pictures of the Ocean. Neuter canes Are smaller than hurricanes have a different Energy source and travel different areas of the Ocean according to Center director or. Robert Simpson. A its identity As a circular storm often less than too Miles in diameter ordinarily would go undetected except for satellite pictures a he said. A was a Marine storm. It generally remains at sea a threat Only to shipping in its Alpha the first in the june to november neuter Cane season carried Gale Force winds into Georgia May 27 but went largely ignored because it struck an unpopulated area. The neuter Cane season will mean a whole new list of names for forecasters who Are used to tagging storms with female monikers. Charlie is next up on the phonetic alphabet list which caused at least one forecaster some unease. A a that a kind of bad a he said adding the idea of a a Thimi canes might create the impression a we Are giving in to women a lib. A but if it gets to no. It a Juliet a i think ii resign a he quipped. That an a extraordinary Price movement for flour since the soviet wheat agreement has increased their costs by approximately two thirds of a cent per found of bread in a letter to Cost of living Council director Donald Rumsfeld it asked for a immediate compensatory Price Relief a adding that a the failure of even on bakery will indeed be a tremendous Price to pay in furtherance of our expanded Trade with Russia a a Pound loaf of bread eur gently costs about 25 cents. There was no mention of How much of an increase is anticipated but Industry spokesmen said earlier this week it could be from two to three cents per loaf. The Bakers requested a meeting with Cost of living Council representatives next week. Joseph m. Creed general counsel for the Bakers group said per tax profits for bakeries on a one Pound loaf of bread averaged i 13 cents in 1971. Costs now have increased by an additional .67 cents per loaf he said and it will place most Bakers a in a deficit he said the increase results from Price fluctuations which followed the a tremendous and unexpected sales of some 400 million Russia. Bushels of wheat to Bakers say wheat has gone up from $1.57 a Bushel in mid july to $1 86 per Bushel last weekend at Kansas City and flour rom $5 40 to $6 70 per hundredweight in the past year. Industry spokesmen also claim that Federal Export subsidies Are another Factor. Congress meanwhile is considering a Hill to establish a wheat Industry Council to promote demand for wheat products through a research and advertising Campaign. It would be financed by a Levy on processed wheat that would Rise from one cent per hundredweight the first year to 2 5 cents after that. Opponents argue that the Cost of up to $6 million a year ultimately would be passed onto the consumer. What s inside amusements 4 7b Bridge. 6b classified ads. 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