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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1976, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The h High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round did Ford woo his delegates illegally 4a saturday August 21, 1976 thoughts for today draw near to god and he will draw near to you cleanse your hands you sinner and purify your hearts you men of double mind a James 4 8 "8tlrr keep your net clean and Bright you Are the window through which you Mutt tee the a George Bernard Shaw British playwright. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Kansas City president Ford May have violated Federal Law in his Pursuit of Republican delegates. The charge has been raised by Paul Kamenar an attorney for the Federal election commission in a private Telegram to atty Gen. Edward Levi. Kamenar acted on his own behalf since the Fec lacks jurisdiction. Quot president Ford has made expenditures to delegates to the Republican National convention in the form of favors and entertainment at the White House and at other places a the Telegram alleges. This wining and dining of delegates he suggests May violate sections 597 and 603 of the . Criminal code. The penalties could run As High As three years in prison and a 10,000 Fine. Kamenar cited at least nine separate incidents. For example delegates received White House invitations to visit with the president in the Oval office to attend the state dinner for Queen Elizabeth and to View a a operation sail from aboard the Forrestal. The president has issued written orders that Quot no official action or position on any matter by anyone in the administration. Shall be promised. As consideration favor or Reward from the Raleigh news amp observer of. Governor s Job clouded the democratic nomination race for lieutenant governor was marked by an unusually Large Field of candidates capable of this essential but not very demanding Job. At least two and maybe three of the eight persons running lavished More than $250,000 on their individual campaigns. And even with this a costly Runoff Between the two who finished highest former Chapel Hill mayor Howard n Lee and House speaker James c. Green is in the offing this Large and financially ridiculous scramble invites As much attention to the office being sought As it does to those who Are close to attaining it. Clearly some danger exists Here that a future Winner of this office May perform its limited duties in a Way total a by unexpected by the voters in order to justify his costly Campaign. Beginning in 1964, when Robert w Scott won it this number two elective Post in state government has acquired the distinction of seeming to be More than it is and the added distinction of offering the potential for More than it seems to be. Scott used the Post then a part time position in his climb to the governorship his successor As lieutenant governor Pat Taylor or. Made a similar try adding to the seriousness of the potential seen in the Job even though he failed in his own gubernatorial bid the office was made a full time position largely because of Scott and Taylor. And skillful use of the office s added status and new staff played a Large role in tuesdays gubernatorial quest by James b. Hunt or. At the same time serious confusion has developed Over the offices quasi executive Branch standing with its occupant on the Periphery of daily political affairs of state government this has stirred understandable jealousies in the state Senate where standing committees Are appointed by the lieutenant governor Only As a matter of tradition. A recent nearly successful and not entirely concluded Effort was made to strip away this Senate appointive Power. Presiding Over Senate sessions is the most important of the few constitutional duties assigned the lieutenant governor. And appointing Senate committees used to be the Job s most substantive Power. Clearly however the office has acquired the potential for More undefined service a or mischief than this. The Large degree of that potential accounts for the costliness of tuesday s first primary. The undefined character of the potential creates the concern about it from the Chapel Hill newspaper june bugs amp july flies it May be August by the Calendar but the july flies and the june bugs have just hit their stride the hotter a the louder with the july Fly correctly named Cicada and incorrectly called Locust the song of the july Fly is an incessant Racket from Dawn to dusk sounding somewhat like Quot thee eee you. The Middle eee is a loud shrill sound this is repeated every 3 to 5 seconds lasting about 3 seconds each time just enough to raise your blood pressure and this insistent insect does t drone off until dark a unless we have Cool and wet weather. Then he lies Low and silent. The june Bug in t As bothersome unless from the Gastonia Gazette you Are picking figs. Peaches grapes or blackberries. Then he bursts out As you disturb his feeding sounding for All the world Uke a Bumble Bee at night he is irresistibly drawn to artificial Light and will bump endlessly against a screen trying to get inside a Bouse where a lamp is burning children like to tie a string to a june Bug s leg and let him Fly along on this slim Leash but have you Ever tried to slip a thread around one leg when All six of them Are churning like a Dynamo he a a poor pet though because he flies off and tangles his harness and manages to escape leaving a leg behind no doubt he drowns his sorrow in the next succulent Sweet he bumbles into. A a let a see now Good afternoon the toe Bones a connected to the foot Bone. For the support of any yet Kamenar contended that a close Reading of the Law indicates it is a violation even to provide food and liquor to delegates at White House soirees. As one precedent the Fec attorney cited indictments that were brought against a defendant for paying $1 to each voter who would vote for a specified candidate in a general election. A a the Ford situation is much More serious a Kamenar alleges. A a if the Justice department does not consider this Law applicable to the convention process then there would be no Legal Barrier to giving direct Money payments to the footnote much of the White House entertaining was paid for with Public funds. But under this Law even Money spent by the presidents Campaign committee to Sway delegates could be considered illegal. Agnew s friends the heroes of the last Republican convention. Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew Are sitting out this one in Purgatory. At san Clemente Cali Nixon is preparing his own version of the final Days his memoirs according to sources who have been in touch with him. Will reassert the presidents right to steal and wiretap and Rig court cases in the National interest at Crofton md., Agnew has taken Over a moribund nonprofit foundation called education for democracy. He intends to use it. According to associates to assert his views and assail his enemies. He is particularly eager the associates say to renew his assaults upon the press his first Effort was an eight Page newsletter titled memoranda which is distinguished by its anti israeli pro Arab comments Agnew came Down so strongly on the Side of the palestinians that the b Nai brith anti defamation league called his views Quot As unfair a statement with regard to the human problems in the Middle East As Ever we be before Agnew mailed out his memoranda he sent personal letters to several Hundred supporters soliciting contributions. The letter declared Battle upon Quot the apologists for the revolutionaries who Are intent on destroying the strengths of our great the return mail brought donations from S.C. luminaries As presidential contender Ronald Reagan actor John Wayne Beer Brewer Joseph Coors sen Strom Thurmond r.-s.c., former Auto racer Andy Granatelli National review publisher William rusher former Nixon fund Raiser Maurice stans and sex White House aide Bryce Harlow most of the contributors told us they coughed up Money to help Agnew not to support his anti israeli views. John Wayne said he did t even see the newsletter. Rusher said he sent Money because the foundation a sounded like a routinely conservative we were unable to reach Coors Granatelli stans and Reagan for their comments Coors and stans kicked in $1,000 apiece Wayne gave $500 Granatelli $400 Reagan. $100, rusher. $100 Harlow $100 and Thurmond $25 so far the foundation has taken in $29,797 la Agnew himself put up $20,000 the la cents came from a contributor whose heart if not his pocketbook was with Agnew the attorney who handled the foundation s tax exemption application incidentally is sex White House aide Tom Charles Huston he was the author of the infamous Quot Huston plan for Domestic surveillance under Nixon he handled the paperwork for the foundation he said before Agnew took it Over it was just a Quot coincidence a he said that Agnew became involved title xxx reductions concern commission nothing like a Good beast if you could bottle up the mystery of this area s strange Quot beasts Quot and sell it at the Corner drugstore you could retire now. Rich and famous the latest is the beast of i Holly this one is Quot about seven feet tall Black and hairy and so far untouched by human hands. Reports of this animal s presence in the my Holly area have brought chills of fright to some residents and a vow from one Man who claims he saw it that a i m not giving up until i Lull it even if they still Call me crazy a there was another Quot beast Loose near Lincolnton a couple of weeks Back or so the reports indicated this one was More of the Cougar Type while the one in it Holly was More Akin to a Bear according to reports a few years Back people were really frightened by some kind of strange animal on 321 North a few Miles North of Dallas people got out their shotguns and High powered rifles and went tromping through the Woods hoping to find the Varmint evidence of its presence showed up every Day first there would be tracks Down along a from the Laurinburg Exchange Creek then the remains of a dog would be found or limbs and branches broken where the animal was supposed to have run strange and frightening sounds in the night would mutilate the emotions of area residents and the next Day a new posse would go out Hunting the beast of Bladenboro was one of the most notorious mystery animals Back in the 50s at least a Hundred people saw glimpses of that one at one time or another it was big and Black and hairy about like its Cousin in i Holly remains of big animals were found half eaten cows goats dogs people from Miles around came Down to help round up that animal they arrived with their armament while women and children were herded inside their Homes and warned to stay the record is fuzzy on what the outcome was but it was some Chase lasted about a month some mystery animal that beast of Bladenboro what a that noise it traffic cases clutter courts by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus god give us men a time like this demands Strong minds great hearts True Faith and ready hands men whom the lust of office does not kill men whom the spoils of office cannot buy men who possess opinions and a will men who have Honor a men who will not lie. Tall men. Sun crowned who live above the fog in Public duty and in private thinking. Josiah Gilbert Holland chairman William p. Price of the High Point human relations commission an organization composed of citizens from throughout this Community is dismayed Over the loss of 1.69 million dollars in Guilford county a title xxx funds he says his group recognizes the problem which led to loss of S.C. funds is Complex and involves the fair allocation of Money Between Rural and Urban counties what especially disturbs them is Untim Liness of the decision which so directly affects the needs of citizens of High Point it seems inappropriate that S.C. a Den Sion was made in the midst of an operating year and in apparent contradiction to the directive Given the Guilford county department of social services on june 17. It Means that a Large number of citizens in High Point currently receiving services through existing title xxx programs May find those services curtailed Scotland is a Small county but often cases backlogged in the local District court run into the hundreds for one reason or another District judges done to keep up with the Load in a Way that some would prefer you might imagine the Scotland problem multiplied in counties where the Load is so much heavier and where the system in t any better one of those legislative study commit umm at work in Between terms of the legislature has t been overlooking the pressure in the die net courts or crowded conditions in to by Toper i or courts the study commission on correctional a Fri olt Erm a lately heard a report which a Tosas hit the rates in North Carolina s Dis Rte t court s we motor vehicle cases one rec oni Nen Datton heard to that traffic cases should be divided into two classifications serious and no Senous the courts would continue to handle the serious infractions but the thousands of no Senous traffic cases would be sent to a no Lawver traffic adjudicator system under the supervision of the department of motor vehicles emphasis in the adjudicator system would bt1 on retaining and rehabilitation rather than on punishment S.C. an idea perhaps would not Likely to get far in the 1977 general Assembly. But it is encouraging to see thought Given to a different Way of handling routine traffic infractions huh the state s court system bursting at the seams this or some other innovation Al idea May have to be ultimately accepted and implemented of ii Graffiti i i in Wix Quot it Hue omit mgt Maers chairman Price feels that S.C. continuing programs demand priority attention especially if there will be surplus funds available during or at close of this fiscal year. Price feels strongly the necessity for eliminating presently existing inadequacies in the social service delivery systems of Rural counties he feels attention should be directed now toward the development and implementation of a policy for the next fiscal year which recognizes both the needs of Rural counties and the needs of presently existing programs in the state s Urban counties High Point s Aero Debs teen age dance team is Back from the National Competition at Washington As runner up for the title. They were first originally in the regional at Charlotte and they won the dance Rama at Wrightsville before getting the bid to compete with 13 other regional winners at the nation s capital Alice Craven Paige Kemp and Janice Green pupils of Betty Newell won plaudits wherever they have performed financing the trip to Washington and participation was arranged by Grady Miller with help of various individuals and with generous encouragements from the kiwanis club an overwhelming majority of the candidates winning nomination in tuesday s primary pledged themselves to oppose repeal of Section 14 of the Taft Hartley act the provision which allows states to adopt right to work Laws Twenty states including North Carolina now have S.C. Laws a which guarantee workers the right to join and financially support labor organizations but prohibit arrangements requiring employees to do so As a condition of employment. The question of 14 b was just one of eight asked of candidates by the National Hight to work committee in a National Survey though compulsory unionism is now illegal in the 20 right to work states the firing of workers who refuse to pay Union dues is explicitly sanctioned by both the National labor relations act and the National railway labor act Section 7 of nor a for example. Stipulates that employees have Quot the right to refrain from participation in Union activities Quot except to the extent that S.C. right May be affected by an agreement requiring membership in a labor organization As a condition of heed Larson president of the National right to work committee made the information Public stressing that the committee a one of the largest Public interest groups in the country with nearly a million Active supporters a endorses no candidate. Quot we Are a he said a a nonpartisan organization but we believe the voters Are entitled to know which candidates support individual Freedom for the working Man and which ones feel Union officials should have the Power to compel membership in their organization a Dorothy Lewis Griffith. High Point s gift to the concert piano world gave sunday evening at Linville a great performance that brought her a standing ovation from the Large audience which heard her at the Linville Pavilion. High pointers who heard her renditions letter to the editor from Chopin Debussy Ravel Rachmaninoff and George Gershwin s Quot rhapsody in Blue were lavish in Praise of the brilliantly done rendition of S.C. difficult numbers. Now let s Hope she May be brought Home for one of those great programs she s sharing elsewhere while Home folks Long to hear her play Here or. Kay Williams who in her 18 years of practice Here in gynaecology and obstetrics gave generously of her time Energy and Money in course of her work is being remembered by friends who Are setting up a memorial fund at High Point memorial Hospital or Williams died the other Day after a Long and trying bout with cancer but she left a legacy of love on the part of those she helped across the years and As a beloved member of the Hospital medical staff gifts May be directed to the Hospital for the Kay Williams memorial fund Here s a Little Story making the rounds that a timely we suppose in these inflationary times seems that a Little old lady walked into a Bank she was carrying a shopping bag and she told the Teller that she had $1,100,100 in her shopping bag and she wished to Deposit it in the Bank the Teller got very excited and called Over the vice president who was obviously pleased but he said the Money would have to be counted. So an accountant and the vice president went into a Back room and counted the Money the vice president told the Little old woman. Quot i m sorry but we count Only $1.oooooo a Quot i know my husband said there was $1,100,100 in the shopping bag the woman said the accountant and the vice president went Back and their counting room and recounted the Money. The vice president went Back and said Quot we still get Only $1,000,000 Quot Quot can i use the Telephone to Call my husband a the woman asked when she got her Hubby on the line and told him her dilemma an angry voice on the other end of the line shouted a you stupid woman you got the wrong shopping bag a instant analysis once More to the editor the subject of this letter is Erie Sevareid s Quot instant analysis of Jesse Helms seconding speech on behalf of Ronald Reagan on wednesday night first of All i am basically a Ford supporter and i am not complaining about or. Reagan s loss of the nomination but or Sevareid bordered on the unthinkable in his comments and i am compelled to react or. Sevareid was pompously denouncing the Fervour with which or. Helms and those like him seek to promote and achieve military and nuclear superiority in the world or Sevareid reasons that it is very dangerous to want our government to have Superior might because that could make the soviets very nervous and might cause them to pull the trigger first i do not deny that possibility. But i think when one rationally studies the variety of things which Quot might happen one would have to place the possibility of Russia challenging a Superior Power Way Down near the Bottom of the list. On the other hand in the opinion of or Helms and those of us who recognize totalitarianism for what it is and not what lbs would fancy it to be the greater danger lies in allowing the soviet Union to become or should i say remain Superior to the United states in military might Why do we see danger in merely letting Well enough alone and letting Russia do As she pleases0 Why should we pay any Atten lion at All to the lessons of history Why should we not just let our guard Down and relax and bask in the Security of knowing that Guys like Khrushchev Kosygin and Brezhnev were really just lovable Teddy bears and that neither they nor their successors would Ever dream of telling us to Quot stick Mem up �?�0 How do we know because the networks Tell us so so Sevareid and company think we Are a Bunch of holocaust bound warmongers. Well anyone who has Ever had to contend with a big bully who terrorized the schoolyard knows that the bully Only picked on those who were afraid of him and showed it. Well or. Sevareid is to be commended for his honesty in admitting his fear of the big bully. But his implications that we should arrange our foreign policy and our military strategy in S.C. a Way As to avoid making the bully nervous were too much for me to take Jody Mcghee Suffolk drive

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