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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 18, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 2b High l to i Abusi 18, Wax coating protects son s actions embarrassing fruits vegetables in route to Market Karen Lea galum0re Gallimore Wilkerson vows Thomasville or and mrs. Winfred jail rare of t22 Htu Crest re. Announce the engagement of their daughter. Karen Lea to Ijana a Reginald Wake Assn of k c r n e r s v i l f c. The exert is the son of or Anil mrs. J. R. Filk Isof lol fat. 2, Boxboro tit. Couple has selected a sept k Date for their Wedd ing a t Caro l Ina memorial Baptist Church. Miss Gall Mare grate led from East Davidson High school and attended Western Caross University. She received a . Degree in nursing i rum the University of North Carolina at Green Sboro and she is employed by High Point memorial Hospital she resides at 9hk lace Crest ave High Point or Wil Acerson attended Alamance to tote in Birj Egton and bask patrol training school in Chapel h i l Lite is employed us a member of the n. C. Highway patrol stationed the Forsyth Coulty. The bridegroom elect graduated from Henderson High school. Washington o. C. Why do you think that Tome traits Ami vegetable have Wax coatings to make then Strang and our Foos yes that in one reason. But it net the whole Story an important aspect of Wax coatings is that Bey protect certain fresh fruits and vegetables bringing them to your produce department in better rows too than if they had no coating. Bernard j. Imming presi Dent of the United fresh fruit and vegetable assn., gives As some details on Why certain fruits and vegetables Are based. One reason is to preserve and enhance appearance he says but the other and Mare important reason is to preserve laity and Nitri Tion of helping to prevent decay shrinkage and other damage to these extremely perishable commodities most of which Are Tran sported Long dist Ocee from Field to in addition to valuable vitamins and minerals fresh fruits and vegetables a composed of 85 to 9q% water Impang Points out these Corot modifies therefore Are subject to dehydration deterioration of Quality and lots of null ends. Waxing provides a Way to reduce the rate of evaporation thereby helping to maintain Quality of fresh produce " just How much Wax is used in this preservative process astonishingly Little. Nor Mally a gallon of Wax will polish five tons of apples an Orange the first fruit to be successfully or axed commercially in the United states con be polished with about six drops at Wax. There i nothing new about waning. The chinese were with waxing processes As far Back As the 12lh Century and in the muted states the practice has been followed for More than 58 years. Often Wax is applied to replace natural waxes or protective oils removed in the cleaning process before packing fruits or vegetables. Some waxes also contain substances to prevent or delay develop mail of rotting. Methods of application for coatings include dipping or spraying with water emulsions foaming dripping emulsions onto brushes ant brushing from solid Wax cakes. Most of. The applications Ore followed by drying with heated air and polishing with rotating brushes. Waxes formulated to protect the Quality of Freih ruins and vegetables Are especially developed or that purpose and Are lion toxic. The materials a thoroughly tested Tor safety by Bota the dear aha binders a great Deal of professional counsel As Well at a ool qty and special kind of Par Otai love wer required Bejsar we were Awe to accept our son s homosexuality be lives with hit Mead la a nearby City and they visit us to quit try. We like hit Friend Rwjr much and Lav tried to make him feel Welcome in our bom. The problem a that they hold ends Caress one another and sometimes even kiss in us presence of our friends neighbors and relatives. My husband and i have Learned to accept this but it does make otters uncomfortable. We be heard critical comments Aad unkind remarks about our sob s lifestyle and i Outlan Diah behaviour with his asking my 10 visit us atom in the future would certainly Ann Landers says bring about the Al nation we have tried so hard to avoid. Is there a solution parents dear parents people of Good taste keep their hands of f each other in the presence of others heterosexuals As Well As homosexuals. If your son in t aware of this you ought to Tell my. If you re afraid to band my this column. I m not. Dear aim Landers i am a women of Moose plans before getting accepted for use. Among the substances most frequently used Are Carnauba. Derived from Paltun fronds and paraffin waxes or Frt ineral oils All of which Are edible for humans. Among the most commonly waited produce items Are cucumbers rutabagas some Sweet potatoes tomatoes and melons As Well As apples and Citrus fruits. Green Beanie Evert were Dos Russert align Wotrin of the Moose met monday evening at the Moa a Home an n. Main Street the Taw ural be held in october. Date for the Green Beanie event is oct. 81. It will he held at tile Moose Home. Senior Regent Vera Ketty end cute d the business ses swim she announced that chairmen and appointed officers wit meet aug 23 at 7 15 . To the Moose two new members were voted on and accepted they will be installed at the next meeting to be held sept. 13 Complete agreement with Santa of Thtree some the Youngm a who Vert turned off by flux it Medicine. Say nature win heal anything la Tom. With a Lettl patience. Those or extern Niay doctors Are Only experimenting. They Don t know nearly As much at people give hem credit for. Also Uteri fees Are a disgrace. How can they associate Fife and death with Money i la bet you Don t print mis letter because of the pressure you will undoubtedly receive from your Roetti Eal consultants time will Tell by fiefs dear exit Hab a known far seme time that certain diseases Are self limiting which Means of you do nothing Stejr Wilt Dis appear without treatment the common raid is Hie Best trample however i hop you won t de Tratta tit said patience if you Bouw save & ruptured appendix or get gonorrhoea or High blood pressure or diabetes or breast cancer these Are stat a Tew of the medical problems that doctor can a something about. Of course physicians feet Are High. What in to a an sex nurse Check and fee what your employed colleagues Are making per hour. People should be paid for their later and satan Mast keep up Whf us Cost of my Man Frost sight. If you know of i solution to the problem celled Hafl Aloit write to Washington. Dear Ann Landers our son s Wile gave rtt is a san. Before the him was born 1 wrote and asked them to by Chute Ray Araide name on 0� birth certificate. I explained it would serve Only As a record that they com Call Fofi Chad by any name they chose my father who passed away few years ago Tost few sobs two in world War ii he of the jail to carry the. Flame my son Aad to Uel to me know they Felt j was presumptuous that i should not have had the nerve to ask Auch a favor. They refused to Honor my request. Was i out of line if you say so i m apologize . Dear i is. You were not out of line they Ware. A to Rio sense approach to How to Deal with life s most Tiff Totth and it kit rewarding arrangement Ann udders s Booklet marriage what to win prepare you for better or for worse. Send your request to Ann Landers to l0. Elgin. I 80130. Enclosing 30 cents in Coin and n lung stamped self addressed envelope newcomers entertain at summer party at wit s 6no designer signatures for status seekers of the new earners c l u b held a summer s end Patto party saturday evening at the Home of or. And mrs John Stanley Cei a Wood. Jamestown. The evening included Dan cing an Impromptu billiards t o u r n a m e n t and refreshments mrs Steve Jamison or. And Fri Herb Shrider or and mrs Carl Mckeel or. And mrs Jack Belt or. And mrs. Wide ctn Falo or and of. Ken Goforth or. And mrs. John w r i g h t. Bruce Clodfeiter Janet Cathlon or. And mrs Jim Snyder and or and mrs Pete per Iii. By Erma it s Only been in the is isl couple of years that designers of fashions have chosen to sign to their work Oft the Otto Klc. I know a lot of women two who walk a round l o o k i n g l Ike . Their bags carry the Gucci signature their starts spell out Yves St. Laurent and their blouses have the name of Wayne to Gers incorporated in the sign. 1 to tevet know who makes my clothes. Whoever they Are they re too ashamed to sign pm. The closest i Ever came to finding out As when j Shook a pair of Slacks oat one Day and � Little piece of Pajer fell out. Inspected by s6." i have to idea who no. 56 is or Watere she came from but by Wear ing the Slacks. I got a mental Pic Ture of inspector 56. She was a former designer for an Awa Hig company in Vii her vision started to go when she could no longer see to attach a Zipper to a tent Flap St was put in Slacks she regards Slacks like a tent one size fits All i tried to track her Down but 1 heard she changed her name to in Spector 94. Uke say it does t bother me a bit that kids walk around in hang ten sweat socks with the two Little feet Emblem or flaunt lev labels coming out of their seams but Mayva. Site s a rear status seeker. Did you see that she gasped at a luncheon last week. Violet is wearing a lanv1n How can you let?1 ii you Juat read her cd St you can Tell she said that s shabby. If people can t look at my clothes and by their style and Cut know who designed them i m certainly idiot going to Den t give me so snapped. If your dresses bad a Pernia press Label in them you d Wear them wrong Side the trouble with you Mayva is you re � snob. Don t you think i know you sit up nights drawing penguins or your husband s Golf shirts who told you that it would serve Yoy right if Yon got stuck with one of those $50 handbags that came out about a year ago. It seeing a couple of designers subtly included i eight Lemer noun with an obscene word Woven into the As Mayva counted the letters out on her fingers she excl lined just nod your head if i m right. It s j. C. Penney in t it guests Ivcic or. An. Roddy Gilbert. Or and mrs Pavid Mccoy or. And mrs. Jack Mccachern or and do by for Thinel chords the Luckiest Fosston Thrali her Good selection of sweaters starting at. Corduroy pants 7.83 7,88 gauchos jumpsuits jeans skirts g for your of cacti of to Scoof wardrobe. Wen Joti 8,30 mom. Fwu few. To i . Saturday Erindale fashions y. 31 1 South located i Mila below Tor a of of i to 1 -5260 High Point s wous6 of fashion top and More off i panic tits Elmo ii Potts skirts scarfs Shaft be spec at Faul promotion Pant pm $ i 750 $4190 Hguiar 32.05 a 36.00 a mugs co rest i of sur Conor can. Grey fat sues to to in. Super values you la hav to of to appreciate 114 s. Maw or. Atso qom jct r vol lag in g��ns8o�o read the Enterprise classified ads grab Sale us tommys women s and teen girls shoes selected styles from our regular Stock mawr Lizeh Hiss Home hut Wirtl Reill but Kowles re guitar Price to 24T Sale a Price w per shoe 8r styles and colors to be wow into the a Mason shoes c8shayioontmr.cs stos6 hours Mon few. 10 . W. & Sar 10 a.m.-9 . Son. 1 .-a . North main 885-4418 going out of business Sale savings for the entire family Cheek our great Back to school values All men s shirts. �4 men s jeans ladies blouses children s jeans. 2" ladies shorts a

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