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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A to i by Stan Davies the number of natural disasters which have struck the Continental United states this summer a such As Hurricane Agnes tornadoes in the East and Rains in then West have brought a number of questions from boaters. The most common question goes something like this a if your boat Breaks away in a flood is in a finders keepers a even if you can prove the boat is yours Hie answer to this is that the finder has no Legal right to Possession of the boat. It Isnit his and never was. Upon proof of ownership any court will immediately order the boat returned to the rightful owner. This idea of a a finders keepers in relation to Drifting derelict or abandoned boats stems from a popular misconception of the principle of a a Salvage As set out in american admiralty Law. Under the maritime Law a person who voluntarily saves a Craft from destruction or damage is entitled to remuneration for his Salvage efforts a sometimes almost up to the value of the boat. The action must take place on a navigable otherwise it is not within the jurisdiction of an admiralty court. Navigable water is hard to define when it comes Down to a Small Inland Lake. An example if you save a boat from destruction on Lake George in new York state All you Are entitled to is thanks. But the same action on Lake Oneida a smaller Lake would bring a Salvage Reward. This is because Lake Oneida is connected by the Erie canal to the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean and is a navigable Martin j. Norris americans Foremost admiralty lawyer devotes 23 pages to this topic alone in his Book your boat and the Law. This is Only one of a mixed bag of questions brought up this summer q. A Friend keeps the most disreputable life jackets on his boat. They Are worn ragged soggy and worthless but he says they comply with the Law. Do they a. Its possible he a right As things stand now. Inspecting officers have been accepting almost anything that qualifies As a life jacket largely because there is no Clear definition of what conditions it must be in. But wait till after Jan i next year. The new life jacket Laws will really have Teeth. He wont be Able to get away with it then. It s not Case of finders keepers1 if you pts cover a lost or derelict boat. High Point Enterprise thursday August 17, 1972 3c . Officials dislike Duck Hunting options q. My aluminium boat was swept away in a Flash flood into water polluted by a chemical Plant. Its stained badly. What can i do a. Try cleaners in this order first Ordinary household scouring powders then steel Wool scouring pads the kind with the soap already in next mild fruit acids such As citric or tartaric. Under no circumstances use Lye or products containing Lye sodium hydroxide it reacts strongly with aluminium and will eat holes in it. Q. In be discovered that when i put a temporary outboard on my punt the Law requires me to carry a life preserver. What gives a. You re six months behind the times. Since april the Law has required a life jacket be carried for each person on every boat with or without an Ermine. Q. Does a pleasure boat have to carry a Bell a a. Yes if it is 26 feet or longer. The Bell is required As a fog signal. If a boat is anchored in a fog the Bell must be sounded for five seconds every minute. Get a copy of the coast guard Booklet recreational boating guide 60 cents from supt of documents. Washington d. C. 20402. To tells a1. Catch of Dolphin these High pointers recently enjoyed the fishing off Morehead City. The anglers Are left to right Donnie Lambeth Steve Graves and Bill Adams. They pulled in 61 Dolphin and one King which weighed a total of 400 pounds. By Tom Higgins the n. C. Wildlife resources commission is in a quandary not of its own making and the Agency is asking far Heel sportsmen to help it out of the Jam. The problem is a framework of dates and bag limits established by the u. S. Fish and wildlife service for the coming waterfowl season from which the commission must choose a combination. Thing is the commission feels that none of the plans will be suitable to n. C. Duck Hunters and has told the fish and wildlife service so. However pleas to Federal officials for alternate options were reportedly met with a haughty a take it or leave it attitude. Consequently we re caught in a a damned if you do. Damned if you done to situation and its All the fish and wildlife service s one angry wildlife commission spokesman said by phone saturday from Raleigh. A we have decided then. That the Only fair thing for us to do is ask our n. C. Hunters which options they prefer and then let the majority that respond to us with a a outside dates of oct. 1-Jan. 20 the options Are these no. I a provides for a 50-Day season with a daily bag of four ducks and Possession limit of eight. Four Higgins Piedmont Best spot for Spring Turkey Hunters if the results of the recent a dial a Turkey program Are any indication the Piedmont mid Section of the state is the most popular place for Hunters to bag a Turkey. This past Spring the North Carolina wildlife resources commission asked Hunters to use a toll free Telephone number to report Turkey kills. The commission wanted to know when and where the Hunters had bagged their Gobbler and also How big he was. From a total of 133 kills reported. 98 came from the Piedmont while 24 were from the coastal Plains and la were Mountain Birds. Caswell county led the state s counties with 21 turkeys. Commission biologists believe the Survey accurately reflects the heavier Hunting pressure in the Piedmont. Maybe our ancestors were trying to Tell us something. One of the earliest newspapers in the state was being published in Wilmington during the Early 1770s. It was called a the Cape fear Hunters who kill any of these Piedmont on 5-c could be mallards but there could be no More than two Black ducks or two Wood ducks. No. 2 a provides for a 50-Day season with a daily bag limit of five and a Possession limit of to. Of these Only four mallards one Black Duck or two Wood ducks could be included. No. 3 a provides for a fio Dav season with a daily hag limit of three anti Possession limit of six. Of these there could be no More than three mallards one Black Duck or two Wood ducks. A the according to the wildlife commission spokesman a is the wide Gap of daily limits allowed for the 50-Day and 60-Day seasons. A traditionally. Tar Heel Hunters have gone for the longer season wanting to Hunt As late As possible. However to select the longer season this year would mean a virtually self imposed cutback of 40 per cent in the daily bag of ducks. A simple arithmetic shows the inequity of the thing. Selection of the 50-Day seasons would mean that Hunters could conceivably bag either 200 or 250 ducks. But to take the preferred 60-Day season would limit them to Iro. It just does no to make the controversy led col. Clyde Patton executive director of the wildlife commission to Issue this statement a the wildlife resources commission is faced with a decision King Solomon in All his Wisdom a would probably hesitate to make. A we made every possible Effort at the recent Atlantic flyway Council meeting in Florida to obtain a More equitable distribution Between the 50-Day and 60-Day options. Rut our requests went further Patton said there will he no open season this year on redhead Canvasback or Brant. Last year n. \ Wate fowlers were allowed one Canvasback one redhead and six Brant daily. There was no explanation for this cutback. The limit on Canada geese will again be one daily and one in Possession. Hunters wishing to express their views on which of the Federal options should be selected Are requested to write tin wildlife commission at Box 2919, Raleigh. As soon As possible. A Choice of the season dates and bag limits to be accepted will be announced when the wishes of a majority of Hunters Are determined. By by tire safety specialists sinners specks and stinkers a Dunlop if the Best of the belted by Jim Dean Slades Creek is a fairly Large Creek on the fungo River Only a few Miles Southeast of Belhaven. This past weekend it made a believer out of me and sinners out of at least a dozen other fishermen. I was fishing with my Cousin Bill Dean of Washington that a North Carolina and Wayne Harrell of Tarboro. Both Are excellent fishermen and from about Dawn until noon we caught 42 speckled Trout on sting Ray grubs. Actually Bill and Wayne caught most of the fish. My excuse is that i was taking pictures and i did snap the shutter once or twice. It is Only the second time this year that i have managed to beat the Odds on what i Call a a Dean a the Law goes something like this if there Are to boats fishing for speckled Trout one boat will catch most of the fish while the fishermen in the other nine boats will break the 10th commandment. In Case you Are a Heathen the 10th commandment says that you should not covet your neighbors speckled Trout. Bill Wayne and i must be righteous because we were in the right boat in the right place at the right time. No one really knows Why speckled Trout actually spotted weakfish Are inclined to use prejudices but any experienced speck fishermen will surely confirm this observation. These Are curious fish. I have seen the time a Many times a when one Boa would mop up while others went fish less. I have even seen the time when one Fisherman in a boat would catch 90 percent of the fish while his partners slowly went nuts trying to copy the successful Fisherman a style. On one occasion a few years Back i was suffering at the hands of a companion who could do no wrong. He was catching specks on just about even cast i put on the same lure he was using. I cast to the same spot. I even matched his retrieve. Every time he turned his reel handle i turned mine. Every time he twitched his Rod i twitched mine. He filled a cooler. I did no to catch enough to stink up a frying pan. Recently i read where some fishermen Are thought to give off a Strong odor that is distasteful to fish of so this would explain Why some anglers catch fish All the time w Hile others go fish less. The article i read said that a a Stinky fishermen might be Able to improve their Success by masking their odor with various concoctions like Oil of Anise. One of my friends maintains that he merely soaks himself in Bourbon be fore he goes fishing. It May work but the last i heard of him he had fallen Tail Over lineup out of a boat and nearly drowned. At Slade s Creek it seemed to be More a matter of timing persistence and location than anything else. We arrived at the Creek just after Dawn. Bill and Wayne had caught Trout there before and knew exactly where to go. By the time any other boats got to the Creek we had already caught perhaps 20 n it. Although we a moved twice to another nearby Trout Hole Wayne knew about we generally stayed put. The other boats moved around More than we did. Our fishing was not fast. Sometimes we would go for 20 minutes without a strike then we might catch three or four in a matter of minutes. Most of the fish we caught on White sting Ray grubs with red Heads although Bill picked up some of a florescent red grub. By midday the fishing had deteriorated and we left. Summer fishing for speckled Trout usually gets underway in june in the sounds Bays and coastal brackish water Rivers and it lasts Well into the fall. The Early summer specks Are usually Small but in september and october they sometimes run three pounds or More unless a Hurricane messes up the water and scatters the fish. The secret if there is one seems to be in knowing the location of Trout specks tend to congregate in certain areas and unless you know the exact location of these areas you Are not Likely to catch Many fish. If a on the other hand a you know the whereabouts of several Trout holes Midsummer fishing can often be quite productive for the patient Angler who also happens to smell Good to fish. $ Gold cup Nylon Tubeless full 4 ply Nylon 650 x 13 Blackwall 02 15 plus fed. Excise tax of $1.75 free mounting and balancing saturday night action action the Home of the hot modified first race 8 45 p m. $ Gold Seal poly sport "78" full 4 ply polyester a78 x 13 single Whitewall 41 21 plus Federal excise tax at $1.86 free mounting and balancing pick out a car. Or 50 of them. Well Send you _ Abl once a month. Modified Hobby claiming mini stocks big events to Stock car races Iri a Yip uti free Check ered flags 18"x 12 Quot i Law mum i to first 1,000 cadre Der 12 at leasing division o first Union National for information on other types of ride in arg Contact your nearest first Union not end office. Adm won a adults s3 so children under 12 Pree it the adult escort a free Pak is lighted parking lots guarded by triad patrol a a in Bowman w Gray # Winston Salem municipal stadium Dunlop _ _. Plus Federal list Price our Price excise tax f78 �?~31.76 �?~17.29 �?~2.43 g78 36.48 18.93 2.63 h78 38.34 19.97 2.81 560 27.77 15.03 1.73 Blackwall a Whitewall $2.00 extra free mounting and balancing Dunlop our Price plus Federal list Price excise Tai e78 �?~46.40 �?~24.16 �?~2.24 f78 49.14 25.36 2.39 g78 53.81 27.16 2.63 h78 59.02 29.33 2.81 j78 66.82 31.62 3.01 l78 69.34 31.91 3.16 single Whitewall free mounting and balancing Spencer Auto Supply at the Highway and Highway 62 Trinity n. C. 27370 Telephone 431-21 71

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