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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 16, 1972, High Point, North Carolina White or assorted big Roll Heinz strained Lvi Afifi Ioc High Point Enterprise wednesday aug. 16, 1972 i to your i i Good i health1 Shi loses weight but cant keep it off by George c. Tosteson my. Dear or. Thosteson i have been overweight since the Day i was born. A through my childhood and teens i was always on one kind of diet or another and taking countless kinds of Medicine. I would lose to or maybe 15 or 20 pounds but gain it Back. I agree with you that weight watchers and tops Are Good groups and i have been a member of weight watchers twice and would lose to or 20 pounds and that would be it or i d gain it All Back. I was a member for six months last time. I am 20 now and have roughly 115 pounds to lose. After Reading about that operation to lose weight i have decided that it is my very last resort. Could you Send me the names of doctors who do this operation maybe if i knew a few and could talk to them i might even be Able to work out a different plan without the . You want to lose weight by talking to somebody sounds a Little farfetched to me. What do you think seems to me you re totally ignoring what ought to be the most important part of your situation. Repeatedly you be lost to 15 or 20 pounds. In other words you can lose weight and you be proved it. What you Haven to yet Learned is that if you can take it off you can keep it off if you keep on trying. The unsuccessful weight loser is the one who does just what you do loses some pounds then goes Back to the same kind of eating that caused the fat in the first place. Its a silly illogical attitude of course but when someone has spent a lifetime getting fat it takes some real Effort to change habits. Yet those habits Are what have to be changed. You mentioned staying with weight watchers for six months once. That a not Long enough. Not for you anyway. Both w w. And tops have sound programs so you can lose weight without hurting your health. I suggest that you go Back and try it again but done to quit after six months. Stay at least a couple of years by which time you will at least have a Good Start on a new Way of life and eating. Done to be discouraged because you lose 20 pounds and then Stop losing. But done to Start gaining again with a Good Many folks it is quite Likely that a weight loss a plateau Quot is reached now and losing a temporarily. But if you stick with the program you presently lose some More reach a plateau then lose still More. As to that operation to lose weight i recommend it for you unless you have plenty of Money to spend on it. It Means major surgery plus close medical supervision to make sure you get enough of the necessary food elements while your digestive tract is Short circuited. And on top of that you still have to learn some new eating habits if you Are to avoid getting fat again later the same Way you did in the first place. Your big mistake i think was in quitting too soon after you a begun to make Progress. Viva paper whipped towels pure vegetable shortening White or assorted colors bathroom Waldorf tissue High Point Enterprise wednesday aug. 16, 1972 ii a assorted flavors a hawaiian punch 02 Swift s Prem Lum Proi 42-oz. Can Only 46-oz. Can Only Boneless round Toien pull Cut in baby food Reg. Price 4 i of. Jar Peter pan 9 Peanut butter Reg. Price 18-oz. Jar 59 pure vegetable 48-oz. Bottle Only Del Monte gel or pudding cups 59 package of 4 cans a Eastgate shopping Center open nightly a til 9 00 a 1300 North main St. Open thursday t Friday nights til too open saturdays til 7 00 a 91s East Green St. Open nightly a til 9 00 use your Bonk am Ricard for your grocery purchases a cab Banka Dericard a. All varieties at any High Point big Bear store Upton Swift site a a a a a a m a isms Valb. Box it la. Box to or s diffs heavy duty liquid Blue detergent Wisk a Dart bottled drinks a _ sirloin in a no return re sealable 28-oz. Bottles i blew % do9 Brand Branks la. A a a a a a a be 15-count daytime or 12-count overbite Reg. Prior in pampers-83 Phillips Tomato soup Campbell s Tomato soup Carnation Silver cow or pet evaporated milk Reg. Price Ion a of. Con Reg Price 10-ox. Can Reg Price 13-oz. Can chocolate Vanilla or chocolate fudge i Sego diet spoon up 410 be w w v v w w w w Var my in in in a. A a a a \ a or. It a a a big . A 8 varieties Stew a i -.>? pm we is Sacramento pm it we m in my _ c a a a a a a a a a who Quot a Sporl it stiffs i i to Sis i uti umut a i or i 5qc Gulf a charcoal lighter a in in in pure Cane a ll-7 h0llydale sugar mrs. Filbert Sor Duke s Mayonnaise v-8 cocktail i 32-ot. Bet. Dear or. Thosteson i have heard that cracking your Knuckles can Lead to if not cause arthritis. Is this True?. No not True. Dear or. Thosteson can you Tell me what causes a person to pass bloody Stool?. Several. Haemorrhoids. Fissures. Cancer. Some forms of colitis. Any of which deserves medical attention. 6-Oi Jar Spray amp Vuk Ash a a a Teize detergent _ i . I Teitt cleaner a i 79 to if rinse. Luzianne instant Coffee Luzianne red Label Coffee i i a i i i i i ii fresh medium White Grade a a a dozen Only eggs la ii ii cd vol a 1 a a ii Sacramento vegetable juice Swift s a purpose jewel Oil pure shortening Swift ening Monarch fruit Reg. Price 5-lb. Bag Reg Price quart Jar Reg Price 46-Oi. Can Reg. Price 24-Oi. Bottle Reg. Price 3-lb. Can in in a Libby s Vienna in 32-ox. Can sausage peaches i cocktail y of can lose weight if you really want to or. Thosteson s Booklet a lost secrets of reducing a a tils you How naturally and without gimmicks to the level that him care of this newspaper Best suits your individual needs. For a copy write to enclosing 35 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope. Or Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. My bog 2-lb can 75 $179 a a >1 a a 7 a a a i. T j a i i v m a in. Rny in a in a in Mccormick pm Star kist Light meat Mccormick s chunk tuna. .75 Black Pepper. 33 7 seas creamy 8 or m Reynolds wrap in a italian dressing .&Quot.47 broiling foil. .43 7 seas Low calorie % of regular. _ a French dressing.39 Margarine 54 sliced or halves no. 2 i can a ii vhf Ivory soap Comet Cleanser personal size 3c off Label 4-bar pkg. 2 off Label 14-oz. Can 33 18 $ 16-oz. Can Idanish pastry j i Deli Kitchen a weekend specials a fresh baked German chocolate cake res.�?~2.3� $019 special a. Eastgate shopping Center Tel. Is 2313 a features a store Lucio extra lean cooked Ham. 56� Frish made Macaroni salad in. 49� Frish Madi Cole slaw., .49c Large selection of store sliced lunch meat and cheeses. Astute shop inc Center Tel sas2313 Orth Mam 882 2913 Maxwell House Monarch solid pack tomatoes 28-oz. Can Hunt s Tomato Ketchup 20-oz. Bottle Chiquita bananas Sun kist a a a a a a Large Honeydew la. Lemons California White grapes Doz. Melons t j Reg. Price 2-lb. Can a instant Phillips pork amp Beans Ocean Spray juice cocktail 16 or can 32 or. Bottle big Bear Coupon nescafe Coffee $149 Rig. Price 10-oz. Jar 0n in to of. In size save 50 nescafe Only 99 with so Coupon at rights instant Coffee limit 1 Peh family of for expires aug. 23.1972 Yeeee Yeeee la. Lochoy Chicken Chow mein. Lac Hoy shrimp Chow mein. Lochoy a Chow mein noodles.5 la Choy soy sauce. 42 Viox. Con 42 i of. Can extra free he Green Stamps with this Coupon and $5.00 or Mort Purchase limit one per customer Coupon Good thru wad aug. 23, 1972 tights Rei tried to limit quantities the friendliest stores in Andy Kendo a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Erie Bieber age la of Mundelein Illinois for hit question Why Are some hailstones bigger than ethers a record sized Hailstone May measure 17 inches around the Waist and weigh la pounds. When a Shower of such icy ammunition hits the Earth it can do enormous damage to crops and even buildings. Animals and people May be injured or even killed. Fortunately such giant hailstones Are rare. Most of them Are much smaller. However even these can ruin crops when great numbers Pelt Down with great Force. Tie details of Hailstone creation Are somewhat mysterious though meteorologists have a general idea How they Are formed. However they Are fairly certain Why they come in different sizes. It seems that the largest pellets need the strongest up drafts massive concentrations of supercooled moisture and a very Long fall from perhaps ten Miles. You might expect a fallen Hailstone to be a solid Pellet of hard ice. But if you so be it in half you see that it is built in onion skin layers. Usually the inside has several layers of hard Clear ice alternating with layers of half Frozen Mush. This Structure suggests that it grew by adding new jackets in different a i r masses. Hailstones from in the cumulonimbus Cloud we Call a thunderhead this turbulent storm provides contrasting pockets of warm Cool and supercooled air plus moisture and wild winds whirling in All directions. Its base is held aloft on warm currents of air rising from the heated ground. Its supercooled top May reach up six to ten Miles. There the air is below freezing. Most meteorologists suspect that hailstones most Likely Start to form at or near the top of a thunderhead perhaps they form As Small ice crystals. Suitable to act As nuclei to gather More Frozen or partly Frozen moisture. As they fall they pass through contrasting layers of air adding jackets of hard ice and soggy Mush. Lower in the Cloud they encounter up drafts. But if these rising currents Are not too Strong they break through and crash Down to the ground As Small or medium sized hailstones however sometimes the up drafts Strong enough to keep medium hailstones from falling they even May whisk Vliem aloft for another whirl through the Cloud perhaps All the Way to the top. More icy jackets Are added and these hailstones become giants. A last they gain enough weight to break through the rising up draft and come plummeting Down. The size of a Hailstone depends upon the amount of Frozen moisture built around it. This most Likely depends on How Long it stayed aloft in the Cloud of it starts falling from ten Miles and a very Strong up draft holds it aloft it is Likely to stay in the Cloud a Long time. There it gathers More and Atli More Frozen moisture. When hailstones falling from great Heights Are held aloft a Long time they Are Likely to be whoppers. Andy ads Sio. To Prudy Elam Aga la of Indan Polis Indiana for Hor question do elephants have tooth a an elephant s Ivory tusks Are a pair of extra Large incise or Teeth. Not Only does he have Teeth he has two of the largest Teeth in the world and they continue to grow throughout his life he also has Teeth inside his Mouth. All of them Are huge Flat molars suitable for grinding his Tough vegetable food. They also change throughout his life. As those m the front Wear Down they fall out and others move Forward from the Back of his jaws to replace them. Usually he has fewer than 12 molars in working order. They Are toward the front of his jaws where he does his chewing. Early in life he loses his first set of 12 baby Teeth one by one or two by two. They Are replaced by 12 stronger Teeth. An elephant May Wear out 24 molars during his lifetime a but his two Toothy tusks continue growing until the end of his Days

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