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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 15, 1976, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise sunday August 15, 1976 9cunrecorded handguns sold in in Large numbers by Tim Reiterman associated press writer Vallejo Calif a before noon the cavernous auditorium comes alive at Solano county Fairgrounds. Two children collect $1.50 ticket stubs at the door one Young woman pours 50-eent wine coolers and Beer. Others Slop Chile dogs on paper plates and hundreds of hands heft and stroke bayonets. Nazi swords knives antique muzzle loader rifles heavy barrelled match target Rifle. Chromed lugers converted into carbines sleek Deer rifles shotguns a and handguns from mini Derri angers to 44-magnum cannons. Sawhorse legged tables Are manned by Amateur weapons collectors and weekend entrepreneurs who paid $15 for the space to buy sell or Trade with the hundreds of gun fanciers milling around Many with pistols jammed in their belts or rifles Slung across their backs. One Man with $300 in his Levis wants to buy handguns at the first table he asked the Price of a displayed gun but the Burly proprietor shakes his Silver Crew Cut. A i can t even quote you a Price on a handgun a he half whispers. A i might get in nonetheless he is persuaded to give his name and phone number for a possible transaction outside the auditorium the Walls of which Are decorated with notices quoting a new state Law requiring a 15-Day Al dec the be it . Quot Sonny Quot Davi in Randolph county Board of education August i 7 for continued improvement in our school system. Eight years experience in guiding Randolph county schools. Be 13 6 David j. Moore for . State House a tax Reform beneficial to the working people Vej elect utilities lifeline fair shares rates 53 educational programs that will Quot teach Johnny to read Quot Vej crime control by enacting mandatory sentences Vej opposes the Era Vej for statewide Law which would control pornography and its availability to minors by outlawing of sexual oriented Massage Parlours in . Government by the people for the people paid Tor by the committee to elect David j Moo re go with Garrett for Guilford county commissioner to reduce Energy costs in county buildings coordinate City and county government cooperate with school Board in trying to solve problems in the classrooms. Paid Tor by p l Colello treasurer committee tot j Orville Correl i Orville Garrett democratic candidate . Quot Bill Quot Anderson for county commissioner Republican primary August 17 a candidate for All citizens of Guilford county paid for by . Bill Anderson no waiting period for handgun sales. Minutes later the buyer is spinning the Cylinder of a 38-caliber Smith and Wesson revolver at another table. A How much a a a Price is on the Back of the yawns the proprietor a drawling Middle aged trucker. The card says $105. A a in la take the buyer peels off $109 for the gun and a $4 Box of target ammunition. Now Friendly the trucker examines the buyer s Driver s License and asks whether he is a convicted Felon drug addict Asylum Escapee a or a Federal firearms agent. Satisfied by the negative answers the Man writes a receipt. His beaming wife slips the gun and bullets into a wrinkled paper sack. A minute later and a few Yards away at another table the buyer inspects a husky 45-caliber automatic pistol the official sidearm of the . Military a a How much a a i m asking $165. But i could easily get $175 at the san Jose gun says the seller. A How Low will you go a the tall Man tugs at his greying moustache ponders and says a one Hundred this Deal is sealed with the same series of questions written this time on a receipt bearing the buyers signature and Driver s License information. The License lists a former address. But not the current one in neither Sale has the buyer been asked to fill out the official yellow form that the . Government requires of the nation s 160,000 federally License gun dealers. The dealers must keep these forms As a record of each handgun Sale As the tall Salesman demonstrates the 45, he adds. A i got it from a Guy who bought it through the National Rifle association it was government surplus. Manufactured in 1944 the buyer crosses the room to buy a Box of army surplus 45-caliber cartridges for $7 the paper bag rips so he swagger outside with both guns in his Belt and bullets in his pockets no one bats an Eye. The guns were purchased by this reporter from men who might have been operating As unlicensed dealers they certainly violated the state Law requiring a 15-Day waiting period before delivery so the information Given by the buyer could be verified the two guns were the same types used in two assassination attempts against president Ford last fall the 45 is like one that Lynette a squeaky Quot Fromme a Charles Manson cult Follower pointed at Ford in Sacramento after taking it from the Home of a Friend the 38 is a similar to one that Sara Jane Moore fired at the president in san Francisco after buying it from a private arms collector these two weapons Are among an estimated 43 million handguns in the United states owned by dealers and individuals the estimate was 40 million last year Federal officials say. There is no Central record system for this private Arsenal and millions of the handguns Are almost impossible to Trace. There Are records on the other hand for the two million handguns manufactured domestically each year High Point s town _ big samples 208 n. Elm St savings we have purchased the entire showroom samples of Brookridge of High Point. This ii top Quality upholstered furniture. I pieces to choose from both traditional amp contemporary we paid less than the Normal wholesale Price so imagine your savings of you re looking for upholstered furniture Don t buy until you see this quality., at our Low Price. Open . 9-5 Call 882-2797 Denny Whitaker owner and the 500,000 imported handguns each of these goes to a Federal in licensed dealer but once the dealer Sells the weapon it often enters a re cordless limbo a unless it is resold to a dealer or surfaces As a gun used in a clime. These guns change hands at gun shows and through numerous sales Between individuals. Some Are stolen from Homes and stores. Others Are inherited or passed from Friend to Friend. So exactly How Many handguns there Are a aside from those held by the military police government agencies and licensed dealers a and who owns them is a mystery. The gun shows a held nearly every weekend in California and in other states a Are a microcosm of the murky National handgun Market. Rifles on the other hand Are not As much of an Issue because they Aren t easily concealed and Arentt used As often in crime the shows illustrate a number of Points that handguns Are readily and immediately available to anyone with Money that sales Between private individuals Are essentially without enforceable controls that gun ownership is important not Only to fanatics and criminals but also to sportsmen and connoisseurs interested in the craftsmanship design Nistor and ballistics of firearms. A gun shows have legitimate people a says Brenton g. Thorne of the Federal Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms in san Francisco a but some Are there to escape Laws requiring licensing of dealers. The ones we re concerned about Are not Penny Ante they re in it for a Dollar and they re going to do volume Federal Law does allow a person not licensed As a dealer to make an occasional Sale or to buy firearms at a gun show As Long As he is not a engaging in the business Quot of buying and Selling guns authorities say the Law is frequently broken. The shows also Are a source of concern because a criminal has an easier time obtaining a gun at them than Over the counter of a licensed gun store Little or no identification is required at shows and there generally is no waiting period before delivery As required by Law in 13 states and Washington do Thorne says a if you offer an extra $25 or $30 Over what a gun normally Sells for. He a gun show seller is generally not going to be particular about getting proper hence a handgun bought at a show often is untraceable this was the Case for the two weapons Purchas j cd Here by this reporter weapons potentially Val table for criminals because their ownership can t be determined from existing records Federal officials said the 38 was manufactured during world War ii and shipped to England As a military weapon then somehow was returned to this country possibly As a War souvenir they said the 45 bore a stamp that indicated it was government surplus sold sometime during the postwar years through the National Rifle association. Contrary to what Many people believe there is no Federal handgun registration Law in the United states although several states and the District of Columbia require forms of registration under the Federal gun control act of 1968. However the 160.000 licensed gun dealers Are responsible for having the purchaser produce identification and fill out a form designed to Weed out a felons persons under indictment fugitives narcotics users mental defectives. Persons Dis honorable discharged and illegal aliens. The buyers physical description must be noted and he must sign the form. A this information facilitates the tracing of a handgun from manufacturer or importer to the retail outlet where the gun is sold to the purchaser a concludes a Survey on confiscated handguns done by the Bureau of alcohol. Tobacco and firearms. But the forms Are kept by the dealer rather than sent to a centralized records facility a and As one Federal firearms agent says. A some dealers accept even social Security cards As identification Quot with the tug of War Between pro gun and anti gun lobbyists no National handgun control Bills have been passed by Congress this year. Congress however is considering a Bill that would ban manufacture of Small cheaply made pistols a the saturday night specials. It would not require registration or otherwise affect existing guns. The Bill also would set mandatory jail sentences for persons convicted of using a pistol to commit a crime and would require a 14-Day waiting period Between Purchase and delivery to Check a purchaser s criminal record. Dropped was a provision creating a National Center to help Law enforcement officials keep track of transactions by licensed dealers critics had complained this was gun registration in disguise. The Century old million member National Rifle association leads the pro gun forces in Washington and in state houses. A ifs not fair to penalize the legitimate citizen who wants a gun to get a criminal who had misused the right to own a gun Quot Van Hecke Democrat for North Carolina House r save 20�?~ i Domino Dud limit two 5 la. Bag 64 it Bol 12 i Cai k save 34c Beltway hamburger or Wiener Rolls save 14c Chatham Jubilee Franks 8 pack j i 2 of pack 4/$1. I 59 i Ber Tuyay i prices Good . Westchester mall and South main Street High Point store hours . 8 . To . Sunday i 7 . A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Herman Smith Democrat for Guilford county Board of commissioners a hardworking High Point businessman and Community Leader Herman Smith believes that in Guilford county government the Only Standard is excellence. He believes that by realizing our debt to the past and our duty to the present we can meet All our obligations to the future of Guilford county. Of you agree that Good government starts with common sense vote for Herman Smith Democrat for Guilford Board of commissioners primary August ii to is a paid for by Herman Smith committee George Covington chairman a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a i

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