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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 14, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise Good afternoon an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor old Post office plans told by White 4a saturday August 14, 1976 from the Sanford Herald Back to May for primary Many different positions on issues and conflicting opinions on the Public weal and How to improve government Are being sounded in this season of the year but there is one topic on which there is Complete agreement. That is. Let s move the primary Date from Angust 17 and put it Back into the Spring. The hot. Hot weather the difficulty of campaigning in soaring temperatures the apathy of voters the conflict with the Busy tobacco Harvest season the fact that it has not Cut but lengthened the agitation of airwaves and to is Reens and also Cost More has prompted this the Gastonia Gazette there is another most pertinent reason which is that August is the vacation month the last before the opening of schools. Many families Are out of town and out of state. They resent conflicts with their Long planned trips they simply will not be Here to vote making it difficult to improve the states voting record. The state elections Board has been asked by fully two dozen lawmakers to have Bills ready for them to drop into the Hopper in the 1977 session to make this change. This is fresh illustration of what sounded Fine on paper but proved otherwise in practice detained at the scene Gastonia s chief of police says that it won t happen again hopefully it won t. He was referring to the fact that a Mother of a child injured in an Auto Accident was detained at the scone while her child was taken to the Hospital the child needed immediate attention but the Hospital would not administer Aid until it had the consent of a Parent. The Mother was allowed to go to the Hospital but Only after she was detained at the wreck scene for 30-40 minutes. Gastonia a City manager was asked what he would have done if he had been in the Mother s shoos. A i would have told them i d to them later after i got my child cared for he said from the Wilson daily times that would be the reaction of most parents and certainly the child s care ought to be the prime consideration of any policeman investigating the Accident. Reports can be filled out and charges made later. This brings to mind the Accident involving a Young Man who was knocked unconscious and Lay on a Stretcher in the Hospital awaiting the assistance. When his parents finally arrived and gathered up his jacket and other belongings they discovered that the investigating policemen had written a citation and placed it in a jacket pocket a while the lad was unconscious. The Law certainly has to be Quick and firm it also should be compassionate. Politics with roads you read with interest that the formal used to Dole out secondary roads funds favors Republican counties at the expense of heavily democratic Piedmont and Eastern sections. What did you expect ? we have a Republican governor and he comes from an area which needs roads and these counties Are i the favored list. At the close of every governors administration there is paving of roads which will Benefit the governor. This is the same situation a total of $30 million statewide has been portioned out for the present fiscal year which Legati july i. And will end next june 30. This is Only a drop in the bucket when pitched against the state s 21,025 Miles of unpaved Rural roads so. In order to make sure every county gets a fair share the state Law sets up a rather complicated formula by which the number of unpaved Miles in each county is multiplied by the available Money As compared to the total number of unpaved secondary roads in the state and the total Money needed to do the Job. Highway officials put the total needed at More than a billion dollars. The legislative quarrel is not with the need for a Cost per mile variance but with the fact that it is used outside the statute and without oversight from the general Assembly. Staff researchers say several Western Republican counties Are getting As much As 45 per cent More than their statutory share while some Piedmont and Eastern counties get corresponding cuts. From the Winston Salem Sentinel ants and Man first the disease during the last half Century the fire and Aas spread from a few isolated pockets of in station to plague the whole Southeast. A Ding from the fire ant is excruciatingly pain us and can produce a Nasty allergic creation in a Lew people it can also be dangerous for livestock. Most obnoxious however Are the fire ant s Mound like Homes which can mar farm Fields and obstruct agricultural machinery. Now the cure minx is a persistent. Potent insecticide particularly effective against the fire ant. It has also caused malignant tutors cataracts and birth defects in lab animal tests. It is poisonous to a wide variety of wildlife m a a luding commercial fish and shellfish most event i v mire has been detected in a signify a a Arit number of samples of tissue from human beings its persistent Quality Means it run build up gradually in animal tissue until it reaches dangerous Levels one of the by from the Laurinburg Exchange products of its decay is ketone the deadly stuff that has sickened Plant workers and blighted the fisheries of the lower Chesapeake Bay and its estuaries. Which is really worse the insect disease or its pesticide cure unfortunately the heavy use of mire All Over the environment of the Southeast including North Carolina has not been delayed Long enough to find a satisfactory answer to that question now the stuff is to be applied in massive doses Only a season after the National cancer Institute branded it a potential cancer causing agent it seems to us that enough doubts have been raised recently and in past years about the safety of mire to warrant a new suspension of its use pending Complete evaluation at the very least massive Aerial spraying might be prohibited. If mire cannot be Given a clean Bill of health for Man then alternative ways must be developed and used to Battle the ants by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Julian White an initial bidder along with the late Leon Schute for the old Post office property has taken Over on assignment and without loss to the Schute family with approval by the . Postal service Purchase of that property on the same terms As had been arranged by Schute. He expects to convert it into a furniture showroom after extensive rearrangement of the building s Interior. He plans to have it ready for showing furniture at the october 1977 Market. The property has been eyed by several different interests for development but or. White has settled on converting it into furniture show space. Chris Coggin recently graduated from n c. State University a furniture school is launching his own manufacturing operation to make contemporary chairs in his Plant at 1701 Ward St. He plans to show samples now in the making for the october Market Here. He trained Well for the business with four years working for his father. Tia yer Coggin plus his years in specialized training at state before deciding to go Ink business for himself As his father has done so successfully. John w. Austin who with his Amily enjoyed in june a Beautiful visitation in the big Thompson River area of Colorado finds it difficult to realize the vast damage done by tie August i holocaust. But that Flash flood which killed scores of vacationers is a Stark reminder that vacationers who Camp in Low bring areas near Rivers do so at their risk floods like he big Thompsons develop so suddenly that there not sufficient time for adequate warning beforehand. That area just a Little Over a couple of months ago wis As Lovely a place As the austins had Ever seen. But the Avalanche of water a 50 times More than Ever before a which crowded through the narrow Gorge wrought frightful damage to life and property. The fed enl government designates special flood Hazard areas but authorities rarely warn folks coming in to Camp there. A lot of people shocked by the big Thomson River tragedy Are now checking flood Hazard maps a found usually in courthouses a for planning vacations. David Lopp newly installed director of High Point memorial Hospital has already set up several special goals for improvement of the institution in 1977. There Are immediate goals that include application for a resurvey with the View to winning Back accreditation from the joint committee on Hospital accreditation something concerning him and his staff deeply. He s tackling with full approval of his Board budgetary concerns of personnel capital and financial projections such As he Hopes to bring in line by the end of september a new operating budget he expects to have ready by the end of january. The Way or. Lopp is taking hold encourages thought that High Point memorial Hospital is in quite capable hands at the administrative level. Whether it s Only a Lawn or a fairly substantial Garden watering is a problem that comes this time of year. Watering takes time and it can be expensive so Here Are some tips that might save you both. The time of Day you water is important. Apply enough water to soak the soil thoroughly where most of the roots grow use a sprinkler when you want to water a Large area and save Money by never applying water faster than the soil will soak it up. Trees can drink water All Over which is another reason for watering up and Down. In extreme heat of August foliage As Well As Root areas should be watered. Many people water completely their evergreens but ignore Quot bathing their deciduous plants. Actually the deciduous tree benefits As Well As the evergreens. Above All done to water your landscape friends at midday for there s always the danger of foliage Burn. Morning or Early evening Are Good times for wielding Hose evening is Best for it assures Trees and plants remaining wet All night. You can Tell exactly How much water you Are applying by putting a Coffee can within the sprinkled area a the amount of water in the can will be the same As the ground is taking. Or. Delbert Byrum associate pastor at Wesley memorial United methodist a few Are caught Olla u the Public is led to believe that the Naze of Federal Assi St a Nee programs they a in operation within their own com i nullifies Are one big Boondoggle. Because of lose i Oles and apparent inadequate supervision Iii some instances it frequently appears to the taxpaying working Man and woman Shat Tor those inside these Federal programs it s just one big party one big bed of roses sometimes it is. Or so it appears the scan la of null City in Warren county is an earn ple of where flagrant violations have been excels. 1 my pressure on the part of the state administration and a congressional contingent have Only slowed Down the flow of Quot free Federal Money. Sometimes a failure to keep proper books. I failure to correctly supervise a Federal program gets a party or a Community in trouble Hie City of Charlotte and the Charlotte met Ulenburg school system have lately gotten a new education because of improperly conducting a Federal assistance program during the past two Summers that school system hired Over 3,500 Young people for Odd jobs and paid out a considerable amount of Federal pipeline Money primarily in wages two years later the labor department comes along and audits books of the operations and finds 2,264 of those kids were ineligible for the jobs. Supposedly Only for the economically disadvantaged but the schools there handed out jobs to All Comers including children of High income professionals and even the school superintendent now Uncle Sam wants $950,000 repaid and has cited the City of Charlotte As the agent that must do the repaying Charlotte and Mecklenburg county people Are still scratching their Heads Over what went wrong they like the speeders who get caught will have to admit their wrongdoing and pay the Piper unless their political punch carries an unusual Wallop. A fool you la destroy everything we be built Washington merry go round Church has been named to the committee on Episcopacy of the Western North Carolina conference of the United methodist Church. He attended earlier this week the organizational meeting in Charlotte at which or. Wilson o. Weldon formerly pastor of first United methodist Church Here was named chairman. The 15-member Council includes Janice Fowler Johnson formerly of High Point who is newly appointed to represent ordained women of the Church together with or Charles White High Pointer who is assistant to the Bishop and George d. Finch of Thomasville one of the initial responsibilities of the committee on Episcopacy is to prepare the installation on oct. 2 at first Church Charlotte of or. L. Scott Allen As the new Bishop of this conference. Congratulations to mrs. J a. Sloop of 607 Quaker Lane. On reaching her 90th birthday today. It will be celebrated in the Fellowship Hall of Emmanuel lutheran Church sunday from 3 til 5 p m with a social in her Honor arranged by her children her husband died in 1959 at the age of 73 the sloops who then lived at 719 Grimes were among the earliest a and one of the Best a families to which i delivered the Enterprise when i was launching a career in newspaper Reg some 60 years ago. Saddening is the tragic death of Ray Hubbard who drowned while vacationing with his family at kure Beach in Wake of Hurricane Belles passage. He was a dedicated Newspaperman who topped his military career with a service Ful stint reporting activities for the Enterprise in the Fields of business education Hospital and municipal Federal projects. The new Hanover county Coroner held officially that accidental drowning caused his death. He was swimming in the surf with his youngest daughter approximately too feet off Shore when an undertow current dragged him Down she tried to help her father but meanwhile a lifeguard had seen the emergency and went to Hubbard s Aid unsuccessfully. It is a sad �?�30�?� to a remarkable newspaper career Cut Short so tragically. Russia faces critican manpower shortage by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington barring unforeseen improvements the soviet Union is heading for a manpower crisis which May Force the Kremlin to relax its communist discipline and offer the workers More capitalistic incentives. This is the conclusion of America s top Sov Iet manpower expert or Murray Feshbach who has just completed one of the most important demographic studies Ever done on the soviet Union according to or Feshbach s calculations Russia can expect a critical manpower shortage by 1983 there is statistical irony in the year. It comes the year before a 1984.�?� the time and title of George Orwell s famous satire Orwell described a Stalin esque police state whose citizens could t make a move without government Sanction but if or Feshbach s confidential study is Correct the russian people May be Able to loosen the orwellian grip and gain More Freedom in 1983 this is what it May take to overcome the manpower shortage and stimulate productivity. Or Feshbach has based his conclusions on a painstaking study of soviet census figures and other obscure documents the study was commissioned by the joint congressional economic committee which will make it Public in late september. It was co authored by or Feshbach and Steven Rapawy the soviet population trends indicate that the population is aging and that there Aren t enough Young people to pick up the work tools. The european russians who have produced most of the skilled workers in the past Are also falling behind the Central asian minorities in population growth the minority races according to Feshbach also resist leaving Home to work in Distant factories and Fields nor do they want to go to the chinese Border to build up the population for a confrontation with the chinese a 1976 by Nia inc Quot the senator is not very hungry and says he thinks hell have Only one grit this the 4.5 million Man soviet army draws off the youth who need to be trained to fill the Middle level jobs. The housing shortage with husbands and wives cooped in tiny apartments has also discouraged women from having babies. To maintain an adequate work Force each family must produce at least 2.2 children. Soviet families have dropped below this f figure in some parts of european Russia. Many russian women accustomed to working done to want More children. Even the pro Natal a Steps now being taken won t produce working aged children until Well into the 1990s. The manpower crunch will probably hit the farms first where productivity already has fallen so Low that the soviets must import food to feed the 256 million population. In Short the soviet Union won t have the mass workers needed to meet production demands and a reverse 1984�?� May hit the country by 1983 Bishops Challenge in dictatorships around the world the clergy have defended the Downtrodden and the persecuted Catholic priests and protestant ministers alike have risked their lives to bring us evidence of torture in such countries As Brazil Chile Cuba. India and Iran now Many of the 81 Catholic Bishops in the Philippines meeting secretly have drafted a manifesto condemning the suppression of human rights by president Ferdinand Marcos a copy has been smuggled to us. Marcos and his wife i Nelda have courted the Homan Catholic Church which has a religious hold on 83 per cent of the Philippines 40 million people. The Marc oses have had some Success in placating the conservative Cardinal Jaime sin but now most of his Bishops have taken a courageous stand against the abuses they have witnessed they have denounced the heavy superstructure of secret police informers and corrupt generals which Marcos has imposed upon the country he has centralized political Power and put a a the whole nation under the control of one Man a the Bishops declare yet the official corruption he promised to eradicate a goes on unabated a it is accompanied. They say by Quot violence and terrorizing too since the military Are the Only people licensed to carry arms Quot the Bishops Tell of torture in Marcos stockade political suspects have a practically no rights Quot the manifesto alleges a a and arbitrary arrests Are matched by arbitrary detentions a prisoners Are held for months without charges the press is a a sycophantic and the populace is docile the Bishops report. Quot we Are fast becoming a nation of sheep a they lament. The manifesto also alleges that a scamps for youths 18 years and under have been started in three cities letter to the editor others reportedly Are in the planning stage a the regimen in those Camps a say the Bishops is Quot reminiscent of Hitler s youth movement of the 30s and the red guards of the prelates describe Quot systematic indoctrination in the Camps Quot bordering on brainwashing and leading to an undisguised personality cult of president the stirring manifesto completed on the Philippines Independence Day. June 12, is divided into 37 sections dealing with every facet of philippine life family youth labourers Farmers political prisoners students even aliens and squatters the churchmen charge that labor leaders for example a languish in jail to be released Only at the pleasure of the government for As Long As the state of emergency the right of strike has also been suppressed a in flagrant violation of free labor principles the Bishops Call for discussions Quot in a peaceful and orderly but they urge in ringing language a let the people be heard let the people tribute to a newsman to the editor this is to pay tribute to the memory of Ray Hubbard a personal Friend and an Able journalist. During my years on the school Hoard. Ray has helped school people and patrons weather tumultuous changes by his incisive yet supportive accounts of the circumstances and decisions surrounding school affairs. Ever a guardian of the right of the people to know fully about Public activities at once his style investigative reporting was to help those involved bring out the whole truth rather than trying to trap someone in a controversial half truth i shall miss Ray and shall miss his contributions to the passing scene in the pages of the Enterprise. My sympathy goes of course to his family and close colleagues but i also feel for High Point a Community made Richer by Ray Hubbard s having lived and worked among us and now poorer for his passing John d Bridgers Board of education

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