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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy warmer Moro data on Page so 88th year a no. 226 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A sunday morning August 13, 1972 114 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 Aii other departments 885-216 daily 10c, sunday 25cchess video 0. Will any of Tho chass games Between Fischer and Spassky be televised if they Are what Channel and what time and when . A. Channel 8�?Ts wide world of sports at 4 . Saturdays has been giving taped coverage of the Duel. Illegal gunnery 0. We have a neighbor at Street who shoots a .22 gun out his Back door into his Back Yard. We have Small children who play All around the neighbourhood. Is this against the Law and what can we do to see that ifs stopped neighbors. A. You can Call the police when the Man is firing his Rifle says major Hartley and the party can be charged by the complainant under City ordinance 15-38 which prohibits the firing of a gun pistol or other firearms for sport or amusement. Hidden Stop 0. On the Corner of Whittier and English you can hardly see the Stop sign and could something please be done about this a. Tile traffic engineers will Clear this Stop sign immediately. A re action q i have a recording of a tired of Mother and it is a Victor published Back in 1928, and the record is not for Sale. I am pretty sure lots of people would like to hear it and if they will get in touch with me it would be Okay. Thank you. George Ahrens 883-6850. Democrats dispute report Nixon claims Economy sound growing for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every deacons 0. Whet churches a and this is going to hit somebody hard a let some women participate in their governing boards making the rules and bylaws. Soma churches do not allow it and some do. We Don t mean As a teacher and stuff like that we mean they help make the rules. It is very important that we know the answer to this so we can pass it along to a Bunch of our friends. . A. There Are a what appears at a glance a about 350 churches listed in the High Point Telephone Book and probably half again As Many which done to have phones. A canvass of All would no doubt yield a Hundred different policies. We know several local churches where women do serve on governing bodies but it would not be fair to name some and not All. They help the minister with the Day to Day business of the Church and act As a sounding Board of the congregation but probably most operate within general guidelines policies or traditions of their larger National councils or affiliated churches. Those considered More Liberal in their religious philosophy would be the most Likely to have women serving on their governing boards. A better approach May be to attend services of different churches or inquire of their ministers what their theology is and observe How it might be reflected in the lives of members of their congregations whom you May know a mean trick to play on the poor pastor Ben Franklin summed it up nicely for All of us a Mankind Are an old creature. One half spend their time practising what they censure the other half censuring what they practice. The rest do what is where s god s farm 0. Could you pleas give to Tho direction to god s form Loc at of in Randolph county in High Point of i Homo Hoard a lot of Good things about it and i would mkt to visit this place and Poasa toll us a Little about it . A. Take 311 South through Archdale and Glenola to the new Market school. The first intersection after that you take a right turn and go about three Miles until you see a Bridge. Just before the Bridge is a driveway on the left. Its a one Lane dirt Road which leads you right to the farm about one Quarter of a mile Down the Road. If you prefer you can ride a bus which leaves about a half hour before services from the salvation army and will bring you Back. They Welcome anyone any age from any denomination or no denomination at their services which Are held sundays at 3 . And wednesday evenings at 7. A Coffee House and service for teen agers is held on fridays from 7 30 toll . Apple cider and doughnuts is the fare and a musical group called Tamarah entertains when they Are not performing elsewhere. You can also learn More about this Christian Fellowship of youth under Tom Watson a leadership by tuning in to their radio show at 8 pm., the lovelight salvation show monday through Friday on mfr. A a Annie s address 0. It the address of Ann lenders end i have a big problem and what it Hor address. A. Letters to Ann Landers May be addressed to her in care of the Enterprise. They Are forwarded unopened to her Chicago office. Washington a in a claim of economic Success disputed immediately by democrats president Nixon said saturday heavy new spending by Congress this year could bring a big increases in the Cost of living or big new taxes a or both. In an introduction to a report put together by his Council of economic advisers for the anniversary of the economic controls he began last aug. 15, Nixon made his strongest pitch to Date for adoption of a $250-billion ceiling on Federal spend ing. And the report claimed the Economy is sound and growing despite some lingering problems such As food prices. Spokesmen for the presidential Campaign of sen. George Mcgovern d-s.d., disputed the reports conclusion that the one year run of economic controls has been a great Success saying in a statement Quot in the past year the Nixon administration has demonstrated that if you Knock a Ball Down hard enough it will Bounce Back a bit. This is kind of Good news a rather grim in a separate attack on the Nixon report the democratic members of the congressional joint economic committee said that if the Economy is to continue to expand and if the unemployment rate currently 5.5 per cent is to be Cut moves to slam on the fiscal and monetary brakes must be resisted. Both democratic criticisms accused the Republican administration of making High unemployment a deliberate economic policy to Battle rising inflation. A the economic policies advocated by the administration Are unduly influenced by a fear of inflation and by a stubbornly held but erroneous belief that the Way to control inflation is to restrict the growth of output and employment a a they said. Quot we Are reluctantly forced to the conclusion they do not attach the same importance we do to providing jobs for All those Able to work and seeking Nixon said the budget situation in the current fiscal year is critical. The administration dance you re on candid camera no these people Are not auditioning for a chewing gum commercial. They just resist a hopscotch pattern some child Drew on a sidewalk in Washington a Georgetown area. And an associated press photographer just resist exposing a Roll of film. A War pm to Pentagon embarrassed super secret Agency penetrated Washington a the Pentagon a super secret defense intelligence Agency has been penetrated by an agent who roamed through guarded offices stole secret documents planted electronic listening devices and even operated the Agency a main computers. Using homemade credentials the agent posed As a Dia employee to carry out his espionage Eagleton declares activities in some of the most heavily protected offices in the Washington area. No the agent was not a soviet spy but an army intelligence officer assigned to test Security or the Lack of it at Dia installations. The relative ease in which he succeeded caused embarrassment within the Pentagon and led to a series of Security Anderson report was last Straw Kansas City a sen. Thomas f. Eagleton who withdrew two weeks ago As the democratic vice presidential candidate said saturday he has pondered the effects of a broadcast by columnist Jack Anderson and feels it was a the Straw that broke the Eagleton in the broadcast Anderson said Eagleton had been cited for Drunken driving and other traffic violations. The columnist later retracted his charges and apologized. The broadcast which came a week after Eagleton disclosed he had received psychiatric treatment including electrical Shock was a just too much for presidential nominee George Mcgovern and his staff Eagleton said at a news conference Here. A i think i might have remained on the ticket but for he said referring to the Anderson broadcast. Asked about comments by the Rev. Jerome f. Wilkerson a Catholic priest in St. Louis who had said the Missouri senator was Quot disappointed in Mcgovern Eagleton said a father Wilkerson has apologized to me for that. He was never my regarding the presidential Campaign Eagleton said a i done to think Mcgovern has written off Missouri at All. We re the 13th largest electoral vote state so he can to afford Quot we realize Nixon carried the state in 1968. But we feel it s a winnable fight a he said. The key to a Mcgovern Victory at the polls he said is Success in the voter registration Campaign. Lectures last week for nearly All 4,000 Dia employees civilian and military whose Job it is to gather and disseminate intelligence information to the armed forces. Pentagon officials refuse to discuss the episode or even acknowledge it occurred. But a Dia employee who attended one of the sessions recalled this account of How the in House spy went about his business unfamiliar with the inner work mrs of the Dia the agent first mingled with employees picnicking on the grass at lunchtime at one of the Agency a installations in suburban Virginia. This was so he could photograph their identity badges and make a duplicate to get inside restricted areas. Cameras Are forbidden on the grounds but no one reported him or questioned his identity. The agent said he needed their pictures for a Security Campaign he was conducting. Inside the agent said Security was almost nonexistent. On one occasion a door to a vault holding top secret documents was left open and unguarded. Sensitive papers were often on desks an arms reach from open windows he said. Pretending one Day to be a Pentagon courier the agent asked for classified information needed for a High level briefing of the joint chiefs of staff. But a disbelieving Dia employee at first refused. Its a a Rush hot item a the agent claimed and asked the distrusting employee to Check him out with an office he once worked in the Pentagon. Although his identity was never confirmed the agent walked out not Only with the information he requested but some other highly sensitive documents he had picked from a desk and stuffed in his briefcase. The agents primary objective was to get into the computer area. He not Only succeeded but managed to operate the computer himself get the information and carry it from the building. In relating his experiences the agent told the Dia workers that one of the big problems was Young attractive secretaries wow it often Hung around the guards desks diverting their attention As people entered the buildings. Is determined to resist More inflation and higher taxes by keeping the budget under control. He said. The president said the outcome a will depend most of All on the wishes of the american he presumably referred to the presidential election but did no to say so. Quot if the people insist on spending beyond the $250 billion ceiling i have urged such spending will be done a he said. Quot but if the people join me in insisting that Federal spending be held Down to avoid reviving inflation now and paying higher taxes soon the government will act the administration has sounded almost the same theme about the spending ceiling in recent Days but usually it has said that excessive spending could bring either a new round of inflation or new taxes not necessarily both at tile same time. Nixon s chief economic advisers made it Clear that they regard next year As a key one for the Economy. Or. Herbert be Nixon on p 3 a peace offer controversy continues Washington aim a aver Ell Harriman and Cyrus Vance the two original . Negotiators at the Paris peace talks said saturday president Nixon ignored a place Opportunity in 1969 when North Vietnam withdrew most of their combat troops from South Vietnam a northernmost provinces. They said in a joint statement that Hanoi signalled this intention in late 1968 but instead of taking the Opportunity to negotiate Nixon opted for shoring up the Saigon regime. North Vietnam of course never has officially acknowledged that it has troops in South Vietnam and the signal that Harriman and Vance spoke of was an indirect one. The state department said in a statement that no record of Quot any such so called signal has been found. A emr. Harriman reportedly says it the signal came in october or november 118.�?� the statement said. A this raises the question As to Why no action was taken on the so called signal for the next three months before the present administration took office. A it also raises the question As to what the so called signal consisted of and who in the new administration was advised of the so called signal. Quot it must be recalled that within a matter of weeks after the new administration took office the North vietnamese mounted a military offensive in South Vietnam a the statement said. The two former . Ambassadors made their allegation after Secretary of state William p. Rogers accused Sargent Shriver of a political fantasy in claiming president Nixon in 1969 a a blew a historic Chance to end the Vietnam War on better terms than he can get now. Shriver who said lie stayed on As us. Ambassador to France for a year after Nixon s inauguration because he thought tin president would quickly end the War and he could help is now the democratic vice presidential candidate. A we support completely Sargent shrivers View that president Nixon lost an Opportunity for a negotiated settlement in Vietnam when he took office a Harriman and Vance said in a joint statement. Quot at that time North Vietnam had signalled its willingness to reduce the level of violence by withdrawing almost 90 per cent of its troops�?22 of 25 regiments from the Northern two provinces which had been the see peace offer on 3 a a pm in s a leading youth Bureau Page 2a non smokers Page 2a pigeons flying Page id editorial Page 4a women a news. Sports Section c television Page Ike entertainment pages 17-1915 obituaries Page 50 classified pages 5-200 Thieu warns against new attacks Saigon a . B52 bombers have launched their heaviest raids of the Indochina War to counter a new upsurge in the North vietnamese and Viet Cong offensive the . Command announced saturday. President Nguyen Van Thieu warned that the enemy soon will couple military assaults with a fresh political Campaign to undermine his government. . Officials said the latest wave of attacks was meant to shake Confidence in Thieu s regime by demonstrating that enemy forces could strike anywhere at any time. South vietnamese military spokesmen said the sapper and shelling attacks indicated that the main offensive by North vietnamese troops had failed. They claimed government troops together with . Bombing raids had thwarted Hanoi a plan to strike from Cambodia across the Plain of Reeds into South Vietnam a Mekong Delta close to Saigon. Enemy forces nevertheless were on the attack from Quang tri in the North to Ben tre 40 Miles Southwest of Saigon. In 24 hours they initiated 88 separate attacks the Saigon command reported. Waves of enemy infantrymen Flung themselves at a South vietnamese army outpost near Duy Xuyen a District town in the biggest reported attack. The outpost is 15 Miles South of Danang from which the last . Infantry battalion in Vietnam withdrew saturday. A the enemy was repulsed leaving behind 93 dead a said a South vietnamese communique. Government casualties were put at 22 dead and 17 wounded together with 22 civilian wounded. The communique said 82 houses were burned. The . Command reported b52 Strat fortresses flew 130 strikes and dropped More than 3.000 tons of bombs on enemy Supply caches staging areas and troop concentrations in North and South Vietnam in the 24 hours ended at noon saturday. In addition smaller . Jets flew More than 200 tactical air strikes against North Vietnam and 280 against the enemy in the South. There were 33 b52 strikes concentrated around the North vietnamese town of Dong hoi just above the demilitarized zone and the rest were scattered in All four military regions of South Vietnam. The aim of the air strikes was to slow the flow of reinforcements and supplies to South Vietnam. One strike was within a mile of the City of Quang tri which government marines have been trying to retake for nearly three weeks. The town fell to the North vietnamese May i. The marines were hammered by Long Range artillery again saturday but were reported to have killed 19 enemy soldiers while losing four dead and 13 wounded in fire fights in the rubble of the City. The intensity of the North vietnamese bombardment around Quang tri has significantly decreased said . Military sources. It could mean either that they were running Short of ammunition or were conserving it for a big push the sources added

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