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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - August 12, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaEpileptic interviews officials Hope information will bring change in social attitudes by Lee Mortimer Enterprise staff writer interviews with epileptic patients in High Point Are revealing the severe hardships faced by victims of one of history s oldest and most misunderstood diseases the interviews Are being directed by unc Chapel Hill professor and epidemiologist or. Cecil Slome As part of a statewide epilepsy research project. Thus far about 10 interviews have been conducted with patients of High Point neurologist or. Chester Haworth. Slome said physicians and patients. Particularly in High Point have been great aids in the research. He has con ducted interviews in the Chapel Hill area and Hopes to hold sessions with patients in other areas of the state. Slome said epileptics problems Are More with our society than with the Dis order itself. Prevailing social attitudes about the disease have forced patients into painful situations. The truthful ones live lives of hell. Many cannot drive. A lot of others have difficulty getting jobs or getting health he Hopes information gleaned from the research will change social attitudes allow epileptics to live a More Normal lives. The study is being con ducted through the n. C. Dept. Of human resources with a Grant from the . Dept. Of health Educa Tion and welfare. Slome Hopes to obtain additional Money which can be used to hire full time interviewers. He estimates there Are about epileptics in North Carolina. For an epileptic Job applicant the great dilemma is to Tell or not to they Tell the truth they May not get the Job. If they lie and then later have a seizure they might be fired or not get Slome said. He cited the example of one Job applicant who did reveal his condition to his employer. He thought he was seizure free but one Day he had a seizure in front of other office personnel Slome recounted. For a while he was unsure he would get a promotion he was being considered for and eventually did get. But it was acutely embarrassing for his condition to be revealed under those circumstances Slome said. For Many epileptics there Are drugs available to help control seizures. They Are costly and the expense has reduced some prosperous patients to poverty. Many Are reluctant to seek social ser vices Aid though they Are often eligible. Slome said. One aspect of the study is to examine the Assumption that epileptic seizures constitute a driving Hazard. Currently an epileptic must pass a year seizure free in order to obtain an operator s License Many epileptics claim that their condition is no More hazardous on the Road than that of diabetics alcoholics per sons with heart conditions and those on Tranquili Zers Slome said. Epileptic groups arc now lobbying in Raleigh for a relaxation of restrictions on their driving. Portions of the study were presented recently at a meeting of the local triad epilepsy Assn Slome said More conclusive findings Are expected this fall after additional interviews have been conducted. We Are trying to find out what kind of services Are now offered to epileptics i and what Are the worst problems they Slome said. High Point officials study garbage cans us. Ii Point you get a line i la get a pole the rest of the line goes and Well go Down to the Crawdad Richard Jernigan with the bottle and James Dills and Barry Green turning Over rocks Are probably too Young to remember the song but the Art of catching crayfish is new to every generation. Activities like this will soon pass for another year As school draws near and summer begins turning to fall. Photo by Sonny Hedgecock by Forrest Gates Enterprise City editor top High Point City government officials were in Hampton va., today looking at garbage cans. Specifically they were looking at garbage cans with wheels the Type High Point residents May be pushing a few months from now. The Virginia City has converted to an innovation in garbage collections whereby residents Are equipped with Mobile cans which they push to the Street for garbage pickups. High pointers now get twice a week pickups at their Back doors. Officials Are thinking about switching to curbside pickups As a Means of saving the City Money. It has been estimated that High Point could save up to a year by going to the carts that is after the initial costs of the carts were amortized. The Council has directed its Public works committee to study the garbage collection system with the idea of revising it. Councilman Bob Wells is chairman of the committee. This is his second trip to a City which has the cart system. His first was to Albermarle several weeks ago. He apparently was impressed by what he Learned there. He reported that the system appears to run smoothly with substantial financial he talked with several residents there to get their views. All of them and most were elderly liked the he said. Mayor Roy Culler accompanied the councilman and staff officials on the Over night trip to Hampton and there could be significance in that. Culler has indicated some resistance to the cart idea although favouring some Economy moves for the Gar Bage service. He seems to lean More toward the idea of keeping backyard service but possibly reducing pickups from two to one per week. The trip to Hampton May be designed to swing his thinking More toward the carts. The new City manager by Brooks and Public works director Carl wills were in the delegation which flew to Hampton wednesday night. The Council has instructed the committee to Complete its study and make recommendations by oct. 1. Wells said that it probably will take the committee that Long to Complete the assignment. City area thursday afternoon August 12, 1976 Section d go to Raleigh protest to Cut urged Demeanour of witness subject of testimony by Phil Speaks Enterprise staff writer Lexington Joe Beisecker. Defense attorney for Dermont Conrad presented a series of witnesses today in what appeared to be an attempt to establish the state of mind of the woman Conrad is accused of kidnapping. Mildred Nanette Wayne 17. Has charged that Conrad kept her against her will working As a prostitute at the Shangrila Motel after she at first willingly become employed by him. Beisecker called several witnesses who were at one time employed at the candlelight restaurant now petting area added at zoo Asheboro Friday the 13th May be considered unlucky for some but not for the kids of North Carolina who visit the North Carolina zoological Park on Purgatory Mountain. Zoo officials announced today a petting area con Taining Young exotic and Domestic animals will open Friday following an informal ribbon cutting ceremony at 11 . The petting area where children can not Only get a close look but actually touch the animal was made possible by in funds paid by the North Carolina zoological society the fund raising of the zoo. Daily hours for the Contact area will be from 11 . Until 4 . Through labor Day and then on weekends through october if weather permits. Included in the one acre fenced paddock will be a baby Bison a Young Domestic Bull a fallow Deer and a family of pygmy goats. Other Young touchable animals will be added As they become available. An assortment of Young Domestic ducks and geese live near by in a Small Pond. Though children May touch the animals in the pad Dock zoo officials say they will not permit anyone but themselves to feed them. Zoo director William Hoff explained the Small animals Are on a carefully con trolled diet which would be upset by additional feeding by the Public. The new touch area will be replaced by a much larger paddock when the permanent zoo opens. A recently held telethon raised which will be used for this purpose. Hoff observed the present petting area which opens officially Friday became a reality because of contributions of people from All Over the state. We Are pleased that they will be Able to see the animals their Money helped to he said. Adam s place and asked them primarily to describe miss Wayne s Demeanour on her three trips to that establishment. Mrs. Helen Lea. Employed As a Cook at the restaurant testified that miss Wayne often played the Juke Box and danced to the music exhibiting a Happy and pleasant Demeanour while at the restaurant in the company of Conrad and others connected with the Shangrila. Judy Curry whose father is owner of Adam s place and part owner of the Shangrila testified that miss Wayne As far As she could Tell did not appear to be under stress on the three occasions that she observed miss Wayne in the restaurant. District attorney . Zimmerman responded by Cross examining these witnesses and trying to establish that at no time was miss Wayne Ever observed to be alone in the restaurant the general intent of Zimmerman s questions tended toward establishing that miss Wayne was not free to move about. One of the elements necessary for Zimmerman to prove that miss Wayne was indeed kidnapped by Conrad is that she was not free at any time to go and come As she pleased. Wednesday morning and afternoon miss Wayne s testimony in the trial was completed with a description of the problems she encountered with her family which May have been an ele ment in her leaving Home. Miss Wayne also testified wednesday that Conrad intimidated her and forced her to work As a prostitute at the Shangrila Motel. Upon examination miss Wayne said that Conrad frequently was in her room with weapons such As shotguns and night Sticks close by. She said she Felt threatened by Conrad although he never touched or raised the weapons in a threatening manner toward her. She did testify however that at one Point Conrad did threaten to take her behind the Motel and shoot her. By Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer Greensboro we need an outpouring from this and other communities to get Raleigh to acknowledge Good Guilford county social services Board chairman Forrest Campbell said wednesday in discussing Means of combating a massive Cut in title 20 funds available to the county. He told a crowd attending a special social services Board meeting Here the Only resource Guilford county has is to go to Raleigh and Pound on some doors there to oppose the Cut which reduced the county s title 20 allocation from a projected million to million. Board members delayed their decision on the exact method of cutting title 20 budgets by million until their aug. 25 meeting but they did direct a moratorium on hiring new employees until that time. Campbell said he feels the formula the state used in allocating funds is most he believes there Are funds available which could come to us and should come to residents noted the reductions will particularly Hurt those who Are receiving services through existing title 20 programs and emphasized the possibility of contacting High state officials to seek additional Money. The expressions of concern and determination to seek a change in the state decision came after social services director Wayne Metz outlined a proposal which would reduce title 20 funds for 15 organizations by million to bring the county s spending in line with the new state allocation. Eight of the programs including the Legal Aid project in High Point and the High Point kindergarten for the handicapped received 100 per cent loss of title 20 funds while other cuts ranged from 36.6 to 53.4 per cent. The agencies pinpointed for potential cuts had combined Overall budgets of million including million in title 20 funds. The reduction will leave a total of million in title 20 funds to be added to local Matching sources. Metz said the staff has recommended the alternative of cuts in specific budgets Over the possibility of continuing All programs until funds run out in february and Over an alternative of reducing All programs by 32 per cent the amount the state Cut its allocation to the county. He explained the title 20 program includes some Man dated projects which must be continued he said Guilford county must operate within a balanced budget and that the county cannot revise its tax rate now to provide additional support. Campbell told those attending the session the social ser vice Board has set no official schedule to Cut off funds and that it plans for some decision at its aug 25 meeting. He said a decision at that time would make cuts effective ocl 1 banquet attracts Only democrats by Phil Speaks Enterprise staff writer Lexington the odor of Barbecue and Fried Chicken the Black leaders of Davidson county gathered Here wednesday to hear Republican and democratic candidates on the issues there was one problem however. The banquet sponsored by the Black civic league which was designed As a bipartisan affair turned out to be a rally for democratic candidates not one Republican candidate or a representative for the gop attended the gathering i would like to make one thing said Charles Miller who conducted the introduction of candidates invitations were also issued to republicans to attend this meeting among the democrats attending the meeting was Walter e. Fuller and Lillian woo. Candidates for state auditor after a Brief speech by mrs woo promising to become the taxpayers advocate if she wins the office this fall a mastering attack on her was delivered by Fuller pointed out that mrs. Woo has spent Exten sively on her advertising Campaign but he thought it would be a disaster for the state if a woman without any administration experience were elected to the office of state auditor. He wound up his presentation by pledging that if he could not save the taxpayers is million during his first year of office he would resign his Post and return his pay for that year to the state. Among others present at the meeting were the wives of gubernatorial candidates George Wood and candidate for lieutenant governor Howard Lee. Others running for statewide office who made an appearance were George Breece. Candidate for Secretary of Treasury John Brooks for commissioner of labor and a representative appeared for de o Herron. Several candidates for the nonpartisan elections for the see banquet on 2d expects to place in election experience is advantage Hyde by Carol Wilson Utley Enterprise staff writer democratic lieutenant governor hopeful Herbert Hyde will be the first to admit there Are few major differences in position Between him and Howard Lee. One of his opponents and the assumed front runner in the race of eight candidates. But Hyde Points to his legislative experience As the prime Quality he holds Over Lee. Hyde a state representative from Asheville was voted the second most effective legislator by his colleagues in the last general Assembly. He has served in the Senate As Well. We re pretty much the same on the Hyde said in an interview wednesday. I be found it somewhat difficult to deter mine where our differences lie. Of course there is one thing but it s a Small Hyde continued in the forthright style that characterizes him. He would support a Law to make the primary candidate who wins a plurality the Winner. And i would t. But that s no big Hyde sees the race for the democratic nomination As lieutenant governor As a three candidate proposition. I be seen two he said and one shows or. Lee ahead and or. Green and i tied for second. The other shows or. Lee ahead and or. Green second just ahead of the close race makes a Runoff primary a certainty Hyde feels and his goal is to be in that Runoff because i know i can beat either one of them head Hyde has few problems finding differences with Green the speaker of the House in the past legislative session. He Points to the equal rights amendment which he sponsored in the House and which Green opposes. Hyde pokes a Little fun at Green s fiscal responsibility platform saying that fiscal responsibility is mandated by the North Carolina Constitution. Of course fiscal responsibility May be a code word for tax Hyde said. The Swain county native Herbert Hyde the state s tax Structure. He would favor removing the limitations on tax of Large items and feels a two per cent increase in corporate taxes from the pre sent six per cent to eight per cent would also be feasible if credits were Given for employee wage increases. I m personally opposed to the food Hyde said but before you can remove a tax you have to be response to replace the revenues it creates. I d like to find a Way to replace the food tax and i d certainly look for one but i can t advocate taking it off right now Hyde approves of the idea of increased Industry in North Carolina but would t agree with the plans of several gubernatorial candidates to move the office of economic development out of the dept. Of natural and economic resources. It needs to be where it is right where we can handle development and environmental concerns at the same in addition to attracting More Industry Hyde would favor paying More attention to North Carolina s current Industry. We Don t pay enough attention to it he said. There Are Many things that can be done to Aid Industry Here like tax policy incentives Small business Loans and things of that nature. Tourism can certainly be pushed. Our ports ought to be developed. I would like to see people put on the ports authority from the pied tuning experience with know . Of course this will necessitate spending Money on roads and airports and this Type of thing. But in the Large look it s not All going out and bringing in in Hyde would also favor a Peak Load pricing plan but Calls the 12-hour Peak proposed by Utility companies in the state a joke. I d Tell them to go Back and do this Over you must be joking because you can t be he said. It was ridiculous what they came out Hyde s Campaign has been marked by the unusual. Early in the summer he distributed plastic records of his Swain county Cussin and his Campaign later came out with a Book genuine described As a collection of wit and Wisdom on political issues by Hyde. The candidate feels his Campaign has picked up steam in the past three weeks because of the two props and because he called for a debate. No one took me up on it and that s not agrees that inequities exist in ble enough to find some Way Mont people with Man fac experience on 20 _

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