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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - August 12, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaThe High poem Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor 4a thursday August 12, 1976 Washington merry go round Pentagon Sleuth tells of multiple leaks thoughts for today and now my soul is poured out within me Days of affliction pain that gnaws me takes no Job be a life Long or Short its completeness depends on what it mat lived David Starr Jordan american naturalist. General Assembly selection Guilford county with one of the largest delegations in the North Carolina general Assembly has Seldom in the past been Able to marshal Law making clout commensurate with its numerical strength. It has on occasion sent Strong individuals to Raleigh it has also not in frequently sent some who Are not very Strong. The delegations in past years have Seldom spoken from a base of sub Stantial Unity. There is of course much to be said for determined individualism for courage of convictions even though such Fine attributes so often Are trampled in the dust by numerical forces from those counties which Are often More single minded. Next tuesday Well again be involved in selection of those who will represent us in the Assembly during the next two years. The democrats will choose nominees for three seats in the Senate seven in the House to go up against the Republican hopefuls who do not have primary opposition. The Senate race with Only four democrats viewing for the three seats is the easier to Call. Two of the four Are incumbents Mcneill Smith and Kathy Sebo. Sen. Smith is one of the real legislative leaders a tireless worker and a True student of practical government. Sen. Sebo serving her first term during the last biennium. Put much concentration on the Field of juvenile Justice and succeeded remarkably in getting legislative attention and action in that area where too Little had been done previously. We believe both should be renominated. Equally energetic in her experience in City government is High Point s Rachel Gray. She has Given a great Deal and Learned a great about the intricacies of government and should be a worthy replacement for sen. Lynwood Smith who decided against seeking re election this year. If it needs repeating Well say once More that High Point should not be unrepresented in the upper House of the general Assembly. Mrs. Gray is easily our Choice to go on the november ticket. Twelve Guilford ians Are competing for the seven nominations from the democratic party for seats in the state House. They include five incumbents after reps. Leo Heer and Charlie Phillips declined to seek re election. Our choices for the seven spots Are incumbents Henry Frye Tom Gilmore and Charlie Webb Jim Morgan and Mark Mcdaniel of High Point Mary Seymour and Jim Van Hecke of Greensboro. Frye Gilmore and Webb have represented their county Well and have won positions of leadership in the general Assembly. They have continually evinced interest in those matters Peculiar to High Point and have we believed endeavoured to represent the whole county while at the same time serving Well the whole state. We have been impressed by the backgrounds and Campaign efforts of Morgan and Mcdaniel. Morgan has written his name High in a wide ranging Field of civic and Public service and would take to Raleigh a dynamic approach to problem solving. With a less Well rounded base of service Mcdaniel has been a vigorous Champion of con Sumer interests and a tireless student of the intricacies of advancing causes through the Maze of government. Both Are Young vigorous and confident of their ability to represent the people in the legislature. They ought to have a Chance to prove themselves. Like Rachel Gray mrs. Seymour has built up a record of Strong Public service at the municipal level having served on the Greensboro City Council for nine years. She is intelligent and personable the kind of individual who would lend strength to the Guilford delegation. And like Morgan and Mcdaniel Jim Van Hecke is of the Young and vigorous Stripe. Of All the Greensboro candidates he has been in the forefront of seeking out High Point concerns and interests a number of them being totally unknown in this portion of the county. Together these ten May fail to meet the test of Unity but in our judgment they individually give Promise of enlightened legislative service to the total Guilford population. Gilt Edge for George Many of us lost the Bicentennial spirit on july 5, but the members of House of representatives armed services com Mittee kept theirs around Long enough to Confer a posthumous sixth Star on general George Washington. The reason for the rather belated action was to put Washington who had Only three stars to his credit above the five Star generals of the world wars. As the new York times pointed out Washington was Only named a lieutenant projecting the news general after he left the White House and he agreed to the Honor then Only if it did not result in any immediate charge upon the we somehow doubt that the stately old gentleman would have approved this latest measure. In the first place there is Little the House armed services com Mittee can do to further glorify Washington. Secondly there Are other things that very important committee could be doing with its time. Coronation City the Republican National convention will open in Kansas City mo., monday. The late Oscar Hammerstein ii s Tongue was lodged firmly in his Cheek when he wrote the lyrics to eve Ruthin s up to Date in Kan Sas one of the Best remembered songs from the 1943 musical Kansas City then had a reputation As a gangster Ridden cow town struggling to escape the corrupt embrace of the Pendergast political machine. Who in his right mind would Ever want to visit the place now. Three decades later it turns out that Hammerstein was prescient. Just about everything is up to Date in Kansas City including the architecturally distinguished Kemper Arena where the republicans will hold their 1976 National convention. From All indications the gop delegates can look Forward to a Welcome at least As warm As that extended to the democrats in new York. Kansas City s Urban Renaissance went unremarked by the rest of the country for years but now it is attracting a Good Deal of attention. Fortune nation s business and . News world report have published articles praising the City s successful program for averting decay through imaginative planning and controlled growth. Municipal debt and property tax rates Are remarkably . Kansas City had hoped to place the republicans in its convention Center but that facility is still under construction. Besides Kemper Arena which seats about persons delegates and their families will be Able to inspect some of the City s other new structures. These include the football and baseball stadiums and above All. Crown Center. Partially completed Crown Center is an 85 acre Complex of offices shops apartments and entertainment facilities plus a 730-room hotel that will serve As president Ford s convention Headquarters. By its scheduled completion Date of 1985. Crown Center will have Cost an estimated million. Kansas City seems to have a thing about crowns and other trappings of Royalty. Its baseball team is called the royals its Basket Hall team the Kings and its football team the chiefs. Its hockey team recently packed up and moved to Denver after two dismal seasons. Could the real reason for the move be that the name scouts did nol strike the properly regal note perhaps Kansas City s most ardent Booster is its native son Calvin Trillin a roving Cor respondent for the new yorker. Trillin who makes a Point of sampling the local cuisine wherever he travels bluntly asserts the Best restaurants in the world Are of course in Kansas nothing fancy mind you. Trillin s rapture is reserved for the perfect hamburger the Ideal doughnut the nonpareil Barbecue Sandwich and the matchless chocolate malt. All he assures us May be found in his Home town. Other things May Surprise first time visitors to Kansas City. It boasts of More Public fountains than any other City except Rome. Its Art museum contains the finest collection of chinese Art objects outside of China itself. And the City s terrain is Hilly flouting the widespread notion that everything Between the appalachians and the Rockies is As Flat As a putting Green. All this and More awaits the republicans and Kan Sas Cit lans Hope they will like what they see Well enough to plan a return visit. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington one watergate secret never leaked out during All the investigations that brought Down sex president Richard Nixon. It s the Story of How Nixon used the notorious White House plumbers to try to discredit his detractors on Capitol Hill. The intent was to prove that Nixon s congressional critics were violating National Security. The plumbers enlisted the Pentagon s top Sleuth w. Donald Stewart to investigate Security leaks on Capitol Hill. He found alleged Security breaches in the offices of Sens. Frank Church d.-ida., William Fulbright d.-ark., Henry Jackson d.-wash., and William Proxmire d. Wis. But the investigation also caught the venerable sen. John Stennis. D.-miss., in an incident of political blackmail. The Stern stately Stennis not Only is a Symbol of Senate rectitude but he is a staunch defender of existing establishments. He was ready therefore to defend the presidency against the ravages of watergate. Nixon was so sure of Stennis loyalty that he later sought an agreement permitting the Mississippi senator to listen to the damning White House tapes and to Rule whether they were incriminating. After Stennis became implicated in the plumbers probe Nixon suddenly seemed to lose interest in it. The Story of the abortive investigation is told by Stewart himself now head of Stewart Security services in his unpublished memoirs. It s a Story that began in May 1969, with the Publica Tion in the Washington Post of a report about scuttling atomic submarines. The sensitive information apparently came from a document that had been slipped to the Senate armed services com Mittee which Stennis Heads. Stewart isolated seven military officers who had Access to the document. Six of them offered to take lie Detector tests. The seventh refused and hired a lawyer. As Stewart zeroed in on the seventh officer Stennis of fice brought pressure on the Pentagon to halt the investigation. Stewart reported this backstage development to the White House plumbers. He wrote that Stennis became quite irritated because the Pentagon under took the the angry senator threatened to investigate the Pentagon in retaliation. He would drop his investigation of the Pentagon however if the Pentagon dropped its investigation of his committee it was suggested. As Stewart put it in his memo for the plumbers sen. Stennis indicated that he intended to initiate an investigation of the Pentagon because of its investigation in this matter. Informally we were advised by the Sten Nis committee that if we dropped the investigation within the Pentagon that the Stennis committee would drop it added Stewart Curtly our investigation was Ter whether Nixon was intimidated by Stennis tactics or merely wanted him for a Friend the White House did t push the investigation of the Stennis committee. There was More enthusiasm for investigating Nixon s critics. Orders for this investigation were relayed by David Young chief of the White House plumbers to the Pentagon s chief counsel Fred Buzhardt. The Gumshoe work was directed by Stewart who reported his findings in a feb. 13, 1973, memo which is still hidden in Pentagon files. The memo was sharply critical of sen. Church an outspoken Nixon critic who Heads a subcommittee on terminating emergency executive edicts. Stewart reported that some of the subcommittee s documents did not Bear proper classification covers and were stored in an Ordinary Cabinet. Others were transmitted without the proper double envelopes and special employees without Security clearance handled classified documents the memo charged. Stewart also found that several classified documents on herbicide use in Southeast Asia were provided to Church. The last delivery was made on aug. 3, 1972. Within a few Days the Washington Post carried a major Story based on the classified herbicide data. Concluded Stewart it appears that the Security leak in this matter came from sen. Church s office advert entry or inadvertently but this cannot be stated the reason for Stewart s unwillingness to draw a final decision was that the defense department had obstructed his investigation. As Stewart explained in his memo the department declined to obtain appropriate clearances 1 for him to interview Church and his staff. Subsequently. Church directed the Senate investigation of the Central intelligence Agency with a minimum of Security problems. Most of the leaks came out of the House intelligence committee. Most leaked documents contain legitimate news that the Public is entitled to read. Washington officials tend to use Security Stamps to cover up their embarrassments. Since there Are no censorship Stamps in Washington officials often censor the news by classifying it. Footnote a spokesman for Stennis said the senator had no recollection " of the Inci Dent described by Stewart. Church said he was satisfied that no serious leaks came from his office. A spokesman for his subcommittee con ceded there had been some minor Security violations but denied they were As drastic As Stewart claimed. Spokesman for Jackson. Fulbright and Proxmire also denied any improper leaks. Good afternoon anniversary note on a Fine facility by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus today Marks the beginning of our sixth year As a member of the presbyterian Home one of the distinguishing institutions of a hospitable High Point beginning to come aware of the remarkable family of elderly enjoying Sunset years in a place to which people come to live not to die. Those responsible for locating and developing Here that facility Are entitled to plaudits not Only of those enjoying it individually but also a Community enriched by the significant presence of such outstanding personages of the Church the arts the professional and business world the homemakers and As Well the bereft. It has been an enriching Force in the lives of my lady and me to enjoy association with and to appreciate the family assembled for Happy is the House that shelters a Friend. To my Way of thinking it embodies the spirit of those observations of Ralph w. Emerson when he defined a Friend As a person with whom i May be sincere. Before him i May think aloud for a Friend May Well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. Two May talk and one May hear but three cannot take part in a conversation of the most sincere and searching sort. The Only Reward of virtue is virtue the Only Way to have a Friend is to be one. I do then with my friends As i do with my books. I would have them where i can find them but i Seldom use we look Forward to Many continuing Happy years for the presbyterian Home and the Fine service it radiates to brighten everywhere the Good name of our Community. Tomorrow will bring another Friday the 13th, but fear not. The significance of Friday the 13th and its forebodings of ill Luck holds True Only for the anxiety driven neurotic and victims of old wives tales. Bad Luck an Friday is traced by some to the crucifixion of Christ and has Given Rise to some unusual presumptions. But sufferers from a word meaning unreasonable fear of the number 13 May be interested to find that their malady traces to some ancient ideas about the Peculiar character of that number. There is really no Way of course to Chart the individual disasters that have befallen Mankind on that Day. Even a stubbed toe or a burned Finger will serve As confirmation of an unlucky Day for the superstitious. Voltaire regarded superstition an infamous thing that ought to be but truth is people rather relish their fears and the con fluence of Friday and the number 13 give lots of people a Chance to make the most of them. New times Magazine has turned Over its current Issue to an examination of the South Jimmy Carter and what if Robert Sam Anson As author is right Dixie May become. It is the fourth special Issue since the mag began publishing in 73. Anson took words to Tell what that Miracle might mean should it develop to fruition. The Magazine s political editor criss crossed the whole Galaxy of Southern states looking for the real Jimmy Carter the Carter that had seemed elusive to Northern reporters. The Success of Jimmy Carter As he concludes is a sign of millions of others who Are wondering All across America and the world. John Seigenthaler publisher of the tennessean told him something that made a lasting impression when he said if you want to under stand the hold Jimmy Carter has on this country you go out and look at the people in the parking lot of the opry. Average decent hard working men and women who believe in a real god and try to be a Good neighbor. People who pay their taxes love their country obey the Law and worry if they Are go ing to have enough Money to Send their kids to College. People who think they be lost something with the Way the country has gone and want it Anson Hopes this is a War the boys in Grey win not because of the ambitions of a politician named Jimmy Carter but because if there s a Chance of getting Back to where we once were if there could be change if there were Hope left for this country any Hope at All it s Dixie. When a nationally circulated retirement newsletter recently passed Over North Carolina As a desirable location we wrote to suggest they take a look at our state blessed As it is with a variety of attraction from the mountains to the seacoast. Now it adds a full Page Post script saying that for those looking for a new place to put Down stakes they a for the Southeastern ., choose the Carolinas. They make the Point that it s not yet As crowded As Florida while sharing Many of the same attributes favourable climate and relatively favourable tax on the premise that a great majority of people stay pretty close to Home once they retire they recommend new Mexico for the Southwest for the same reasons in the Northwest they choose Washington state and for the Northeast they choose Southern new Hampshire or coastal Maine where Summers Are Nice Winters Are bearable if Long and the economic and tax climates letter to the editor Are better than average. Or. And mrs. Phil Dixon Are Home from a motor trip through the English Countryside but the thing that impressed them quite As much As any other Factor was the outspoken nature of the British press. His comments came just As we were Reading a times of London editorial under the headline. The rare Possession of press which reads wherever the West ruled in Asia or Africa a free press usually existed. It was thought to be part of the political tradition of democracy that was introduced into these countries. In the last two decades country after country in the third world has not merely thrown Over representative government but has gone a Long Way towards abolishing any press Freedom. India is the latest and worst Case. The proposed non aligned news Agency Pool discussed in Delhi last month illustrates the danger. There is dissatisfaction with Western news agencies As a source of news about these countries and a feeling that self help would better serve their ends. But what Are these ends one is to provide objective and authentic information about non aligned countries. Objective and authentic Are honorable words but whose decision will judge these qualities when the participating agencies Are All ones set up by governments what will they do but meet the needs these governments define As their own one can foresee How news about these countries would be handled by this Pool relying on the National news Agency. Press Freedom would be misconceptions on Mobile Homes to the editor in response to a recent letter regarding discriminatory practices related to Mobile Home residents. I agree that Mobile Homes Are discriminated against in Many ways but it is not just on the local level. National philosophies and attitudes underlie Many of our local attitudes. A Check of recent census figures reveals that nearly ten million americans now live in Mobile Homes particularly in the South and the West. More than 60 per cent of the mobiles Are in Rural areas caused by High land prices and land restrictions that inhibit development of Mobile Home Parks near urbanized areas. Mobile Homes have been providing nearly 20 per cent of the nation s output of shelter and More than 90 per cent of the new housing priced below Many people have mis conceptions about those who buy and live in Mobile Homes. Principally those misconceptions relate to the Adverse effect of the Mobile Home on individuals the landscape and the questionable character of the inhabitants. A number of research studies have been undertaken in the past several years to either sup port or refute these mis conceptions. One of the studies found that the reasons people choose Mobile Homes Are not unlike the reasons people choose conventional housing. They Are primarily interested in a place that has a Nice appearance inside with a less desirable outside appearance than in having the reverse. A Mobile Home provides the buyer with the Opportunity to own a Home reflecting the National american Ideal of ownership of a single family Home. Mobile Home living is viewed by the residents As a positive Choice made with definite needs and values in mind. Mobile Homes Are not viewed As a last resort by their occupants. The Mobile Home is a housing alternative suitable for Young or Small families and they Are the ones who Are living in Mobile Homes. Another research study revealed that although Economy was an important Factor in the decision to own a Mobile Home they have not become primarily poor people s housing. The study found that residents had a somewhat higher median in come than families of equal size and similar diplomatic characteristics who lived in conventional housing. It is a Well documented fact that although its name implies mobility once a Mobile Home is delivered to its site it is rarely moved due primarily to the High Cost of moving. Other studies have found that Mobile Home residents Are no More transient than conventional Home dwellers. The results of these and similar studies have done much to dispel some of the myths related to Mobile Home residents. More such studies Are needed but More importantly More people need to be aware of the results of these studies and of the effects of our National and local attitudes towards such housing. This is the primary reason that i am writing this letter. I wanted mrs. Strader to be aware that there Are those who understand her confusion and dismay and who sympathize with her. It is Only when we know that a problem exists that we begin to work towards solutions. More peo ple need to be conscious that the Mobile Home is a viable although unfamiliar housing alternative suitable for Many of our population and the need to include it in our plans for the future. Judith h. Fulbright housing specialist Lake Crest ave

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