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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - August 11, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaWeather mostly sunny hot More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 224 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other deals. 885-2161 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon August 11, 1976 72 pages daily 15c, sunday agents fear prosecution Kelley Uncertain about burglaries Washington a Fri director Clarence m. Kelley said today he cannot make a Blanket statement that Fri agents Are not con ducting illegal burglaries or engaging in other wrongdoing. He also said that Many Bureau employees fear they will be indicted or disciplined for their role in previous Fri wrongdoing. I wish i could say categorically unquestionably that this is not going he said at his first news conference in More than a year i can no longer make categorical sweeping Kelley said he believes burglaries Are not occurring and that he will take action if he discovers that any Are be ing carried out. But he said he has Learned from past experience including having to withdraw a previous state ment that no burglaries were conducted after the late 1960s, that he cannot guarantee now that no wrongdoing is taking place. Referring to current investigations. Kelley said that right now there Are Many people whose morale has been seriously affected by virtue of the possibility of either disciplinary or Clarence Kelley prosecute be however he declined to make any predictions about whether two major Justice department investigations would actually end in criminal charges against Fri personnel on another Point Kelley said the Fri does no t presently intend to investigate the death of mobster John Roselli who told Senate investigators about the Cia s plot to kill for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Ever one. After shave scents q. In the paper july 31, a formula for Bay rum after shave lotion was printed. I have experienced difficulty in obtaining some of the ingredients. Would you print the name of a com Pany or a Catalon where one May obtain essences extracts concentrates etc., with which various scents can be used for Aitch shave lotions or colognes. Anon. Man. A we believe most of the grocery stores Stock the Lemon and Orange extracts and the Bay leaves in their spice and Flavouring sections. The results of a Broad Survey of two called at random Beltway grocers had both extracts Younts had the Lemon but no Orange on hand with isopropyl alcohol and Glycerine trom the drug store or the Vodka from the liquor you re in business. There Are dozens of books on the Market now telling How to use herbs and other plants for making perfume essences her bal remedies soaps . The Rodale Herb Book gives a list of sources of unusual Herb plants and seeds. The More common herbs Are easy to find locally in the seed packet stands but if you d like the list of sources of unusual botanicals please give us your name and address and Well mail it to you. Fonzie s address q. I would like to have the address of Harry Winkler on Happy Days. Anon woman. A. Television stars can be addressed in care of the program and network carrying it this is an Abc program and the network address is 1330 Avenue of the americas new York . 10019. Self service origin q. I would like to know where the self service gasoline areas originated. A few years ago every station pumped the Gas and i was just wondering where self service started. Thank you. Or. h., Lexington. A. . Lux Domestic sales manager of Gilbardo inc makers of Gas pumps and service station says they searched through their Library of information and found the following in the june 1972 Issue of National Petroleum news. It is claimed that self service originated in the los Angeles area in May 1947. It was apparently quite successful and the number of self service stations grew for a number of years but most seemed to be concentrated on the West coast no nationwide development occurred until around 1970 when it again attracted the attention of gasoline retailers and customers. A research organization associated with the Petroleum Industry recently estimated that almost 40 per cent of the Gas Oline sold at retail in june 1976 was through self service out lets. Lux says self service retailing of gasoline has been very popular in Europe and in some countries it is estimated As much As 75 per cent of the gasoline is sold this Way. Sound off we would like to thank everyone who has been so Nice to us during our recent misfortune when fire destroyed our apart ment and belongings at Foxfire. So Many people have helped us. It would be impossible to thank everyone personally though we would like to. Buddy and Pauline Cadle. Fidel Castro. Members of the Senate intelligence com Mittee asked atty. Gen. Edward h. Levi to launch an investigation after Rosel s body was found last week stuffed in a drum in Miami s Biscayne Bay. We have no jurisdiction Over a murder which is committed in a state without the ramifications which would bring us into Kelley said. On Fri wrongdoing Kelley said he has insulated himself irom the Justice department investigations because of that he said he cannot estimate How Many agents or officials May be disciplined or prosecuted asked about his efforts to determine who deceived him about the extent of the burglaries. Kelley said he has avoided interviewing people who might be involved because he is Leav ing that up to investigators. The department is investigating Fri burglaries against political activists during the past five years and the Case is scheduled to go to a Federal grand jury in new York later this month. That proceeding could Lead to criminal charges that Fri agents or officials violated the civil rights of americans. The other department investigation involves alleged financial improprieties in the Bureau s purchasing operations and in the management of insurance and recreation funds the evidence already has Forred Kelley to fire the Fri s second ranking official. Nicholas p. Callahan Kelley said some agents particularly those who a Lually carried out the burglaries May not be charged in criminal indictments because they were following orders from their Bosses. New River wins vote in House Washington a after a four year legislative fight a Bill to save a Scenic stretch of the new River in North Carolina from being inundated by Power generating dams is Likely to win congressional approval this year. The House passed the Bill tuesday by a 311-73 vote and sent it to the Senate which approved similar legislation in the last Congress. Presi Dent Ford has announced he would sign the Bill. Every major environmental group in the country has backed the measure to save the 26.5-mile stretch. It looks like we will finally get it through this said rep. Ken Hechler d . One of the Long time supporters of the new River legislation. The measure would bar the two dam Blue Ridge project of the appalachian Power co. The Federal Power com Mission has approved the project but construction has been delayed by court appeals. Rep. Paul Simon d-i11., who has taken a boat trip Down the River said it is a wonder of nature that should be preserved for posterity any of you have a Chance to take that trip then i Don t think you la Ever vote against this he told his colleagues. God took 100 million years to create this River. Let s keep a Power company from destroying Hechler said he cited the statement by geologists that the River is the oldest in the Western hemisphere. Opposition to the Bill was led by representatives from Virginia which would receive much of the electricity from the project rep. M Caldwell Butler Rva. Said. This Congress has never set aside a License granted by the Federal Power commission. This is no kind of precedent to set. No License issued by the pc will be Safe and it will be see new River on 2a gop to hear Helms parties differ on abortions by Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Kansas City to. A democrats and republicans May clash directly Over the sensitive Issue of abortion if the gop convention adopts a platform subcommittee s recommendation. Supporters of both Ronald Reagan and president Ford joined forces in adopting an anti abortion proposal by a 13 to 1 vote. While the democrats opposed a constitutional amendment the Republican proposal supports the efforts of those who seek enactment of a constitutional amendment to restore Protection of the right to life of unborn another platform subcommittee endorsed a Plank tuesday night denouncing busing of school children As unnecessary counterproductive and both of these proposed planks require approval of the full platform committee and of the convention itself next week before they can become part of the party s official policy statement. At the final hearings by the full platform com Mittee today sen. Jesse Helms. Leader of a group of conservative delegates was to press for adoption of planks embodying their views. As the party considered these issues the two leading candidates continued to Man Euver for the presidential nomination by struggling Over Conven Tion rules and seeking uncommitted delegates. Helms acknowledged to reporters that he had once discussed with sen. James Buckley r-c-ix7 a. The possibility of Buckley entering the presidential race. But Helms said he was not promoting the idea and that i m not neither encouraging nor Dis f Buckley said he had been urged by several conservative senators last month to consider being a com Promise candidate and that he would neither Block nor encourage such efforts. A third candidacy might stalemate the contest for the nomination and help Reagan who trails Ford by 1.105 to votes in the associated press poll of publicly committed or legally bound delegates. A total of 1.130 votes Are needed for the nomination in the platform subcommittee hearings the Issue of women s rights brought about More disagree ment than abortion the panel was split 7 to 7 on the see parties on 2a Reagan supporter . Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina spoke with reporters at Kansas City s International Airport shortly after he arrived there tuesday. Helms who was scheduled to outline his conservative philosophy to the gop platform committee this morning said he remains Harmly in the Ronald Reagan Camp available in september Congress clears flu shots by Janet Staihar associated press writer Washington a Roll up your sleeves the flu shots Are coming Congress passed a Swine flu insurance program tuesday ending a stalemate that had threatened to leave the vaccine silting on manufacturers shelves. Health officials now say Swine flu inoculations will be available starting next month. Brushing aside usual procedural niceties the House and Senate both voted tuesday to gel the program moving in the Wake of some concern Over a mysterious disease that has killed 27 per sons in Pennsylvania that disease has not been linked to flu. Saying an outbreak of Swine flu could mean the death of millions of president Ford had urged passage of the insurance Bill in Telephone Calls made tuesday morning to con Gressional leaders. Ford is certain to sign the measure. The first shots next month will go to the elderly and chronically ill. The rest of the nation is expected to Start getting the free shots by about mid october officials said. Four drug firms already have processed 120 million doses of vaccine but refused to sell any to the government until securing Protection against lawsuits by users who might suffer Adverse effects. Government intervention in the liability Protection facet of the program became necessary after private insurers refused to coverage to vaccine producers. Insurers claimed billions of dollars Worth of claims might be filed if problems arose from what would be the biggest mass inoculation program in . History under the legislation passed on unanimous voice vote by the Senate and on a 250 to 83 vote by the House the government would pay the Legal defense Bill against any lawsuits brought by vaccine users state terminates medicaid contract scaling for new Heights Peppy a one year old French poodle howls through his Scales with dogged determination. In addition to his singing abilities the poodle owned by Eric Cates of Oakville ont., can dance and play the Organ. A War Cholo Raleigh a gov. Jim Holshouser announced today that the state was ending its present contract for administration of the medicaid program with heal Tii applications systems. Inc. Holshouser said that rising health costs had made it impossible for the private con tractor to pay All legitimate medicaid costs for the previously agreed sum of million for two years Holshouser said that Retro acl july 1, the state will pay All legitimate costs processed by has. The com Pany will not make a profit nor will in run the risk of los ing Money because it is forced to pay More in benefits than the contract provides. Holshouser said that the administration Hopes to negotiate a new contract in the near future that would embody the same concept As the old one. The governor said the negotiations with the con tractor had resulted in a slate agreement to pay an additional million to has for its costs in paying the claims of nursing Homes the governor said he agreed with the company that under the terms of the contract a change in state Law had made the state liable for More. The legislature in 1975 enacted a s3 increase in the per diem payment to nursing Homes for medicaid recipients that made it suddenly profitable to handle the medicaid patients. Nurs ing Homes added More Beds and the number of recipients increased. The contract provided for an adjustment if increased i what s inside i amusements.9c bridge.10b classified ads.5-9d comics.12c crossword .5d editorials.4a financial.2a obituaries .2d sports.1-4c television .4c women s . B weather.3a costs were due to changed stale Laws. Holshouser said there was no question but that the increased medicaid costs were due to the change in state Law. The exact amount of the adjustment will not be known until All retroactive claims Are filed the governor said he said the s4-6 million will come from other areas in the department of human resources budget. The announcement by the governor indicated that there would be no disruption of the payment of medicaid claims to the doctors hospitals and nursing Homes which treat medicaid patients. Under the medicaid program medical expenses of the poor who Are aged disabled or on welfare Are paid. The state pays 32 per cent and the Federal government pays 68 per cent. The costs on a nationwide basis have been going steadily up since the program began in 1966 for billion per year. The last year Cost billion. A wire Noro Cannon to oppose sen. Helms Raleigh api Raleigh attorney Hugh Crinnon who held top suite jobs under former gov. Terry Sanford is expected to announce this afternoon his candidacy Tor the Senate sources said Cannon was calling an afternoon news conference to announce that he would run in the 1978 democratic primary for the seat now held by sen Jesse in c when asked about published reports which said he would announce. Cannon said he was not denying the report when Helms was told tuesday of Cannon s impending announcement. The senator said he would not lose any sleep Over it. Helms is expected to seek reelection. Cannon s decision to enter the race came As a Surprise since his name had not been mentioned previously in speculation those who had been toned include Charlotte banker Luther Hodges or state sen Mcneil 1 Smith of Greensboro and atty. Gen. Rufus Edmisten Cannon is a member of the Raleigh Law firm which also includes san Ford he held the posts of assistant to the governor and Dir for of administration and state budget officer under san Ford. He has remained a close Friend and advisor to Sanford since a Harvard Law school graduate Cannon also holds two academic degrees from Oxford. He has been Active in National democratic party politics and served As parliamentarian during the recent democratic National convention

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