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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - August 10, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaOn television High Point Enterprise tuesday August 10, 1976 7a children have own program his Cutie pie should stay dear Ann Landers please what or. . Does is none those who can t afford Home on the air three students at Mary Calcott Elemen tary school. Norfolk a. Present the Mary Calcott morning news to fellow students Over the school s closed circuit television Hookup. Left to right Are Kenneth Perez. Arlethia Mcghee and Anchor girl Chris Straddeck. No gimmick is he pfc if it is too difficult by Ghita Levine women s news service there s an Alligator in the Entrance Hall his Tail wrapped around the coat rack and his gaping Mouth swinging just a few inches off the carpeted floor. Squashed into the Hall closet is a bearded giant his huge eyes bloodshot and furious As he Waits hunched up for someone to let him out. Moving into the Kitchen hundreds of papers Are strewn about the floor and on top of the Formica table sits the biggest Green bottle you Ever saw. Tacked onto the Windowsill is an immense ticket stamped with the Date. 1776. A s House a Nightman no. Just a new twist on memory exer Cise that really works most of us have trouble remembering All the information that gets pumped into our Heads. So we resort to Little tricks gimmicks that help our recall. Some people list everything they want to remember in alphabetical order. Alligator comes first because it starts with Tiffit comes bottle. Giant papers and ticket follow on the list. Others put words into a sentence. The Alligator took the bottle away from the giant who was sorting so on. And Many people use imagery sketching a picture in their minds of All the information they need to remember. But whatever the Gim micks they Are of no use if they re too difficult to remember. Many of the things that have worked with Young College students in associating information Don t help older people if they can t remember what the Cue says David Arenberg psychologist at the gerontology research Center in Baltimore. People remember the last ones easily. But they have More trouble recalling the first part of the list. With a new Telephone number for example older people can handle All the digits without any difficulty. The problem arises when the line is Busy and they have to dial again. By then they re More Likely to have forgotten the number and need to look it up again. It s not so much the length of time that to the problem As it is the distraction explains or. Arenberg. If there s an activity in Between the recall is lost. At Issue he says is not the storage of information in the brain. It s retrieval bringing it Back where he believes it remains securely lodged. It s probably Back in he says tapping his head but you can t get it so or. Arenberg and Elizabeth a. Robertson Schabo. A fellow psychologist at the research Center looked for a recall trick that did t rely on memory in the first place. What we were looking for was a Mnemonic the technical term for that kind of memory gimmick that did t require the older per son s less ring a new or. Robertson Schabo explained. And they came up with something As familiar As a person s own Home. In a test of their technique on 30 older persons each person was asked to take a mental tour through his or her own Home going slowly in sequence from room to room and stopping in their mind s tour at 16 spots along the Way. Then they were Given 16 words one at a time each on a separate Cue card and told to link them with each of the 16 places in their Home. The first word was stuck in the Entrance Hall. Giant came next and. Depending on the person s layout he went to the closet or into the next room. And so on. The critical thing is the picture you be got to see the Alligator in that Entrance Hall in order to remember or. Robertson Schabo explained. The imaginary tour completed acid the cards returned participants were asked to retrace their Steps and recall the words. At first most people remembered less than half. But after drilling the technique with new words once a Day for five Days in a Row everyone got so they could remember 14, 15 or even All 16 words. It s a useful trick for anyone at any age and the Beauty is that if you get lost you simply return to the front door and begin again. Just Slot the words that you need to recall in crucial spots in your own Home tour and. Chances Are you la remember them when you need them. But the Best trick of All. Says or. Robertson Schabo. Is to realize what happens to memory with age and to learn to write things Down. Make a list before you go shopping. Have a checklist of your House to run Down before you go out or go to bed. And when Reading an article or Book help yourself with a summary and take notes. By Larry Mcdermott associated press writer Norfolk a. A when Chris Straddeck in t Busy at her chores As Host of a morning television program you might find her outdoors playing hopscotch. Chris is Anchor girl for the Mary Calcott morning but even if you live in Norfolk you can t get the show on your Home to set. It went on the air in March. On closed circuit to to the 25 kindergarten through third Grade pupils at Mary Calcott elementary school. The lights and cameras Are real. But the programming differs a bit from that of the networks. Each morning at the Small Fry reporters bring their audience the weather the Day s school cafeteria menu notices of birthdays teacher absences and features of interest to the kids. One recent feature was a wildlife special on the crayfish brought to the studio in a Glass bowl. Sometimes the youngsters have to make Quick decisions like their adult counterparts on the networks. For instance a news Seg ment on a presidential primary recently had to be bumped off the air to make room for a late breaking Story a puppet show was coming to the school. Jane Wallace the school s resource team Leader and the program director says it strengthens communications skills Reading writing listening and speaking. The pupils work on scripts one Day for the next. Then. Scripts in hand they take seats behind a round table. The program opens with a film clip showing pupils dancing at a Jam session. Chris wearing Cowboy boots. Slacks sweater and red rib i Bons on two ponytails. Gets her Cue. Good j she says with a smile. She j tells what Day it is and turns i to Suprenia Wade for the birthday Suprenia j then gives Arlethia Mcghee i her Cue to present the weather. It Vas 42 degrees j on our Way to school this Arlethia says but it might rain later in the i first grader Kenneth j Perez comes on next with the Day s menu signing off with a Cherry. Have a Good instead of words. Kenneth s Cue cards have pictures of what s being served for lunch. He does t miss a line. The kids do Fine but the grownups still have things to learn when one program was aired there was no sound. _ Flowers for Alt occasions High Point i leading Florist Grace Flower shop in Wurtin so will food jbs.joe5 or i 1 Mark Short Democrat for . Houm a proven legislative Leader. Pait chairman Many committees. A dec Ade of dedicated Public service. Parents rent Wurlitzer piano summer Sale. Icon get Mora Wintom Stem v music 224 n. Elm St. Greensboro Hanes mall Weston Salem i dear Ann Landers please help me Settle an argument with my husband. We have agreed to abide by your decision. Henry and i Are planning a Lovely dinner party in our new Home. One of his married business associates has a Cutie pie on the Side. I say we should invite or. Business associate and his wife not the Girlfriend. My husband says or. . Should be Able to bring whoever he chooses and he has already said he wants to bring the Cutie pie. According to my husband what this Man does with his personal life is none of our business. I agree with my husband but it would offend me to have a married Man bring his mistress into our Home. We will be issuing the invitations by phone soon so hurry your answer. Who is right Battle Royal in the Bahamas dear Royal battlers you Are and Don t let the so and so grind you Down. Owca from Page 6a . Beginner swim 10 . Beginner Tennis adult . Advance beginner intermediate poly wags 11 . Tadpoles 11 . Beginner swim . Frogs . Congregate nutria Tutino feeding. Fourth Street . Plunge . Plunge 5 . Adult beginner swim 6 . Adult Advance beginner swim 7 . Preschool swim . Beginner swim what or. . Does is none of your business but to offer hospitality to a married Man and his Cutie pie cuts you in on the Monkey shines and gives your unspoken approval to the affair. Steer Clear. Dear Ann Landers you slay me. Your upper Middle class upbringing pops up in your column so often it s a Hoot. Like again today when you advised the woman whose husband takes his 28 inches of their Standard 57-Inch bed out of the Middle. They used to sleep cuddled up but now he accuses her of leaning on him. I get twin you advised. But after20 years the transition should be engineered with imagination and excellent counsel. But then you come up with the suggestion that the wife buy her husband a whistle to place on his bedside table and have it engraved with the message. If you want me. Just what percentage of your readers can afford to engrave messages on anything these Days do you know How much Engrav ing costs per letter it s time woke up and smelled the Coffee. Daily Reader in Yuma dear daily Mea culpa. Lovey. Right you Are. For those who can t afford engraving write the message on a piece of paper and tape it to the whistle. It does t have to come from Tiffany. Dear Ann Landers i am a female. 29 years old. But i really look i9. I m single never been married come from a wonderful family and was brought up in a very Lov ing atmosphere with kind and understanding parents and five wonderful Brothers and Sisters. Last october. I met the first person in my life who made me feel really alive. We started with the usual conversation. When he asked my age. 1 lopped off eight years and said "2i." because i figured he was about 24. We began going out a lot. After three weeks he con fessed he was Only i9. I could t believe it. When he said. Age Means i confessed i was 29. We continued dating and 1 assumed everything was Fine because he never mentioned my age again. Eight months have passed and i really love this Guy. I m sure he feels the same about me. 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