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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 9, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Quote and unquote High Point Enterprise wednesday aug. 9, 1972 7d the political pundits play prognosticator quote. Close quote. Josiah Auspitz. Former president of the Republican Ripon society in a the Washington Post a Post election Gallup surveys showed republicans at their weakest Point since 1940. The presidents own reputation tarnished the vice president viewed with hostility Wallace voters splitting for the John Mcdermott political writer a Miami Herald a was delegation chairman Bill France the Leader of the Florida Wallace forces put it a apparently this convention. Did no to get the message. But they will in a Jack Anderson syndicated columnist quoting Hubert Humphrey a a a the trouble with you Fellows is that you re pessimists. You re not realistic As i am. In be had a Good nights sleep. And now my mind is Clear. All we be got to do is switch a few a William f. Buckley jr., conservative a now never mind that the account of Goldwater a candidacy is preposterous however amusing. It is even internally contradictory since if enhancing the Rich was the principal meaning of the Campaign it is hard to understand How come Coldwater got 27 million people to vote for him unless there Are a lot More Rich people in american than is generally George s. Mcgovern in a news Day spent last year developing an organization and learning the Lay of the up a news service a Stock analysts repeatedly said in the weeks leading up to the democratic convention it is the fear of Mcgovern economics that has sent the Market into a downward spiral. There rave been other factors of course such As the internal monetary scare but experts contend it has been Mcgovern and his fiscal theories that have caused weakness in in other Wise bullish John s. Knight newspaper publisher a we have no word on or. Nixon s probable Campaign strategy but offer this unsolicited advice. The republicans As with Many disaffected democrats Are certain that Mcgovern will be roundly Defeated. Well As the old saying goes a this ainu to necessarily there is a new mood pervading the country one of discontent mingled with Lack of Faith in the governments Peter Lisagor a Chicago daily news . A you can say almost anything you like about the newly minted democratic presidential candidate in the smug Assurance that the pundits Are no More knowledgeable no More certain than you James j. Kilpatrick in a the Washington Start a where does he Mcgovern go from Here the snort answer is nowhere. Mcgovern a coalition is stuck together with paper clips band aids and Bill Vaughan a Miami Herald a a Survey indicates that Richard Nixon has enough delegates to assure his renomination. Is there to be no end to the surprises this year is heaping upon us a Walter Cronkite lbs commentator a somebody is making a seconding speech at the moment so i think Well go Down on the floor to Mike Wallace who has the chairman of the Ohio delegation. Mike Mike can you hear me. Mike. Ohio pass fees. William v. Shannon editorial Board. A the new York times a a a senator George Mcgovern has not merely captured a nomination. He has conquered a party. Who Are his adversaries Why do they resist him they Are chiefly the leadership of the . And Many local and state democratic party Edwin a. Roberts jr., a the National observer a with Victory won. With the opposition humiliated the Mcgovern party must now convince a lot of orphaned democrats that they have a new daddy who loves them and who Only asks that they change their minds about practically Edward of Neill political columnist a new York news a a done to get us wrong about the kids delegates. La the words of an old fat Gray haired. Cigar smoking reporter Frond of mine a i know they All sound like out of sesame Street but they have More on the Ball than we did at their age. Most of them done to know where the hell they re going. Its just that they want to get there in a a James m. Perry a politics by Perry a members of the Virgin islands delegation to the democratic National convention wore buttons that read1 try a in Choos their advice Okay to understand politics in this country All you have to do is to look upon the pundit with the same suspicion he accords the candidates. Crest tooth paste regular or mint flavors is cot value limit 2 Calm 2 antiperspirant Spray Mist Jor powder $1.19value k89�?~ a Voisine Eye drops 1/2 of. $1.50 value Mim. 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