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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 9, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 6b High Point Enterprise wednesday aug. 9, 1972 the Bald decades toupees transplants weaving save men from Bald Fate following is Tho lost of Throe articles on Tho spread of boldness and what can to done about it. By Michael Phillips women s nows so Vic new York after a year of vainly looking for a Job having been Laid off at 50, factory manager Douglas Blacker decided to Gamble the last $500 of his savings on. A new head of hair. A i had been Bald since my mid thirties a he recalled a and i had always looked older than my age. Now the trend is for younger and younger men in management i was sure my appearance was going against me. A my wife agreed that i should have a Hairpiece Woven in and i did but it was hell handing Over the that was August 1970. Three months later Douglas Blacker had found a Job As per Sonal assistant to the director of a heavy machine manufacturer and is now earning More than he was in his previous employment. A was it just coincidence a he asks. A i done to think so. Certainly i would make the decision again in similar booming Market Small wonder the false hair business is booming More spectacularly at any time since the Days of Louis Xvi. Three million american men now Wear full or partial toupees and thousands More Are added each month. The manager of one of the leading Toupee firms attributes the Bonanza to male vanity a the Middle aged businessman feels better Able to keep his place in the rat race if his hairline makes him look like a Young Man in a hurry a dieting can be weighty problem for desperate obese people by Aileen Claire Nea food editor new York the night a 565-Pound Man appeared at an emergency room door of the Johns Hopkins Osier medical service in Baltimore md., and squeeze through changed the life of the Young intern on duty. And that of the desperate obese male crying for help. A you might say it was serendipity a or. Neil Solomon says now in explaining How he came to Zero in on endocrinology and problems of the Overly fat Man woman or child. A the Man begged for help. He told me he was committing suicide from overeating. He had no Money and no Hospital would admit him a or. Solomon continued. A we talked and i asked if he would be willing to be a research patient for one year. He the patient was started on a water diet under strict medical supervision. Although he lost 30 pounds in a week according to or. Solomon a we discovered he was losing proteins from parts of his body and not the fat. We set up a special diet to thwart the event was or. Solomon a first experience with the water diet. The Chap eventually dropped to a healthy 222. Experience with him and about 2.200 others with obesity problems since 1961 led or. Solomon to a firm stand against fad diets that sweep the United states via Media or the Bridge table every week. A a person does t lose fat and keep it off permanently with a fad diet a he explained. A a but he docs lose from vital organs essential minerals vitamins carbohydrates and proteins and these losses threaten health. Many have died As a result of excessive foolish unfortunately most excessively overweight persons suffer from what he termed the Yoyo syndrome which he observed in his 565-Pound patient. This is the vicious Circle so Mamy dieters face when they lose for example to to 30 pounds and then regain the lost weight plus a few More pounds and continue the Yoyo pattern year after year. Usually they diet without medical supervision. Dieting is big business in the United states or. Solomon pointed out in his question and answer approach to a dieters dilemma in his Book a the truth about weight control How to lose excess pounds permanently s t e i n and Day that one in five americans is obese. This Means being More than to per cent Over their Ideal weights with excessive body fat. A department of agriculture Survey of 2,200 homemakers revealed that four homemakers in to made food choices based on weight watching for someone in the family. The i i p s e vice to shed pounds primarily to lode More sexy and not for More realistic health reasons created a multimillion Industry that includes Low calorie foods and clubs reducing or exercise salons exercise equipment and drugs a a Rainbow pills once freely prescribed by some doctors for dieting Are illegal now. The truth about losing weight is hard for anyone to Swallow. According to this Johns Hopkins professor and Secretary of health and mental Hygiene for the state of Maryland those who say they can to afford an analysis of a weight problem from a specialist really done to want to get involved. This can Cost $200 but he Felt it is Worth every cent. A there is no easy Way to lose weight and keep it Oft there is no magic instant solution. A person has to be emotionally committed a or. Solomon said a and decide upon his priorities. Excessive weight is aging it contributes to Many diseases such As diabetes High blood pressure and heart conditions a All Good reasons for losing weight slowly and permanently. The Wise approach he Felt is to go to a doctor or a clinic for tests and instruction on How to Burn or utilize the food we eat and learn what foods a a your body can handle efficiently and whether there is a True metabolic problem. The thyroid he s a i a often is blamed when overeating for psychological reasons is the culprit. Once a person has a thorough metabolic workup then a diet club or workshop could fit into a Safe weight loss program he said. This Means a person knows his True medical problem the club is under Good medical supervision and nutritional guidance and there is helpful reinforcement. A a in a basically against clubs where the tactic is to shame people in front of others because Many Are overweight due to emotional As the father of three children ranging from age to to 14, or. Solomon advised parents not to nag the overweight child. A children or teen agers will Only lose weight if they want to. A Good doctor child confidential relationship can help. In be discovered that teens begin to lose weight As a result of peer pressure. They done to want to be different. Teens lose weight when they become romantically inclined in fantasy or in real life Are embarrassed when they go to gym class or take showers with other kids Start dating fall in love or want to participate in crucially important with the weight conscious teen and the adult is to avoid the damaging fad diets he concluded. Patchwork in Home adds color anywhere Raleigh a when someone mentions Patchwork perhaps the first thing you think of is the pieced quilt on your grandmothers bed. But today the Patchwork design Isnit limited to the bedroom says Wilma Scott or tension House furnishings specialist North Carolina state University. Its just As at Home on napkins cushions or Wall decorations. Patchwork can add color and design any place in the House. Use it to accent your Plain furnishings miss Scott suggests. For instance a colourful cover on a Cushion can spotlight a rather subdued sofa or chair. And Patchwork place Mats May add a topic for conversation under perfectly Plain dinnerware. A study area May come to life with a Patchwork Rug made of remnant carpet samples. Patches on the Wall can be fun too. Design a Patchwork Wall hanging. Be to limit your patches to the usual Square. Cut and stitch patches that you May have envisioned in a dream. And use some of the decorative stitches of the Zig Zag sewing machine to Patch your a a dream together. To give your creations some a semblance of going together look for patches that have something in common. Perhaps its the same print or the same color. Or you can tie scraps of Many designs and colors together by grouping them on a piece of material that brings out the Best in All of them. Although Patchwork dates Back to yesteryear it can go anywhere today miss Scott concludes. Water weight problem use Elim water in the body can be uncomfortable. I i in u ill help \ of lne a it Haler Wright. Vamp p at pc Ker is did g storks recommend it. Only $1.50. Register now for fall cusses earn to dance Shell learn Grace poise and the dance. A Ballet a tap a modern jazz openings for pre school and school age children lilo Ford dance school 209 e. Westwood phone 886-4420, Bate buys butter bum cake a in Coconut custard too French Rye bread variety of donuts the Sweet Shoppe bakery a imn in tin St. A w Estr Lickter mall o null mgr \ Dlapa shopping Center As a general Rule the More you spend the less like a wig wearer you Are going to look. Sticky business invest $30 or so on a stretch Toupee with synthetic hair which pulls on like a bathing Cap and you la look like something fell on you from the ceiling. But spend up to $10,000 As Frank Sinatra is said to have done on a hair transplant and you could look a and feel�?20 years younger. If you done to fancy this expensive and usually painful business anything from $500 to $1,000 can be paid for a top class Hairpiece a guaranteed human hair and sure to stay in place in a Gale in the swimming Pool and even in bed. One method is by sticking the wig to the Bald Pate with adhesive or Sticky tape. A More extreme solution for those who Are still fearful of losing their hair at an awkward moment is to surgically attach the hair piece to the Scalp with half a dozen wire loops. This costs around $2,000 and is said to be a permanent solution. So secure the wig is on a lightweight lace lattice framework which allows the Scalp to breathe. How secure is it Well one recent advertisement for the method showed a wearer hanging upside Down with a 12 Pound weight attached to his hair. Another secure mane is practical straws Straw hats with brightly coloured bands and wide brims Are not Only fashionable they protect the hair from burning Sun rays. This is especially important for women with bleached hair who done to want the Sun to cause a color change. Produced by hair weaving a process which can Cost anything up to $1,000 and which involves attaching extra hairs to those still remaining on the thinning Scalp. The technique was first devised by a new York Hairdresser who As an alternative to straightening her clients negro hair Cut it off and wove on european hair in its place. Several companies Are now in the hair weaving business but the Basic process is usually the same supplementary hair is Woven on to the base of Nylon thread and then crocheted with the clients remaining hair across the Bald spot. One drawback is that As the real hair grows the Woven hair becomes Loose and has to be tightened up every four or six weeks. Enormous advantages even so the practical advantages of this system Are claimed to be enormous the hair can be shampooed and combed without any danger of it shifting. Says the managing director of one of the biggest hair weaving firms a where we have the Edge is that a Man never sees himself Bald again when he has this done. A with a Toupee he takes it off at night and reminds himself. With this method he can be lost in his new to weave new hair Over a Bald Pate can take anything up to four hours. Technicians usually work in a room without mirrors so that the customer does t see the result until the Job is finished. When the hair has been trimmed and shaped the Many a wife or girl Friend then sees the result. A we like them to be in the picture All along a he says. Hair transplant the process of tightening up the Woven hair is known in the Trade As this has come in for some criticism by dermatologists who claim it can sometimes break or pull out existing hair and cause Scalp irritation. But Many a real crowning i glory is hair transplanting a j technique that has the Benefit of covering the clients j Bald head with his own hair j it was pioneered by new York dermatologist or. Norman Orentreich and perfected by or. Samuel Ayres Iii a a Hollywood specialist who has transplanted hair on Frank Sinatra Joey Bishop the smothers Brothers and Many other show business personalities. In a Long series of operations performed under local anaesthesia hair is a a lifted from the part of the head where it is growing thickly usually the Back or sides a and replanted on the Barren patches. This is done by moving sections of Scalp skin containing 15 to 20 hairs and placing them in similar sized holes made in rows along the Bald spot. After several months the Marks disappear and the new hair is usually there for Good. With his locks securely in place he can turn to his other worries. Mizel Williams decorator Mimm Ami tic an Floral so vices let others know you care Send dea0tiful Flowers for ant occasion. Achs main St Tel Lemon 431 2101 cd fair cards Honor to t of close out a Over Stock Sale 5 pc. 1400 grouping Young Hinkle bedroom suite $299?5 night stand Avail tall 59 95 we feature name Brand Home furnishings at Low Low prices Odds and ends a Odd tables a Odd chairs a dining room suites Quot terms arranged Quot Claude Gable sales inc. 2013 Logan St. Pm. 886-5116 High Point n c. Directions 185 going South on Surrett dr., turn right on Finch St., turn left on Logan St., our sales room is Brick bldg on left near the end of the Street. Every item on Sale my in Hosp health and Beauty aide depart men i counter Lupin have been lined to indicate the merchandise that is included. Save on All top name brands select any item on the health and Beauty aids counters. Take them to the checkout. The cashier will total them and give you a Cash refund based on the amount of your Purchase. See Chart below. No limits Stock up now you will receive a Cash refund that is in addition to roses Low discount prices by the dozen or by the Case no limits while supplies Iasi for 3 exciting Days j Purchase s2.01 to s3.00 Cash refund 25# j j Purchase 3.01 to 4.00 Cash refund 40# j j Purchase 4.01 to 5.00 a Ash refund 60# j j Purchase 5.01 to 6.00 Cash refund 85# refunds Are in addition to the Low prices marked on All items. Cash refunds on larger purchases figured at multiples of above Chart. Example 512.00 Purchase would receive 51.70 Cash refund. A 59.00 Purchase would receive a 5l10 Cash refund

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