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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 9, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Now its her husbands turn dear Ann three years ago i wrote to you because my husband was having an affair. I took your advice and let it Wear itself out. He came Back on his Knees. You made a big difference in my life. I am ashamed to Tell you what i am a writing about this time. Ten months ago i became involved with my Best friends husband. We had known each other for twelve years and it never entered my head that this Man could set me on fire. I Don t know to this Day How it happened but it did. Three weeks ago i decided i did no to want to see him anymore but he wont let me alone. The idiot wants to marry me. I told him it is out of the question. There Are six children involved. He keeps threatening to Tell my husband thinking ill get thrown out and then fun have to marry him. I done to believe my husband would actually do it but in a not sure. I am going crazy Ann. Tell me what to do. And no lectures please. I have already called myself every name in the Book. A disgusted with me dear Dis your sex Lover is blackmailing you. This leaves Only one alternative. Tell your husband about the affair at once. Now it s his turn to for give. I m betting he will. Write and let me know if i m right. Purse snatching by wearing shoulder strap bags rather than the Type that has a handle which they tend to Dangle on a couple of fingers. May i caution your readers against the Slick purse thief who carries a scissors and snips the shoulder strap grabs the bag and runs before the lady knows it. This happened both to me and to a Friend of mine within the week. A furious in Fostoria dear furious thanks for the Tipoff. The Best defense against strap slippers is to keep your Money and credit cards in a Small Wallet or Coin purse in an inside pocket and pin the pocket shut of he gets your handkerchief and Hairbrush a so what dear Ann in a recent column you advised women to guard against dear Ann i have never read anything anywhere about people who charge merchandise at Small family owned stores and take their own Sweet time paying for it. We own a modest retail establishment. Some of our she s written a Book for career world women by Dorothy Marks women s nows Sonvico Washington was Are you married mature motivated do you have a College degree or have you developed skills through working in Charity and Community projects Are you a Mother of school aged children who yearns to do something in the Way of working outside the Home Are you fed up to Here with Pat meetings or afternoon Bridge then Felice Schwartz an attractive wife and Mother in her mid forties who has been through it All herself has written just the Book for you and about thirteen and a half million other american women like you. Mrs. Schwartz and her coauthors Margaret h. Schifter and Susan s. Gillotti Call their Book a How to go to work when your husband i s against it your children Arentt old enough. And there a nothing you can do a that title a says Felice Schwartz a pretty much expresses the frustration a lot of women feel. Our Book tells them Why their husbands will probably come around if they do go to work that striking out for a part time Job after the youngest child is in school is not too soon and that the Only thing that has atrophied in those years they have spent bearing and nurturing their children is their Confidence in themselves. A no life that in t work based even if the work does no to carry a salary with it is much of a says mrs. Schwartz. A for the past ten Vears i have been pointing out that with women having smaller families and living much longer they know they can to be Happy just being a mothers All their lives the ideas expressed Here Are hardly new with communities everywhere now offering continuing education courses and women a lib groups urging women to stand up and be counted along with the men. What is new in this Book is its comprehensive Over View of the total Job picture for would be part time women workers coupled with scores of real life interviews with women who did ease themselves Back into careers of one kind or another in their Middle years. Almost half the Book is devoted to a career Baedecker listing some 51 Job classifications from account ant to writer with subheadings under each Job category Ike feel of the Job where they work training helpful experience aptitudes and abilities number in Field earnings manpower needs part time possibilities additional information and recommended Reading. The Book then is both Down 0 Earth and inspirational in priding House bound women ii to the working world. As for author Felice Schwartz she has been some icing of a social Pioneer since he Day after she graduated a rom Smith College in 1945. As 1 20-year-old graduate she single hand edly formed the National Scholastic service my fund for negro students my by 1947 had placed 750 Tegro students in what had teen up to that time All White campuses. This preceded by veral years the first big civil rights push of the of ipod a. Dur ing this time Felice had also married a fellow new yorker a med school student who was interning and receiving a pittance $50 a month. When her three children were born Felice stayed Home to care for them. A i part company with the women s lib types who say women Are just like men and should be so regarded. I believe our most important role is still bearing and nurturing children and we know the first few years of a child s life Are All important. A but the Day my youngest boy Jim a now 17 a headed for first Grade i started my own Job Hunt a she said. As usual Felice Schwartz was ahead of the times. In 1962 she persuaded five College presidents to form catalyst a non profit organization dedicated to getting employers to accept mature women As part time workers. That was a year before Betty Friedan published a the feminine mystique a the Book which is credited with launching the women s movement and five years before hate Millet Germaine Greer or Gloria Steinem had burst on the Public consciousness. Operating until now largely in new York Boston and the Philadelphia areas catalyst will go National in september launching extensive training and recruitment programs i n Chicago and other cities. A thank heaven for non e s t a b Lish ment employers. They have Given us our biggest she says. No unions have not posed a problem yet but mrs. Schwartz does no to discount the possibility. As an example of her thesis that motivated part time workers do a proportionately better Job than the average full time worker in Many jobs mrs. Schwartz Points proudly to an Experiment in which the Massachusetts department of Public welfare allowed catalyst to recruit 50 Par time women Case workers to fill 25 full time Job openings. As a result of careful screening among the 1,500 applications they received the mature women hired and handled about 80 per cent More cases than the younger full time workers. A we found too that because of their greater understanding of family problems especially in regard to children our part time caseworkers were preferred by their welfare the state of Connecticut has approved a similar project and catalyst is negotiating with the department o f health education and welfare to put government muscle behind the hiring of part time women workers. In a foreword to the Book Robert Townsend author of a up the organization and the Man who made Avis a try harder a writes a i have Long been convinced the Best buy in the labor Market is the Par time woman who is going quietly nuts while her husband works and her kids Are in school. Smart executives will fight to change their rules and policies so they can take advantage of this labor Gold Felice Schwartz agrees. Helpful coverup t r ans Parent Jeg make up and body bronzes Are particularly helpful during the summer. They cover close to the surface veins and even out tans. Overdue accounts go As far Back As four months. We done to dare refuse credit for fear the customers will Stop trading with us and then wed never get paid. Why done to people understand that storekeepers must pay for their merchandise and the Money had better be on the line by the 10th of the month. If its late we get slapped with a service fee. Many larger businesses tack on a carrying charge for Bills not paid within 30 Days. Small merchants must rely on the integrity of their customers. I wish i knew what makes people behave in such an irresponsible manner. Please explain it when and if you print my letter a Small town merchant dear . It s an old Story a Beer income and Champagne appetite the desire for status. A things Are in the Saddle and they ride there Are no easy answers for Small business. One solution is Cash on the barrel head. This would undoubtedly mean fewer sales but whatever was sold would be paid for. Another Way is to make a connection with me of the Bank credit card plans. They pay you Cash for a fee of course and take Over the problems of collecting from the deadbeats. Done to flunk your chemistry test. Love is More than one set of glands calling to another. If you have trouble making a distinction you need Annas Booklet a love or sex and How to Tell the Send a Long self addressed stamped envelope with your request and 35 cents in Coin to this newspaper. Three from Page la their mothers and invited into the dining room where luncheon was served from a Marble topped table accented with a Crystal and Silver Eperone filled with White tube roses Pink chrysanthemums and White daisies. Assisting in serving were mrs. Wray Crawford miss Jan Crawford miss Judy Hauser miss Pat Gray and miss Stacy Brewer. The hostesses presented gifts of Silver salad sets Silver and China to each of the Honoreen. Special guests for the event were mrs. J. W. Brewer and mrs. I. C. Brewer Mother and grandmother of miss Brewer mrs d. E. Caddick and mrs. L. H. Zimmerman Mother and grandmother of miss Caddick mrs. D. W. Arrison Mother of tim Yates mrs. Ralston Welch and mrs. Fletcher Welch Mother and grandmother of miss Welch. Miss Brewer will become die Bride of Bryant Hinson on aug. 24 in the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City Utah. Miss Caddick and Timothy Ray Yates will repeat their vows on aug. 27 at first United methodist Church. Miss Welch and Norman Sanderson or. Will wed on aug. 20 in St. Mary s episcopal Church. High Point Enterprise wednesday aug. 9, 1972 3b dog psychologist has suggestions by peace Moffat a news features writer new York would you believe a dog psychologist who once prescribed a Box Turtle to fulfil a poodles maternal instincts who says having a dog is like having a child but who takes his work so seriously that he has written a Book called a understanding your a the purpose of the Book is to show an animal is an individual a explained or. Michael w. Fox. Associate professor of psychology at Washington University and associate director for research at the St. Louis zoo. A a dog is easy to read. He a very honest about expressing himself but people often presume to know too much. And any animal or person in a close relationship can lose his separate Fox told on a recent visit Here of a Case where a Young couple owned a dog and the dog let Tho husband into the bedroom. And in his Book he wrote about a Dachshund who had a catatonic fit whenever the couple who owned him had a fight. Fox says dogs even develop like Young children in Many ways and that their body language is similar to humans. He also says dogs like humans have different abilities to tolerate closeness. Dogs develop through several stages. Fox Points out adding that the Best time to get a Puppy is when he is be tween six and eight weeks old. A a done to bother with a Puppy older than to weeks unless he a been raised with a lot of people he advises. Before buying a dog Fox says one should see How he interacts with other puppies. A beware of the most outgoing he w Arns a because he might be the most aggressive. Take the Puppy out of the pen and put him in a completely strange place a does he cower. Or does he get up and investigate take along an old Scarf or a Glove and after he a investigated it see if hell have a tug of Fox says there is no Point in discipline training for a Puppy at five or six weeks because he wont remember it but he says that a a Good time for tender Loving care and seeing that the Puppy has a lot of different experiences so his environment will be enriched. At eight weeks there is a sensitive fear period Fox says and at that time the dog owner should avoid any undue trauma for his Puppy such As taking him to the vet for the first time. By 12 weeks Fox says a dog is emotionally bonded to his owner so discipline training then is not Likely to break his spirit or attachment. Fox who holds a veterinary degree and a doctorate in psychology from London University has several Breed recommendations for people in different situations. For instance. For a family with children in a House he recommends a Golden retriever for a Young couple any of the terriers for an apartment couple a Schnauzer y o r a Shire terrier or poodle for an older couple a Yorkshire terrier Pekinese or pug. A but a or. Fox , a you used to be Able to Tell about the temperament of a dog from the Breed. A now you can to. That s because there is less Quality control in Breeding which is rather tragic. For example in some cases dogs Are selected for their Small size a or Tbs shape of their legs which does t help their Fox Calls dog breeders who get together and decide to change the standards of a Breed a a Bunch of Cranks. People have a responsibility not to change standards without knowing the result a he says. he adds a a there san emphasis now that the prize dogs should have some kind of test before being named the Best in the Breed. That Way you would know you weren to giving a prize to ene program gives help to homemakers d0g psychologist or u a. A by Janice r. Christensen a Tarboro homemaker Mother of six. Had a hard time managing the Small Check she received from social services until she was enrolled in the expanded nutrition education program. Before she visited with program aides the homemaker very Seldom if Ever purchased milk or fresh vegetables for her family. After talking with the hone maker last summer the aide found out the family could use the land behind its House to Plant a Garden. As the vegetables were harvested the woman was Able to freeze and can enough to Supply her family through the Winter months. Encouraged by her last years results the homemaker eagerly planted another Garden this Spring. When Barbara Hutton checked in at the hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris recently for a three Day stay she had 60 pieces of Luggage. Or. Michael w. Fox has a veterinary degree and a doctorate in psychology both of which he uses in his work with dogs. He a shown wit h a Friend Quaker a miniature Schnauzer. 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