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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 9, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Frenchmen make film in Hollywood by Bob Thomas associated pros writer Hollywood apr it looked like a Hollywood film Crew and partly it was. But when the director gave instructions to the actors he spoke French. The company was filming in a Ventura Boulevard Motel in nearby Encino. The film a the save your child s life High Point enter Perlta wednesday aug. 9, 1972 17a take care in buying toys for your child rom a a Quot television log a the great Daylight Battle outside Man a produced for United artists by Jacques bar and directed by Jacques Deray j eyed dolls electric stoves it is sort of a reverse a Runa rattles and toy musical instr sixth in a series by David Hendin Nea science editor dolls Are for Loving. Games Are or playing. All kinds of children a toys Are for learning As Well As for having fun. But some of those Bright Way production a filmed by frenchmen in Hollywood. The Lead actor of a a the outside Many is Frances hottest Star Jean Louis trin Ignant who is As familiar to american movie goers As his name is unpronounceable. He starred in ments Are threats to your child a health even though at first glance they seem harmless enough. Complete statistical information is not available but the . Public health service estimates that some 700. A a Man and a woman a a a too children Are injured every a my night at Maud so a the year As a result of accidents from toys. Even though there Are both Federal and state Laws regulating toy safety standards Many dangerous toys Are still being sold. For your peace of mind Check carefully before buying a toy for your child. Every month the food and drug administrations Bureau of product safety issues a list of banned toys. One recent month listed 38 separate entries ranging from an easily broken baby rattle to a xylophone which had keys with Knie Sharp edges. One banned doll has a Sharp wire in ears a another has a a a fam Mahle plastic dress a and a third has a pins in hair and clothing. Many toy related injuries to children have to do with bicycles sleds and wagons. Children should be taught common sense rules for using these toys before they Are allowed to use them on their own. Naturally these toys should not be used where there is traffic and should be used carefully where other children play. Roller skates Are also potential hazards and you should make it Clear to your child that before crossing a Street he should take his skates off. Many accidents Are simply the results of carelessness and could have been avoided with a few precautions. Here Are a few suggestions from the office of child development of do it every l Ime conformist and a the its pronounced roughly on a hot summer Day trin Tig Irant was cooly playing an imported gunman in a scene with Roy Scheider Gene Hack Many a buddy in a the French after disposing of Scheider with a couple of shots at close Range the Frenchman sat Down in an adjoining Motel room and talked about his first film in America. A my English is not very Good but i am working on it a j said the actor who is compactly built but exudes an air of strength much in the Man i Ner of Alan Ladd or Humphrey Bogart. A fortunately in this picture i play a Frenchman who comes to los Angeles for two Days to do a killing. So my English does no to have to be this is trint Ignant a first experience with an american film company although some of the key personnel Are French. His reaction a i am amazed. We have a Crew of 45 on this picture. In France we ordinarily have no More than 25. And sometimes fewer than that. Many of the pictures i have worked on were inexpensively made we shot a a Man and a woman in 34 weeks. This picture will take More than 94 there was a time in Hollywood history when european stars were eager to come to America to pursue their film careers. No More. Asked if he would consider living in Hollywood. Trin Ignant replied a no. It is very pleasant Here but too pleasant. Not enough stimulation. I much prefer pans where you have the excitement of the theater the Art galleries the ferment of a big freed prisoners must adapt san Diego Calif. Api he said. A it was a pay says returning pow May in when american prisoners of Etiological crime. Crewmen lat counter War return Home from in or told me they did t know if Etc Lar ajor Voith other Lorhina they will have a Dilfia they d be stoned Lri the streets of War log. Cult time adapting to the taken to a Federal prison. Changes that have taken place. Spaulding envisions a More Lon 1hls induces the Man s according to a military pay gradual rehabilitation program own wife and family and prob Chia Trist. With the men possibly being re ably will require family thera for that reason capt. Ray turned by ship rather than air. Pm. Mend c. Spaulding jr., chief of the Pentagon is working on a physical ailments and Srou psychic try at san Diego naval contingency plan for the return a1 impotency caused by the Hospital Hopes welcoming cer and care of pos. Although Long confinement and Maln utri monies will be delayed for a the North vietnamese govern Tion while after their arrival Home ment has Given no indication a learning to Roa Dju to Spaulding says the pos. When pow will to released simple amenities of life such As some who have been in captive the naval Hospital Here is sex furniture a they May not have try for eight years face a to peeled to be a Center for re sat in chairs for years what Tentilly traumatic cultural habilitation on their return. Are you going to do when an Tinck a i would say its going to sex pow comes into your office a those Guys Are going to in take a minimum of four weeks and squats on his Ery Spaulding said for the pos to say things like Spaulding asked you imagine being seven a go to belly or to express anger Over there awl coming or r negative feeling a up Auk the . Department of health. Education and welfare a done to leave indoor toys outdoors overnight. Rain or Dew could damage the toy and increase the Chance o f accidents. A there should be a special place for storage of toys. A As soon As your child is Able to walk and move about he should be trained to put his toys away. A broken toys Are hazardous and should be discarded. The toy Industry is changing All the time. New toys Are put on the Market each year and new ways of making toys Are being developed. Both the fed eral government the National safety Council and the toy manufacturers of America have provided leadership in assuring Safe toys for your children. But you must still be careful. Here is a Safe toy checklist. A choose toys appropriate for the child a see and stage of development. Many toys have recommended Ages on the packages a remember that younger Brothers or Sisters May have Access to toys bought for older children. A Check fabric labels for notices of flame resistance. A Check instructions and teach the child the proper Way to use any toy that might cause injury through misuse. A avoid toys that produce excessive noise even a toy Cap gun fired too close to a child sear can cause damage a avoid shooting games especially those with darts and arrows unless they Are played under adult supervision. Most of All however you must remember that a Tov is Only As Safe As its owner. Any toy can be dangerous of it is misused. There is no Good substitute for a Parent s judgment and supervision. Even after you have bought a toy it remains your responsibility to inspect it from time to time to attire that Wear and tear has not caused a hazardous situation next a mysterious Khz tor most problems Are created merely from the Lack of ideas. The ones who knows nothing of calories Are the happiest. By Bob Thomas associated press writer Hollywood apr Long the undisputed Champion of daytime television lbs is switching 25 per cent of its programming to counter the encroaching Competition. Network television in the Daylight hours May be an unknown wilderness to Many americans but to millions of housewives senior citizens and shut ins. It s an important part of their lives. It s also important to the financial Well being of the three television networks. It has Long been considered a harsh economic fact that nighttime programming produces marginal profits while daytime shows can be real Money makers. Advertising rates for daytime television Are based on ratings and that a Why lbs has been undergoing changes to bolster its sagging Lead. In january r Donald a a buds Grant was brought Over from arc to serve As vice president in charge of daytime programming. His changes Are now being Felt. A starting in september we will change our morning programming to include three new game said Grant via Telephone from new York a these will replace situation comedy reruns which have apparently run out of steam we re going for the adult female audience which seems to like the game the new attractions a the jokers a quiz show with Jack Barry a the new Price is with Bob Barker a truth or consequences a replacing Bill Cullen and starring los Angeles disc jockey Wink Martindale a the Best new game show since says Grant. This is a real change for lbs. Which has eschewed daytime game shows since the quiz show scandals of 1959 gone will he reruns of a the Lucy show a and a Beverly Hillbillies a a family affair Quot will be moved to an afternoon spot. Still remaining Are the serials network people Don t like to Call them soap operas. There Are eight of them on the lbs schedule including the top rated a was the world Veteran of 17 years plus the runners up a search for to s oldest daytime show at 22 years of age and a the guiding age 21. A your serials Are still attractive and they get the highest ratings in daytime television a Grant said. But he admitted that a serials have declined in audience from what they were a few years ago. A the reason i believe is because of the increased number of serials not Long ago there were eight now the three networks have twice that Cynthia Lowry is on vacation 8 00 the super 8 30 the Corner bar 9 00 Marty Feldman comedy machine ugh pts an 2 a my Greensboro go a Btu Charlotte j Wunch University station is a Gap High Point a soc Charlotte jowls Roanoke Cal Wujs Winston salons 4 00 . J new. Weather sport Guji scene tonight 4 what s new 3 Abc news 9 news a a 6 of clock news 4 30 pm cd lbs news a history d to Tell the truth j we arc news 7 04 . Cd Andy Griffith go news go evening edition cd a truth or consequences u news 7 30 . Go do and cheer Sci Mayberry Riff Primus 4 now in to Tell the truth a Fol Green acres 1 00 . De David Steinberg 5 election �?~72 d the super a Fladam 12 1 30 . Go film Odyssey go the Corner bar do a mystery movie 9 00 de medical Center go Marty Feldman 9 30 . 3 comedy hour 10 00 . Go soul do Mannox a dumb night gallery 10 30 . Of this i your life 11 00 . De new 8 news 5 news 31 news u new weather. Sport 11 30 . De Date movie i f Dick Cavett show f to ii Johnny Carson Sis Ltd it 8 00 pm Adam 12 8 30 pm a mystery movie 10 00pm-Nightgallery tim has a pet Rattlesnake Stanley will make you skin crawl starting thurs tar Heel Orive in theatre i color the barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the magic stage Neil Simon s Quot the Odd couple Quot comi by in a a a a. It Ery a can years Home to find your wife in a my said mini dress and no Bra out in a they have not been Able to Public or your kids with Long. Do that for years because if scrounge hair a Spaulding they did they might get their made his comments in an inter Heads hashed in or not get their View with the san Diego trib ration of Une. Other problems which he Spaulding 51, was head of j the six Man psychiatric team which worked with the men from the captured spy ship Pueblo. They spent a year As prisoners in North Korea. A i was very much against the precipitous return of the Pueblo it i to Sand stereos to rental inc. I rent to own serving High Point and Thomasville 882-8319 the greatest Man encounters regret. Suffering is that a of of Money still talks a Token payment would be a whisper. High Point s Russell Stover Candy Man for Over eleven year Calhoun drug store 1231 ave phone 883-41 19 matinee today Kurt irus Seu you can see Tow graduate again or for the first time. Dustin Hoffman huh 2 35-4 10 i l 5 45 -7 20-9 00 Martin twin i&2 i Timis j 30 i 5 20-710-9 00 j 1801 was emf vim dkivt/88i nov Omar. Jean Paul. 0yan Sharif Belmondo Cannon stint. Robert Hossein mom Calm now showing shows at 1 20-3 17 5 14-7 21-9 28 tips Towne theatre 2/ h Ino k Ivy a he thursday 4 00 . D summer semester 1 30 . D cond morning it on the i 7 00 . 3 lbs morning new of u. Of Michigan f 1�u today 7-30 am cd lbs news of morning scene 0 romper room i 06 . D Good morning a capt Kangaroo Southern exposure 1 30 d old rebel 9 00 . D capt. Kangaroo go Green acres 8 dealing for dollars f Mike Douglas id Daniel Boone 12 today at Home 9 30 . 0 Hazel 12 Mcnair s Navy 10 00 . 2 what every woman a Lucy show a sesame St ret to t5 Dinah a place 10 30 . Dig Beverly Hillbillies a to a concentration 11 00 . D 3 family affair 4 Mist Erogers to password 3 to u Sale of Century 11 30 . Dod Cove of life 4 electric com Pany if bewitched to u Hollywood squares 12 noon of where the heart is 5 the scene at noon of what a new 8 d no to u 12 30 . J Foj search for tomorrow by split second a a who. What where to news 1 00 . D today a woman j reply Feezor if All my children j jeopardy Roll Somerset 1 30 t 8 As the world turns a i Etc a make a Deal d to 12 three on a match 2 00 did Manv up endorsed thing of newlywed game �tm2 Davs of our lives 2 30 . Dip guiding Light cd dating game Jiff a the doctor 3.00 . Dig secret storm >0 i general Hospital in Roll another world 3 30 . Dod Edge of night f one life to live Dio u return to Peyton pm 4 00 . Id my three sons sesame Street j love american style a Lassie a Timmy to Mere Griffin u Tot smart 4 30 pm. D Hazel Foj Daniel Boone f afternoon movie a Gilligan a Island u Star trek s 0o . D Daniel Boone 4d Mist Erogers of Petticoat Junction 5 30 . T truth or consequences 41 electric company cd eyewitness news a Dick Van Dyke id what a my line to High Chaparral capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 . 2 stand up and Geer a guest Star Forrest Tucker reads a poetry segment titled a i hear America 8 Mayberry red Sam rejects suggestions that he help his son Mike build a Tepee for his school project a until he learns mikes Friend Harold is getting help from his father. 12 Green acres -12 mystery Oliver decides that Hooter with Dennis Ville Farmers should Plant rutabagas As a primary Cash crop and initiate a publicity Campaign to make America Rutabaga conscious. Results of this suggestion Are stupendous. T . 2 David Steinberg guests Are emmy award Winner Valerie Harper and Tommy smothers. 12 a Adam 12 a Malloy and Reed subdue an enraged wrestler Settle a dispute at a a Ted car lot and investigate a store robbery 1 30 . 8 the Corner bar Harry a Landlady wants to marry him but he devises a plan to get out of the marriage and get the lease renewed on a Grant s Tomb. Movie Weaver As marshal Sam Mccloud. Julie Sommars guest stars As a girl who has become mentally unbalanced due to events surrounding the death of the Man she loved. 9 . 2 medical Center. A staff doctor trying to overcome a drinking problem cannot Tell his wife she is dying of a rare disease. Marty Feldman. Special guest Star Martha Hunt with Spike Milligan and Usibisa. 9 30 . 6 the Kopy Kats Tony Curtis is guest Host. To 2 a Mannix a a member of Manx s former korean War army unit wants revenge for a grievance incurred in their combat Davs. 12 n i g h t gallery a to never leave you Ever a with Lois Nettleton and John Saxon. To Speed up the death of her husband a wife seeks the Aid of an old Crone and her Black arts. A there Arentt any More Mac Banes a with Joel Grey and Howard Duff. Macbane tries to learn a family secret when he is threatened with no support by his Uncle for studying witchcraft in College

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