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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 9, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered thundershowers Mort data on Page 3a 88th Viar a no. 222 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon August 9, 1972 76 pages Call us circulation. Ssm719 classified ads. 15-2177 All other departments 85-211 daily 10c, sunday 25c i meeting ends today Shriver nominated in show of Unity for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every of dirt q. Over a year ago they dug up a pipeline on the Corner of Cook and Dayton. All this trash was thrown on the lower part of our front Yard. The Driver was asked several times to move it so finally last summer i lifted these Large rocks and pavement which was put where we had cleared off. So this january a Street department Driver came and made deep ruts in the Yard and taken dirt we had paid for to put in the Hole they had dug on state Street. The Driver has been asked to replace the dirt and cover up the rut they had made in the Yard. It was awful wet weather when this was done. I think the Driver has had plenty of time to get this cleared up so i want the dirt replaced and the tire ruts covered and levelled up. Thank you. G. H. A. This message has travelled a bit around City offices to determine whose digging and dirt was involved. It ended in the Lap of utilities whose director l. Williams says at the time the owners requested that the dirt be left in the Yard after work on trenches was completed. So it was. If minds were changed or signals crossed or ruts remained the matter has been taken care of he reports a we Hope to your satisfaction. A it solution suggested q. What can to Dona about a woman who leaves an a year old alone at Home during the Day without any supervision whatsoever i Don t mean in the House alone i mean free to roam the streets steal or anything they want. Anon. A. Anyone who honestly thinks a child is being neglected or abused can Call or. Pleas Sawyer who is the child protective services social worker 883-7136. The Best time to reach him is on mondays Between 8 30 and 12 30 and on thursdays Between i and 5 p. In. A or a Street widening q. I have asked several times when our Street will be widened As we voted for Bonds to Widen them. B., Trinity Avenue. A. R. V. Moss City traffic Engineer says Trinity Avenue has been considered on several occasions for widening to four lanes but the right of Way is not sufficient. It is anticipated that this Street May get surface improvements prior to widening he says and As soon As right of Way can be acquired they Hope work can be started. A training required q. Of you Are a can you go and got your permit without taking Driver training and please answer As soon As possible thank you. Anon. A. Neither a learners permit nor an application for an operators License is granted without the certificate showing the applicants successful completion of the Driver education course. This applies to 16,-17 and 18-year-Olds because instruction is still open to them even though they May not be attending school. A still a juvenile o. I am 17 and i have a Job and to and my Mother Don t got along and my father Don t live with us and was wondering if she could make me lose my Job and is there anything the Law could do to make me stay at Home. I have heard if you were i and had a Job and a place to stay and support yourself that there was nothing your parents could do if you do move i would like an answer As soon As possible because i have got to get out. Thank you. A. Children under 18 Are subject to parents control according to a general statute of the state of n. Unless the person is married or serving in the armed forces a person under that age can be brought Back Home through civil action 1. E., a judge issuing appropriate orders. A sound off q. I saw your article about the Model railroading club. Does this club Only include people who Model an to i would like to Start a Model Railroad club but this one will be an �?o0�?� gauge. Anyone that reads this and would like to be in it should Call 883-7521. There a no age Umit so please Call soon. D. Re action q. In the Enterprise july 21st, the beagles Are Here in miniature and they Are recognized in two classes according to the Kennel club a 13 and 15-Inch but no Beagle is recognized As 10-Inch. Tell the person that is looking for this particular dog he is wasting time if he gets a dog under that size he May have something other than a Beagle and it probably could not be registered at All. Thirteen and 15-Inch is the size of the big ones. Thank you. 0. Mob. By Peggy Simpson associated press writer Washington a in a prime time Unity show the democrats have handed their vice presidential nomination to Sargent Shriver and cheered the tickets opening swings at president Nixon and vice president Spiro t. Agnew. A a in a not embarrassed to be George Mcgovern a seventh Choice for vice president a Shriver said tuesday after the democratic National committee added him to the ticket. A a we democrats May be Short of Money. We re not Short of Talent. Think of the comparison and then you can pity poor or. Nixon his first and Only Choice was Spiro the democrats loved it. A a if we have used valuable time in the selection of a vice presidential nominee a Mcgovern said a a the nation must wish the republicans had made their Choice with greater and thus the lines were drawn again this time with Mcgovern teamed with Shriver in place of sen. Thomas f. Eagleton of Missouri who withdrew last week after disclosing that he had undergone Shock treatment for mental depression in the 1960s. Mcgovern and Shriver were to try and sustain the momentum at a Unity luncheon today protest leaders put out Guidebook for gop conclave Miami Beach Fla. A protest leaders Are trying to recruit demonstrators for the Republican National convention with an illustrated Guidebook calling for a a nonviolent civil disobedience and warning participants to be prepared for mass arrests. A a the manual for the Republican convention distributed tuesday by five protest groups said the goal of demonstrations during the aug. 21-23 gop convention a a is to isolate and defeat Richard Milhous Hie tabloid size pamphlet urged protesters to avoid property damage and disruption of Miami beaches senior citizen Community. A a we will not provoke or attack police National guard or our Brothers who Are gis a it added. But the 24-Page manual Laid out a step by step plan for a a occupying the streets surrounding Miami Beach convention Hall on the night president Nixon is expected to give his nomination acceptance speech. A a four More years of Nixon will be accepted on the inside of the convention Hall while outside troops ring the perimeter and thousands of us resist and say no a the manual said. Using Aerial photos to illustrate the Guidebook mapped out four Sites where demonstrators should congregate during the convention. It speculated on which areas police were Likely to permit protesters to gather and the Sites where arrests were Likely. A a while the prime political purpose in coming to the cop convention is not necessarily to get arrested the possibility of mass arrest does exist a the manual said. The manual advised would be demonstrators to keep identification and about $10 in Cash in their wallets and know an address in Miami in Case they Are arrested. It advised a a Brothers and Sisters under 18�?� to avoid arrest because they would probably be sent Home by juvenile authorities. No fault Bill sent Back to committee by John Lengel associated press writer Washington a the Senate has sent Back to committee a Bill to establish a National system of no fault automobile insurance apparently killing any Chance of congressional action this year. A a everybody knows what this motion is All about a sen. Warren Magnuson d-wash., manager of the Bill told the Senate. A a it buries the Bill simple As by a 4946 vote tuesday night the Senate approved a motion by sen. Roman Hruska r-neb., to Send the Commerce committee measure to the judiciary committee for further study. Sens. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., Marlow Cook r-ky., and Strom Thurmond r-s.c., argued that objectionable provisions and serious constitutional questions about the Bill deserve study by the lawyers on judiciary. But Magnuson countered the 17 lawyers on Commerce Are just As Able As the 17 on judiciary. A a this is a real blow at the american consumer a Magnuson said. A a it affects every american the insurance lobby pressure he added a must have been a everyone was giving me this pious explanation a in a for no fault but Magnuson continued. A a we la have it Back on the floor again in the insurance Industry was divided on the measure with the biggest car insurer. State farm Neutral. Such insurers As Aetna and nationwide favor no fault Allstate and travellers Are opposed. A Large segment of the trial lawyers profession is against the concept. The Bill would do away with most court suits arising from traffic accidents and would require companies to promptly and automatically pay claims within limits of $25,000 each for medical and rehabilitation expenses and $85,000 for lost wages. The Industry collects $14 billion annually in premiums and pays out $7 billion. Seriously injured victims recover Only an estimated 16 per cent of their actual losses through court actions according to a transportation department study. Ten states have adopted no fault Type plans but Only Florida and Massachusetts have Laws which approached the Federal goals in the Bill. Massachusetts Drivers in two years have had a 42-per-cent reduction in bodily injury premiums. Neither police nor protest leaders Are making predictions on the number of demonstrators expected. What s inside j amusement 14-17 a Bridge id classified ads 12-17c comics and crossword id editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 12c sports. 3-4c television. 17a women s news. Sec. B weather. 3a with members of the democratic National committee which winds up its extraordinary three Day meeting today with some Ordinary business. In addition latin and women a caucuses were to meet separately with Mcgovern to air grievances that they and their favorite issues Arentt being represented in his Campaign. In the balloting Shriver was Given 2.936 of the committees authorized 3.016 votes. It appeared he might be elected unanimously. But then Missouri gov. Warren Hearnes cast his states 73 votes for Eagleton and Oregon cast four of its 74 votes for Maverick Democrat w Ayne Morse who is trying for a Senate comeback. Guam had nobody present and its three votes weren to counted. Shriver 56, former director of the peace corps and of the Antipoverty program a former ambassador to France and a Kennedy in Law outlined the in socratic Campaign in accepting the nomination a we intend to go out and ask of our Young people not just to protest against inadequate schools but to teach children not just to complain about the Quality of Law enforcement but to enlist in our overburdened police forces and to join the staffs of prisons not just to make speeches about the third world but to serve abroad in a revived peace corps not just to talk about love but to work with the retarded the elderly the lonely the ill the Blind and millions of hungry children on this planet. A a a this is what America at its Best has been a he said. A that is what we will be again a and Mcgovern who had several turndown from other democrats before Shriver accepted the no. 2 spot echoed his Campaign theme a it is time for a new american journey not to an alien ideology or a foreign conflict but Home to the spirit which gave us free be Shriver on 2-a Mcgovern and Shriver after nomination Cap wire photo tagged to Aid Chi House nears vote on end War move by Jim Adams associated press writer Washington a pressures heightened on both sides today As the House moved toward a vote on an end the War mandate coupled to a foreign military Aid Bill. Neither Side was predicting whether the Antiwar amendment would survive although both friends and foes conceded the House could Echo the Senate and vote Down the entire Bill. Again the lineup was too close to predict. A i think the foreign Aid Bill is in danger whatever we do a said speaker Carl Albert. Front Row l r Gina Powell Kim Powell a Hes Powell Back or Debbie Gordon mrs. To an Powell and an Powell a wire photo passage of the $2.l-billion for eign Ald measure hinges on the amendment directing withdrawal of All . Forces from Indochina by the end of the year in return for release of american prisoners and a limited cease fire to assure Safe withdrawal of american forces. The measure is one of two end the War amendments before Congress. The other stronger one would Cut off All funds for . War operations and provide for . Withdrawal from All parts of Indochina except Thailand within four months if Hanoi releases american prisoners and accounts for gis missing in action. The Senate passed the Milder amendment then killed the foreign Aid Bill to which it was attached. But in a Quick turn around the Senate passed the stronger end the War provision and also the Pentagon procurement Bill carrying it. Because the House version of that Bill contained no end the War language the package was sent to a House Senate conference where it May languish without action. The House then became the forum As both sides stepped up t. Air lobbying. The counter pressure drives were being conducted by republicans under gop Leader Gerald r. Ford and by a coalition of Antiwar congressmen and peace lobbyists. The War pullout mandate originally carried a deadline of oct. I but backers announced during opening debate tuesday that they will move to change it to dec. 31 to keep the Issue out of the presidential election. Family s dream of sailing the world shattered on reef by Howard Benedict associated press writer Titusville Fla. A him Powell loved the romantic lure the adventure and the Freedom of the sea. For years he dreamed of sailing the world with his family and he built a boat foe the challenging journey. But less than two months after the family and a Friend set Forth the dream has been shattered on a reef in the Stormy Caribbean the boat splintered Powell and five others missing and feared dead. The tragedy came to Light this week when the . Coast guard reported wreckage of Powell a 50-foot catamaran the Tahiti Nui had been recovered near Glover a reef off the coast of British Honduras. Missing Are Powell 59 his wife to an 45 their children an 20, James 12, Gina 8 and a Friend Debbie Gordon 23, All of Titusville. They started the trip june i from this East coast City planning to Circle the Globe leisurely in four or five years. An ardent sailing enthusiast Powell twice before gave up jobs to sail the sea. A Friend Bill Nassau of Titusville said a Kim was a nut about the water. He wanted nothing More than to take his family and escape from the problems of the world just sail for the rest of his life if he Power got his excuse two years ago when he lost his Job As a launch director for the Bendix corp. At nearby Cape Kennedy. Instead of seeking new employment he began building the twin hulled boat in his backyard designing the Ca tamaran As he went along. Completed last Spring the boat had a 244>y-50-foot deck with two Side by Side Cabins. Each Hull contained a Shower separate toilet and a Galley so two couples could sail together and a stay out of each others hair a Powell said. Under billowing said the powells tested their ship in the Indian River. For windless Days there were two diesel engines. They named their magic carpet the Tahiti Nui tahitian for a big double a few Days before they started on june i the powells showed off their vessel to newsmen. He recalled two earlier a abandoning civilization trips across the the first was in his Early 20s when he sailed the Caribbean. Later he and his wife and a child sailed to the South seas from California. A it s hard to turn your Back on a Good paying Job thinking about losing things like seniority a he admitted. A but it seems like the Only people who get to do what they want is poor he described his financial condition As the greying or ecu Powell recited seafaring poetry and talked about a legendary $60 million Cocos Island treasure Long sought after by adventurers. He said he planned to look for it probably find it a but it be N.C. a daughter an a pretty blonde said she had packed a five year Supply of hair shampoo and talked about conducting scientific experiments with sea life during the voyage. Asked if she Felt the trip would be dangerous she replied a How can we drown All my family walks on the no family member of the group. Debbie Gordon was a girl Friend of Powell a oldest son Kim 25, stationed with the army in Germany. The younger Powell is to be discharged this month and he was to have joined the cruise in the Panama canal zone. The Tahiti Nui travelled Down the intercostal waterway Riding out Hurricane Agnes in key West and departing there june 13 for Cayman Island and then two Island resorts off Mexico a Yucatan Peninsula Isla my Jeres and Cozumel. The boat left Cozumel on july 4 for the southward trek to the canal zone and the unkept rendezvous with Young Powell. She was not heard from again. A honduran fishing boat spotted the wreckage of the catamaran july 19 but did not report it until it reached port a week later. The Crew said they spotted one body that of a girl in the wreckage but did not approach it. A Antish honduran customs ship picked up the remains of the vessel a Pontoon a Cross beam a Mast and a see family s on 2-a

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