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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, High Point, North Carolina We Corry a Complete line of High Quality equipment completely outfit you for backpacking climbing camping canoeing Quot joking i Jaq Garden St Yak ? i c"r�>isb9io movie capsules Abc Jane Fonda in her Oscar winning performance stars in a psychological suspense drama on a i Sec thursday night at the 9-11 p m. Donald Sutherland also stars. When Pennsylvania research scientist Tom Runeman vanishes the Only clue his disappearance is a letter he has written Bree Daniels after months of a fruitless police investigation Runeman s Best Friend private detective John klute Sutherland travels new York conduct his own search he rents an apartment in Bree s building and taps her Telephone he quickly learns that she is undergoing psychoanalysis in an Effort break away from prostitution and pursue an acting and modelling career when approached. Bree is initially aloof eventually however she admits that in addition receiving obscene Telephone Calls she fears she is being followed Kirk Douglas. Henry Fonda. Hume c r o n y n and Warren Oates Star in Quot there was a crooked a Western drama about life in a territorial prison on saturday night at the movies 8 30-11 p m. In 1883. Paris Pitman or. Who has robbed a wealthy businessman of $500,000, is among six new inmates confined a prison that is known for its brutality and filth Pitman suffers several unprovoked attacks while working on a Rock pile and soon gathers sufficient allies among the inmates defend himself when a Brawl erupts Between Paris his comrades and the three bullies who have been preying upon other prisoners. Paris is sent solitary Abc do of a bloody revolution and counter revolution that spawned the birth of the feet tonal South american Republic of Corte Guay emerges i tax Kenos ire Kim Fehmi i the hero of Quot Tho a even lures Quot spectacular film version of Harold Robbins Best Selling novel airing As a the Abc sunday night movie a 9 p in 12 15 a in accompanying his father Jaime Kenos Fernando hey i. Whose support of Rojo Alan Bandelj during the revolution gained him the ambassador ship Italy Dux quickly takes the life it the International Jet set in Home and marries a millionairess after participating in a a Ries of International plots intrigues Romaine and financial adventures. Dax returns his Homeland and becomes involved in a co fit or revolution a in a i do mat in a a Quot a Lee Remick James Coburn Star in a hard contract love changes life of hired Assassin James Coburn stars As an International Assassin moving cooly through the Scenic beauties and exotic menace of Spain a Costa Del sol. Tangier and Brussels grand place in a society in which life has Little meaning and death even less. The adventure film airs on a the Abc Friday night movie Quot 9 la p.m., Channel 8 Lee Remick is also starred As a world weary woman who prefers lies and deception the hard realities that have made her a rootless wanderer. In the motion picture the first directorial Effort of writer s Lee Pogostin. John Cunningham Coburn is an american a a businessman Quot whose business is killing people for Money no questions asked his Quot hard contract a Calls for the elimination of three men in different parts of Europe a men he has never seen. On his arrival in Torr Molinos he meets Sheila Metcalf Lee Remick a Jet set Beauty who chooses live a life As emotionless As his own. Travelling restlessly with an English aristocrat and her companion Lilli Palmer and Claude Dauphin and a guilt Ridden sex nazi Patrick Magee. The meeting changes her life a and his a when she finds herself falling in love with this mysterious Man and he goes about his murderous business with a nagging conscience he thought had been left behind also starring Are Burgess Meredith As the Man who takes out the a contract a and Sterling Hayden As the Linal intended victim the moneychangers adds another All Star cast Juan Collins has been add of Tho growing list of stars in a the moneychangers the six Ulm a half hour Nhuc world premiere movie now tiling filmed in Hollywood drama based on Hailey a Best seller Colo cast in multiple Dune Hie u7h it a time or Quot a a Vuito Kirk Douglas and Christopher Plummer Star As Vic presidents of a banking Empire vying for the top Job. V i so featured Are Helen Hayes. Timothy Bottoms. Susan Flannery Anne Bax for Ralph Bellamy and Percy Rod pique Ohms will portray Vuril a Guji iss Jelm u of icum l i add by me Ujj Plummer i the British born actress has made numerous american films including a the head Hung Kong with Bob Hope and Bing c i o shy. A Devarn Dun night it the Bood die Young. The girl on the bed a hot swang use Wile Island in the Sun Che was Ward i Iii Brov i is Quot and a Hall v a. J tog Ifo %. High Point Enterprise saturday August 7, 197v vib former series regular now enjoys directing Hollywood the first time Joan Darling Ever directed anything she set her dungarees on fire but that was a Long time ago now another flame is burning a the fire be a top director and she s Well on her Way. Joan Darling is today one of the very few women who Are recognized As professional directors in Hollywood s circles she directs Many of the atm shows a a Phyllis a a a a Rhoda a and it was bailing who got Quot Mary Hartman Mary Hartman off the ground but she says she will never give up acting completely you probably remember her Best As Arthur Hills efficient Secretary in a Owen Marshall. Counselor at Law a but she As done Many other things As Well a i m concentrating on directing now a Darling says Quot although i la never Stop i asked her what she would do. If she were confronted by a Choice a a great part act or a great film direct a and she could do both just one or the other. She laughed Quot you mean my Lover or my husband9 that a what it comes Down in that Case. I might try suicide a there was no dilemma for Joan Darling at first she grew up a in Brookline. Mass a with Only one desire and that was be an actress Quot i used go the movies As a she says a and i thought actors were real i saw a doctor on the screen arid i thought he was a real doctor la All looked terribly exciting she went College Carnegie tech in Pittsburgh it was there that she had her first taste of acting a and her fire a i directed in she says a but i gave it up for two masons. First i was Dis lured by the feeling that it was a feminine thing do. Bossing everybody around like that and second my dungarees caught fire i was trying act very nonchalant about directing very professional so i used my Dungaree cuffs As an ashtray and i set them on fire that cured me of directing for a after College she acted and Bogan a ii in Long love of teaching acting she thinks if May have been the teaching that led her Back directing. New. When i direct a she says. I have no More feelings of Ullem enmity it did bother me for a while. I must admit i d direct a Phyllis or a Rhoda and i d go Home at night feeling vaguely uncomfortable then really was no reason for if. everyone on the set a is ill i it $ very Nice no. I it was cwt. A a a a Fez 11 n g Tryb % i 4 ii m. Directing was feminine but i talked myself out of it. A she d like do a movie of course and now she s getting scripts submitted her she says she actually turned Down a firm offer because she did like the script. But one will come along. Hollywood is betting that Joan Darling becomes the first of a great new crop of women directors in the la s scout reports Mills Stream i would like know when and where Havley Mills was born a a fan Whiteland ind Hayley Catherine Rose Vivian Mills was born in London. England on april 18. 1946 her father is actor John Mills and Juliet Mills is her sister for the Birds who owns and trains Fred the cockatoo on Baretta a a Reader. Chicago 111. Ray Berwick who also trained the Birds for the Hitchcock film. A the Birds a is Fred s master. Fred recently won a Patsy award Given annually out standing non human performers where s George what happened George Fenneman who was the announcer on the old Groucho Marx program9 a e t., Chicago. Iii. Nothing. He recently was master of ceremonies for a show Abc put on for the affiliates convention he can be seen in commercials a heard too. My a

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