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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 6, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 1 if Benny Phillips Sunningdale England i apr Chako Higuchi the beaming Little japanese who has taken the spotlight from the Star players at the european women s championship thinks that before Long her country will become one of the world s Foremost golfing nations mrs Higuchi plays most of her Golf in her Homeland now she is hoping to add the european title to the seven japanese titles she already has won. Through an interpreter a she can understand some English but can to speak it fluently she explained that Japan is fast becoming a Golf mad country where there Are More than 1,000 courses a it s an expensive game Back Home a land is so scarce that it s difficult try ing to find enough space to Lay out a course a she said that Means that club subscriptions Are tremendously High and in some places it will Cost around $100 just for a game a but people Are prepared to pay it and if you re going to pay that much then you need to be super enthusiastic a mrs. Higuchi has been the Star of the first two round of the championships she shot a 68 lowest of the first two rounds and Only one stroke off the course record to take a Fust round Lead which she held with a Par-74 Friday she went into today s round three strokes ahead of american Sandra Palmer her nearest rival and five ahead of other american stars Kathy Whitworth and Joanne earner season is not Over yet for pole sitting Marcis Talladega Ala. A great american dreams Are shattered in Many ways. The Young Man fresh out of College is full of ideas and intentions that will change the course of the world. Soon however making a living and getting along in the society in which we live become his biggest goals. The Young lady seems destined for a career. She s going to work right to the top travel see the world and let nothing stand in the Way of her career. But a Little band of Gold shatters most of the dream and usually the children that follow shatter the rest. Then there is the dream of the inventor the Guy who has a plan but no Money. Or there s the Guy with a business plan of making Money but no Cash to get started. Kace Drivers have a lot of Contact with these people but sometimes shatter their dreams. What happens is these people read where certain race Drivers Are making a lot of Money and that they Are pretty Nice Guys. They make Contact wanting to share a plan in Exchange for Cash to get a project started. A this Guy came to me once with plans for a cockroach trap a Cale Yarborough laughs. A yeah he said if id put up a few dollars and we could get this thing on the Market everybody would buy one because they would t need Poison to kill Cale recalls another Guy who wanted to go into business with his Money building parts for space ships. A you usually get most of these Type Calls right after winning a major race a a he says. Richard Petty says Stock brokers and real estate peo pie Are the ones who usually Bug him most. A but ill Tell you what a a he says a this lady Ead once and said she had read that i was a Nice Guy and had a lot of Money so she wanted me to build her a House which would Cost $15,000 a i talked to her a few minutes and tried to be Nice then i forgot about the Call. About a week later she called Back and said she had been thinking it All Over and instead of $15,000 it would be better if i would give Hei $25,000 so she could have her House keep smoking and get her hair fixed once a week a Petty says he gets Calls on new engine ideas. A we get a lot of Calls on automotive ideas but probably More Calls from Stock and real estate brokers than anyone How does he handle these Calls he now has some business people w to will listen. If the idea is Worth considering. Then they come Back to Petty with the idea a we consider some of the business deals Quot he says a and we lose on some. Remember the country tape several Drivers including myself were involved in where we Sang country songs a we All got Hung on that one or at least i done to recall making a single Buck off the Petty enterprises could have acquired the Chrysler ply mount Dealership in High Point not Long ago. But turned the Deal Down. Bobby Allison says the recent thing with him has been Calls from people connected with offshore Oil drilling. A these Guys keep calling and it s All pretty much the same. They Call one week and want to sell me Stock in this project and i turn them Down. They Call Back in about two or three weeks and Tell me How much Money they Are making from the Oil Well i did t get in on. And that All they need to Start another project is just a certain amount of Money from me a i Tell them if they re making so much from the first project they probably can t handle Money Well or they need my Cash to begin another Allison has a business manager who listens to a deals Quot and then explains them to Bobby a i have invested in some deals which did t pay a Allison admits a but i m More careful about it now than i once was. I Call it racing a i Don t even let people explain their deals i be heard so Many of David Pearson says. Pearson has several investments ail of them in his Hometown of Spartanburg. A people who Bug me most Are Stock and real estate brokers. After every race i win they keep the phone Busy and i Don t Deal with any of them. A i suppose the biggest Deal i got hooked on was a few years ago a Guy called and said he was with a Magazine and wanted to make a family portrait. I did t ask what Magazine and told him to come on. A few weeks later we received the portrait in the mail with a Bill for making it. We did t have one so we bought it from his company which had nothing to do with any Ewe Lascar Drivers now claim career winnings of at least a million dollars. Petty Pearson Allison Yarborough and the latest to join the club is buddy Baker who passed the Mark last week a what used to Bug me most was the 4 a in Calls from people who had these ideas Quot Baker says. A i have a business manager now who handles these Calls the ones that usually get me Are from people who want to build a 1950 race car and take it to the end of the Earth race track and me drive and great american dreams go on japanese girl takes Golf Lead by Benny Phillips associate sports editor Talladega Ala. It Hasni to been the greatest racing season for Dave Marcis has it Dave Marcis a it ainu to Over and Marcis captured another pole position thursday. Winning the inside front Row spot for sunday s Talladega 500 Here at Alabama International motor Speed Waya. He did it with a Speed of 190.651 Miles per hour. Running nearly As fast As Marcis Dodge was a Chevrolet driven by Coo Coo Marlin who ran 189.659 m p h and will Start outside front Row. So. What new about mar Ris winning Polo for a race Here the sleek red entry prepared by Harry Hyde has now won the pole position for eight of the 15 grand National races that have been held at this track since it opened in 1969 for the 1976 season however Marcus has started 18 events and won Only one a Short track race at Richmond he has been in the top five Only five times. A it s frustrating a Marcis admits a but i did no to get this far in racing by giving up we re going to be Okay. This is our seventh pole position this year and i feel that is important now that we be won the pole we Aren t going to quit a pole position Means prestige for the sponsor. Pride for the Crew. And a feeling of Achi vement for ail Allin on top and hoping Endicott. N y. A buddy Alim Riding High with an ight under Par 63 in the first round of the b c. Open Golf tournament wants badly to win this one if he does. Adin Winner of the pleasant Valley classic on sunday will qualify for the 1976 world series of Golf a Victory Iii i his $200,000 event he said would enable him loge t into the select held but if he fails he still has a Chance to make the classic be ire the end of the month Jerry Mcgee with Only one Victory in to years on the pea tour was in the clubhouse with a six under Par 65 when Allin was making his surge thursday Allan began with four straight birdies and finished his round with to of them against Only two bogies. He one putted la greens As he turned in a course record 63 at the p.ir-7l, 6 868-Va Den Joie Golf flub in a just playing one Day at a time a he said saying his Victory in the pleasant Valley was not pulling any pressure on him in the b c. Which began six years ago As a one Day satellite event the top prize in this tournament a named after the comic strip a is $40 too the amount Adin won see Allin on 4b toe Moil Point in temp push sports Friday August 6, 1976. Page 3b of us. I feel like we re getting a lot of things together and that sunday could really to our big Day a and i m not just saying Marcis said he figured his racing Speed to be about 187. A after we change things around i believe Well be Able to run at least 187 on the race setup a after Marcis and Marlin it will be a. J. Foyt and Benny Parsons making up the second Row. Bobby Allison was fifth fastest and Neil Bonnett sixth fastest. They make up the third Row. On the fourth Row sunday will be buddy Baker and ale Yarborough while Darrell Waltrip and Bruce Hill make up the fifth Row David Pearson starts Lith on the inside sixth Row. Bob Burcham is on the outside of Pearson s Mercury Sam Sommers and Richard Petty Are on the seventh Row and Frank Warren starts 15th fifteen More Drivers will make the Field in today s qualifying among this group May he Thomasville a Darrell Bryant who qualified at 177 824 in p h thursday hut failed to make the top 15 positions which were open Warren the last Guy among the top 15. Ran 184 562 m p h Marlin said he Wasny to surprised at being second fastest although he did Surprise others a i lose out by not having a top Man to set up my car for handling you have to handle at most of the major tracks but handling in t that important Here and at Daytona. At Daytona and Here horsepower is the big thing and we re not Short on Foyt said he May could have won pole had he been Able to practice More a i ran a championship car Here at 217. But i have had limited time in a Stock car and i really Don t know the Groove that Petty said his Crew discovered a cracked Cylinder in his Dodge just before qualifying and that he would be Okay by race Day. Bobby Allison bending Over looking at Marlin s shoes remarked. A i m just trying to Check Coo Coo s toenails to see if the fan Blade Cut them off he must have had his foot in the Radiator going that Aba concludes player draft new York api now that the National basketball association has held its dispersal draft a number of Aba teams might think it Only fair that the Portland Trail blazers hold one of their own of they did the Trail blazers probably would collect almost As much for their two front lines alone As the Aba took in for the 12 american basketball association players selected thursday. For example How much do you think other Aba teams would Fork Over if they could take Home Bill Walton or Sidney Wicks or Moses Malone or Maurice Lucas Lloyd Neal would not come cheap either and no doubt someone would pay a few sheckels for former no. I draft pick Larue Martin and current no. I draft pick Wally Walker All but Walker who has vet to sign. Belong to the Trail blazers now after they selected Lucas and Malone in the Telephone draft conducted at the Aba league office Here they had to Trade All Star guard Geoff Petrie the last original player from Portland s 1970 expansion club to Atlanta with Reserve Steve Hawes to get Atlanta s no 2 selection spot in the draft but it appears there Art Aba general managers willing to Send Portland adequate replacements in the following Days and weeks if the Trail blazers will part with some of their big men Veteran 6-9 Forward Sidney Wicks once again found himself a big name in the Trade Rumor Mill and there also was speculation that Malone would not be with the blazers for Long Portland probably will get its Money a Worth after shelling out $350,000 for the 6-10 Malone and $300,000 for the 6-9 Lucas two of the Aba s Bright Young stars last season with St Louis and Kentucky respectively. With the prices for the players pre determined Only the Chicago bulls dropped More into the Kitty they paid in million for 7-2 Center Artis Gilmore of Kentucky the top prize in the draft which was still another step toward completing the merger agreement Between the Aba and Aba. Chicago had the first selection by virtue of its won lost record last year the worst of any of the 18 Aba teams or the four Aba teams that will be part of the merger this season the other High priced selections were guard Ron Boone of St Louis picked no 3 by Kansas City for $250,000 Forward Marvin see Aba on 4b Talladega. Ala apr the 15 qualifiers thursday for sundays $200. Too Talladega 500 Lascar grand National Stock car race at Alabama International motor Speedway with Type of car and qualifying Speed in Miles per hour i. Dave Marcis Dodge. 190 651 2 Coo Coo Marlin Chevrolet. 189.695 3. foot. Chevrolet 188.701. 4 Benny Parsons Chevrolet. 188 482 5 Bobby Allison. Mercury 188.452. 6 Neil Bonnett. Chevrolet 188 430 7. Buddy Baker. Ford. 187 416. 8. Cale Yarborough. Chevrolet. 186 907 9. Darrell Waltrip Chevrolet. 186.220 10. Bruce Hill. Chevrolet 185 477. La David Pearson Mercury 185 008 12. Bob Burcham. Chevrolet 185 004 13. Sam Sommers Chevrolet 184 990 14 Richard Petty Dodge. 184.594 15 Frank Warren Dodge 184 562. Soviets meet . In track College Park my api a russian sprinter Valeriy borzoi though now in his 29th year gives no indication he is on his Way downhill even if he did t repeat his Gold medal performance of four years ago at the Montreal olympic games last week As . Coach Bill Thomson says it s just that the other athletes Are getting better. In 1972, borzoi won Gold medals in the 100-and 200-meter dashes. Last week in Montreal he won one Bronze in the too and another in the 400 relay a the had to clock the same time to win the Bronze in the too that won him the Gold in 1972. Said Thomson borzoi along with teammate Aleksandr Aksina. Will have a Chance to show his skill in the too meters against Harvey glance and Steve Riddick today in the opening of the two Day United states soviet Union dual track meet at the University of Maryland. Seventeen mens and women events were scheduled today while 19 were set for saturday s finale which will be nationally telecast by Abc. Aksinia. Asked his views on any race involving borzoi. Said a Valeriy is unique in terms of Talent inner Reserve and will Power probably will Power is his strongest Point when you line up alongside him for a Competition you just know a you feel it in your Bones a that he will win. You have no Chance. Magnetism is just oozing out of him a glance is itching for see soviets on 4b Brad Robinson returns backhand in 16-under play photo by Sonny a do co Ltd 3 High Point players in egg finals a Rose by any other name Cincinnati s Pete Rose takes no chances As he arrives at second on his third inning double against the dodgers in los Angeles thursday night he s diving past shortstop Bill Russell. See Story on Page 4d. Map wire photo by David Grimes Enterprise sports writer the sultry Sun blistered Down on the Emery Wood country club Tennis courts in the Early afternoon thursday seemingly inspiring excellent Tennis match play the heat then subsided in the late afternoon As the waning Sun was overcome by the thick Dull Haze but it had no apparent effect on the tourney play As participants fought their Way into the final Day of Competition. Bays to tingles Winner David Cran Tau a Aya u Uncial Winner Bui Sanabia it Bel boy 14 singlet semifinal Carlton so a John Chabot Char s i 6-2 Andy Rohlic o Boro 0 Chuck born it. Burg 6 3 6 i boys 16 single semifinal Norm sche Lenyer Char d Butch do n n Vav ilk 6 i 6-0 buddy Little Char d Brad Robinson he 76 62 boy it single semifinal mar Dillon Char d Lane Evant a Gatt i t i 6-3 btl1 Utley he 0 Johnny to Sal 6 0 86 girl to singlet Winner v am cropland Concord girl 12 singlet Winner mar y Loyd Hodge girl 14 singlet Winner Kelly Cavanaugh is Cirl 16 single Beth Harrison he j Kos in Geti i Char 6-2 6-2 Nancy Davit it la d Sutan Sadi 6-2 7 6 girl ii singlet Winner hmm Burl d Kristene Geti 6 3 7 6 boy to Doublet final orca c ran Char a Erie Littlen a i o Rob Ano Erion c in a David Sanderson of Boro boys 17 Doublet finals b ii Venable pan a i a son Duncan i cult d rot land in Wilt a Eddie Stewart i Burl j boys 14 Doublet finals Jim Pittman i is i a k pm Carlton i Sal. O Gary Bre e g Boro amp Matt chord it Durham boys 16 double finals mar Tuttle amp Craig Peatross w is d Howard Brown Char a Steve Pickard g Boro boys 18 Doublet finals Mark Oilton Char i a s n the Anderson he d Bill Utley he a Royster Tucker he girls 12 Doublet finals Mery Hodges Kern a Leta Barrier Kern d Miriam Crosland a Kim Vaughn 6 0 6-3 girls 14 Doublet semifinal mean e Sanderson g Boro a Anne Croland i Concord i Susan c Emmentt is a pc Een Peardon girls 16 doubles finals Shepherd a Herdley is Dudley a Harrison Girts 18 doubles finals Preyer a i Ink re is not decided Stillwater Host to nil Stillwater of la map a the first National Hoot a 11 league game Ever played in Stillwater will take place saturday Atte Nuon when the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons go after their first nil preseason Victory. Cleveland will Likely be the favorite of the Home folks because the starting lineup includes standout tackle Jerry Sherk a former Oklahoma state football and wrestling Star and such familiar faces As running Bac k Greg Pruitt and cornerback Tony Peters Pruitt is a two time All american at the University of Oklahoma and had some of his Best games in Stillwater Home of the rival Oklahoma state cowboys Peters also played at Oklahoma the 5-foot-Lo, 190-Pound Pruitt came into his own last year at Cleveland which through the years has had such running backs As Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly Pruitt rushed for 1,067 Yards and gained 214 Yards As the Browns ended a Lack Luster season with a flourish against Kansas City three High pointers have survived the semifinals and will participate in today s championship rounds in boys 18 singles Bill Utley of High Point Defeated Johnny Post of Salisbury 6-0, 8-6 Mark Dillon of Charlotte beat one Evans of Gastonia 6-3, 6-3in other 18 singles Competition. The Champ of the 18 singles will be decided today. Norm Schellenger of Charlotte Defeated Butch Dunn of North Willsboro 6-1. 6 0 in boys 16 singles buddy Little of Charlotte proved to be too much Lor High Point s Brad Robinson As he downed Robinson 7 -6, 6-2 Schellenger and Little meet today to decide the 16 singles Champion Kern Carlton of Salisbury Defeated John Chabot of Charlotte 6-1 6-2 in 14 singles while Andy Gro lick of of Greensboro blasted Chuck Burns of Laurinburg 6-3, 6-1 Carlton and Burns meet today in the final round Bill Venable of Kaliegh captured the buys 12 singles championship thursday by knocking Oft Dallas Hayes it High Point 6 3, 6-7, 6 2 in a hard fought win Miriam Crossland of Concord Defeated Kirn Vaughn of Greensboro 6-0, 6-1 to capture the girls singles championship Mary Loyd Hodges of Henderson beat Lisa Barrier of Kernersville 6-2. 6-0 to claim the top spot in the girls 12 singles championship Kelly Cavanaugh of Winston Salem Defeated Susan Clemmons also of Winston Salem 6-3, 6-2 in the final round of the girls 14 singles Competition Beth Harrison of High Point turned Back Kristen Getz of Charlotte 6-2. 6-2 in the girls 16 singles Harrison seemed to win the matches by letting Getz make the mistakes and then capitalizing Getz just had too much on the Ball As she repeatedly placed the Ball just out of the Back Bounds Mark Harrison laces Nancy David of Florida in the finals of the girls 16 singles Emily Preyer of Greensboro faces Alisa Lamm of Burlington today in the girls 18 singles final a a this has just been a super tournament we have had the Best group of players in the history of the tourney Herb Bolick tournament director beamed Winston loses in title game Cherryville no Aig a mint Hill Defeated Winston Salem 8-3, thursday to win the North Carolina Little league baseball championship for the second year n a Row the winners exploded for five runs in the fifth inning to pull out the Victory which now sends them to the Southeast regional starting aug 16 in St Petersburg Fla

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