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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - August 5, 1976, High Point, North CarolinaWeather Cloudy Friday More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 218 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other deals. 885-2161 High Point n. C., thursday afternoon August 5, 1976 40 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c answer May not be found disease apparently not Swine flu Harrisburg a state researchers trying to identify the mystery disease which has killed 23 persons said today it is probably riot Swine flu. They said they still Don t know what it is and added they May never find out. While we do not have any final gov. Milton Shapp told a news con Ference preliminary tests indicate this does not appear to be an outbreak of Swine Shapp s statement was echoed by state health Secretary Leonard Bachman based on preliminary results of tests in a state Laboratory in Philadelphia. The first tests were completed Early today. Bachman claimed that the number of new cases is reversing and that s Good but figures provided by the state painted a different picture. Shapp said at the news con Ference that 23 persons have died and another 138 Are hospitalized. On wednesday the state figures were 22 and 130 in the Hospital a 24th person has died in Philadelphia but state officials Haven t counted that yet in the official toll. All were connected in some Way with a state american legion convention in Philadelphia last month attended by an estimated 000 persons. The disease generally thought to be a virus still has not shown any cases of secon Dary infection Shapp said a secondary infection is infection of one person by another person. If that occurred it would mean the disease is contagious. While the tests continue Federal officials went to Philadelphia today to investigate environmental fac tors to try to determine How the disease was spread. The possibilities include drinking water food and Pigeon drop pings. Is a possibility that we will never and the Bachman said but i pledge that this investigation will continue for a year or two years if it is needed to get to the Bottom of Jay Satz the stale s top virus expert agreed with Bachman that the disease May never be discovered. There were reports of the disease in new Jersey and new York but they involved people who had attended or had some Contact with the legion convention. The Federal Center for disease control in Atlanta reported wednesday that initial tests there indicated the disease was probably the result of a virus fungus or toxic substance. Researchers there ruled out plague and Lassa fever a highly contagious african disease. They also ruled out most bacterial diseases. Swine flu was said to be a possibility and Congress was pushing toward passage of legislation to Clear the Way for the nationwide Swine flu immunization program we cannot say it is Swine see disease on 2a or. David j. Sencer for vaccination plan flu insurance program pressed on Congress Washington a fearful that the mysterious Pennsylvania illness May turn out to be a Type of flu health officials Are pressing Congress to approve i an insurance plan that would open the Way for the government s program to vaccinate All americans against Swine flu. The House Commerce committee today was to for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge even one. Starting school Early q. When will the High Point City schools Start Back and what will the schedule be thank you. Mrs. . A pupils will Register on monday. Aug 30 a half Day of school holidays will include labor Day sept 61. Thanksgiving n of 25 and 261 and Christmas dec. 23 through 311 a Complete school year Calendar will be published in the news Section before Long Florence student q. I live in the Florence Community. I was Reading about school attendance and the statute providing that if a particular child has already been attending school in another state in accordance with the Laws of thai stale before becom ing a resident of North Carolina this child would be eligible to enrol regardless of whether he has reached his sixth birth Day by the october Date. We do live in the High Point area and my problem is i am trying to get my child enrolled into the school program and they would not accept her because her birthday was late. We enrolled her in a private school and she completed first Grade. They said they would have to put her Back in the first Grade because she was still six years old. Where do i go or who do i get in touch with to try to eliminate this problem of having my daughter repeat the first Grade thank you. Mrs. S. A. The principal of the Florence school. . Mclendon. Says that after checking the birth certificate they enrol a child from another state at the Grade level he or she would normally be in at that age in North Carolina. Then As soon As they can they make a diagnosis of the Pupil s ability As Well As their social and physical development there can be considerable differences in the Type and Quality of instruction in private schools so it s difficult to know whether one has exceeded or fallen Short of Public school requirements and expectations without some evaluation of the stud but who attended it. Also if the private school had very Small classes it s a big jump for a youngster to go where there is a Large number of pupils. Add to this is the fact a new kid in the neighbourhood is at a disadvantage in not having yet As Many friends As the others he or she feels even More alone in facing the experience. For the emotional and psychological Benefit of the child they would rather enrol her at the Normal Grade level and move her up if the evaluation warrants it instead of putting her in a slightly older group and possibly having to move her Back. Feel free to talk to the principal if you Haven t already. Peach pits poisonous q. Please Settle an argument Between me and my husband. He said peach seeds have been proved to be a cure for cancer and i think i read someplace that they Are poisonous. Thank you. Anon woman. A or. Jay Arena professor of paediatrics at Duke University medical Center and the co author of a Book human poisoning from native and cultivated says that peach seeds contain cyanide and May be poisonous but quite a Large amount would have to be ingested. In poisonous plants of the United states and Canada by John Kingsbury there is the statement that All parts of the Plant contain cyanide but the Stone kernels Are particularly it cited cases of peach pits causing the death of hogs with symptoms of cyanide poisoning and one cow which died after eating Frozen fallen leaves from a peach tree. Consider the insurance plan put together alter vaccine producers indicated their reluctance to continue in the government program because of their inability to obtain private insurance. David Mathews Secretary of health education and welfare was to testify today before a Senate panel to describe the latest findings about the disease that has affected persons connected with an american legion convention in Philadelphia last month. Subcommittee chairman Edward m. Kennedy. A mass. Says he Hopes to put an immunization Bill on the Senate floor before the end of this week. Rep. Paul g. Rogers a Fla. Chairman of the House health panel is looking toward next tuesday or wednesday for final House approval. Both chairmen think the legislation should be top priority before Congress adjourns next week for the Republican National convention. If the insurance plan is approved and the vac Cine makers obtain insurance it would be late september at the earliest before the first flu shots could be administered. Elderly and other High risk persons would have priority. Scientists studying the outbreak of the mysterious Pennsylvania disease Haven t identified it. Whatever it is it s one of the most dangerous things in the said Pennsylvania virologist Jay Satz. Or. David j. Sencer. Director of the . Center for disease control said we cannot say it is Swine influenza or say that it is not. Each Day that goes by without a spread from family to Community makes us rest easier that it is not Swine flu. But it is still too Early to some officials fear there could be a recurrence of the Swine flu epidemic that swept the world in 1918 and 1919, leaving 20 million persons dead including 548.000 in the United states. Gathering of priests two thousand priests gathered in Philadelphia wednesday at veterans stadium for the in petition and thanksgiving for commitment to religious vocation program a part of the International eucharistic Congress. The Congress is being held this week. Map mail voter registration debated by Congress Washington a a plan to allow voters to Register by mail is coming up for a vote in the House with democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter urging its approval and republicans opposing the idea the House was to begin debate on the postcard registration measure today but a final vote Mav be new mortgage concept would help Many own their Homes Washington a there is an urgent need for legislation that would restructure traditional mortgages to make Home ownership a part of the american dream again according to testimony before a Senate panel. At a hearing on the new mortgage concept wednesday a Senate subcommittee on housing and Urban affairs was told that the mortgage proposal could help millions of americans now priced out of the housing Market to buy their own Homes. The panel was told the plan contained in a Bill sponsored by sen. Edward m. Brooke mass. Could nearly double the number of citizens who own their own Homes basically the Bill would allow mortgages to be arranged so that monthly payments increase Over the life of the Home loan. This would allow a family to make higher mortgage payments years after the initial Purchase As family income increased with inflation. For example under a traditional 25-year, mortgage at 8.5 per cent interest Tho Homeowner would pay per year not counting such items As insurance and taxes for the life of the loan. Under the Brooke formula the Homeowner s payment would Start at per year and increase to in the 25th year. Kenneth t. Rosen a Princeton University economist testifying for the measure said inflation pushing up family income would make it possible to meet the higher payments in later years of the mortgage but in the crucial first year of the mortgage the initial monthly payment would be reduced by nearly 25 per Ceni this will substantially increase the Home ownership Market bringing it within reach of the nearly 60 per cent of All american families As contrasted with Only one third of All families who can afford Home ownership Al the economist said. Traditional mortgages in which the Homeowner makes the same monthly payment throughout the life of the loan were basically established for a Low inflation Rosen said something must be Brooke told a news con Ference before the hearing. A Large percentage of Young people Are unable to own their own Homes legislation is Dir Ely the subcommittee plans to take testimony from representatives of the department of housing and Urban development when hearings on the Bill resume next week. Until next week both sides expect Congress to pass the Bill and president Ford to veto it democrats Are prepared to make a Campaign Issue of the veto charging that Ford wants to restrict the number of per sons voting but republicans have at tacked the measure As an invitation to fraud and an Effort to have the government pay part of the Cost of registration drives by special interest groups the american people Are being Given a preview of the kind of Strong Arm govern ment they would get if Jimmy Carter Ever becomes the House Republican policy com Mittee said the Bill Long dormant in the House rules committee moved swiftly to the floor after Carter asked speaker Carl Albert for prompt action Albert told reporters there was nothing unusual about such a request and that candidates frequently request action on legislation they Are interested in he said the Bill is a sound one. Intended to counter a trend toward lower and lower voter participation in elections and i Hope the republicans Are not the american people sen Walter f Mondale of Minnesota the democratic vice presidential candidate said wednesday the Bill do More overnight to make it possible for All americans to participate than anything else unless registration rules Are eased he said we might have less than half the voter age americans voting in this Bicentennial year the plan would be Man Dator Only for Federal elections but states could adopt it for local elections and would be Given incentives to do so forms would be prepared in accordance with the election Laws of every state and would be delivered by the postal service to every residence in the country. What s inside amusements 10-11c Bridge 11c classified ads 2-8d comics 8c crossword 11c editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 2d sports 1-7c television 9c women s news Sec. B weather 3a Carter expected to continue . Policy Jimmy Carter Washington a if Jimmy Carter is elected president of the United states it will not mean any major change in american foreign policy predicts Joseph j. Sisco political Anchorman for six american secretaries of state. The career Diplomat who quit the state department s no. 3 Post last month to become president of american University said he would expect Carter to broadly continue existing foreign policies. The interests of the United states transcend and Sisco said. Any administration Republican or democratic will have to focus swiftly on the Middle East in 1977, he said because the Mideast is the one intractable fundamental Issue that contains potentially the seeds of world War in a wide ranging inter View Sisco also said the tragedy of Lebanon could yet spawn an Arab israeli peace. He said he was speculating in a highly unpredictable situation. But drawing on his 25 years at the Center of diplomatic Power he said he detected a tiny Silver lining around the clouded lebanese scene he said the palestinians might conceivably be less Able to obstruct peace efforts if the lebanese strife is stabilized. He said that would allow Arab status and Israel to turn their attention to solv ing Arab israeli differences. Other Points made by Sisco in answer to questions he questioned the usefulness of bringing the soviet Union into the Mideast peace making process although no peace is Possi ble in the Middle without at least soviet acquiescence he said Moscow is not acceptable to Israel and the soviets Are too inflexible Over the final definition and negotiation of Israel s frontiers. S test of a nuclear device in 1974 was not he believed a military shot. But he said he Felt India has launched a significant program of nuclear development and the line is very difficult to draw Between peaceful uses and military programs. Sidestepped the ques Tion of whether he thinks Israel has a nuclear weapons capacity merely recalling Israel s pledge not to be first Sec Carter on 2a

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