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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 5, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 2b High Point Enterprise thursday August 5, 1976 according to designer right storage space is helpful by Vivian Brown a n new features writer in providing rooms that accommodate the needs and aesthetic preferences of their youngsters parents May find that proper planning and easy care go hand in hand advises Long time Interior designer Mary Knackstedt of Harrisburg. A Mary Kas she is known has had a wide variety of decorating ventures including one for 1.500 orphaned boys at Hershey pa., a Community that was founded in the Early 1900s her Interior design involved about 150 units which were being expanded and renovated to accommodate the needs of the boys and the Community people often complain that their children Are Sloppy. But i have found that Many children Are not Given things that Are necessary to keep their rooms in she says. What does a child need in a room in addition to a bed and a comfortable chair needs include convenient easy to reach wardrobe and storage areas Good Light for study a things like that she explains and children should be asked what they like in color and pattern to make their surroundings More pleasant and to encourage prideful occupancy of their rooms at Hershey the boys were consulted and Blue was found to be an overwhelming color favorite with red second in fact they preferred intense colors to pastels they like patterns that Are real horses that look like horses a things that can be recognized they like traverse draperies that can be opened and she notes. She was surprised she said. And Quot Learned quite a bit she had thought they would like colourful graphics and splashy contemporary patterns in fact she had planned to use drawings made by Young children but the boys turned them Down. Older boys tested furniture Tor Comfort and As a result some dining chairs were raised to accommodate them choices in furniture were so consistent that scaled Down sizes Are now used Tor younger boys As Well. All boys need shelves and storage space that accessible Quot so they Don t need to crawl around on floors looking for things a it to contends and carpet is preferred flooring because they like to sit on two boys share a room 14 Are in a House with four adults a living area has a television and o t h e r recreational features and a cozy Wood burning fireplace every Effort is made to make the houses seem like real Homes. Mary k explained these boys Are quite special about 70 per Cen of them go on to College some prefer a Trade and each year at least one House is built by the boys a the boys Are 4 Vears to 15 years old when they enter the orphan Home Mary k was hired in 1959 to do a Small Job and then became involved inthe 10-Vear. Multimillion Dollar expansion program that is continuing she worked on the Large Public buildings the Central Headquarters classrooms clinics banquet Hall Chapel Library and auditorium and the houses Tor the boys with Many years of experience she was Well prepared she explained my father believed i should have a Trade so i was apprenticed to a tailor where i worked every Day after school. I Learned to make every garment a woman wore and even to make a Man s suit there Are. 2. F00 stitches in the Well tailored Man s Collar a she said. Laughing later she ran her father s furniture factory and his drapery rooms and did no to blink an eyelash when she had to order the a equivalent of six Miles of carpet for the Hershey projects. She received further training at Pratt Institute and considers herself Well prepared to work As a coordinator Between manufacturers and designers i really enjoy working to solve human problems such As the Hospital psychiatric Ward i m working on and i like to develop concepts a whether it is trying to accommodate children in Home or discovering Why houses Aren t Selling As for that. I think Many builders Lack sensitivity. They Are Kitchen bathroom in oriented but they Don t consider adults need get away space. That requirement is particularly important where there Are several she maintains August Cut Sale a All sizes All colors a untrimmed a fur trimmed a leather Coats included a All lengths 20% cum a mans a Jtj. Fashions 122 s. Main Street plenty of parking in Back of our store a Psi cozy setting residents lounge in the living area of a Home for orphaned boys at Hershey a. Interior designer Mary Knackstedt of Harrisburg pa., shown sitting next to the lamp consulted boys on color and other decorating ideas. Us. Cheating can become contagious by Betty Yarmon hear at the family dinner 6 the failure of adults to these Are some of i by Betty Yarmon women a news service new York i was if the current cheating scandal at West Point succeeds in bringing on a National debate Over the general subject of cheating it will have been All to the Good. We Are told that the heating is widespread throughout our educational system that this in turn is merely a reflection of american life today and that there is really not much that can be done to step it. Why is cheating rampant in our schools and colleges a several reasons Are offered parents and teachers place so much pressure on students to get Good Marks that the children respond in this almost frantic Way. Beyond that of course Good grades do have wide currency in the sense that they help get Young people into prestige colleges which Iii turn can mean better jobs upon graduation Many students Are believed to be simply too Lazy to do their Homework and cheating becomes a More than adequate substitute for preparation for exams others cheat not necessarily because they Are too Lazy to do their Homework but because they want to get on to More attractive spar time activities sports to general socialization c heating is contagious and Many students cheat just because everyone around seems to be doing the same there is a practical Side to this the student who sees so much cheating around Hun teels to gives himself an unfair Handicap if he stays honest during an exam while All others Are cheating educators who Are concerned a flout this widespread cheating in our schools often comment that the society around our cheating children in effect teaches them to act this Way. They Hunt to any number of situations in life where cheating is quite visible i probably most widespread is in the income tax area it is the rare american child who does not hear at the family dinner table How a Parent is cheating on his income tax 2 there Are other common violations of governmental regulation at All Levels driving beyond the Speed limit falsifying welfare and other records to get exaggerated benefits and a Host of others. 3 exaggerates or false insurance claims Are by no Means unusual 4 families on vacation trips when they depart. Often take towels and silverware and ashtrays from hotels motels and restaurants a they take anything in fact that in t nailed Down. 5 shoplifting while apparently on the Way Down Iron its Heights of a few years ago. Is still an enormous National problem trans season Trio printed pattern 6. The failure of adults to return found objects a or at least to make an Effort to locate the rightful owners who lost them. 7 expense account padding. Commonplace among salesmen and other business people with the Opportunity to spend Money of their employers 8 White Collar crime at All Levels a All the Way up from taking a Pencil from the office or making a personal phone Call 9 then there is widespread Quot cheating a the common word for sexual adultery. Which again seems to affect All Levels of american society. These Are some of the dimensions of the cheating that Young people see All about them adding up to an atmosphere in which their own cheating seems to be almost justifiable. Maybe cheating is too ingrained in american life for it to be easily eliminated a even by a widely publicized scandal at its most notable service Academy some commentators say that cheating is As american As Apple pie a and they Are not impressed by the argument that the citizenry of other countries May be even worse. But a National debate stemming the West Point scandal certainly can do no harm and it May serve to do some Good Dudley sizzling summer Sale 5.76 up 4.76 wigs hairpieces milk Bath professional hair brushes relaxers free makeup services Dudley Beauty Center j 240 Mon lieu ave. Of five Points k _ attention teachers workbooks and aids Hayes duplicating workbooks phonics mathematics Reading language 3 of Hayes posters Good manners safety Community helpers Nursery rhymes. From 1.00 bulletin Board idea books Complete plans for easy to a make displays and bulletin boards. From 2 of Cut outs Large and colourful for bulletin boards and teaching aids. 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