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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 4, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor a conservative View 4 a wednesday August 4, 1976 thoughts for today do not judge by appearances but judge with right a John 7 24 Quot jul Homent of the pro pm u often Wilder than the wine to a lout to ninth. I Lunger urn Lintel Mon. How do you Deal with sin rep Robert Sikes is a member of Congress from f Lorida he is chairman of the appropriations committee s subcommittee on military construction which May not sound like very much but can be a very sensitive spot. It was lately disclosed that rep Sikes failed to let anybody know As by Law he a bound to do that he is a stockholder in Fairchild industries a major defense contractor. He also did no to let it be known that he owned Stock in the first Navy Bank which at least partially by dint of his efforts was established at a naval base in the District Sikes represents or that he was seeking to increase those Stock holdings while helping gain the necessary credentials for the Bank these Are not matters to be taken lightly. They involve the worst kind of influence peddling the personal gain through the holding of a Public Trust. Hands that hold the Power to shape our very lives must be provably immaculate. Or the system goes to pieces if nothing else it brings on the kind of total distrust of government not just at the Federal level but at every level that is so destructive. So what did the . House of almost painless the August 17 primary Date is expected by most politicians to Cut Down on the number of voters participating because of vacations a general Lack of interest in the summertime and a longer Campaign by most candidates we re not sure what can be done about apathetic voters but there is one solid solution for those North Carolina residents interested in doing duty As citizens who May be unable to vote in person on aug. 17. New legislation the a one Stop a voting Bill passed by the general Assembly in 1975, offers voters the easiest possible method of casting an Absentee ballot. A voter who does no to expect to be Able to vote on the primary Date need Only ask in person or by mail for an application for an Absentee ballot. A family member of the absent voter can also request the application if that is easier the voter who mails in his application will then be sent a ballot which he or she can Mark and return to the Guilford county Board of elections. An even easier method involves one Stop by the Guilford county Board of elections office in the City county building on Hamilton Street or in Greensboro on Vav Market Street there a voter can fill out an application for a ballot and Mark the ballot at the same time returning both on the spot the deadline for this balloting is aug la. Absentee procedures have not always been this easy. As Tom Gilmore the Guilford county Democrat who introduced the a one Stop a Bill Points out it was not until recently that All elections were subject to voting by Absentee ballot the new methods leave a voter almost no excuse for not voting a the a one Stop method of Absentee balloting is As easy As picking up the dry cleaning or buying a hamburger at a local fast food store we All perform similar tasks Many times each week the responsibility to vote comes up Only once every two years a it should not be overlooked a Buck that bounces news that the . Treasury dept is considering the minting of a new $1 Coin makes us wonder when the last Treasury Experiment a the $2 Bill a is going to catch on recent reports have shown that acceptance of the new Bill has been slow primarily because merchants taking up the Bills have been immediately returning them to the Banks. Practically put there is no space in a Cash Register for a projecting the news $2 Bill. We imagine it will be some time before such a space is created although it is certainly too Early to declare the $2 Bill a failure. While merchants Don t seem to like the $2 Bill they Are among the forces pushing the $1 Coin especially vending machine companies who see the new Coin making purchases More than 50 cents easier for the customer to handle. We have to wonder if the next step won t be a $2 Coin arson epidemic where theres smoke there s fire a which very Well May have been set deliberately. Arson. Difficult to detect and profitable As Well has become a major problem in cities All across the country according to the insurance information Institute property losses from arson exceeded $14 billion in 1975. As compared with $845 million Only two years earlier. Arson has been described As the least prosecuted or investigated felony. A a police and fire departments Are often at Odds As to whose Job it is to pursue arsonists a business week observed a and beyond that they Are sometimes inadequately staffed and trained to detect arson moreover most District attorneys Don t like to bring charges because the conviction rate is Low. And insurance companies Are reluctant to question claims because they fear massive suits for punitive damages if they turn Down a legitimate claim. Small wonder then that a new Breed of professional a a Torch a has come into being rarely if Ever will this Type of arsonist use gasoline or some other kind of flammable liquid. Some arsonists Douglas Martin wrote in the Wall Street journal a mix in Ordinary envelopes difficult to detect chemicals that flare up Long after the arsonist has left the scene a the problem of determining whether a fire was deliberately set has a built in catch firefighters try to put out fires As fast As they possibly can. Before More lives and property Are lost but in doing this they often destroy evidence of arson even when physical evidence of arson is lacking Tell tale clues often Are present. One signal that makes investigators suspect arson is a recent and Large increase in the claimant s insurance coverage another is a recent change in insurance companies if a company gets a reputation As being hard on dubious claims policyholders Are Apt to decide it is safer to switch than fight when an insurer does fight a claim civil action for fraud usually is the chosen course fraud is much easier to prove than criminal arson for the rules of evidence Are looser in civil cases and circumstantial evidence carries greater weight to prove fraud the company does not have to provide physical evidence of arson it merely must show that the insured claimed More loss than he or she actually suffered despite the huge Dollar losses involved arson does not arouse the feelings of dread and concern that Many other types of crime do possibly because it is so hard to prove it is not included in the of big a Index of major crimes the fact that fire losses usually Are fully covered by insurance tends to soften the pain and most people it has been suggested actually enjoy a Good fire provided their own lives and property Are not involved the number of fires that Are deliberately set would decrease if the profit motive were removed but arson would continue to be a problem pyromania was commonplace Long before fire insurance became widely available and it still accounts for an unknown number of fires of suspicious origin the pyromaniac is driven to set fires for reasons he or she does not fully understand in some cases the act seems to be connected to the person s sexual troubles. For such individuals the flame of love and the fire of passion Are metaphors to be taken quite literally. The Best option leave people alone by Jas. J. Kilpatrick Washington Star Syndicate transportation Secretary William Coleman is holding fresh hearings this week on an old question the question is not the Efficacy of air bags though that is the matter at hand As Coleman himself recognizes the Issue goes rather to the nature of government in a free society. What is the role of the state what is the responsibility of the individual0 where is the line to be drawn that separates compulsion from freedom0 so far As the immediate record is concerned the question is what the Secretary should do if anything about requiring additional safety measures for the design and operation of automobiles. Coleman has outlined several options. He could leave matters As Thev Are he could ask for additional testing of protective devices he could require Auto manufacturers to offer air bags to those who want them he could order the states under pain of losing certain Federal Aid. To enact Laws compelling the use of Seatbelt or he could require the manufacturers to equip every new car with air bags a couple of years Down the Road representatives do about its or. Sikes it strained and brought Forth a reprimand. And what exactly is a reprimand listen to the defendant himself a one step Short of and who a to disagree in the very occasional matter of this sort. Congress seems to take the general View that the proper punishing authority is the people themselves the voters who put the congressmen in office and who can see to it that he is removed at the next election. That is not entirely unreasonable but the attitude does lend itself to the popular opinion that Congress has t the guts to police itself. What it does t seem to realize is that while or. Sikes May officially represent Only the first District of Florida the dollars he has spent in furtherance of his personal interests came from the sixth District of North Carolina and from every District of every state. We too have a stake in his behaviour if no voice in his election in the floods of pleas for responsive government with integrity untainted Congress somehow never seems to get the message. It a Don t worry it s Only the Fri. Protecting your National security1/ to some of us. Only one of these five options is consistent with the principles of a free society. This is Coleman s option to do nothing a to leave the people alone to get off their backs. To Stop playing the role of Overly protective big brother. Further testing of air bags is unlikely to produce significant new data air bags have been tested for five years both in controlled experiments and in a real world Quot situations in frontal collisions they seem to work Well the hags inflate upon sufficient Impact and they appear to save lives. In sideswipe and rollovers they offer virtually no Protection. Now and then though rarely the bags inadvertently inflate experts generally agree that shoulder and Lap belts a if Only Drivers and passengers would use them a offer Superior Protection. Additional years of testing would add Little to these conclusions the other three options smack of extortion coercion and compulsion the idea of compelling the state Legislatures perhaps against their will to enact mandatory Seatbelt Laws is an odious idea we went through this same arrogant imposition in the matter of compulsory helmets for motorcycle riders it took an act of Congress to restore the states Freedom to legislate in this Field As they wish. Neither does it make sense a not in a free society a to coerce the manufacturers into offering a particular piece of safety equipment Jenera motors trying to be cooperative offered air bags As an option on its Olds mobiles. Bricks and Cadillac in the 1974, 75 and 76 Model Vears the com Pany advertised heavily. It hoped to sell 100,000 air bagged cars in each of the years. The Effort fizzled. In the three Model years combined. Only 10.000 customers turned up does Coleman believe in the principles of a free Market if so. He ought to abandon this coercive idea the final option for mandatory installation of air bags in every new car has been kicked around since 1971 the idea is As poor now As it was then pm estimates the Cost of manufacture and installation at roughly $500 per car the company actual in charged the 10.000 customers $315 in volume production the Cost might drop to. Say $250 no one knows but no one doubts that a mandatory air bag requirement would add significantly to the already High Price of a new automobile and for what the require ment would add some measure of lifesaving Protection in some accidents that is All. Is the High Cost Worth the contingent Benefit it seems doubtful and the Cost in dollars is Only part of the Cost. An intangible Price must be paid in furthering the concept that the Federal government is the benevolent Shepherd protecting his dumb sheep from their Folly. That concept ought to be resisted whenever it is advanced the government is not our master not our solicitous smothering mama not the one great Nanny of us All. In a free society the people must be left free to make their own decisions of this kind the government s obligation is to make the highways generally Safe when that is done and the Laws against reckless driving Are enforced the government should cast aside the notion of Rule by edict and let the people alone Washington merry go round senior citizen Council has competitor Washington in Back of Needle and thimble a Small Georgetown tailor shop can be found the tiny one room Washington Headquarters of the National Alliance of senior citizens Boih the tailor shop and the senior citizens organization Are operated by Curt c Clinkscales Iii. A 29 year old. Be freckled redhead his years in Washington have taken some of the Magnolia out of his South Carolina accent which is now a Solt easy drawl. But his experiences with raw politics Haven t eroded his easy. A Down Home Quot approach the Youthful Clinkscales claims to speak for 20.000 eid Eily elusive americans in their behalf he rates members of Congress and passes out Golden age Hall off Arne awards his operation is a political sideshow Worth passing notice the retired generation is More legitimately represented by the National Council of senior citizens which keeps a Stern Eye on Congress members who vote against the welfare of the elderly Are spotted by the National Council which spreads the message to three million faithful followers this has caused trouble at the ballot Box for the likes of Sens James Allen d Lacarl Curtis k neb. Roman Hruska. R -neb., and Jesse Helms r.-n.c., who consistently vote against programs that would Benefit the elderly several Arch conservative congressmen such As Larry i Donald. D Asam Steiger r Ariz and Steve Symms r Idaho have also riled the senior citizens with their negative votes then along came Clinkscales the third in 1974 with much clanking of the crusader s Armor. He pronounced the National Council a labor organization through and through and formed the rival National Alliance the National Council carefully rates legislators by their voting records. Taken into account is their support of such key issues As old age programs tax reductions emergency housing consumer Protection and mass transportation a the Best Way to counter a rating. Clinkscales confided a is with another rating a a accordingly he devised a rating system that makes the Scrooge of Congress look Good. He gives favourable ratings to congressmen who vote against bailing out new York City breaking up the Oil com Pames and abortion he favors Federal spending nonetheless to build More highways. Yet new York City if it should go bankrupt could t pay old age pensions the question of abortion is no longer a personal problem for the nation s grandmothers and the older people get. The less driving they do on the highways. Those who score High in the National Alliance s vote tests Are also inducted into the Golden age Hall of Fame and Are presented with a certificate suitable for political display thus the aforementioned members of Congress heretofore condemned for their callousness toward the aged were not cited As champions of the elderly the new honors were bestowed upon them in the name of the National Alliance of senior citizens which some elderly voters might confuse with the National Council of senior citizens. Rep Steiger was so pleased that he penned a flowery letter on his congressional stationery soliciting funds and members for the new National Alliance. And in Marietta. Ftp Mcdonald the freshman class Clown has benefited from newspaper ads to announce his too per cent National Alliance rating his Golden age award and his induction into the Hall of Fame let s be honest now Quot proclaims the and. Quot does this sound like congressman Mcdonald is against the elderly0 quite the opposite in tact. Of course or. Mcdonald s opponents never bother to bring out facts such As these a this does not Surprise Clinkscales members Are perfectly free to use the award in their Campaign if they he said indeed the National Alliance is endorsing a few favourites in the name of the elderly for election in november it has Given its Blessing for example to sen James Buckley the new York Republican conservative yet the National Council reports that out of 30 key votes affecting the elderly. Buckley voted favourably Only once Clinkscales and company have also endorsed reps Tom Bevill d Ala. Goodloe Byron r -md., Charles Grassley , and Virginia Smith. R neb rep Mcdonald for All his ersatz honors won t get an endorsement. Clinkscales said he told us the National Alliance scraped by on an $11,000 budget last year and will spend about $25,000 this election year the Money comes from donations and dues he said. A we wouldst take any Federal funds if they offered it Quot he has supplemented his own income from the tailor shop by hiring out for Short stints to members of Congress in 1974 he worked in the Campaign of rep David Treen. R la who got a perfect too score on the latest National Alliance rating last summer. Clinkscales helped rep Tom Hagedorn. R Minn. Get his legislative shop in order Quot Hagedorn also received a too on the Golden age Index. L until the National Alliance Treasury grow s enough to pay others to work in the Back of the tailor shop. Clinkscales will carry most of the Burden himself answering the phones compiling voting records minding the store above the National Alliance work area is a plaque showing a diving Bird drawn in Stark bold strokes the same Bird flies on most of the official paper generated by the National Alliance it s an explains Clinkscales a we use it As a Symbol it s a vigilance letters to the editor ready to fight on Abc Issue few Tafiti senator soaper we Are told the mail would be seeded by standardizing the size of envelopes we had thought they were standardized already at just a Little too Small for the return Coupon that must be enclosed to the astonishment of the Little boy Down the Street his parents Are old enough to have seen a Star trek Quot the first time around but passed up the Chance the idea of the Tortoise winning the race makes wonderful propaganda for the Young unless they happen to be preparing themselves for the olympics to the editor i have been somewhat concerned that someone has raised the Abc liquor store Issue again the dry forces Defeated this three times in High Point in the past years. I believe it could be Defeated again maybe by an even greater margin than before also Archdale and Thomasville have recently Defeated it. Let not those who want to bring this before us again mistake quietness on the part of the dry forces for weakness thousands of people Over this nation Are a a tired of the devastation sorrow sin. And poverty caused by this evil product. If we citizens of High Point Are forced to face this Issue again it will be a bitter fight with waste of much time Effort and Money but it can be Defeated again also people Are a a tired Quot of the adult Book stores pornographic magazines which can be bought at various places including some drug stores a rated movies illegal Massage Parlours Etc basically All these things Lead to sorrow and heartache Many righteous and concerned people today Are ready to stand and fight for a higher Standard of living based on the Bible and Christian principles j Charlie Monk or pastor Brentwood Baptist Church office of Register of deeds the people of Guilford county should take a hard look at both candidates before Mak my up their mind Eddie Nardin re 4, Greensboro candidates ??.?ers to the editor Little attention has been paid to the local Register of deeds race or Stewart will be 68 years old when he leaves office if re elected or Stewart has become complacent a runs this office with coldness and does not care for the individual needs of the people of Guilford county. We have another Choice in the democratic primary in Jack Noland for the past 15 years or. Noland has been associated with Register of deeds offices All Over North Carolina he is a former employee of item a expert in Field of methods and procedures and is currently president of a Micro film company. He would bring efficiency warmth and prestige to the to the editor i must take exception to your characterization of f rank Shorter Marathon and Dwight stones High jump As a losers in the olympics Shorter won the Silver medal in his Best personal time for the 26-mile race. Stones won the Bronze medal for his jump of 7 feet 3 inches hardly losing especially in the Marathon a race so grueling that to finish is to win. Perhaps part of the decline of the a spirit of the olympics Quot is due to Over zealous headline writers who think Only Gold glitters please consider also the skill necessary and the Honor received merely for going to the olympic games k d. Beck rotary drive

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