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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 4, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny thursday More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 217 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation mm719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. A. Wednesday afternoon August 4. 1976 52 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c family Dies in crash rep. Litton killed wins Senate vote Chillicothe to. Apr rep. Jerry Litton his wife and two children and two other persons were killed when their Small plane crashed As they headed toward a Celebration of his Victory in Missouri a democratic senatorial primary. Livingston county sheriff Kelsey Reefer said the plane had apparently just taken off from Chillicothe Airport tuesday night bound for Kansas City and was banking for a turn when it nosedive about 75 feet North of . 36. The wheels of the plane caught on a barbed wire Fence and the aircraft burst into flames on Impact. Litton. 39. Was killed outright As was his wife. Sharon 38 their two children son Scott. 12. Daughter Linda 13 and Pilot Paul Ruppjr. And his son Paul Rupp Iii. Jerry Litton a few hours after the tragedy. Litton was declared Winner of the election for a democratic nominee to replace sen. Stuart Symington who is retiring with 76 per cent of the vote counted Litten had 291.908 votes or 45 per cent to 165.866. Or 27 per cent for former gov. Warren Hearnes and 157.754. Or 25 per cent for rep. James Symington the senator s son. Late into the night residents were sitting on the hoods of their cars around the courthouse in Chillicothe Many crying. Reeter said he would order an autopsy on Rupp the Missouri democratic state committee announced it would meet to choose a replacement for Litton from among the other candidates including James Symington and Hearnes Symington said he and his family were a stunned beyond words by this tragic a news. It is unbelievable. It is for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every the Flag q. When our National Anthem is being placed. Are we supposed to stand with our hands Over our hearts anon. A the code by which All americans should be guided in official or personal etiquette in regard to the Flag and the National Anthem was approved by a joint Resolution of Congress on dec 22. 1942 Section 5 concerns the Flag without the Anthem and says during the hoisting or lowering of the hag or when the Flag is passing in a Parade or in a review ail persons present should face the Flag stand at attention and Salute. Those in uniform should give the military Salute when not in uniform men should remove their hats with the right hand holding it at the left shoulder the hand being Over the heart men without hats should Salute in the same manner and women should Salute by placing the right hand Over the heart the Salute to the Flag in the moving column should be rendered at the moment the Flag passes Section 6 of the code states that when the National Anthem is played and the Flag is not displayed All present should stand and face toward the music. Those in uniform should Salute at the first note of the Anthem retaining this position until the last note All others should stand at attention men removing the headdress when the Flag is displayed during the Anthem All present should face the Flag and Salute As outlined in Section 5 Horseshoe pitchers q. I would like to know when and where the state Horseshoe tournament will be held and who is in charge. Thank you. Horseshoe Pitcher. A we re sorry the party was just Over when we Learned where and when it was High Pointer James Scotten won the state Naau tournament held in Winston Salem recently a the third or fourth time he s won the title the Winston Salem Parks department said you can enter the Southeastern classic to be held aug 28-29 at Miller Park take 1-40 West to the Norwood exit turn left on Queen St i each player pitches too shoes to qualify for position and qualifying starts the evening before participants have to be members of the National Horseshoe pitchers association if not already a member you can join at the tournament site value of the Dollar q. I with you would shed some Light on some one Dollar Bills i have. How Long hat the Silver certificate been out of circulation and what would the value of it be one has just a one dollars written at the Bottom and the other has a one Silver i did not know what the a one Silver dollars meant and with you would Tell me where i could find out the value of it Pleate. Anon woman. A Glynn purr of Glenn a Coin shop on e. Green drive says he thinks the Silver certificates were withdrawn from circulation in 1963 and would have a value of maybe $1.25 to a collector. The a one Silver dollars Bill was an earlier Type Silver certificates had been issued to match the Cost of Silver purchased by the Treasury which had to keep in Reserve Silver Bullion or Silver dollars of equal monetary value since the condition of anything affects its value As Well As its age or Scarcity a dealer is the Best one to give you an opinion there Are also Coin and currency Cata logs and collectors magazines that give current prices if you want to look on your own. Researchers mystified disease spreads claims 22 lives Harrisburg Paap a state health officials said today they Don t know when they will be Able to identify the mystery a Legionnaire s disease a that has killed 22 persons who attended an american legion convention two weeks ago. But some persons who had the disease have now recovered and that May Aid researchers in tracking Down the flu like agent state health Secretary Leonard Bachman told a news conference. Doctors also do not know How to treat the 122 persons still hospitalized with symptoms of High fever congested lungs and Chest pains. Bachman said some Are getting antibiotics and some Aren t and that has t had an effect one Way or the he said there Are no signs that the outbreak was abating a 73year-old Philadelphia woman died tuesday night and a Pittsburgh Man died Early today bringing the death toll to 22 the disease has not levelled said Bachman. A apparently both the number of deaths and the number of new cases have increased and Are increasing a More than 1.000 Federal and state medical researchers have been mobilized to identify the disease at the Federal Center for disease control in Atlanta researchers planned today to examine the first cultures grown from tissue samples taken from victims of the illness the cultures could provide a clue we Are ruling out said or Walter Dowdle. Director of virology at the Center a this could be anything from an infectious disease to a All of the known victims of the disease a including two hospitalized in new Jersey and one in new York a attended or were in some Way connected with a state american legion convention in Philadelphia that ended la Days ago. It was earlier reported a Connecticut Man also had the disease but Connecticut health officials later said he does not have it the 2lst victim. James Sykes 79, of Pittsburgh died Early today at presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh Hospital officials said he had attended the convention and showed the same symptoms As other victims there has been no confirmed evidence of secondary spread of the disease. Bachman said. But he added that it was still too Early to discount the possibility that the disease May be spread to others in an interview Early today however a state health department spokesman said there were six unconfirmed reports of the disease among people in Philadelphia who did not attend the convention. That has not been said the spokesman. Bob costello a it looks like it might be so Quot All of the victims have experienced the same flu like symptoms headache High fever congested lungs and see disease on 2a sudanese execute 81 men Khartoum. Sudan apr the sudanese government executed 81 men Early today for the abortive attempt to overthrow president Jaafar Al Numajiri last month the official Omdurman radio announced the broadcast said 16 other persons were sentenced to prison terms ranging from to years to life. Numajiri personally approved All the sentences the radio said sentences against Brig Mohammed Nur Saad the alleged Leader of the rebellion and 230 others also tried last week by two special military tribunals will be announced after Numajiri reviews them the broadcast added More executions were expected the broadcast did not say How the men were executed or give their names. But a list of the defendants published last week showed All were sudanese. Numajiri charged after the attempted coup was put Down july 3 that it was the work of 2 000 mercenaries and fugitive sudanese who were trained and armed by col Moa mar khad Afy a Radical libyan government the coup attempt began july 2 As Numajiri was arriving at the capital s Airport Atter a trip to the United states and Western Europe the sudanese president said 700 of the insurgents were killed in the two Days of fighting in Khartoum heavy casualties also were reported among government forces it was the third unsuccessful attempt to oust Numajiri who came to Power in a military coup in 1969 microbiologist carries specimens at a. State health dept. Soil try thwarted Viking robot Arm jams second time Pasadena. Calif a a Balky robot Arm on the Viking i Lander has jammed for the second time thwarting scientists efforts to make an organic analysis of the highly Active Martian soil that could determine if it holds life a decision on How to get the Arm moving again was expected today. Viking officials reported tuesday night that the mechanical Arm used to collect soil for experiments in the Lander s sophisticated automated Laboratory had not completed its programmed Mission after digging into the Martian surface. One of the Laboratory instruments a Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer did not receive a soil Sample today Quot said Viking spokesman Larry King the Extension Arm reached out 95 inches dug up some soil and retracted about six inches before it stopped he said Viking officials met during the night to determine what might have caused the Arm to Jam it had also jammed during preliminary testing but scientists then found a Way to dislodge a pin that blocked the Arm from moving Frank Bristow Viking news chief said scientists believed the problem might be in a fail Safe mechanism of the Lander designed to halt the Arm in Case of some related problem the Arm had previously delivered soil to two other experiments using separate mechanical sequences Bristow said that Viking scientists have theorized that in order for life to exist on Mars the rust coloured soil must contain organic molecules. The organic Experiment that was temporarily stymied by the stuck Arm would help to determine whether such compounds Are present meanwhile Viking scientists said they now believe an unexpected abundance of oxygen produced from the Martian soil in another of Vikings test cells probably was not the result of life forms the researchers said tuesday the unexplained generation of Gas from a soil Sample had almost ceased a we Are gravitating closer toward a no biological explanation of the Gas production said or Harold p. Klein head of the Viking biology team a but we Are not too per cent sure it s not biological a the strange Gas emission from the soil Sample probably resulted from a chemical process in which surface oxygen released by sunlight decomposed a liquid food added to the soil in the test cell scientists said at first there had been speculation that the emission was caused by some life form breaking Down the nutrient. Some found in Homes bats plague Roanoke rapids Roanoke rapids apr for some Roanoke rapids citizens life has become a living horror Story parts of the town have become infested with bats the creatures swarm in the evening and terrorize those who venture outdoors. Some residents have reported the bats coming into their Homes Quot it s kind of dangerous for us to sit out on the porch. They sweep under the shelter and make us think they re going to land on us a said Vernon Murphy 56 a a they be never bitten us. But we re afraid they might a he said Maggie Midgett a City Council member said the town has always had some bats but reports of excessive activity began last weekend it was not known if the bats were a health Hazard she said Ernest Little a City building inspector said the bats apparently Are congregating mostly in the attics of Homes that were built Long ago by the textile Mills and now Are individually owned they act like they want to dive Down maybe Light on you or bite you a Little said state agriculture experts have told town officials that Mothballs will help repel the bats and burning a Light in the attic in the daytime will help keep them out but the Best method of dealing with the bats is to wait until they Fly out at night then Seal up the holes and cracks the animals use the experts said. One agricultural expert said Roanoke rapids has bats because it is on the Roanoke River and the bats seek airborne insects at night. Whatever the reason the bats still frighten the Murphys Quot saturday night one of them was swarming around my wife she tried to fight him off and he finally worked Down Low enough to land on her leg she was in such a Shock i thought she was having a heart attacking Philadelphia i a wire photo Carter lashes at Ford Washington a after lashing out against president Ford. Jimmy Carter assured top democrats today that his presidential Campaign will be coordinated with state and local races. Carter said he and his running mate. Sen Walter f. Mondale will keep in close touch with democratic National committee Headquarters in Washington even though they will run their Campaign from Atlanta Carter sought to quell doubts expressed by some democratic leaders about possible problems arising from the separation of the presidential Campaign from the National Campaign Effort to elect democrats to lower office there is no reason for concern there will be no disharmony Carter told the in cd a National Campaign steering committee the committee consists of prominent democrats organized to coordinate the Carter Mondale Campaign with those of local and state candidates the former Georgia Gover nor urged committee members to use their influence to promote voter registration to help out with other aspects of the Campaign Don t be dormant or quiescent but be aggressive Quot Carter urged he also promised to run a an aggressive All out Campaign and said it would be a serious mistake to become overconfident Carter who predicted on tuesday that republicans soon would launch a vicious personal attacks against him said he Hopes the democratic party could remain above the attacks by maintaining a close relationship with voters Carter was scheduled to speak tonight at a dinner sponsored by the democratic study group an organization a Carter on a lord Thomson newspaper Empire head Dies London a lord Thomson of Fleet. Canadian born chairman of the vast Thomson newspaper Empire died in a London Hospital today. He was 82 Thomson was admitted to the Hospital a month ago for treatment of a Chest infection following a cold and severe stroke Thomson built a publishing Empire that included about 180 newspapers some 105 magazines and several radio and television stations in Britain. Ireland the United states. Canada. Africa. Asia and the West indies the newspapers included the times and the sunday tunes in London and the scotsman in Edinburgh the value of his business operations has been estimated at a minimum $180 million with $36 million As his personal Fortune lord Thomson death will not result in any change in his family s control of the Thomson organization. Ltd., said a statement from the group s directors for Many years they said. The Thomson family s interest in the organization has been held by lord Thomson s children and trusts for their children Thomson born june 5, 1894, became a British citizen in 1963 he was created the first Baron of Fleet in 1964 taking his title from Fleet Street. Britain a famous newspaper Row his Thomson organization had holdings ranging from newspapers to broadcasting and from travel agencies to North sea Oil he said he had two hobbies a i read whodunit and balance sheets Quot a on More than one occasion. He said. A i am in the newspaper business to make in what he later said was a joke he once described new s As the stuff used to separate the advertisements in a newspaper As for commercial television which came to Britain in 1955. He said after he became Boss of scottish television that it was a a License to print Money a Thomson was the son of a Barber Herbert Thomson and Alice Maud Coombs. Christened Roy Herbert Thomson he was known As Roy Thomson even after he became a Baron Thomson was arguably the last of the world s great newspaper tycoons a it was my habit to offer to buy any newspaper that came into any discussions a he said he was neither a journalist nor a politician but he was a Tough businessman he often said he gave his editors two Basic instructions a to Tell the truth and to have no regard for his personal interest Thomson once made a bid for pravda the soviet communist party newspaper published in Moscow the offer was made in a lighthearted Exchange with then Premier Nikita s Khrushchev during a visit to Moscow in 1962 for at least once in his life the answer was a no Sale a what s inside amusements.3d Bridge. 6b classified ads4-7d comics64 crossword.3d editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2-3d sports so television 2d women a news1-7b weather.3a

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