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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 3, 1973, High Point, North Carolina 8a High Point Enterprise Friday August 3, 1973 the Harris Survey hearings thrust sen. Baker into presidency picture not Only is the u. S. Senate watergate committee Given 62-29 per cent favourable Marks by the american people As reported in an earlier Harris Survey and sen. Sam Ervin chairman of the committee a positive rating of 62-16 per cent on his handling of witnesses but sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee Republican vice chairman of the committee has emerged As a . Contender for president in 1976. In a trial heat pairing Baker and sen. Edward Kennedy in mid july Baker emerged on top by 45-44 per cent with la per cent undecided among persons who voted in the 1972 election. In june the Harris Survey showed sen. Charles Percy of Illinois with a comparable 46-44 per cent Edge Over Kennedy. Other . Possibilities a vice president Agnew governors Ronald Reagan of California and Nelson Rockefeller of new York and former gov. John Connay of Texas a All ran behind the Massachusetts Democrat in similar tests. The 47-year-old sen. Baker has made an impression on the to audience following the watergate a hearings second Only to that registered by his senior colleague and committee chairman sen. Ervin. Every member of the Senate panel As Well As committee counsel Samuel dash comes out on the positive Side of the Ledger among americans who express an opinion on the Way they have handled themselves in interrogating watergate witnesses. Between july 18 and 22, the Harris Survey asked a nationwide Cross Section of 1,485 households a in the Way he has handled himself in the questioning of witnesses by the . Senate committee How would you rate the Job being done by read list a excellent pretty Good Only fair or poor a ratings of members of watergate committee Good Only zoo food prices soaring by Charles Chamberlain associated press writer Chicago apr the soaring Cost of food has made me shop around like a housewife a a says Dewey Garvey who makes out the grocery list for the 2,000 animals at Brookfield zoo. A so far we Haven to been hit by shortages. And there absolutely will be no rationing or cutbacks in Quality a a he added. The commissary manager at Brookfield one of the worlds largest zoos said the Price of a Pound of horse meat has rocketed from 33 cents to 66 cents since Jan. I. Three Hundred pounds of horse meat Are needed daily for the too or so animals that tourists visit site of aim actions wounded knee still has scars by Phyllis Mensing associated press writer wounded knee . Apr each Day brings carloads of tourists to this Small villages. The License plates Span the Union Pennsylvania Missouri new Jersey Nebraska. For Many Summers people have come Here to View a cemetery holding the remains of 146 Indian men women and children killed by . Cavalrymen in 1890. But there is an added reason for coming this year the result of militant indians highly publicized 71-Day takeover of the Village that ended May 8. Reminders of the. Occupation have it As their main course. A re visible everywhere a Harris lion devours to pounds a Day Garvey a list includes 1,000 pounds of apples a week 800 pounds of carrots 500 pounds of bananas 200 pounds of Sweet potatoes 300 pounds of rough lettuce and three tons of cereals. A a it Sall gone up 35 to 40 per cent a a he said. A a we re paying $200 to $250 a ton for Cereal containing soybean meal. And fish meal from Peru is up 50 per cent to $150 a ton. We use half a ton a month mostly As an additive for feeding our burned out Church a flattened trading Post slogans on a museum carpenters carrying lumber and scaffolding. Undetectable to the average tourist however Are scars left on some of the people of wounded knee and the surrounding Pine Ridge reservation Home of 11,000 Oglala Sioux. A the people Here Are culturally closely knit by a kinship pattern relationship. This Den episode of aggressiveness has strained the pattern a said Johnson holy Rock a former clean air act to be reviewed Excel fair not Lent poor sur pct pet pct 62 16 22 57 is 30 47 15 38 38 16 46 38 18 44 37 21 42 33 21 46 43 14 43 sen. Sam Ervin of North Carolina sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee sen. Daniel Inouye of Hawaii sen. Lowell Weicker of Connecticut sen. Herman Talmadge of Georgia sen. Edward Gurney of Florida sen. Joseph Montoya of new Mexico Sanuel dash committee counsel sen. Erving who has led the fight for committee hearings Over the past several months has been a colourful figure. Although the 76-year-old senator characterizes himself As a a country lawyer from the South a Ervings Appeal is greatest on the East and West coasts among persons with a College education Young people under 30, and people with incomes of $15,000 and Over. Paradoxically the North Carolinas senators strongest backing comes from the most sophisticated and affluent parts of the electorate. He has registered less Well in the South and from Rural and Small town America the Core of president Nixon a constituency in last november selection. The Cross Section was also asked a suppose for president in 1976, it were Between senator Howard Baker of Tennessee for the republicans and senator Edward Kennedy for the democrats. If you had to choose right nowt whom would you vote for a Baker the Republican or Kennedy the Democrat a and a a if a not sure if you had to say would you lean toward Baker the Republican or Kennedy the Democrat a Baker is. Kennedy trial heat by Jim Luther associated press writer Washington a the Senate reacting to government proposals t Nat would sharply restrict automobile use in Urban areas is preparing to order a re evaluation of the 1970 clean air act. But supporters of the act deny abandonment of the goal of cleaning the nation s air by the end of the decade. In fact a Senate staff member who helped write the act says health standards the Law is designed to protect Are necessary and in some cases May not be rigorous enough. Ken net Baker Nedy sure pct. Pct. Pct. Total voted in �?T72 45 44 la by Region East 43 42 15 Midwest 44 47 9 South 43 45 12 West 49 44 7 by education 8th Grade or less 37 48 15 High school 43 47 to College 53 38 9 by political party Republican 74 14 12 democratic 28 64 8 Independent 51 37 12 the Baker pattern of support is not that of a conservative southerner. He demonstrates rather real Appeal to residents on the East and West coasts to the College educated and to Independent voters. This is precisely the same pattern of support Baker receives in his role As interrogator on the Senate watergate committee. In other words bakery a past voting record and background obviously is counting far less than his recent role in the watergate investigation. The Senate committees 62 per cent positive score in the country As a whole rises to 70 per cent in the East 69 per cent in the suburbs 66 per cent among Young people under 30, 68 per cent among people with some College education 73 per cent among business executives and 67 per cent among those with incomes of $15,0 k and Over. It is apparent that the Senate watergate committee has made a deep impression with the More affluent educated and younger segments of the american people. In the 1972 election it was the ability of Richard Nixon to penetrate these same groups that turned a close election into a landslide. Be Able to develop an anti pollution device More acceptable than the catalytic converted system. Muskie whose Public works subcommittee wrote the act. And other backers have noted Public concern Over proposals issued by the environmental Protection Agency for implementation of the Law. For example Epa has proposed pollution fighting transportation controls that could eliminate the automobile from los Angeles streets and could reduce driving in sections of new Jersey by 68 per cent by 1977. In other areas gasoline sales the most disputed Section of would be limited on Street the act requires that automobile manufacturers produce a virtually pollution free engine by Jan. I 1976. It is that deadline that prompted in part the Senate movement for a review. At the request of original sponsors of the clean air act the Senate is expected shortly to authorize $300,000 for the National Academy of sciences to review the health findings on which the 1976 deadline was based. The key question is whether Congress placed too High a Premium on clean air while ignoring economic and social disruptions that might result. When the Bill was being debated 22 years ago its chief author sen. Edmund s. Muskie a Maine said repeatedly that the measure was based on Protection of Public health and not on economic or technological feasibility. But now some environmentalists Are taking the position generally adopted by automobile manufacturers that Given More time the Industry might parking banned and idling of Auto engines restricted. In announcing the proposals Epa acting administrator Robert w. Fri conceded they might cause disruptions. But he said he had no alternative because of provisions in the Law requiring nationwide clean air standards by mid-1977. A Ltd our regular Satur Day morning Mcdonald movie parly. Free with a ticket from Mcdonald or 50 under 12. Hales Navy Oglala tribal chairman who now is a member of the tribal Council. A a there san atmosphere of distrust or disagreement or dissension among the people themselves a he went on. A some were in favor of what happened some disagreed. Consequently it brought people into conflict. Internal family structures have been disrupted because Brothers and Sisters aunts and uncles have started taking sides on positions of the people involved. On feb. 27, a led by the american Indian movement swept into the Village took Over the trading Post and began the confrontation with government marshals and Fri agents who set up roadblocks around the Hamlet. The siege went on and on. Before it ended with an agreement on May 8, two indians and two Federal agents were wounded and two occupiers a Frank Clearwater identified later As a White named Frank Clear and Lawrence Lamont an Oglala Sioux a were shot dead. Now nearly three months later a key Issue raised by aim continues to Divide the Oglala Sioux. Aim leaders Russell Means and Dennis Banks demanded that tribal chairman Richard Wilson be ousted and new elections be held. They also called for the removal of Bureau of Indian affairs supt. Stanley Lyman. Wilson who Calls aim Mem a e r s hoodlums and extortionists said in a recent interview that he expects to seek re election in january despite several impeachment attempts during his 13 months in office. A they aim have a whole lot of grievances but no solutions a said Wilson. A i think Only the elected constitutional officers can have the solutions. A aim did no to help us one bit a he added. A if there a been any change since the occupation its been for the a at election time the atmosphere is going to be real tense depending on what happens with the tribal legislative system a said holy Rock. A i think those who Are opposed to constitutional government Are go ing to make an aggressive bid to take charge of tribal government and practice the traditional but he said the traditional form of government advocated by some pro aim people is almost completely forgotten. A some practice a Loose form of traditional government for example following the hereditary line of chiefs. But they Are mainly going through the motions. Those that want traditional government Are trying to reach Back and grasp something about As illusive As a fish that one tries to catch by the hand. It All adds to the one of the terms of the settlement was that White House representatives come to the reservation to discuss creation of a presidential commission to study the 1869 treaty granting the Sioux All land in South a but a teacher at Pine Ridge Eva and Paul red Star Are said students appeared to be among several displaced More excited about aim a year ago. A aim sort of wore out its Welcome a he said. While the debate goes on so does the rebuilding of damaged property and for some it is a particularly bitter experience. A it sure did no to do me any Good a said George Coates who farms about a mile from wounded knee. Coates Home was burned to the ground during the occupation. He said he lost More than 60 cattle tons of wounded knee families living in temporary trailer Homes in Pine Ridge. New houses being built in wounded knee Are expected to be finished this fall. A a we re going Back. Its our Homestead a said mrs. Red Star. A utne government forced us out. They took our food because they thought it would be Given to aim a her husband added. A instead of going to the store where the aim forces were they went to the Homes of a cd three persons came to the door Kola West of me Riv-1, demanded entry when her Era husband refused she said they that met late in May began Hay and some chickens. Coates his wife and two Chil-1 residents and forced them to Dren live in a Small trailer next heave. To the charred remains of their a some others refuse to go Home. Mrs. Coates said the Back because of the High Emo family a problems began when tons still involved a said Eugene Rooks executive director of the Oglala Sioux housing a with Frank fools Crow and other tribal elders near Kyle Northeast of fools Crow wounded and the knee. Others breaking windows and gunfire was later exchanged. Coates said the family put As Many possessions As they could into the trailer and moved be urged the White House to Abo bind Federal roadblocks. A utne ish the Indian reorganization nex morning the House was on the barn Rinner theatre with new York cast in the a magic stage Stagecoach Trail near Airport reservations dial 883-7914 open nightly except monday dinner 7 00 ., show 8 30 Now playing a i of i do a a musical comedy act that provides for elected tribal governments and to let the indians return to older ways. Nothing major has come from the talks. Another Issue raised by aim was the Reform of the Bureau of Indian affairs and changes in Federal Indian relationships. Several congressional hearings have been held but no major changes have been implemented. Holy Rock who was part of a task Force that studied the Issue said the concluded that although it had faults the Bia was necessary to the future of the Indian. A we have a lot of problems with our Young people a holy Rock said. A they have a lot of Energy and things they observed at wounded knee fit into their attitudes. They see an Avenue for that Energy and whether it is right or wrong it is appealing. A the takeover seems to have brought an increase in an attitude Adverse to Law enforcement and the judicial system As practice by the tribe under constitutional fire. If the marshals had wanted to protect the place they could have a he said. Hority. The authority is working with the housing and Urban development administration a Hud a to build an estimated $30,000 Worth of new Low rent units at wounded knee. A they aim Are still waiting for their Black Hills settlement. We re slow but at least we re doing what we say we will do a he said. Rhos Lyz inflight Cine theatre Zaire shopping Center-2200 Westchester drive a phone 885-4427 i of show times daily 3 15-5 10-7 05-9 00 Jacquie Bisset rated pm acres of front door Park ing an entertainment first a and a super cartoon classic movie ratings for parents and Young people Tho of Joe Tiv of Tho rating s la to inform parents about Tho tunability of movie Content for viewing by their children. All Ages admitted ctn Arol audient so All Ages admitted Porento go Deneu Sugg Anad r some Matin Al May rot a suitable for part a it Agari. A restricted under 17 squirts accompanying Parent or adult guardian Noone under it admitted a limit May vary in certain Artal in a is most fins Kew tvs Seal 9 or to motion do Tux cok of suf regulation the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise shrimp oysters filet of flounder filet of Perch pan Trout devised crab French Fries Cole Slaw hush puppies hmm seafood restaurant 1718 n. Main High Point 4619 West Market Greensboro 8-3 /3 e Center in town remains a now playing Tanglewood barn theatre professional summer Stock company presents Peter Shaffer s Zany bag of tricks Black comedy evenings at 8 Tuesday sunday Tanglewood pork Clemmons july 27th-aug. 5th reservations Call 766 9101 or 766-9102 mba no was 1 40-3 30-5 25 7 159 05 adult $2.00 kid up starring James Coburn Kris Kristofferson a Bob Dylan a j 73 i

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