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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 3, 1973, High Point, North Carolina Teach your child to swim by Julie Hoyle Smith High Point Enterprise Friday August 3, 1973 7a jumping without going undue. Spread the arms and lags push Down vigorously with the arms on an try. I 19 survival the boat is sinking and you have to jump. Could you do it without going under you re falling into the water from a great height. Can you survive unhurt the answer to both questions is Quot yes Quot provided you have Learned survival. Children will never find com plete pleasure in the sea or Pool until they know they Are really secure. Falling from a great height keep the body straight in line. Hands at the Side toes extended. Your family decorator colonial style is elegant Blind woman trains her guide dog to compete in obedience trials by eve Sharbutt a new features writer new York a Toni Gardiner and her dog Charm might look the same As any other competitors in obedience trials for Golden retrievers on Long Island. There s a big difference. Toni is Blind and Charm works most of the time in harness As her guide dog. Training Charm to temporarily put aside his guide dog behaviour for show dog precision was the work of miss Gardiner and her Friend Laurie Doumaux. Mrs. Doumaux says working in obedience brought out a different facet of charms personality. But first she and miss Gardiner had to see conflicts Between guide and obedience dog behaviour and to avoid them. A Golden retrievers Are versatile anyway a miss Gardiner added. A there Are two Behaviours for them As guide dogs in and out of harness. And there Are two other Behaviours for Charm a obedience and guiding. When he is guiding me. He is pulling out walking slightly ahead of me and telling me what obstacles there Are. In obedience he had to be at my Heel the two women met at a dog show and talked about the possibility of obedience Competition for Charm. Miss Gardiner consulted the director of the school where her dog was trained and he okayed the project. A fall guide dogs Are obedience trained a mrs. Doumaux said. A they know the Basic commands. The difference in getting a companion dog cd certificate for Charm was in the precision work. A Toni for example had some hesitation about walking across the Yard in training leaving Charm at the other end at and Charm did no to like that at All. He disobeyed the command and ran alongside Toni in guide position. But eventually he understood what we expected and waited and watched Toni walk across the aside from obvious problems of the sightless miss Gardiner had difficulty with Novice class requirements of a figure eight turn around two stewards. She Tell exactly where the stewards were because Blind since birth she has Only Light perception. The american Kennel club rules were interpreted to permit the stewards to speak several times during the turn so that Toni would be aware of where they were. A initially people said getting a cd for Charm was a pipe dream a miss Gardiner said. A they asked How i would Man Euver. I feel strongly that if anyone at the acc had been prejudiced about handicapped people we would never have made it. But we were encouraged to participate. A Toni is the Only totally Blind person competing in obedience trials that we know of a mrs. Doumaux added. A and Charm got his cd with a qualifying score in at least three trials under three different judges. A it was a big work Load for Charm a she said. A the would leave Home with Toni and travel to my House by train. We would go to the Park and work with him out of harness. Then we would have a play time go to lunch or shopping and he would be Back in guide harness. Then we would train again and finally he would get Back into harness for the trip Home. He never showed the least sign of mrs. Doumaux said working with charms training was fascinating and rewarding. She has trained dog for sighted handlers and had wondered How it would work with a guide dog. Miss Gardiner and Charm won t be Able to Advance to the higher degrees in obedience Competition. Charms veterinarian says that the dog at age 7, is too old for jumping As High As competitive trials require. But the pair will try instead to win a working certificate a form of Field work for retrievers and Charm has already passed the first Field test. Miss Gardiner a rehabilitation Counselor at Kings Park state Hospital says there Are lots of things ahead for her and Charm along with changing the Way people look at guide dogs. A one of my pet peeves is people calling All guide dogs a seeing Eye dogs a which is just like a Brand name Only one school that trains guide dogs out of Many. Some people done to even know guide dogs is the right term and prevent them from entering hotels or restaurants where they Are legally allowed to go a she said. The american colonial style of decorating and furnishing dates Back to the years 1700-1781. The style is More elegant than the Early american period. For a Point of history remember that american colonial followed Early american furniture. The Early american style dated Between 1607-1700. Apparently in 1700 a the cabinetmakers went a Little More elegant in their thinking As the styles were adaptations of georgian and Queen Anne and Chippendale. I love american colonial furniture what with its Graceful Windsor c chairs its polished spindle Back wooden chairs and its bloc front furniture in Walnut mahogany and sometimes in Maple and Pine. The City Folk who decorated with american colonial furniture combined it with brass andirons and other polished brass accessories. Clocks and Large handsome mirrors were popular decorating accessories As were porcelains. The american colonial lovers used Cream coloured Walls and sometimes Wall tones of Blue Greys Browns reds Mustard golds for an american colonial living room Walls can either be panelled painted or papered a take your Choice. If you plan around the look Why not paint your living room Walls Blue Grey with a Cream coloured trim. If your american colonial living room is in the City use French or Oriental rugs on the floor. If it is in the country braided or hooked Early american rugs will do. And for us Zurk i refrigerate Jaq All foods with eggs women turning to unions by Betty Yarmon women a news service new York was women Are looking More and More to labor unions these Days in their efforts to achieve Job Equality. The Story of women in unions is brought up to Date in a new study by Nancy Seifer on working class women prepared for the National project on ethnic America. She aks first where women stand in the Job Market today. Judging purely by numbers she answers one might think women had made it for nearly two fifths of All u s workers Are female a More than Ever before. Some More figures half of All women Between 18 and 35 Are working right now while nine tenths have worked or will work at some time in their lives. Youth is no longer a requirement with the average working woman now at 39 years of age and women who work doing so for an average of 25 years. Nor Are marriage and children a hindrance most working women Are married one half have children in school and More than one fourth have children under age 6. But when we look at other aspects of their jobs the picture is hardly As Rosy. Working class women generally Are relegated to unsatisfying work with most ending up in Low skilled occupations. Women Are clerical workers a three fourths of All clerical Are women a factory workers Saleswoman waitresses Telephone operators beauticians or cleaning women. Besides everything else women make less Money than men and the Gap has been growing. In 1955, women earned 64 per cent of what men did for comparable jobs with similar educational requirements fifteen years later this figure was Down to 58 per cent. The median income for men working full time in 1970 was $8,227, for women it was Only $4,997. When unemployment hits its blow is harder on women than men. In 1970, 5.7 per cent of working women were unemployed As against 4.2 per cent of the men. One reason for the greater unemployment of women probably is that More of them Are new in the Job Market and they Are harder hit by the general practice of a last hired first but a More substantial reason is that computerization is playing havoc with such traditional Semi skilled women a jobs As bookkeeping payroll sales invoicing and inventory. Automated equipment is throwing Telephone operators out of work and even key punch jobs themselves a product of the computer age Are becoming fewer As the new optical scanners make punched cards unnecessary. Traditionally women workers have not been too much involved with unions. Joining a Union to struggle for better conditions was considered a Ladylike during the Early Days of unionization. Young girls were especially hard to organize because they usually planned to quit As soon As they were married. Today two generations later four of every five working women still Are not Union members a in part for the same a it sons. Nor have the unions selves done my u to j a women workers a fold. One probable Rev so is that of late unions has of concentrated much on organizing Low wage workers which is what most women Are. Then they still think of women a erroneously of course a As unstable Short term workers. But perhaps the chief reason is simply that unions Are still governed by men a even those unions whose membership is As much As four fifths female like the communications workers of America the International Union of electrical workers and the International ladies garment workers Union. Nationwide 20 per cent of All Union members Are women but fewer than 5 percent of All Union leaders Are. But reports Nancy Seifer the tide is turning in response to pressure from women. Women a caucuses Are being set up in existing unions to promote causes that specifically concern women workers such As Day care family health centers maternity and paternity leaves along with those issues of interest to All workers. The caucuses in turn Are linking up with one another in local federations. One such is the Cleveland Council of Union women which stated at its formation last year a we Are no longer satisfied with our minor one of the leading federations so far is the United women a caucus formed in 19/2 in Chicago which represents women of 30 unions. The Chicago group has lobbied for unemployment compensation for pregnant women higher minimum wages passage of the equal rights amendment and Day care. Within the last few years airline stewardesses have organized to protest their treatment As sex symbols and even Playboy a a bunnies have unionized. Women have begun to crack the conservative Craft unions the final Quarter of 1972 saw the first woman apprentice Painter in Little Rock the first woman Journeyman Carpenter in Washington the first woman Journeyman combat vehicle Mechanic in Texarkana. In a recent Issue of a cleanliness facts an article appeared on food poisoning. It said a avoid serving foods containing eggs such As custards or sauces and salads made with Mayonnaise unless they can be refrigerated As soon As they Are Robert Kellen president of the Mayonnaise and salad dressings Institute wrote to say that a while Good sanitation is obviously essential in All food preparation whether or not for picnics and while we would certainly recommend refrigeration of All foods Mayonnaise by itself does not need to be refrigerated and it cannot cause food he also reported that commercially prepared Mayonnaise or salad dressing contains vinegar which destroys organisms associated with food poisoning. There is no record in scientific or technical journals of any Case of food poisoning associated with commercial Mayonnaise or salad dressing. Itie hex pert a fee fils this one cold Lviv free Oyez a melt Mer Aho in Daw 0tius6j is we of Nae met Fem pc songs who terms. Automatic carwash h go Point Sorgett full service Caf Wash 15 ton ser Wirg the High Point Argo 12 a Are on Brood St. 2 to i at cur new location twin Oaks car Wash at interaction of Wejta Heitter and n. Moin St. J pre opening specials All summer jewelry amp handbags to $088 $10.00 bid amp buy 114 West Broad St. Formerly Susan s upholster ies the american colonialist used muslims and Chint Zes in the country and damask and brocades in the City. Leather covered furniture was mighty popular in 1700 -1781, and it is still popular now and you can be certain that a Graceful Wing chair covered in Green or red velvet would have found its Way into the american colonialists Home. When planning that City living room with the Blue Grey Walls and Cream trim use an Oriental Rug of reds creams and Light Browns. A Wing chair covered in Ruby red leather would be just the thing to flank that Wood Mantle fireplace outfitted with brass fire dogs. For sofa upholstery Blue Grey damask would be my Choice and for club chair upholstery use a Blue Grey Ruby red and Cream Stripe. Queen Anne pull up chairs can be upholstered in Ruby red and at your windows hang Blue Grey damask curtains under shaped valances made of the damask. For the pure american colonialist remember periods can be mixed. For a mixture use georgian French Empire French Directoire or Chippendale pieces a that a for the authentic enthusiasts dear family decorator a i have a Large guest bedroom which has beige coloured Wool carpet which i must keep. I have fruit Wood furniture. What color should i paint the Walls and ceiling what colors for spread and draperies a mrs. G. D. Dear mrs. G. A paint Walls a Rich Mulberry and trim White semigloss enamel. The ceiling can be White also. For the window treatment Why not use austrian shades made of Tomato red sheer fabric. Trim the shades with Burgundy wine and Peacock Blue braid. Your Bedspread can be polka Dot fabric a perhaps a Tomato red background with Peacock Blue dots. Put lost of wine Peacock Blue and Tomato red throw pillows on the bed. Be Wise shop before you buy any sewing machine see the latest models in the popular White Brand at discount prices Quot a straight stitch a stretch stitch a automatic available in Heads Only portables consoles desks from $61.00 Glenn s sewing machine co., inc. 713 n. Main St. Phone 883-1922 goings the clothing Eki Siress shop our bargains first ladies amp men s All bathing suits $1.00 All girls sleeveless body suits 1.00 All ladies shorts $1.00 ladies hot pants Price i group girls pastel colors Slacks $1.00 ladies hats ladies Hose to 30 mens Vest sweaters pair pkg. $1.44 boys Short sleeve shirts 1/2 Price All White shoes it Price boys shorts boys pants some 2 for is of ladies sleeveless blouses 8 shells Al colors Price open to to 10 daily rights reserved or to limit quantities English Road at Westchester drive

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