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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 3, 1973, High Point, North Carolina The weather partly Cloudy saturday Mora data on Page 3a 89th year a no. 218 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A Friday afternoon August 3, 1973 28 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 8852177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c entertainment Center Ani hotel Burns on Isle of Man a wire photo 40 die in inferno Douglas Isle of Man apr a fire roared through a crowded seven Story hotel and entertainment Cen or on the Douglas seafront thursday night killing at least 40 men women and children and injuring 80. Police chief Frank Weedon said the death toll would probably go higher As workers searched the upper floors of the Summerland a Multi million Dollar a Coney Island under one roof of bars dance Halls and hotel rooms. Floor manager l. Shaffer said it was believed the inferno was set off by a child playing with matches on a Balcony. Within minutes the flames engulfed the building which was crowded with More than 2,000 people. Sealing of Fri files demanded Washington a a coalition of congressmen and lawyers today demanded that the Justice department Seal its computer files on criminal offenders until the department can impose new restrictions to protect individual rights. The group threatened atty. Gen. Elliot l. Richardson with a Federal court lawsuit if he rejects the demand. Sen. Edward Brooke r-mass., reps. Michael Harrington d-mass., and Barry Coldwater jr., r-calif., and Republican gov. Francis w. Sargent of Massachusetts led the coalition. They planned to deliver to the Justice department an administrative petition prepared by the lawyers committee for civil rights under Law and supported by the american civil liberties Union. The files often Are incorrect incomplete and unnecessary the group asserted. The Justice department declined comment pending a review of the groups formal complaint. The petition specifically alleged that Fri data collection procedures a a fail a to insure the accuracy or completeness of the data on individuals a by amassing arrest records without indicating later whether charges were dropped or the individuals were acquitted or convicted. A allow a virtually uncontrolled Access to the data to employers and other agencies a for the purposes of Clearing employment promotions the granting of credit and other Basic the Fri maintains that Only Law enforcement officials have Access to the files. A include the unnecessary filing of a a Host of minor offences Many of which Are misdemeanours involving no harm to plentiful food at end Washington a Twenty eight years of plentiful foods Are Over in the United states. The agriculture department phased out this week its plentiful foods program under which it listed monthly food a larger than usual Supply. The program was thought of As an Aid to Consumers with tight grocery budgets but an agricultural marketing service spokesman said it spotlighted foods in need of marketing assistance and was an Aid to producers. The spokesman said the department was expecting a fewer surpluses for quite a Long As a result he said the department announced june 6 that the program would end in its present form the staff would be dispersed and the last list would be july a. That july list pushed Navy and Pinto Beans rolled Oats Corn meal grits and Maine sardines. It ended a supplies of other major foods Are somewhat lower than food prices Are at their highest Levels in two decades and Many government officials attribute this development to decreased supplies caused by poor weather and increased demand by More affluent Consumers. The idea of the plentiful foods program was to help Farmers and other producers when High supplies brought prices below costs. Cia Anco Fri res sted pressures president Nixon warned declares Gen. Walters firemen reached the scene almost immediately and began pumping water from the sea but it was two hours before the fire was brought under control. Thirty of the injured were in critical condition. It was the worst tragedy in memory to hit this Holiday Island Midway Between England and Northern Ireland. Telephone lines from Britain and Ireland were jammed throughout the night with Calls from anxious relatives of vacationers. Summerland was completed in 1971 on a 3 2-acre site at the North end of the sea front at Douglas. Last year it accounted for 13 per cent of the islands tourist Revenue. The Isle of Man government was a partner in financing the construction. By Michael Putzel associated press writer Washington a a top Central intelligence Agency official testified today that president Nixon was warned less than three weeks after the watergate raid that something was amiss on the White House staff. Army it. Gen. Vernon a. Walters Deputy director of the Cia told the Senate watergate committee that he Cia director Richard Helms and former acting Fri director l. Patrick Gray Iii resisted pressure from the White House staff to involve their agencies in covering up the political wiretapping. Walters said Gray finally spoke to Nixon july 6, 1972, and said the watergate Case could not be covered up that the of big a investigation would Lead quite High and that Nixon should get rid of the people involved. Walters recounting the conversation secondhand said Nixon then asked Gray a then i should get rid of whoever is involved no matter How High a Gray said yes Walters said and Nixon then told Gray to proceed with the investigation. Sen. Herman e. Talmadge d-ga., asked Walters if that meant Nixon was told a that there was something going on wrong in the White House staff and he ought to Correct it a a that would be my conclusion a Walters said. Walters said he received different kinds of contacts from White House aides h. R. Halde Man John d. Ehrlichman and John w. Dean Iii he said Dean then the presidents official lawyer inquired about the possibility of using Cia Money to bail and salaries for the watergate burglars which Walters saw As improper. Walters said he adamantly refused to go along threatened to resign and would have asked to see Nixon personally about it if Dean had asked him to proceed. By contrast he said he thought at the time that Halde Man May have had some justification for telling him on june 23, 1972, to deflect the of big a watergate investigations in Mexico. He said Haldeman asserted some Cia assets there might be uncovered by the of big a investigation. Although that turned out to be incorrect Walters said he believed at the time that Haldeman might know something he did no to Ehrlichman he said. Was present when Haldeman gave his orders but did no to participate in the conversation. Walters said he met Dean three times and refused to allow the Agency to become involved in the affair without direct orders from president Nixon. He said that he and Gray agreed two weeks after. Halde Many a initial order that they a needed to protect the presi l. Patrick Gray Iii Gen. Vernon a. Walters Dent from his would be Gray then called Nixon july 6, warned him that men around him were trying to wound him and was told to proceed with the investigation of the wiretapping Walters said. The Burly Walters Black-rim-me1 eyeglasses hanging near the tip of his nose read from memoranda in which he had recorded what happened at meetings with Haldeman Dean and former presidential adviser John d. Ehrlichman who was present at the june 23 meeting with Haldeman. Walters said he began to write the memoranda soon after a june 27 meeting in which Dean asked about bail Money and salaries. A was soon As he broached the question of bail and paying the salaries of these defendants i realized that something improper was being explored a Walters said. He said that although he has been in the Cia Only since last year he believes that an efficient intelligence Agency is essential for the nations survival a was a free and democratic society in a rough Walters said he Hadnot talked to the president about the cases even though he had accompanied Nixon As vice president through mob violence in South America and admires his courage. Gray said he did t see a Why he or i should jeopardize our agencies to protect some Middle level figure in the White House who had acted imprudently a Walters said. A the potential danger to the president far outweighed the Protection of any other person in the White House a he added. Walters testified that Haldeman repeatedly asserted some Cia secrets might be uncovered in Mexico even though Walters and Helms knew of no Agency activities that might have been exposed. At the time the Fri was investigating Nixon Campaign checks that had passed through a mexican Bank on their Way into the Miami Bank account of major financial changes proposed Washington a president Nixon today proposed major changes in the country a financial system including phasing out interest rate ceilings on savings and other Bank deposits Over a 52-year period. The recommendations include inducements to Banks and financial institutions to lend More Money for Home mortgages by providing a tax credit on the amount of mortgage Loans. In addition savings and loan associations would be Able to offer checking account services and the so called now accounts would be authorized for both commercial Banks and savings and loan associations. Now stands for negotiable order of withdrawal and provides for negotiated rates of interests on checking accounts. There were seven major changes in the financial package released at the White House. They followed a study of the country a financial institutions initiated by the president in 1971. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury William e. Simon said in explaining the proposed changes that the timing is right because a we Are in a period that could be classified this moment As an interest rate Simon said he Hopes the proposed changes can be ready for presentation to Congress in september and that hearings can be held beginning in october. He described the proposed veto predicted changes As a the first major restructuring of our financial system since 1865 without a crisis being he emphasized at a news briefing that a major goal of the changes is to maintain a flow of Deposit Money into Banks and savings and loan institutions by lifting the interest rate ceilings. House May delay wage Bill vote a few Days off action line is taking a Brief summer vacation. It will be Back in its accustomed place next week. Washington a Republican opponents of a Bill to raise the minimum wage to $2.20 an hour predict president Nixon will veto the measure despite support for it from labor Secretary Peter j. Brennan. The veto threat has prompted House political strategists to reconsider whether to vote on the measure today or wait until september when the House returns after a month Long recess. The Compromise Bill passed the Senate 62 to 28 thursday of the House passed the Bill today a veto would come during the recess and Congress would have no Opportunity to override. The House also gave Over new Kent state probe ordered Washington a atty. Gen. Elliot l. Richardson today ordered a new Justice department investigation of the deaths of four Kent state University students shot by National guardsmen in 1970. Richardson said his decision was based on a the need to exhaust every potential for acquiring facts related to this he gave no indication whether a Federal Grandi jury would be convened to assist in the probe. Richardson ordered j. Stanley Pottinger assistant attorney general in charge of the departments civil rights division a to pursue the additional inquiry by such Means As he feels Are appropriate so that we will both be completely satisfied that the department knows As much As can possibly be Learned concerning possible violations of Federal Richardson reopened the Kent state investigation after studying the findings of Potti Ngern a preliminary review of existing files. Richardson initiated the preliminary review on the heels of a White House statement last May which reaffirmed the aug. 1971 decision by former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell to drop the Case without a Federal grand jury probe. Four students were killed and nine others were wounded when a National guard contingent opened fire on students demonstrating against the . Invasion of Cambodia. The slain students were Allison Krause 19, of Pittsburgh pa., Jeffrey Miller 20, of Plainview n.y., Sandy Lee Scheurer 20, of Youngstown Ohio and William Schroeder 19, of Lorrain Ohio. The father of miss Krause Arthur s. Krause said when told of the new investigation a i done to think Justice was very even handed under or. Mitchell or or. Former atty. Gen. Richard a Kleindienst and i think or. Richardson is trying to make Justice even handed again. A a it a a shame he Richard son Wasny to attorney general w Hen this happened a he added. Another Parent mrs. Louis Schroeder said the renewed investigation shows the governmental system works a with the proper people in a at last they re keeping the door open a she said. A spokesman for Ohio gov. John a. Gilligan said the governor who was unreachable immediately welcomed a any action by any Agency to discover the col. Joseph Mccann spokesman for the Ohio National guards adjutant general a office said a if they want to reopen the investigation that a their Mccann said the guard would have no other comment. Whelming approval to the Alaska Oil pipeline passing 356 to 60 a measure that would permit its construction. The Bill now goes to a House Senate conference to Iron out differences Between versions of the Bill approved by the two Chambers. In other action the House rules committee decided 9 to 6 to put off until sept. 5 a vote on Senate passed amendments that would end the Price freeze on beef and require the president to set up a mandatory fuel allocation system. The amendments were on a Bill already passed by the House that would require copies of coins to be labelled As copies. The minimum wage Bill was hammered out by Senate House conferees after the two houses had approved slightly differing versions. During thursdays House debate Republican opponents predicted Nixon would veto the Bill As inflationary. But sen. Jacob k. Javits r-n.y., said Brennan promised he would ask Nixon to sign the measure. The Bill raises the minimum wage and extends it to an estimated seven million workers. Another 47 million workers already Are under its provisions. The measure would extend minimum wage and overtime to full time domestics including babysitters. Live in domestics would receive the minimum but not overtime. The Bill raises the $1.60 hourly minimum for most non Arrn workers to $2 on oct. I then to $2.20 next july i. Workers first covered in 1966 or under the Bill would get an increase from $1.60 to $1.80 on oct. I to $2 next july i and $2.20 july i 1975. Gen. Robert e. Cushman one of the watergate burglars. The checks eventually provided a direct financial link Between Nixon s Campaign committee and the wire tappers. Haldeman has testified that he merely inquired of Helms and Walters whether a vigorous Fri investigation might uncover some Cia secrets. He said he told Walters to talk to Gray see president on 2-a possible Rescue ship is readied space Center Houston apr it was business As usual for the skylab 2 astronauts today while launch Crews at Cape Kennedy worked around the clock to prepare a rocket for a possible emergency Rescue. Alan l. Bean or. Owen k. Garriott and Jack r. Lousma still hopeful of completing a full 59-Day Mission despite a problem with their Apollo ferry ship planned a Day of medical science and Earth resources experiments on what originally had been scheduled As a Day off. The first attempt to Rescue a Crew in space might have to be made if there is More deterioration in the Apollo Craft which is to be their taxi Back to Earth on sept. 25. Officials said they hoped the Rescue try would not be necessary. The astronauts decided to forego the free Day which would have included their first Shower in space so they could make up for time lost in the first six Days of the Mission because of motion sickness and problem trouble shooting. In late morning Garriot served As commentator for a 15-minute live telecast to Mission control. He aimed the camera at bean and Lousma As they worked at an Earth resources console and explained what they were doing. Garriott then relayed pictures taken of the United states through a window pointing out such features As a dam in North Dakota Cincinnati Ohio and the Atlantic coastline. Commentating on Cloud cover Over the Eastern United states he said a was you can see a manned space station could have great application for weather observation and Mission control passed up a lengthy list of flight plan changes on the skylab Tel Printer prompting Lousma to remark jokingly a the Tel Printer message this morning is longer than the fireman a what s inside amusements .8a Bridge. 16b classified ads. 7-15b comics. Crossword. Editorials. Financial. Obituaries. Sports. Television. Women new. Weather. A

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