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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 1, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Tennis clinics explain what you re doing wrong editors note for the growing number of americans attending Tennis clinics and Camps a warning you Seldom emerge from these crash courses a better player. By you can learn what to do to become better with a lot of practice. By Bob Cullen associated press writer Pinehurst. No. Apr the hot Sun is finally going Down behind the Pine Trees. It is humid and the sweat pastes our shirts to our backs. The Blister on my thumb is beginning to bleed and a new one is forming on the Heel of my hand. We continue Onward. We might be prisoners working on a Road gang but our clothes Are White not prison Green we carry racquets not shovels. And we have paid to be Here. This is a Tennis clinic. Hundreds of yellow balls Are strewn about the Sandy Green courts. A pro is hitting balls to my forehand. I lurch backwards after one and flail away at it. The pro stops and walks to the net. He puts his hands on his hips and Cocks his head. A do you know what you look like you look like you re going to the store for a loaf of bread a he says. I Swallow and wipe the sweat from my eyes. I nod and try again. I must learn to move in on the Ball. Admittedly the clinic staff has not much to work with in me. I have been mediocre since the first Day i swung a Racquet at the age of 12. That was 15 years ago my forehand and serve Are erratic. But they Are Strong and comforting friends compared with my perfidious backhand. My net game is a hopeless exercise i am the easy prey of the Duiker the Guy who Waits for me to make the mistakes Pat the Ball Back to me three or four times and ill bang one out or into the net. Once i thought my problem was physical i was not in condition. So i quit smoking lost to pounds and started jogging. Fitness Only enabled me to lose More sets before getting tired. I was desperate. I was not alone eve Kraft of the . Tennis association says she gets dozens of Calls every week from Tennis hackers. All of them cling to the belief that Given some expert help they can beat the Guy two rungs ahead on the club ladder Quot people who once went sightseeing or something now do this for their vacation a a she said there s been a phenomenal growth in the past few years a the Usta began last year to count the Tennis Camps in the country. The list has More than 200 names and it grows each month. It includes Only the pure Tennis Camps not the hundreds of clinics offered by resort hotels no one knows How Many people take Tennis courses annually at Camps and clinics. Mrs Kraft said. The Camps Range from $200-per-week arrangements using Idle College dormitories and courts to $600-a-week Tennis havens anyone with a court and Racquet can Start a Tennis Camp there is no guarantee of Quality you ought to look for an established place where the head pro is really a resident teacher and not just a celebrity who s never there. I he Best Way to pick one is to ask someone else who s been there what they thought about it mrs Kraft said. Instead of a Camp i chose an extended weekend clinic at the Pinehurst hotel. Better known for its Golf courses. In the past five years it has built 12 courts in a Pine Glade and. For $217, offers a four Day three night package called the australian Tennis Institute. The head pro is a former australian touring player Terry Addison a Bluff Stocky and bearded Man with powerful forearms. His assistants Are also aussies a Garry Cooper and Peter Marshall. All of their instruction is spiced with the lilting accent of their Homeland. They like to teach 12 players per clinic. But because of cancellations our group had Only five Dick an accountant who did t stay Down on his backhand his wife Nancy who could t stretch up for her serve Theresa a doctor who was just starting my wife Ann and me. If we had a common Bond it was our sedentary occupations and our nearly fanatical desire to improve. It would drive us to arrive Early for our lessons and to continue playing for eight hours despite blisters and aching Muscles. But not on Friday the first Day. It rained that Day and Pinehurst lacks indoor courts. We Learned lesson one people investing in a Short clinic ought to Check beforehand to make sure their plans won t be ruined by bad weather. Terry did manage to get us to a local Junior High gymnasium for a video taping session. Every clinic worthy of the name nowadays has videotape. The idea is to let you View your mistakes Terry operated the camera while Garry lobbed balls to us the Way a doting father teaches a four year old to catch baseballs one by one we strode to a designated spot and hit three forehand three backhands and three serves the playback in slow motion did not fool any of us into thinking we were on instant replay from Wimbledon Good players look like dancers in slow motion. We Alt looked awkward. A look at your left hand. Bob. Have you Ever wondered what your left hand is doing Quot Garry asked As we watched my forehand i had not primarily because i am right handed but Tennis. Garry informed me. Is a two handed game. Henceforth. I would have to concern myself with what both hands were doing As i swung my video image started serving and Terry to hacked me on tile left leg with his Pointer a you be got a wandering left toot there and your toss is too High we watched the Ball disappear through the top of the screen i was taken Aback my serve was my Best shot i thought. The skies cleared and the courts dried eagerly we went outside and started hitting with the pros. This was what wed come for this was Tennis but Terry continued to dissect my serve. He changed my stance and forced me to Anchor my front foot he changed the Way i tossed the Ball after a Day of practice. I Felt like i was standing on the Edge of a Cliff trying to catch butterflies in a net. My serves banged against the Back Fence or ploughed furrows at my Lect More often High Point York i in. \ hoc meeting toe aug 3 7 30 i masonic Temple ._433 s main St i it it than they came cleanly off my Racket and landed deep in the service court the Way they were supposed Terry looked at me curiously. Quot you know i really expected your serve to improve. You had the rhythm and All. But it Hasni to. You seemed to get discouraged and it started getting worse a he observed. Then he Shook his head sadly. I Felt better it was the first time anyone Ever told me i had rhythm. There was one encouraging note the net game. That san aspect that the Hacker rarely gets to practice but the australian pros cheerfully fed us easy balls to smash and Volley. We happily worked up blisters doing it. Amy did particularly Well and stopped using her Racquet like a. Shield at the net. Still it was Plain that no overnight transformation was taking place. During a break Garry told us the facts of Tennis life. If we wanted to improve he said we could not play any matches for three months. A you be got to go out and just practice your strokes until you be got them Down instinctively. If you play a match you la revert to your old bad three months i was playing a match in three Days. I had been counting on the clinic to improve me enough so i d stand a Chance of winning. Before we left Terry handed each of us a can of Tennis balls along with a diploma that said we had been Quot adjudged proficient and written reports on our strokes. The reports were to guide us in the practice sessions ahead. Mine read like the review of a play that closed in Boston Quot forehand you get too close to the Ball causing you to lift off the shot. Quot backhand dont move your feet so much you lose control of your body weight Quot serve relax yourself More. Release must be Forward and in line with the left Terry s last words were a guarantee that if we practice hard for a few months wed improve done to play just practice. But i had a match scheduled i was determined to beat a Friend who regularly beat me badly simply by hitting to my backhand. I walked onto the court nervous my blistered hand encased in a Glove. I Felt like a plastic surgery patient facing the Mirror for the first time. How had i turned out at first horribly. He punched my first service return to my backhand. I netted it. I came up on a forehand and lofted it out. I double faulted. Soon i was do wit 4-0. Then it changed. I took the next backhand shot and stroked a deep Cross court return. I followed it to the net and volleyed crisply to his forehand Corner. He managed to loft a lob but i drifted Back and to my own amazement knocked the overhead past him for a Winner. Arthur Ashe said last year after winning at Wimbledon that he played the tournament Quot in the temporarily and inexplicably he began playing As Well As or perhaps better than he was capable of playing. For the first time i had found the zone. I won four of the next five games. Just As suddenly. I lost it. I lost the set As Well. But i knew the strokes were in me. It was just a matter of bringing them out like polishing tarnish off Silver. I begged off playing a second set with Joe i wanted to pull out a bucket of old balls and practice. Sears w e Ilia Tho regular Price of the a american dream a a carpet in today special newspaper supplement is misstated at Sulu of. The regular Price is 812.99-ihe tremendous off is Correct. Vie Hope this causes oui no if you have a better a a ideas a an invention a new product improvement on an existing product then Call or write. International inventors inc. 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