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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 30, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Sunday. April 30. 1939the High Point Enterprise baby edition Page Nineteen death rate of babies and mothers still High Atten shun backward child May need other children the Staios North c Rotim prided its of on in tag called the a baby state a tuts because it was the you in i or the smallest or Pavo Promise of rapid growth a and development hut because it pro do a i the Moat allies a it r too of its i it a cation of any state it the Union. Hut North Carolina no longer takes Pride in this upped 1� Tion for the reason that it Bas lost this Dis tin Tion to new Mexico and the further significant fact that it bos no Bren Able to raise the Babion that were born to the mothers now the land is upward again vie Nta it i a Able to recapture our boastful a first. However it is no distinction to have babies and not be Able to raise them it is a disgrace. North Carolina lose a shamefully Large number of habits every year. La 1 93 4 w a a lost to 169 under one year of age in Iii. H was Mon than any other a Tate fee population except South Carolina new Mexico Georgia and Arizona while times Are better and our in it t ii rate is beginning to decline we Are still losing Between three and five Hundred Babion each month it it a about 1,000 a year and Between 40 and 50 mothers a month or about 500 a year. Physicians say that Between 75 and 8$ per cent of these deaths a needless. In other words they could have been prevented sign so Many of them were due mainly to neglect. To a termite the causes of the states High death rate of mothers and Babits in recent years has entailed much study and Many investigation. Among those making studies of the situation were a group of Duke University students under the direction of i it a. Vav. C Davison members of the state medical society and the division of preventive Medicine of the state Board of health. Interesting were the causes found by each in Ca ligation and strikingly similar. These were found for the bios t part to be the state s High bit the rate ignorance and indifference poverty isolation and use of mid wives. Naturally it is to he expected that More deaths would follow a High birth rat than a lower one esp it Lull it these babies were born to parents of Small Means Low Iii comes amid crowded and poor living conditions and under circumstances denied them even the minimum care that babies must have to survive. He ignorance and indifference Wen found to be Large contributing Faors especially that hopeless ignorance that refuses to know belter and still holds to old notions and customs of a generation ago that kind of ignorance that Fosters superstitions old fog notions insanitary practices and ail the backward it Udo bit of thinking an a living it is a regrettable fait that superstition and old wive a tale arc responsible for the neglect and perhaps the deaths of Many babies in this state today keen some husband and fathers Are biding behind the old fog not ions making than their excuse for not pro Viding adequate care for the a Ives w Hen in that delicate a i id preceding the birth of the i. Babies. They will Tell you a. Birth is a natural process an needs no interference not even Horn a doctor or a nurse and that the services of a midwife regardless of How unskilled Iii sanitary and ignorant she May he. Are All that Art needed for the coming of the baby. Is it any wonder that mothers and babies die under such conditions As astound in nearly every Section of the state poverty too. Was found to be a contributing Factor to the states High death rate of babies Ami mothers. That false Economy that is brought on by poverty and was increased by the recent depression made having the services of a physician to attend the pregnant Mother and care for her baby at birth considered unnecessary and in too Many cases it a us Quot dispensed with altogether. Thus the habit of doing without a physicians services was More fully established. False Economy of failing to have a Bysh Tan a been responsible for not Only a Mot her doing without proper food and proper car before the arrival of her baby but also for paying for this neglect in prolonged illness and perhaps invalid ism if not with her i isolation too was found to be cause especially isolation that made a. Edibility to a doctor difficult and Long delayed. Families Back on the farm Down on the Oast and up in the Hills those far removed from centers of educational religion and social life a were found to have suffered greatly for the Lack of general information and free service that is to be had today. To reach these mothers never before served by the free agencies of the state is our privilege and task. Another determining Factor of great importance is the general be of midwives. It is estimated that one eighth of the White mothers. And two thirds of the coloured have Only the services of midwives at the birth of to nor babies. Some Day it May both millennium i predict that we will look Back on this period when ignorant unskilled insanitary midwives deliver on third of the Babus of the Tate. As a a ii of the dark Ages. As our civilization is constructed at present perhaps i Here is a to la let and service for the in id wit but the Ideal of our Public Winkers and All interested in the Well being of the race look Forward to the time who every Mother will have adequate care luring the period of pregnancy and at the birth of Tor baby. Thus we see our problem with poverty ignorance and indifference playing to big a part in the background of our future citizens. What it an be done about it primarily it is an educational problem in which All agencies must help. Local groups like the woman s club the Parent teacher association Home demonstration club the schools and the Church can cooperage with a he health occasionally we hear of a ninth or who is afraid that her child is a Dull or a backward a because he a shows a Lack of ability to Coneen a a i irate on by particular toy or game for a reasonable length of time. Although the child May have a number of toys carefully chosen a has developed the habit of showing interest in them Only when Mother is around to work them. To May get no further than going from one end of the room to the other on his tricycle or kiddy car. Most often the trouble with this Type of child say the psychologists is that he Hiss not been left alone play imaginatively. From the very first Mother has been so anxious to guide him in play and observe his play activities that she has made hit feel three a nothing for him t do but watch what Mother does. This sort of Chil is also the one who should in started Iose Hod at the earliest possible age. Even two years of a in to Young to Start a child in. Play group where activities a watched with care although each child is Given ample time in self expression and Liberty in play. At Best a Tot does t maintain interest in any one toy for a great length of time but left to his own devices with two or thro toys in which interest can a developed any Normal child will eventually learn to play Frederick John so h Well to a months old ism of or. And mrs. Phillip b. Shwell. Innocent abroad Ai Doe sited healthy Shes it i Happy children. Boy Phi Parrot that Are no tissues and girls poll Parrot that Are no Tomboys poll parrots it Aie Correct Tor growth $1.00 to $3.95 shoe store Hetty Fork Bundy daughter. Of air. Anil airs. It. Alayne Bundy. Incorporated 137 South main Street t forces to educate the mothers of the Community to realize the risks they run when they fail to have the care of a physician. Secondly the science of eugenics must in made general and Pra fica and die problem of improving the Rar e be mad the concern of the stat what f to it a Titi Tes kind t vhf Foh Vuk Al Heus special values on baby furniture during carefully made pieces of furniture to make baby Comfort Able and Happy cribs. $11.95 up Complete High chairs $2.95 up play pens $4 95 these prices Cash Paramount furniture co. 214 East Washington phone 3102 the maternity Center association of new yol k outlines the following a a ight Points As comprising the care which every Mother should have 1. A Complete examination by a competent doctor Early in preg Nan y. 2. A dental examination Early in pregnancy and the care Bat is needed. 3. Medical Aud nursing sup vision care and instruction throughout pregnancy. 4. Attention to any problem that May effect the health of the baby or Mother or May disturb her peace of mind. 5 an aseptic delivery under the supervision of a competent do. Or w Ith skilled assistance. To medical and nursing supervision care and instruction after delivery until the Mother is Able to resume her usual a Ivi ties and to carry the additional response vilify of a Row baby. 7. Postpartum exam i a t tons it it a. Two and three months after delivery with follow up treatment if indicated. 8 arrangements for the bewitch sup vision of the baby and for the further care of the Mother when she needs it. Hou i an they get it a when the women of America realize the value of and need for maternity care they will demand it then and Only then will toy get a the Mother who Dler in childbirth needlessly the father who contracts tuberculosis in Industry the Young people who Are int. Ted with syphilis the children who grow up deformed by rickets a a a h contributes to he breaking up of the family to so .a1 arid economic loss. All Are examples of the preventive possibilities of Public health. A a Thomas Parran orm. D. United states surgeon general i i Imp i in \ in i j when tired or angry think twice before punishing your child unjust punishment will cause your child to fear Aud avoid you. Charles gives a new Weening to with values Mober who Saf nuff or i by it atom and in to Mon or is if a diet babe. To a made so mins Arlt Hawley in habit i he Are in a res non it Al prime it it a we Are the leaders in Hahira Sera came in. Or Tor you if infants cob blankets 49c a Bead rest Roble. Nursery h . Pc Temh and mint a tight irregulars of we justify infants quilted pads Ioc a Ood it it Ltd 17 is Quot. I of then is the crib it i Ortag -. A hire. Might irregular or 20c Kif cos Cotton knit p�4o shot lie acc Aida my rvs. I Fin a a 30410 is i we if Coni Plain weaves Short sleeve site a. Slight irregular. Hew a Writy. Infants skirts pin Birk and Hutton few Wool hut and wince. In it n Stripe. Long sleeves. Shirr Irreg. A Quality. 37 pc. Layette in gift Box it a ceased separately would Cost 6 a 5.78 2 pages. Birdseye diaper 6 to pkg a Birdseye Quot 0lepers 12 Toff 78c hemmed it x 27% might ires. Roc we Quality 2 receiving blankets aik2 a on striped shirts soc 3 Binder. 30c 2 Flannelette gown. 30c 2 i int Lade 50c 2 Nain Sook i it re a. 50c t quilted pad. A ilk Ltd. 2 rubber sheers 40c f a a 2 or. Hand Rochet 20c i bootees. T i hand Crochet % sat que. 59c i. 2 Bath Towel. 40c j 2 Wash cloth Loci i gift Boa. Ltd hand made san Sam 25c Fine Broadcloth hand Embr. Vii snap Coder style. Pastel a Btu Wes 1-2 s. 39 value Cwm s to Yon pasty Scea. It i Eil Cave. Havers w am Crotch. White prove. So .�?T-4-4. Vigil int it i of Quoter

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