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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 29, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Start scrap Book Many readers Are cutting i columns and pasting them books so that they May re study them As a text Book or Why not Start your Sucre Book now Izzy keen s. The nazis. They out of trondheim nip comedian 1 Page four High Point Enterprise published Ite Noons and sunday mornings j p Rawley publisher 1915-1937 b. Terry president a. Rawley. Sec a and Trear Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. A pus m. Waynick 7 editor subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carrier in High Point and nearby towns twelve months. 110.48 in months. $ 5 20 ii r it months. I 2 60 be month. 90 gone week. To carriers in nearby town Are not permitted to collect for More than one we in Advance carriers in City Are not permitted to col pct in a period of More than five wet i subscription for a longer period is desired payment should de made direct to office leaders to hear Hitler in his to Mons speech announcing and defending his policy of aggression. This Industrial Captain who helped Hitler attain Power believed the movement was directed to restoration of the monarchy and opposition to the spread of communism. His revelations the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina a Movw from $35 an ounce to $41. This Prospect in or. Bryson a opinion will bring about a revival of mining in North Carolina. The Greensboro record commenting says a the Federal government has buried in the Kentucky Hills a wealth of Gold that would make old Midas look like a Piker were monday april 29. 194ft prove a very intelligent and Posi he living today. To what purpose Tive German resentment of hit. If Europe sends us All of her a cry a program As manifested now Gold with what will she buy from exists and suggests that the resentment May be More general than the world knows. Us if she buys at All Silver perhaps or promises to pay a the associated press is exclusively in Viec to the -.j-,. Fox Pisi i a on of a news Dos Natue credited to it or not other Rise credited in this paper and also the sad news published therein. Member of audit Bureau of circulation entered As second Clart matter at Tbs Mol face in High Point n. C Uncur it id of confess of March 8. 1872 National adv representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington axe. New York City monday april 29, 1940. It thou Chi hear counsel and receive in Truc that thou Mayest in Wise in thy ter in 40. There is one person that is Wiser an anybody and that is everybody. Talleyrand. E two opinions. Boi t Thibo term to schools of thought Are in Sharp conflict about a third Erm for president. One believes hat no sentimental reason based tradition ought to be allowed o deprive the country of the Ben fit of the continuing services of n Able Leader. The other believes hat a very substantial safeguard against impairment of our system f government lies in the Trade ional limitation of the presiden to two terms for any one Man. Those who Are of the latter shool contend that ours is a government by Law rather than by in and they insist that the predation of our liberties depends Large measure upon frequent turn to that fundamental con it. Respect for the Constitution and respect for a tradition even edition which has enabled us develop the Faith that we have government in which no Indi dual is indispensable is urged y them. Now North Carolina Home of he kind of conservatives who Oast of the reluctance of the Tate to take a Chance on the original Union without the Assur aces of Liberty contained in the ill of rights is about to be worded As anxious to have or. Roosevelt override for the first me in our history the two term nutation voluntarily placed on is own tenure of office by the first president. The fact Emp a izes the responsibility of the resident himself to make the Hoice not Only for himself but possibly for the United states. As nominee of his party or. Roosevelt might be Defeated but e think it quite apparent that he anti third term sentiment is of of itself any longer powerful enough to beat him. The election plea in Johnston All recent efforts to extend by county plebiscites the whiskey stores in North Carolina have failed. Discouragement of the wets is Manifest in the fact that no agitation for other elections is occurring. On the other Side most of the wet counties Are conducting their whiskey stores As quietly As possible having no general desire to return to dependence on the bootleggers. However one of the wets is showing signs of a Strong desire to revert. In Johnston county a petition for a recall election on whiskey stores has been circulated quickly securing enough signers to insure an election. Paul d. Grady of that county candidate for governor no violent personal dry but an advocate presently of the prohibitionists a Hope of a state wide election has expressed the conviction that Johnston will return to prohibition when the election is held. Such a result would inspire a further drive the wet spots. Follow the Leader with Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people probably on Elizabeth City buries Saunders Over the body of w. O. Saunders of Elizabeth City his neighbors mourned saturday and uttered Fine sentiments. Forgotten was the bitterness which characterized reaction for Many years to the Blunt personal journalism of the dead. Judge i. M. Meekins in a Brief talk reversed the judgment of Caesars orator. A the Good Quot said the judge a that men do lives after them that is the greatest Consolation to the human the older oration had it that a the evil men do lives after them the Good is Oft interred with their we Are Content to take Elizabeth City a estimate of her own and particularly the estimate placed on him by a frequent antagonist a strictly honorable As Well As gentle Man Herbert Peele of the daily Advance. Part of or. Peelers editorial on or. Saunders follows Elizabeth City and the Albemarle today have All but that at the time on the front Holeton e protests against Hitler ism like a Resit Breeze across a toilsome place Are the revelations Fritz Thyssen of his break Ith Hitler. Thyssen Leader of in Industrial Germany a an whose patriotism and course were tested and proved Dur no the French occupation of the Uhr and the Rhineland has paid heavily for the break. He has been dispossessed of his great for be and is in exile. He protested against the inva of Poland and against the ginning of Tho present War hut Tore important than these and von the Strong out speaking against the persecution of the news Are his insistent appeals to tier to Honor the German Law and so comport himself As Leader f the people As to restore Liber a at Home and Confidence in the Erman word abroad. Thyssen reveals mat he. As a member of the Reich Stag oppose hitlers War policy and he barges that too cuts in that Tody empty of the True mum were filled by nazi p forgotten episodes gave Saunders a place Page of metropolitan newspapers and National notoriety. Elizabeth City and the Albemarle but dimly remember the Vav. O. Saunders who was frequently in the courts suing and being sued. Elizabeth City and the Albemarle think of Vav. O. Saunders and will remember him in years to come As contributor to National magazines As constructive thinker in terms of Community Progress and As promoter of a greater Albemarle. It will not lie forgotten that he gave five year of heartbreaking Effort to get Ting the lost Colony in production that As the moving spirit of the kill Devil Hill memorial association he put that shrine of aviation in the Public Eye and paved the Way for the Tion by Congress under one Day in 1886 a farm boy came Home from school very much discouraged. His Mother saw there was something the matter but said nothing about it for a time. The town where the country boy went to school was Angola. Be York. The boy was ten years old. The farm was a Dairy farm and the boy had to help milk. His Mother milked with him and As she did. She watched him. She prepared his supper for him and the asked him to come into the Kitchen where they could be alone. Then she inquired As to what was the matter. The boy told her that he had been called dumb at school. The Mother asked Why. And he said it was because in the arithmetic class he did t understand fractions. His Mother had been a school teacher so she asked the boy to define fractions. The boy said they were figures one above the other with a line Between them. The Mother thought for a moment then got an Apple and Cut it in halves. Quot there s fractions without any she said. The boy was interested. Here was something that touched his life. It meant something to him. Then his Mother Cut the Apple into quarters sixteenths As she did so. She said something that changed the boys life. A think to the Bottom of she said. A try to understand Why a thing is. Most people Are surface thinkers. Be a Bottom thinker. Its better to learn the a Why of one thing than to see the surface of a dozen it made an impression on this boy whose name was Willis a Carrier. He was t Able to do at once the profound thing his Mother had outlined but he did begin to think things through. In a month he was no longer the Quot dumb student in the class he was the smart one. He had become so interested in fractions and mathematics that he decided to go to Cornell University and take an engineering course. He pursued the same method of thinking to the Bottom of things. Graduated with honors. He took up engineering. At the age of 27 he thought to the Bottom of a problem which has made him Rich and famous. A firm in Brooklyn wanted him to Cool the air in their printing Plant. He began to think into the idea and worked out the Carri conditioning idea. Tomorrow i ii Tell you How Willis in Carrier invented a air conditioner an invention that May have a found effect upon the future i of Mankind. What a splendid thing his Mother did for him she showed him he was t dumb at All and taught him to look into the Bottom of he w ent into. The advice and encouragement that Mother gave her son changed his life and it has had some effect on almost everyone who reads this sentence and it will have a big effect on billions of people whose grandmothers Are unborn. Bruce Cotton in Washington g. P. May try Roosevelt stunt at Philadelphia Washington april 29.�?the Man the republicans nominate for president this year will borrow a spectacular Leaf from of dry a Book if plans now being pushed by High party officials Are adopted. In Brief the idea is to have the nominee make a hurry up trip to Philadelphia immediately after his nomination and address his acceptance speech to the delegates As the grand Climax of the convention just As Roosevelt did when he flew to Chicago in 1932. Outlined tentatively the speech would be delivered in Franklin Field the University of Pennsylvania a big football stadium in Philadelphia probably on the final evening of the convention. In that Way. It is argued the nominee and the party would get a rousing Send off for the Campaign and the anti Climax usually caused by the Long wait Between nomination and acceptance would be avoided. Acceptance of the plan depends chiefly on the reaction of the leading candidates who Are being sounded out now. You c and to Tell Job by its name there Are 17.000 different kinds of jobs in America today and nearly 30,-000 titles Are used to describe them and lots of the titles done to mean at All what you a think. This appears from a study of the new Job directory just brought out by the u. S. Employment service after five years research by a staff headed by William a. Stead. A pulpit Man for Bruce Tattoo As Walter Winchell on Broadway Trad my a in la Rad. Of night. Ii. A Star Mirror of Broadway theatres where he was the Headliner. Reginald Denham co Parent of Quot ladies in retirement and actress Mary Orr Are hot heavy. Conrad thi Bault the Canary and Betsy Berkeley a Diamond Horseshoe blend in about a divorced recently will be in charge religion at the fair they Are saying. It int fashionable to invite the soviet and German diplomats anymore in Washington. Our ainu the cute depot one of the defendants in the murder. Inc., once shot a Man merely because he gave him a hot foot. Richard Whitney the Stock Exchange Biggie has become sing sing s most popular prisoner. Because he found jobs for nearly too released inmates he met there. The officials really done to know what wrecked the Lake Shore limited although they said Quot excessive it was doing 59. The train right ahead rounded the same curve at 65 dancer will it nth. Both were bather Sheen of the Temple of instance in t a minister he is a Chap who charges and discharges a steel Furnace. If you get a Job As a screen ape you won t be working in Hollywood you la be in a mine screening Coal. And a cat Skinner is the operator of a tractor not a taxidermist. Similarly a Moocher is a gent w to inspects rivets joints and seams in steel Structure a doodler is a Coal Miner who scrapes up the Fine Coal left in the grooves made by cutting machines. A Flathead is a Man who fells tree for a living and a Punk is any beginner on a construction Job. You can be a Masher a Lurer or a necked without being any sort of a ladies Man you be a Tough Guy in order to be a Fiji Buffer or a scalper. Wagner act Victory costly a year ago the new Deal licked All efforts to modify the Wagner act. Now it is paying through the nose for that Victory i top heavy though the House demo majority is. That body is a Way reservation. It passed the Walter Logan Bill with a whoop is about to Amend the wage hour Law. And will probably go quite a Way with con Mithus Wagner act Amend Eree Lindsay Warrens leadership of the Wright memorial. The Wright memorial Bridge too represents another objective for which he toiled and for which he will be remembered. He will be remembered As protagonist for a Community owned Hospital and As trustee of the educational institution for negroes that is now Elizabeth City teachers College. Perhaps the daily Advance at that May have at times differed too violently with w. O. Saunders and have suffered too much at his hands fairly to appraise him or his work. It is significant however that despite these personal differences this newspaper and or. Saunders have from Lime to time Over a Long period of time fought shoulder to shoulder for common objectives and that or. Saunders at the time of his death was executive Secretary of an organization founded to make for Community of interest and Unity of Effort among the counties of the Albemarle the same objective to which the daily Advance had dedicated itself from the Day when by Unity of Effort among these counties the Chowan River was bridged Between Ede House and emperor. In his going Elizabeth City and the Albemarle area suffer an irreparable loss. In the news state geologist George Bryson thinks that the increasing demand for Quot old to finance bestial. Is will i i i o

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