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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - April 29, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Fatu Nlay april 29, 1939the High Point Enterprise i worn Center of Industry High Point. North Carolina Page five the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family a track Star horizontal 1,6 famous distance runner. 11 shaded Retreat. 12 regions. 12 shrewd. 14 stocking mar. 15 made of Oatmeal. 16 Savory meat Jelly. 18 Road. 19morindin Dye. 20 yes. 23 to be imminent. 26 unbleached color 29 Salt of Matte acid. 31 dark red. 33 supplications. 5 a pattering. 36 within. 37 one that is ruined. 38 Railroad. 39 to Gladden. 42 Cuttle one. 46 Olive Shrub. Answer to previous Puzzle carnal nomm Siwwi in my 47 period. 49 one time. 51 Piccolo. 52 act of aiding. 54 sound. 5 6-is his native land. 57 he broke Many running vertical 1 father. 2 alms Box. 3 to project. 4 elector. 5 kind of lava. 6 pertaining to the nose. 7 Coffee pots. 8 to Harvest. 9 Wise men. To exists. 15 he was the greatest of his lands runners. 17 he won the Cross running honors. 19 to esteem. 21 to Merit. 22 Wing. 24 to be absorbed. 25 half an pm. 26 epoch. 27 to capture. 28 to Bellow. 30 affirmative vote. 32 preposition 34 contempt 35 to annoy. 39 group of plants. 40 part of foot. 41 each. 43 italian River. 44 in. 45 acidity. 46 Kimono Sash. 48 natural Power. 50 to finish. 51 preposition. 52 indefinite article. 53 musical note. 55 term in electricity. A serial Story Border adventure by Oren Arnold copyright 1�m, aka a Kavick. Inc Harrison in Hollywood i Shirley Temple now Quot actress Quot youngsters execution of dramatic roles justifies title song and dance ditched by Pai l Harrison a service staff Ltd or respondent Hollywood april 29. A ass Shirley Temple purveyor of vestness and Light to the Multi Ide hereafter May be consid de an actress. Still a deeply dimpled moppet lid still a Paragon of All the juvenile Virtues she Neve Thelen f a Good Deal More than just lie. Her studio is giving her a on festively harder roles and in Knif Vantly bigger pictures. Obviously. Uncle Darryl Zanuck not worried about his Box of a Champion # approach to ado scene. Luckily she is growing Only. Her 75 pounds and 54 Chee Are a bit under Par for a wild just turned to she has grown some eight Dies during her four years of Sak popularity but her sturdy lure still can be minimized by Reful photography and by casing tall people in her pictures. It it i a Noer i n it. Add not i a. I but even if she should shoot Jas they say overnight the audio has made ready for the Iner gency in each of her re hot pictures Shirley a done is and less singing and danc i s there is no uie pretending any longer that she is a sprout lug Eleanor Powell or a Molies Korjus in Pinafore. She does t Lake vocal lessons and her Ballet instruction is intended Only for physical training. But Shirley can and does act and in acting is her future. As Long ago As a Little Mise Broadways a she was assigned a dramatic problem which was taking a boy into Chau Feuring her for Miles on a bicycle and then giving her a Nickel for subway fare. In a just around the Corner a she had to Reform a stagy. A the Little Princess was full of emotional conflict what with her persecution by the bad old miss Minchin and the necessity of her maintaining the conviction that her father still lived. Mother holds moods the building of various mood looks a lot simpler on the screen than it is in production because scenes Are not shot in dramatic progression. So Misc Temple has to know a Story thoroughly and understand its characters and their feelings. Her Mother coaches her in these matters and receives $1000 a week for doing it. Shirley get about $1500. A Susannah of the mounties brings her longest speeches and her greatest responsibility to Date. A this is the finest script in be Ever read a she exclaimed. It was the first script she Ever really had read but her attitude about it shows that she now cast of characters Betty Mahy Jordan pretty Young Border patrol service Secretary. Sheridan Starr a handsome Border patrol officer. Hope Hild a key Starr s Fel Low officer also a Bachelor. Ii is Barros mexican smuggler. A yesterday Hope and Sheridan arc at Odds Over Betty. Then they discover that she is missing from her hotel that there is no sign of her in Juarez chapter xxi Betty Mary was almost crazed with fear when Luis Barm discovered her As a detective in his Home. She soon perceived however that she was in no physical danger at the moment but she knew she had failed at the biggest Job she had undertaken. Her failure not Only had endangered her life but had prevented her from tipping off the officers she had been so determined to serve now that she finally had precious information for them. She offered no protest As bar rows two men escorted her to the ranch kitchens. In charge there was a huge Cook naked to his Belt sweating from his labors which included bossing sex helpers. A this one is to work Here or in the laundry a one of the guards told the Cook in Spanish. A Don Luis says she is to be watched a get her out of my sight a growled the Cook scarcely seeing her. A too Many i have now. Manana Betty Mary therefore was taken to a Long two roomed laundry at the rear of the House. Mexican women were at work there. The two men escorted the american girl through the door spoke a few words to a Middle aged woman and departed. Betty Mary looked around her wide eyed she could feel her Chin trembling now she who never had the Middle aged woman came and stood before her staring rather rudely but not insolently. A you Are not used to work a the woman declared. Quot Why has he sent you Here Are you not Estranero also a a no a Betty Mary looked pleadingly at her. Quot no i Ani not an alien. I am an american he a this is a mistake a a you Are american citizen it is Kidnap then a that Luis will end in jail yet or dead you have men a a what a a you have men somewhere. Husband. Father. Lovers. They will come naturally. There will be More trouble. Luis is crazy. But Home and pretend to work anyway. It will do you no Good to resist. And Don t try to turn away. You see the guards there and $ a $ she turned then As if not much interested and presently Betty Mary walked Over near the tub we Here the woman worked. A you can help rinse them it is not the woman said almost kindly. A it is hard because you Are lady. But it is not hard work As these women know Workis that was undoubtedly True. Even in her concern for herself Betty Mary Felt a Quick sympathy for the others there. Peon women Little More than slaves for a master they perhaps did no to even know much less understand. She was accomplishing nothing just standing there looking frantically around so she began working with the clothes slowly As the older woman had suggested. At least it gave her hands something to do. And inevitably. It calmed her presently to a Point where she could think much More logically. She had made a perfect mess of things she who had been so confident after a Lucky break or two at first had certainly put her foot into matters this time she told herself with considerable truth. It was just like an american girl to think every Man and every Many a affairs must revolve around her. To her personal liking. She had thought she had Luis Barro eating out of her hand. Betty Mary gave herself a genuine of silent word lashing. Squeezing clothes extra hard in j the vehemence she left. After Al while though she halted such i thoughts abruptly. A i am being she told herself then. Quot it does no Good to Wail and cry. My Cue now is to think a Way out of the mess in a covertly Abe noted every detail of the building the tubs the water Supply which was a hand operated Wel. The ironing hoards and Flat Irons before Mesquite Wood fire the Damp. Scor Rhy smell in the air. The thick Adobe Walls. There were to o doors and eight windows none barred. But outside she knew were the guards end they doubtless had their orders. It would be amusing to them to capture so pretty a Senorita of she should just try to slip away she would have to outwit them somehow. But How ? Quot a right miss Jordan How a she snapped at herself in her thoughts again. A a you be been so so nonchalant about everything even bawling out two courageous officers who have risked their lives trying to combat Luis Barra. You laughed at them and officially reprimanded them. Now what a the mexican woman interrupted her thoughts. A the after will ruin your hand after a she said. A do you want to take clothes out and hang to dry Tho Linos Are there on the a Why a a is thank Betty Mary smiled at her. The woman was actually being kind. It was a strange imprisonment she realized she might have Hen sub Iee Ted to All manner of indignities. Even physical punishment and pain. Emit Barro obviously was impressed with his own sense of Power however illegal. Apparently kidnapping an american citizen was nothing to disturb him a do i just Are there clothespins a a is Guro a1. On the lines a she took two heavy baskets mainly of sheets and other Linen at first. The Lints extended too feet or More and after 30 min Uncle rays Corner a a Little saturday talk now that we have finished our one room on the second floor series on a men who build will be a special place for writ houses a i am going to Tell you Ling. And in it i shall have my a secret. One of the things i desk and typewriter table also have been doing lately has been several rows of built in Book to work on a Little House of my delves. Perhaps there will be own a four room studio room for a thousand reference f Haven t had time to labor j books i m not sure of that but with Hammer or saw. Plane or i at any rate the shelves will be plaster trowel and in a sure i Handy have done such a Good i the other second floor room is Job As the men who have been to he a kind of Laboratory with was. The land around it. Handling these tools in putting in one or More microscopes and mount Franklin beyond Elpaso. 4h� building. Yet i have a work with tables on which to place a met. Of working she saw that they were about full. When she had started Back inside a third time she paused briefly to Survey the landscape. Juarez and Elpaso were reasonably distinct in the Haze of distance. Juarez five Miles away seemed almost isolated so Barren with its White letter m put near the top by the Texas school of mines was visible to her. Tho letter she knew was the schools Pride whitewashed twice a year by freshmen a really huge letter when one was close to it but just barely legible now. Still of one had Field glasses it would Bovis Ible for Many More Miles in the thin Western air. She was thinking about this when she returned for More rinsed clothes. She noticed too that the other women the regular servants eyed her with constant interest. She was so unlike them. She tried to smile in comradeship hut Felt that it Wasny to very Well done. They were too far apart in backgrounds and anyway she was too distraught about her own situation now. She Betty Mary Jordan trying to play at being detective just because she had Heen in the Washington office of a government police Force Well. Her act had been All too genuine. The characters All too real. She was in a spot now and no fooling she thoroughly wished she could yell for help from Hope Kildare and Sheridan Starr. Espe Dally big handsome Sherry goodness he would go through anything for her she just knew she had Felt a growing admiration for the big officer who was somehow quieter and deeper than his Friend Hope. She sighed. Outside with an other Basket of wet clothes she paused once More to look longingly eastward at the White Mountain letter m. A my Goodyea a say Quot she breathed the exclamation half aloud. Suddenly an idea a perfectly Brilliant idea if it would Only work had come to her. To to continued eds a a first in planning with my trials for projects of one kind architect or. Lewis Scherz who or another. I wanted to have a knows a great a Al about such Telescope on the roof of the things and later in choosing con studio but the tall Oak tree tractors and in changing my nearby would Block a Good View mind a Little the word a a studio came from the italian language and mean a a that is what this building is going to he. And a great Deal More. It will he a workshop where i shall write our column and where i shall prepare new books. The studio has two stories with two rooms on each floor of the sky so i shall postpone the Telescope for a while. I like the Woods and i know i shall enjoy working in this studio. Hardly 300 feet from the building is the Shore of a Beautiful Lake. Within a few Days after you see these words the studio will be ready. Borne of my friends have said a perhaps now that you Titer also is a basement contain Are going to Tai so Well located. Fug a forced air Gas Furnace we must he warm enough when the weather is Cool on the first floor Are two rooms which will be used by my assistant these rooms Are lighted by 12 windows and All told in the studio there axe 26 windows. A year i was thinking of building a a Glass House a Aud while this one in t All Glass it certainly has plenty of Glass in it. You wont want to go travelling anymore a but i know that Isnit entirely True. Sooner or later the urge will come to go to far lands then i shall pack my hag. Put my portable typewriter in its Case and Start a journey lasting maybe three or four months. Meanwhile i shall use the studio to try to write stories which readers will enjoy. For general interest Secton of your scrapbook join the new iu8i Uncle Rey scrapbook ooh to Uncle Hay arc of the 11 Lull Point Enterprise High Point it. A dear Uncle Bay i want to join the i oho Uncle Raj scrapbook flub and i enclose a to armied envelope carefully addressed to myself please Send me a membership certificate a leaflet telling How to make a t Urner Hora Book of my own and a printed design to paste on the cover of my scrapbook. Name Street or it. V. D. City. State or province cranium crackers alike or opposite in some of the following word couplets the second word is a synonym for the first. In other cases its an antonym. Before each Couplet Mark an a is Quot of you think its a synonym and an a a a of you think its an antonym. Score 2 for each you answer correctly. If you get a total of to you can consider your word knowledge above average effaced expunge recant Adjure turbid Clear propagate disseminate heinous venial called to Harmony Kernersville april 29.�? d. A. Marlowe of Kernersville was called to Harmony in Iredell county yesterday on account of the death of his brother William Marlowe which occurred at the Home near Harmony yesterday morning. Funeral services were held at Clarksburg methodist Church near Harmony today. The family doctor dangerous ear infections often complicated by Scarlet fever this minute Side glances is regarding picture making More objectively. Shirley suddenly has become interested in the work of other players and to critical of it too. Hua m a tic Pra it a i pm s Delight her among her dramatic problems in this one Are a kid crush on Randolph Scott and her patient winning of the Friendship of a taciturn Indian boy who considers her a frail Little Squaw. Said miss Temple Quot i just Hail a Case like that Down at Palm Springs because there was a boy there who said i was a Sissy. I beat him Al Badminton and it did no to make any difference. Then i got out in Archery set and is at him at Archery and he was stubborn and still said i was a Sissy. To i got out some of my pistols Cap and we played robbers and he finally decided i was ail in a lady Jane a scheduled to begin late in May Shirley will undertake the moral regeneration of a harsh woman with a heart of Gold. And late next summer will come miss temples biggest picture a Maeterlinck a in fact. It will be one of the studios biggest for it already is budgeted St a Cool $2,-000,000. Great Awakening due Hoon Shirley is in Grade 5-b although she has a private teacher a is poor at spelling Good at arithmetic. She shows a natural frugality by stuffing a collection of pig Banks with most of her $10 monthly allowance. This shows that she still Doe know her own great in by do. Morris Fishbein the most common and most important complication of Scarlet fever is infection of the ear. Such infection occurs in about 12 per cent of All cases of Scarlet fever. Sometimes this results in permanent hardness of hearing. Moreover there is the possibility of subsequent infection of the mastoid and of Tho brain and occasionally the basis for a serious infection of the entire body resulting in death. When the infected material coming from the ear that has been attacked during Scarlet fever is examined it is found to contain germs of the same Type that Are associated with the production of Scarlet fever. The cases Are not All equally severe some Are fairly mild. This apparently depends to pome extent on the virulence of the germ that produces the infection n it must be remembered that Scarlet fever is sometime so mild As to constitute Only a Brief illness and in other cases it May be malignant in its severity. Eve an abscess in the ear May occur at any time during Scarlet fever but in the majority of cases it occurs after the first week most frequently Between the fourteenth and Twenty first Day. Incidentally this is the period when other complications Are Likely to occur til Scarlet fever. The other complications include infection of the kidneys of the joints and of the heart. It is interesting to note that the number of patients with Scarlet fever who develop infection in the ear constitutes 12 per cent not Only in a study of some hundreds of thousands of cases in this country but also in Sweden or like other diseases Scarlet few varies in its virulence from year to year so that when Scarlet fever is mild the amount of infection in the ear is mild incidentally the infection in the ear is much More Likely to occur in Young children than in older people who have Scarlet fever. When a child with this infection begins to complain of a severe pain in the ear it is desirable to have the physician make a study of the eardrum at once to determine whether there is pressure on the drum by a collection of infected material within. A if the eardrum has burst spontaneously because of this pres aute the opening May be insufficient in Sise to permit the fluid to escape. Then it May become necessary for the doctor to enlarge the opening in other instances the eardrum May have failed to burst spontaneously. In that Case the doctor will want to open it to permit the infected material to get out and thus avoid tile possibility of spreading to the mastoid or even to the brain. Both actions in this regard will not Only save the possibility of much More serious complications but will save the heaving shorten the length of the infection and in Many instances save the life of the child who is suffering. The new drug called sulfanilamide which has a special effect on germs of the Type that cause infection of the ear in Scarlet fever is apparently useful in preventing the Onset of such an infection. Studies Are now being made in hospitals to determine exactly How the drug should be Given to children for this Pur by Howard Mirr in the words you or about to look at in the split second that they hit your Eye form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to read Wilt you Are Reading these fact the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth. A world i la motion. ,. Destiny unfolds itself a Mckenney on bridge4 j o when opponent s Long suit threatens play Safe and Don t be too greedy by my. E. Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge it a it Reading to o barrel of Oil a minute Are Cap produced tured in from the norwegian wha Waters it costs the leading nations on Earth sixteen Hundred dollars every sixty seconds for firs insurance one minute the voice of a Man singing Ordinary tones vibrates from six to Twenty four thousand times a Pound of chicle a minute is imported into the Dominion of Canada. Chicle is the chief ingredient in chewing gum Are the scotch realty Thrifty the trustee savings rank report the collection of ten pounds Sterling in Scotland every travel by Auto is so popular in greats Britain taht eat h minute three Road maps Are issued there. In one minute soviet Russia produces thirty three tons of pig Iron Nasi Germany makes synthetic liquid motor fuel thirty five Gallons of it every time the secondhand on your watch make one revolution a me re a spend forty dollars every sixty seconds conducting research on our National defence. Stop Reading. Tills is the 12th of a series of 25 i Aridge quizzes. Par is Khi. Deduct ski Points of Jeu answer incorrectly question no i is for no. 2 12 for no. Ii anti 5 for no. I. Keep your daily score and see How High an average Yon can maintain. 1. If Olith bids one club West one heart and North two Dia mend what should South now rebid 2. Against a contract of three no Trump what is West a beat Lead 3. Should South win the first trick with one of his heart Hon Era 4 if East is permitted to hold the first trick should he con Lnu the suit or shift to a club or Spade solution to Bride git. I South should old two no Trump with West s Overall it is i very improbable that North has a minute heart stopper and of the hand should play in no Trump North a ast �65 a a j 106 4 2 87 q 3 a a j 7 4 32 a 87 962 j 9 6 5 �10 8 a qts Kyj 105 k 10 4 2 a k q 9 is aq43 rubber neither Vul. 29 regardless of East a play. A count of tricks shows that he must a a Tabi Isic Dummy a diamonds tomake his contract of East holds i the Diamond Queen and wins it while he still has a heart to return. The contract is doomed to defeat. 4 East can make no helpful shot South s opening club bid must be informed of the opening and his own holding in that suit bidder s ability to Stop Tho and preclude the possibility of any and Vene suit. North will then go to three no Trump. 2, West should open his Ion suit. His weak hand offers no Good alternative Lead and there is a Remote possibility that by suit i an be established and run 3. South should not win the i tricks first trick with the King or Queen. Treated Vantage to be gained by any �?�our1 other than a attempt to establish West a suit. Of course with the hold up of the heart or the first round South make his contract had he made the mistake of trying to win two heart he would hate been de flapper Fanny by by Tyg Coe a a a a vow it me in a. Italy and elsewhere in the world pose. Modem etiquette look and learn by Roberta Lee a when entertaining a few friends in the Home and there is no servant should the husband or the wife pour the wine a. The husband should do this. Q. What was rip Van win Klee a Toast a. A a Here a to your Good health and your family. May they live Long and q. What is the Correct Way to pick up a water Goblet a. The water Goblet should be grasped firmly in the Middle. In a a pc a it Usis Sci it we w my. Ii s a and if you re a Rood girl All next week Mother will let you go to the Jeu tis and have another tooth out. Not know her own great in to Ortance but there Are signs of a flow v.-3li1 i i dawning realization. A Impi Wiik for the first time in her Cella j Loid life she is beginning to be a Little smart and a bit queenly on the sets. She a Siwy to her trusted friends such a the towering Arthur Treacher and unmercifully ribs her brother Jaek. An assistant director about his girls. Nobody really minds these outcroppings of spunk. Shirley needs it it she a going to be a actress. By Anne Ashley q. How can i make a serviceable dish mop a. By fastening a Quantity of Candle wicking or soft Linen rags to a wooden handle it the required length. The mop part should be about Fly inches Long when finished. Q. How can i prepare a pret by a. O. Gordon 1. Which of Christ a twelve apostle did not die a martyrs death 2. What Evix languages a classified under the heading a a celtic 3. What in a Martinet 4. Who Waul Button Gwinnett 5. What Are the four leading states in the production of fleece Wool Anh Wehr 1. John. 2. Irish gaelic of the scotch Highlands. Welsh. Manx. Breton and Cornish. 3. A strict military disciplinarian. 4. A signer of the declaration of independency a i signature la exceedingly rare and very valuable to collectors. 6. Texas Wyoming Montana and California copyright. 193$. Esquire features inc 1 lessons a English by w. L. Gordon to a lad a. Try using some Lime gelatine with bite of celery fruit. Or nuts in it. Or add a few slice of tomatoes and cucumbers. Words often misused do not say my funds a running Low Quot when referring to a few dollars of personal Money. Use fund when relating to a sum of Money devoted to a specific object such a carrying on a business. Often mispronounced Litera Ture. Pronounce last syllable As in picture not As tour often misspelled told related. Toiled t sounded a a Bell. Synonyms innocent guiltless blameless sinless fault. Word study Quot use a word three times and it la i an us Meres our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today word aphorism a Brief Pithy sentence stating a general doctrine or truth. I pronounce afo rim a As in at o As in no accent first syllable i. A the main Point of his lecture was expressed in i concluding a now forget your own personality. For half an hour you must be Louis the grand

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